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  1. The State of the Roster

    I left Cousins off intentionally. I referenced it in the OP - I’m leaving him to the appropriate thread to avoid derailing this one. That said, I’d have him in tier 2 (6-15th best at his position. I understand about Reed, but look at it this way... do you discount Sean Lee when evaluating Dallas’s defense? Do you look at Lee and say, “sure, he’s a great ILB, but he’s hurt so often so I’d instead say he’s ‘just good’. Reed’s still an excellent pass catching TE. If you want to just leave him off because we can’t rely on him.... sure, I can understand that. Don’t think you say he’s less talented though because of health. Less valuable maybe, but not less talented. I could see an argument that poor blocking by Reed bumps him down to (the upper part of) tier 2.
  2. The Jordan Reed Non-Factor

    Reed’s a concern, no doubt, and his contract just deepens the angst. With that said, I don’t know that we’re in a position to get rid of high risk high reward types. If Cousins doesn’t return, I’d be tempted to try to trade Reed, but then I’m left thinking of the old adage - a TE is a (young) qbs best friend.
  3. The State of the Roster

    This is exactly what I meant in terms of judging players based on those around them... well said. I don’t disagree that losing Allen might be the catalyst for our D tanking... I just found myself considering other variables and therefore uncertain whether I could safely make that claim. For example, our poor showing at the end of halves/games - is this more due to a lack of contributing depth, or maybe hurting starters slowing down? Is it a time management problem with Gruden or maybe just Manusky struggles with adjustments? I don’t know. Anyway, I don’t have any real issue with bumping Allen up a tier (even though my tier 3 ranges up to ‘good’). I should also add that that although I gave the ranges for the tiering, I did not put guys into a specific order within each tier (aside from the ‘maybes’ coming at the end when noted). Going back to Allen for a second. The way the team played 1) when he (and others) was healthy, 2) considering the tough offenses we faced, and 3) factoring in the new faces (two rooks - Allen/Nicholson, 2 2nd year players - Ioannidas/Fuller, and FAs - Brown/Swearinger)... I think this is pretty close to being a very good D. All of that goes out the window if Brown, Breeland, Foster, and Murphy/Galette walk, of course. If they (mostly) keep the band together, a dynamic pass rusher and a dlinemen that sub for our youngsters would be great additions to take this D to another level. Weird to say considering we’re giving up a crazy amount of points, but that’s where I stand anyway. Think I’m setting myself up for disappointment, because I think just adding a (good) player or two on offense (LG and TE or back) can elevate the run game, and keeping the D intact (and adding depth) would finally give Gruden and Cousin the balanced team they’ve needed to take the next step. Fail in that, and/or lose Cousins, and I feel like we’d be stepping back instead.
  4. The State of the Roster

    @KDawg I don’t really think it’s too early to tell with guys like Ioannidas and Fuller - they’ve been impressive. I think I’m a bit more generous in my breakdown (I’m factoring in previous years, trajectory, poor play around them, etc.). With that said, I think mine still pushes the same point you were making... So... Tier 1: Williams Scherff Crowder Reed Thompson In the mix - Norman, Brown, Fuller Tier 2: Kerrigan Ioannidas Moses Breeland Tier 3: Foster Allen Davis Smith Murphy Swearinger Dunbar McGee and Galette might fall in this group... keeping in mind these groups have a range. Tier one - very good to elite level Tier 2: good to very good Tier 3: above average to good Since I’m at it... Some guys I have hopes of slotting in one of the above groups in the near future, whether because of their pedigree, flashing some good stuff, or both: Nicholson Moreau Perine Sprinkle Roullier Anderson Francis McClain (sad that he fits here) Lanier Doctson (he may be a tier 3 already... and also sad that he might not) Spaight Harris JHC Super random long shots: Davis (the receiver) Marshall (actually, both Marshalls) Kalis Holsey Smithson Some guys that cannot reach tier 1 or 2 and probably don’t belong in any of the above groups (and therefore guys I really want replacements for): Paul Compton Hood Everett (had some hope) To (re)explain - I think Crowder, Thompson, Williams, Scherff and Reed are top 5 at their position when healthy. Norman is having a down year, but he may well belong. Brown could stand to improve in coverage, but he may also land in that strata. Don’t know enough to say, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Fuller is a top 5 slot corner this year. After that, I think Kerrigan, Ioannidas and Moses fall in that 6-15 best at their positions. Breeland and Foster are probably on the cusp of this group - good to very good players. For argument’s sake, I bumped Foster down to top of the next tier. One issue I sometimes struggle with is how to judge a player when the pieces around them struggle or shine. Foster, Smith and Breeland did some really good things when Allen played, for example. Whew... sorry to run so long.
  5. The State of the Roster

    Yeah, it’s a bit strange, IMO... on offense, we have 5 guys that are arguably top 5 at their positions - Williams, Scherff, Thompson, Reed and Crowder. This year saw Thompson make that jump, but it coincided with Crowder and Reed taking big steps back. It’s great to have top shelf olinemen, but they aren’t really gonna show up on the stat sheet. I was surprised to see Ioannidas was 8th in sacks among DTs. Allen showed a lot of promise as well. I agree that at full health, we have a good group of starters. Add some Dline depth (guys that can play in the base D too) and I think this can be a good D. Kerrigan, Smith and Murphy/Galette are a good group of OLBs, but I’d try to find a dynamic pass rusher to add to the mix.
  6. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    While I think a good receiver is the biggest needs on the roster, I wonder if a good TE and dline/oline help might make even more of an impact. Improve the run game to affect the safeties/linebacker and help PA, improve vs the run to help out the secondary. Some might put running back in the same category as receiver, but I actually like Perine. He gets hit (and dropped) in the backfield a lot, but 1) I think that’s more due to TE and oline breakdowns, and 2) he’s starting to show his other abilities - burst, vision and some decent power/balance once he gets going. He’s taken several (what I thought would be) 3-5 yarders and gotten 8-10 out of them. Ball security is a concern, but not necessarily a problem yet. With that said, I would still like to add a well-rounded back in the mid rounds (3rd-5th).
  7. Will Cousins Play For The Skins In 2018

    @ArtUh, yeah... If Kirk got to play with any of our opposing team’s rosters against our defense... I’d take Kirk just about every time.
  8. I think it’s an interesting point. I know Cousins can still be evaluated in terms of making correct calls (protections, audibles) the right reads, how he moves in the pocket, accuracy, etc. Obviously something like wins shouldn’t really be included in said evaluation given the lack of help from other areas. So I suppose that carries over to Gruden (calls, clock management, motivating the players, etc.) and the FO (bringing in FAs, working on extending players, etc.). Yes, I’ve been ticked off with Gruden for certain things - oddly, the hand over the face, “what the hell is happening” look is near the top, along with end of halves/games time management. Yes, I’m frustrated with the FO that we traded two good receivers for Pryor and that our qb situation is in limbo. Generally though, I’m still in wait and see mode (although my skepticism is going strong). The wins have been a problem, but I struggle to pin this on any one entity. It’s a team sport that relies on personnel/talent acquisition, coaching and execution. With the bad luck we’ve had (injuries mainly, schedule too), while I might bemoan or complain about certain things - not retaining Jackson or Garçon, Pryor not working out, clock management, certain play calls or poorly executed plays - I’m actually finding myself looking at this team in a somewhat favorable light. I’m happy that Tomsula and Gray were brought on board, happy to see young guys contributing/flashing, and the fight in this team (maybe the past two weeks aside, and hopefully that’s not a trend). I see some hope for the future (even though there is a cloud looking over it) as our young guys get more experience and we look to get a lot of starters back/healthy. We’ve been in contention for the wild card until the past week or two, so I look forward to seeing where we go from here. Certain tweaks are needed of course - a good receiver and line depth at minimum- but I don’t see a roster/coaching staff in need of an overhaul... yet. As down as I am about losing Scot, the Cousins situation, and Allen calling the shots, the positives are at least encouraging. Can’t at all blame fans that want to blow it up, but (as I said) I’ve been impressed with multiple players and coaches. I’ve been relatively happy with our draft picks and FA additions and the job Cousins has done with minimal support. This wasn’t our year obviously, but from where I sit, this year doesn’t define this team.
  9. The State of the Roster

    If Brown (pro bowler last year and maybe in the conversation this year?) leads the league in tackles for several years and makes a handful of pro bowls... can he make it? Kerrigan isn’t really elite, but his durability and consistency could be enough. Makes me think of Art Monk. That’s why I say maybe he needs a ring (or more), but I don’t think it’s really an outlandish possibility. Norman, I don’t know. As I said, he has the talent,he needs to have more seasons like last year/previous years. Agree that Scherff is a long shot based on the unheralded nature of the position, but talent level? I think he’s there - elite level of play, I believe. Also agree that Reed almost assuredly isn’t going to make it. When he’s healthy though? He’s a matchup nightmare. So again, he’s got the talent. Again, I’m just saying we may have some HOF talent... doesn’t at all mean they make it. We also have a guy like Kerrigan, that isn’t really a HOF talent, but is a consistently good (arguably very good) player. Edit: Defensively, I wonder how much of their struggles coincide with, or are aggravated by 1) an offense that sometimes can’t sustain drives (past two games, for example, 2) injuries causing them to wear down by end of halves/games, and 3) turnovers by ST and the offense leading to shortened fields. I certainly wouldn’t rule out Manusky as part of the problem (he doesn’t strike me as the type to win the chess match aspect), though I’m not ready to turn on him yet. I’d like to see what he can do with this defense healthy as well as added depth/talent to the front 7.
  10. The State of the Roster

    I’m trying not to overrate our players, but I think an argument could be made for several guys actually... though it’s way too soon to call them HOF worthy right now. Scherff, Norman, Kerrigan, Brown and Reed all have the talent to be in the conversation anyway. The first four need to keep doing what they’re doing and (probably) somehow get a ring. Reed is a long shot obviously, but I think that’s almost solely due to health. No longer with us, but I think Jackson could make it - one of the best deep ball receivers in history I think. Not ready to include Cousins, (he needs to up his TDs and win %) but I think he’s taking a similar path as Drew Brees. With a better cast around him, who knows. Forget the Hall of Fame though, who do you think fits McGlouhan’s ‘blue chip’ type of player? Who are the ‘reds’? In a broader scope, which units are clearly sub par? Or, maybe more accurately, which ones need a talent infusion? @jschuck12001 agree about the dline. Really like what we saw from Allen/Ioannidas early, but we could definitely use more horses there. Oline, I think we need more power from the C and LG spot (I think Roullier can probably man one), but I also think a blocking TE would make a big difference. @LightningBuggs - stellar? Maybe not (aside from probably Norman), but Smith, Foster, Swearinger and Breeland are decent starters at minimum. So we have Allen and Ioannidas, Kerrigan and Smith, Brown and Foster, Breeland, Fuller and Norman, Swearinger and Nicholson. All of them look to be pretty good, to good starters. Agree that we could use a dominant pass rusher though. Just seems (I guess) that injuries to Allen, Foster, Nicholson, as well as games missed by Ioannidas (and our corners)took their toll.
  11. The State of the Roster

    On one hand @Burgold, I look at our cast of ‘good’ players - Kerrigan, Cousins, Norman, Ioannidas, Williams, Scherff, Fuller, Brown, Thompson, Reed (when healthy), Crowder (the past two years), Allen, and maybe Breeland, Smith, Moses, Davis, Swearinger and Foster - and I think there’s more (good) talent than usual. On the other hand, 1) so many of those are either injured or playing hurt, and 2) we are really lacking a (consistent) big play guy at receiver. Thompson mitigated some of the loss of Jackson, for example, but once he was injured... So, I think there’s something to @Warhead36‘s point, as you said. My broader point is that I’m not entirely sure how you fix that. Sure, you work on improving your depth, hope to add a big play receiver, etc., but I’m struggling to find starters that absolutely need to be replaced - on defense especially. Which, of course, takes me back to injuries...
  12. Chargers v Redskins Post Game Assessments

    Speaking of the refs... Could someone fill me in on the personal foul penalty (on Ioannidas maybe)? My kid said he tackled a dude after the guy kept running after the whistle?
  13. That’s a big thing regarding the injuries for me - we’re left wondering what we would have looked like otherwise and whether we should be staying the course or blowing it all up. Given how many many games have been missed (or been played injured) by our 5 top linemen (Williams, Scherff, Moses, Allen and Ioannidas), it’s no wonder the rest of the team couldn’t hang in there. IMO, keep the band together, and just add a pretty good receiver and depth along both lines... I’d bet next year looks wildly different. I’m not the one paying the players, coaches and FO though, so...
  14. The State of the Roster

    So, this is awful timing on my part after consecutive beatdowns by the Cowboys and Chargers... but I’m feeling conflicted with the talent level of the team. So I thought we could talk about what needs to be improved and what doesn’t. As the title suggests, I’m leaving ownership and GM issues out. Part of me looks at the roster, from top to bottom, and thinks we have a whole lot of talent (albeit some, or a lot, of it injured). The defense in particular has been the most confusing. It just doesn’t seem that losing Allen and Foster (and Nicholson, I suppose) should be significant enough to take what seemed like a decent defense and turn it into this abysmal mess. So, I thought we could take a look at the roster as it stands now and moving forward. Specifically, who are the guys we want to continue with us (ie. guys we are comfortable with as starters), and which spots need to be upgraded. Defense: Safety: I like Swearinger, though he does get exposed at times. I think he’s a solid SS. Not a big fan of him playing single high, but he’s better than some others we’ve put back there recently. Really like the potential of Nicholson, though health issues loom large. Everett is mostly just a guy, but he has value similar to Niles Paul - can play both safety spots and is a pretty good STer. Corners: I like our corners, even if I’m sometimes questioning what they’re doing. We have a decent group, including depth. I’m thrilled that the slot corner position finally has an answer after years of struggles. ILB: I think Brown and Foster are a very nice duo. OLB: Smith has fallen off a bit from his fast start, but he pairs well with Kerrigan. DE: It’s been nice to see McGee (and Lanier, to an extent) step up recently. Add McClain (if he ever gets going) and I think it’s... an ok group. DT: Ioannidas and Allen look to be a very good match here. Again, McGee and Lanier are ok in rotation. NT: Hood... I don’t know. He seems to be slightly better than expected, but that’s not saying much. Random other pieces: there are a few guys - Francis and Smithson, for example, that could bolster our depth if they stick around next year. So what needs to change? I’m pretty happy with virtually all of our starters. In our base D, I’d like to address NT and DE. I’m expecting Brown and Foster to be re-signed and Breeland to walk, but I’m comfortable saying that a combo of Dunbar and Moreau should be able fill that void. In terms of depth, I’d like to bring back Murphy and/or Galette, and draft an ILB, OLB, DE/DT and a corner to compete with Holsey for the 5th spot. Offense: Oline: 3 positions are set (LT, RT, and RG), and I think we’re likely set at C as well (Roullier or Long). TE: I think Davis is a fine number 1. Sprinkle has shown a bit, enough that I could see him manning the #2 spot. Reed is, well... there’s a thread for that. Paul is valuable in his own way, but I think you could argue that he’s maybe somewhat emblematic of what’s wrong with this team. A guy that is so-so as a pass catcher, not a good blocker, but will stick around because he does what’s asked of him, is capable on Teams and is a ‘leader’. For our 4th TE, I’d rather have someone with potential. Someone that can do at least one thing well even if they need to be coached up in other areas (see Compton, McClain, Mack Brown - way back when, Golston in years past, etc.). RB: Perine’s done some good things. His average is poor, but he’s shown some good burst, vision and hands. I’d certainly like to see more, but my hunch is that our run game woes start elsewhere. Thompson is a stud, and Marshall is a guy I’d like to give a chance. Receiver: Grant’s maybe a low end #2, and Crowder, for all his issues this year, is a good a lot receiver. Doctson, at this point, is an okay #2. He’s shown potential to be more, but it’s hard to be sold as of yet. QB: I’m leaving this to the appropriate thread, but count me as one that wants him to return. Looks like we’re going need depth on the oline. The biggest issues are at receiver of course, though there are some questions at runningback and we could use a blocking or all-around TE.
  15. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    I feel like Perine is showing himself to be a capable back. I do think a blocking TE would do wonders for the ground game. Sprinkle may fit the bill, but it would be nice to find (another?) capable TE. I also think Roullier will make a fine C or G. I’m concerned about whichever spot he doesn’t play, as well as our depth. I’d re-sign Long, but look to add a swing T/G (that can compete to start at LG) in the first 2-3 rounds. If Nsheke returns (I have my doubts), I’d focus more on a potential starting guard. As far as receiver goes, I don’t think we need a stud, but a capable guy that can run all the routes. Don’t get me wrong, a good #1 would be great. I just think, given how Cousins and Gruden have done without one, I would place more emphasis on improving the defense, ground game and pass pro. On defense, my preference would be to bring back Brown, Foster Murphy or Galette, and Breeland/Dunbar, then focus on drafting the best pass rushers you can find on the outside and the interior. Losing Allen/Ioannidas hurt us, and depth there, as well as finding a good starter for the base D should be a priority, IMO. Summary: Must re-sign - Cousins and Brown. Would really like to re-sign - Long, Nsheke, Grant, Foster and Dunbar (Breeland too, but I doubt that’s practical) and Murphy or Galette. Try to bring back, but hope a draft pick or UDFA beats them out - Compton, Paul, Everett, and Quick. Draft an early round dlineman, olineman and TE. Look to add a receiver, back, OLB and ILB mid-late.