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  1. I'd be very surprised to find out I did.
  2. Not sure where else to put this, but I've come across Trump Hotel ads now on Yahoo, USA Today, and the Washington Post. Driving me nuts.
  3. Wore a collared shirt to the theater to see Schindler's List. By the time it ended the collar was soaking wet from wiping away tears. That and Dead Poets Society were the first two movies that really elicited a ton of emotion from me.
  4. And he's super smart. That sounds like the 'ol Gibbs-ism, but in this case, given the article I posted above, it appears to be quite true.
  5. Who knows whether Fuller or Holsey earn the starting nod, or if Breeland (possibly Moreau) moves inside and Dunbar (or Moreau) takes his spot outside. All I do know is that this guy put on some good tape, he's smart and has been touted by certain people. Really liked this article - As for Fuller, a year of experience under his belt, a year further from his injury, the chance to play for his former coach, and improved communication can only help. These two young guys give us some hope (especially long term) for a position we've been lacking talent for quite some time.
  6. Was going to add this to my previous post, but I think it's more of a stand alone point. Who can we not afford to lose to injury this year? I've had this question in the back of my mind for a while now. I feel comfortable bumping Kerrigan and Williams down the list due to the depth at OLB and Nsheke. Cousins and Reed are up there, though I think we have some solid options behind them. Norman is at the top of the list right now, IMO (you could argue Cousins because of the weight of the position), but I like the combo of Breeland, Moreau and Dunbar. Zachary Brown is up there as well as I have little faith in Compton and Spaight. Scherff and Swearinger are contenders for the list, though Koaundijo and our rookies are intriguing backups. I'm sure there will be some disagreement, but it certainly feels different than previous years to me. Whether it actually is different (given the unproven nature of some of our inexperienced players) is a different story.
  7. @Thinking Skins First of all, totally agree with your last point. We've added a bunch of talented competition and much of it is young. Love that. I believe I didn't add McGee either to the NT possibilities, and I do believe he could fit there. Not my first choice, but depending on what the coaches see... I'm really looking forward to seeing what Ioannidas brings to the table this year (whichever position he plays), I think one factor may be what Tomsula/Manusky want from their NT - shooting the gap, holding up 2 blockers, pass rush ability, focus on run stopping, etc. I think we've got some clues to this, but not an exact answer. Not looking for a debate about Barry and benching players, but I do wonder if the large number of injuries played into this. Also, you could say that Ioannidas replaced Hood late in the season, Fuller was benched, Smith played more than Murphy late in 2015 and then that was reversed the next year. Our safeties were almost a revolving door under Barry, but I can't even remember how much was due to injury vs performance (or a combo of both, which plays into my initial point in this paragraph). Regarding the team generally, Paul was set to start over Reed, Moses 'took' Scherff's spot, Harris earned his time, etc. And again, the replacements forced (some of?) those injured players to remain on the bench once they were healthy (in some cases). This isn't to say I disagree with your general point though; we saw a fair number of players not benched when it might have behooved us to at least try a change. As we've beefed up the quality of our depth, I wonder if we see a bit more of this trend. Moreau, Koaundijo, Holsey, Perine, Spaight and Sprinkle are some of the guys I'm interested in (in this vein).
  8. I hear you, and I've mentioned him quite a few times as a possibility at nose tackle. Thing is, he was projected as a DE coming out of college and if I remember correctly, he wasn't included in the list of possible NTs when Gruden talked about Tomsula finding/making one. So I left him off. My thinking is that Taylor, Mbu or Francis (or Odrick, but I doubt he'll be ready yet) earn the starting gig for NT and Ioannidas/McGee back that person up while also contributing at DE. Could Ioannidas become our starter? Maybe so. As for slot corner, I think part of that will be alleviated by peripheral factors - better scheme/communication, more talent on the other units, etc. I also believe that Fuller should be further along, Holsey should offer competition, and Breeland could move inside (with Dunbar or Moreau playing outside) in nickel. Doesn't mean I'm satisfied (much like dline), but I'm seeing a realistic opportunity to improve there. As TSO said a while back, you could make the argument that it was our 2nd biggest weakness after dline this offseason.
  9. Much like Doughty, Golston, etc., Grant probably gets a bit more flack than he deserves. Of course, the combination of Gruden's love for him, his lack of plays, and the fact that he was a tell for our run game (though not his fault), makes it hard to care feel good about him. The slip against the Falcons has probably outshone his positive play, so that doesn't help either. This is his last year to show something, IMO, and I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt given he's still young and likely to be our 5th-6th receiver.
  10. Overall, I'm thinking we should be better on dline than we were last year. Of course, that's not necessarily saying much. I think it's pretty reasonable to assume that McClain, McGee and Allen are better than Baker and RJF. Ioannidas and Hood should look better this year as well (assuming they stick to DE). Taylor (or one of the other guys vying for the NT position) should be an improvement over Golston/Hood/Ioannidas. With a slightly different scheme (more A gap blitzes for instance), Tomsula 'coaching them up', and better players behind them... I'm expecting a significant change in dline play. Maybe not great, or even good, but certainly better than we saw last year. Actually, the more I look at things, that general evaluation applies to all the other defensive positions as well - at least somewhat improved talent, better scheme/coaching/communication, and help from the other unit's improvement. I'll be surprised if this D reaches the level of 'nasty', but improving at every unit, plus coaching, should have a big net effect.
  11. I don't know man, pigs are very clean, organized animals. Your garden variety housefly works for me - a general nuisance and highly attracted to ****.
  12. So everyone keeps mentioning the one (main?) difference between US and Russia right now is the lack of political killings... Moscow having Flynn killed would be a hell of a monkey wrench in this whole thing.
  13. Speaking of depression, that's depressing as hell. Sure, you never know how much of that is cherry-picked or spun to fit the narrative, but it certainly fits his still strong approval rating among republicans. I suppose I should be glad that at least it's not all just a game of revenge and gleeful spite - something we've seen occasionally from a few of our residence GOPers on here. Of course, that may only be the case (now) because Clinton's out of the picture (even if they still talk about her an awful lot). Side note - I was explaining the Russian influence on the election to my 9 year old, because he was under the impression that Russia actually cheated (changed votes or whatever). I somewhat explained the bots, and said that if a bunch of different people spread stories/lies/negative opinions about one of your classmates, might that affect how you think of that person? He totally got it. Yet, a seemingly huge swath of our country can't see it... like, at all.
  14. No idea. Just for reference though, the positivity comes from SIP's post of a tweet from Chris Russel near the bottom of the previous page.
  15. @SkinsinparadiseYeah, Kelley struggled late in the year (which coincided with his knee injury I believe). He also looked pretty poor as a pass catcher, but I think he's better than he showed - multiple times I saw Cousins put the ball in a tough spot, and one or more times I think the jitters got to him. When he did catch it, he looked pretty good doing so. Pass blocking, eh, he was an UDFA rookie... I expect that part of his game to improve. I think the bigger test is going to be how does he perform vs Perone behind this oline, because that's where that elusive measure really came into play - Kelley avoiding the lost yards. Remains to be seen if Perine can do the same. With all that said, I'd say there's a solid chance that Perine takes the starting role in camp. Wrt to Kerrigan, he can do a lot of things really well, the question is whether improved coaching and teammates can help his 'very good' play to become more consistent. The issue is that he's an excellent LOLB/LDE, but doesn't compare auite as favorably to his elite peers. If someone on the other side can provide very good play, he's an awesome complement IMO. (an interior pass rush should help as well).