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  1. How does this happen? Seriously. They say sprained mcl now it’s a torn acl? Our medical staff is a joke. Fire them all.
  2. Official 2018 Redskins Training Camp/Preseason Thread

    Ankle injuries can linger. Not good.
  3. So jay beagle to Vancouver for 4 years at 3 mil per. Wish the Caps would have matched. I think they are seriously undervaluing his work on the Faceoff and PK. He would work that puck in the corner on the PK and wind that time off. Also him and DSP has some nice chemistry going.
  4. So I was just browsing thru videos on YouTube about Kuzy and I didn’t realize he had an older brother pass away just like Ovi. Could explain some of their closenese.
  5. Smith Pelly back on one year deal.
  6. Boston. The pens end the very next day. Thanks NHL. We had to watch them raise their banner you coulda returned the favor
  7. Regardless of the reason he’s leaving I’m gonna miss Barry. Even when the boys were struggling mid seasonI was still pulling for him. Very likable guy and has been nothing but class since his arrival. Glad the boys rallied around him and won him a cup. Very well deserved. I wish him luck in wherever he goes.
  8. Evwrything about the night was amazing. Even the biblical rain we have been getting stopped for a day and have way to beautiful low 70s weather.
  9. Barry Trotz said there is no practice tomorrow because there is F ing nobody left to beat boys. Awesome!
  10. My buddy I work with does wood working on the side. He has a CNC router in his garage. He knows what a big Caps fan I am. I went to his house today and he had made this. I was commenting on how awesome it was and he just gave it to me. It’s going right in the man cave.
  11. Vrana may be my new favorite capital lol
  12. For anyone who has seen the captain Phillips memes lol.
  13. going back and reading the beginning of this thread and thoughts on the smith pelly signing are gold now. Never again will he be a JAG. Dude is a gamer. And now a Stanley cup champion.
  14. as amazing as this whole experience has been I couldn’t help but feel bad for Nate schmidt. Wish he got to win this with us.