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  1. Welcome to the Washington Redskins Trey Quinn WR SMU

    Career-wise, my impression was that Crowder has outperformed Richardson. If I’m right about that, than I stand by my comment. I think Crowder is going to get a pretty decent contract in the neighborhood of 6-9 mil/year. If you disagree, that’s fine. Extensions (as I’m sure you know) usually occur in the last year of a contract... so Scherff, Ioannidas, Swearinger and others will be due next year. Again, we’re getting into the cap weeds. The point is that 1) we may not have much cap space next year, 2) therefore we may have to make a tough choice (or a few/several), and 3) letting Crowder walk, especially (maybe only) if coaches like what they see from Quinn, could be one of those tough decisions. You essentially asked why people were ready to get rid of Crowder, and why people are thinking Quinn can replace him. 1. Why do people think Quinn can perform as our slot receiver? He’s got some nice tools for the position, showed some good things on tape, and Gruden apparently wanted him badly. 2. Why are people seemingly going overboard about Quinn? Well, a lot of this answer is cover in points 1 and 3... but also it’s just the nature of it. Fans love when we find diamonds in the rough/underdogs, and Mr. Irrelevant is the extreme case of that. 3. Why do people want to move on from Crowder? Putting aside the negative impact he had at times last year, this kind of situation is how teams use the draft to succession plan and therefore help manage their cap, right? Ideally, we wind up with a capable slot receiver at a far lesser cost and we add another comp pick. I will agree with you here though that there’s a reasonable chance they re-sign/extend Crowder. Far from a sure thing though IMO. And just FYI, this is coming from someone who thinks Crowder is a top 5 (pure) slot receiver.
  2. Welcome to the Washington Redskins Trey Quinn WR SMU

    Well, Richardson (who doesn’t have nearly the production Crowder does) is at 4.5 mil this year, but that jumps to 7.5, 8, 10 and 10. But then we get into a major cap discussion - do we cut Norman and Reed, how much will Scherff and Smith cost, do we sign other players, do we extend Ioannidas, Swearinger, Doctson, etc. The point is, there’s a very real possibility the FO chooses not to extend/re-sign Crowder. Quinn represents, as you say, that just in case backup plan.
  3. Welcome to the Washington Redskins Trey Quinn WR SMU

    Well, at least from my point of view, I don’t want to get rid of Crowder, but I want to be in a position that we can let him walk. Particularly as he’ll be set to command a pretty good contract next year he deserves it), and we are set to be pretty tight to the cap next year. Might not work out for us in that way, but I like the idea of succession planning, especially if it means we aren’t 1) over a barrel with a player, and 2) scrambling for a replacement in the moment.
  4. Great post @thesubmittedone I have my plethora of concerns about the FO, but the way they handled this pick (as you spelled out so well), plus the drafting of Fuller and Moreau, are pretty exciting signs for those of us that have been clamoring for a focus/emphasis on sound drafting. This year’s 3rd and 4th rounders (Christian/Apke) are different from the above guys, but similar (to the db picks) in that they weren’t necessarily aimed at providing help this year, but rather were longer term investments to hand over to the position coaches to mold. Love seeing that level of foresight (the strategy, planning and trust you talk about).
  5. Welcome to the Washington Redskins Trey Quinn WR SMU

    One subtle thing that Quinn does (which I love), is he really sells his double moves with his body language. You can see that he’s not just going through the motions - he actually turns his head to ‘look for the ball’, for example. He also seems to understand how to use his speed - varying it depending on timing. While his speed ain’t great, knowing how to use it effectively makes up for some of that lack. Not having any elite/special athletic traits (besides hand size) - speed, burst, height, vertical - I don’t see him ever becoming a special player... but he can be(come) quite good by playing smart and consistently catching the ball. I have a hunch he and Smith will pair well together in this offense by next year.
  6. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    I can see your point here, but... much like people referred to the 3rd round comp pick replacing the 3rd we traded away, I just don’t quite see it that way. We could have had 2 3rds (3 if you count the comp pick, but same difference as we wound up with 2 overall). Honestly, the 3rd didn’t bother me nearly as much as giving up Fuller. To me, trading away the pick (another potential Fuller or Moreau) and Fuller is what made this seem like a win now move. Yeah, I’m a big fan of how things shook out, both in the draft and comp picks. FO gets kudos for that, IMO. Felt like ages we were without a capable slot corner, and... this statement seems pretty contradictory, no? Maybe so (and I sure hope so). I am anxious to see how the team does... much like last year, it seems better all around than they’ve been in a long time, IMO. Unlike last year, my optimism is already there. Last year it took seeing some guys perform (Fuller, Ioannidas, Brown, Swearinger and Nicholson, etc.) before I started buying in.
  7. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    It is somewhat cynical... but hasn’t the FO given us reason for cynicism? To be fair, I don’t think Smith was brought on to save Jay’s job, but rather Allen’s. Saving Jay’s is just a (hopefully) nice byproduct, IMO. You could be right. I’m of two minds about this. It’s nice to have a bridge and competitiveness for the team as they continue to improve the whole team (again, hopefully), but it’s also putting off taking our lumps and/or developing a younger guy. We’re also using valuable cap space in the process. Smith was benched for Kaepernick... does that mean it’s a wash? Fuller was a heck of a player and I’m not sure why getting benched your rookie season (coming off a major injury), should be held against him, particularly in light of what he did his next year.
  8. Welcome to the Washington Redskins Trey Quinn WR SMU

    Curious your impression of him as an LSU alum - how he played, why he left, etc.
  9. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Speaking of disingenuous, I’m not sure why people keep disparaging Fuller to make the trade for Smith look better. Well, actually I know why, I just think it’s bs. He was coming off a major injury, in his rookie year, and was thrust into the starting lineup. So yes, he didn’t play well. After a year removed, a year of experience under his belt, he looked like a heck of a corner - probably better than any we’ve had in ages. Teams literally could not run wr screens against us because of him. He also took away slant routes and tied for the team lead in INts. He changed the game for us, IMO. He also had 2 years left on a rookie contract. So he was arguably the player with the best value on the entire team (money to performance ratio). I, and others, have mentioned giving him up was a lot like giving up a 1st round pick... but a 1st round pick gets paid a fair bit more and even they have relatively high bust rates. Of course, to be fair, a first round pick comes with a 5 year contract... but still, Fuller had all the makings of being a stud for us with high value. I’m just hopeful that Gray (and Manusky) were consulted pre-trade and they opined that Holsey (and Moreau?) had a lot of promise in the slot. I’m afraid that wasn’t the case though. Here’s hoping it all works out.
  10. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    Based purely on cap hits, Reed (and Davis), Brown, Norman and Kerrigan are the guys I’d be looking closely at replacing next year. The latter two I don’t mind holding onto though, especially as we let a guy get comfortable. So, TE, ILB, corner, and OLB. Based purely on need (based on weak spots, expiring contracts, aging players) - LG, OLB, blocking TE and QB. Slot corner could be another weak spot, though Holsey and Stroman have promise there. In 2020, we have Scherff, Foster, Ioannidas, Thompson, Swearinger (and Everett) as our big FAs. I’m thinking we have a chance at Hamilton replacing Foster, Lanier replacing Ioannidas (though I’m assuming we’d want to extend him), Blanding/Apke replacing our SSs, and Carter, etc. replacing Thompson... depending on how these guys step up/develop. Going off those two lists, I’ve got LG (x2 if we can’t/don’t extend Scherff), TE and OLB (unless we extend Smith and/or Anderson shows a lot) as our bigger needs. Followed by QB and corner. Then ILB/RB/S/DE. If we do extend Smith and Scherff, we’re looking at 2 big needs - LG/TE, and lesser ones that we might already have an answer for - ILB, OLB, corner, S, RB (but not QB - no offense to Hogan). Sidenote - I think they ought to try to find a way to add a 1st round pick for 2020 so we can potentially trade up for a qb.
  11. What to do with LG

    Actually, we wouldn’t have to cover the bonuses, so it would be 8 and 8.5 the next two years. Still pretty steep though considering our cap situation.
  12. Not to beat up on Apke, but I would have taken Durham Smythe at that pick. Davis and Reed are set to earn over 15 mil next year (2019) and both have some concerns going forward - age and injuries, respectively, but also struggles with blocking. Would have liked to have another guy in house to get up to speed by then. Have hope for Sprinkle, but he hasn’t proven himself as a pass catcher, or proven he’s ready for a top 2 role (let alone number 1). Cap’s going to be an issue and that’s a good place to try to save money IMO.
  13. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Assuming the oline stays relatively healthy (especially compared to last year), and considering the skill positions are far better this year (on paper... and if health isn’t a major problem), fumbles should be way down.
  14. Yep. A corner at 1 is probably at/near the top of the list now considering Norman’s status.
  15. Agreed, which is why I said as much. Now this is a great point. If he signed the tender, but couldn’t pass a physical with another team... well, you likely wouldn’t want a guy that felt that way. Personally, I would think a team would look at his foot and say, eh, it’s healing nicely, just needs a week or three more, no big deal. It’s quite a risk though (for the Skins and Breeland) if that didn’t work out though. Out of curiosity, how would it work if he (had) opted not to sign the tender? Would he have to sit out the year?