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  1. Podcast Recommendations

    Gotta say, I’m surprised to see basically every podcast my wife listens to (and I catch a good deal of them by extension) posted already. The Crooked Media podcasts, Stown, the Daily, Stay Tuned, Radiolab, Lawfare Blog, This American Life, Hidden Brain, etc... Good on you guys. The only one I listen too (rarely have time) is Hardcore History. Forgot to add the new Chris Hayes podcast, Making Obama and the Axe files and some of the Slate podcasts. I find that she’s moved more and more towards political podcasts and pushed the others on the back burner a bit.
  2. I hear ya’. My point is more that we’ve put so much on the Mueller investigation when there’s already enough evidence to consider Trump is probably in too compromising a position. Now, it may or may not be illegal, and that brings its own issues, but the bottom line should be (regarding this point only) that Trump should either resign or sell the company. We moved past this point early on in the administration, but given what we’ve seen since - the interactions with and stance toward Russia (and Russian election interference) - the can has now been opened all the way... and it’s apparently full of worms. Yet it’s (still) shunted to the side as though it’s not an issue.
  3. Setting aside collusion and Mueller’s investigation, there seems to be a blatantly obvious point relating to Trump and Russia. Trump business has relied heavily/exclusively on Russian banks. Putin essentially controls those banks. Any steps taken against Putin could/would directly affect Trump’s business dealings. Seems likely we’re (at the least) seeing a real time affect of those conflicts of interest. So where do those emolument cases stand, and why isn’t a bigger deal being made of them?
  4. SDCC- San Diego Comic Con 2018

    First off, this is 3rd hand, so I could well be wrong. Secondly, I was not clear (my bad) - didn’t mean he invented it on the spot, meant he pulled the game out of his bag/case and showed them what he had instead of RR.
  5. SDCC- San Diego Comic Con 2018

    You may already know this, but the creator was trying to sell his game ‘Robo Rally” (fun game, BTW) and the company was like “eh, you have anything else?” So he cold pitched Magic the Gathering on the spot and the rest is history.
  6. ES Soccer Thread

    I thought the handball was called correctly, but... I agree with GHH that it wouldn’t (and shouldn’t) have been a PK pre VAR. Thought Perisic was pretty subtle with where he put his hand (up for momentum for a possible header, then back down as he lifts his leg to try to deflect it). Arm wasn’t extended, elbow tucked a bit, but with VAR it looked too close to being intentional. He also didn’t try to move his hand out of the way and my hunch there is that he thought it would look incidental enough. Thought Croatia looked a bit better much of the time, but both sides did a lot of good. Good match, IMO, with a lot of fun narratives/firsts/exciting plays. As for the WC in general, lot of great moments - stoppage goals, upsets, PK shootouts. I was satisfied.
  7. @Kilmer17I recognized the validity in this POV of yours, but it’s sort of a rock and a hard place scenario, IMO. Protest the President (et al) and risk energizing Republicans, or staying docile and risk not energizing the Dems base enough to win. I do agree that Dem voters should not intentionally antagonize and attack non Trump Republicans, but if those same Republicans are offended because of Dem activism (and protests by British people that we have no sway over), well, too bad I guess.
  8. I will say that I do care about those on the right that feel marginalized by the current GOP. I’m not looking to cater to them persay, but I do empathize with their plight. If positions were reversed (Dem officials setting up a traitorous crazytown to live in), I’d be in the same boat... marginalized by my own party, hating them for staining the Party and Country, but still loathe to vote Republican. I’d still do it though.
  9. Election 2018 Thread

    No surprise that Murkowski and Collins fared ((R)elatively) well.
  10. And if the balloons and foreign protests are a big issue for American voters (beyond the Trumpets), we have another, bigger issue to worry about.
  11. Virtually no affect, I’d guess. Trumpets are what they are. More moderate/Independent voters probably aren’t going to be too swayed by our allies disliking/hating the President - the’ve already made up their mind about him. There’s more to it, but that’s my first blush reaction anyway.
  12. Is that a serious question? If so, the big deal is not so much the hacking, it’s (as the blog mentions) the hacking occurring as campaign officials were in contact with the hackers. BTW, the hacking is also quite serious considering they’ve gotten into and (did? may have?) adjusted voter rolls. A bit different than past hacks involving identity theft, stolen info etc.
  13. My wife just asked, “If the Russians have emails from the RNC, what are the chances the GOP is acting like they are because they’re scared the emails might be released?” Very good question, IMO.
  14. Election 2018 Thread

    Completely agree unfortunately. In part because I’m not sure they have that level of boldness and cohesion, and in part because anything they do will be so twisted and demonized by Fox News, et al that they would still likely lose power.
  15. Election 2018 Thread

    Man, I needed that dose of hope and optimism, thanks for posting.