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  1. ES Soccer Thread

    Top 10 dirtiest players in football (back in 2014) Sergio Ramos passes Paul Scholes to officially become the dirtiest player in Champions League history after picking up booking against PSG Sergio Ramos slammed for laughing as Mohamed Salah left pitch with injury N°1 POS I wish Mo all the best and a quick recovery. Edit: Dr. Mohamed Abou El-Ela said he was optimistic after Salah's first medical.
  2. ES Soccer Thread

    Morote seoi nage
  3. ES Soccer Thread

    It's Real, Ramos is a prick he can do whatever he wants and get away with it. Real is FIFA's darling. C'mon Jurgen kick their asses !
  4. ES Soccer Thread

    FIFA: Michel Platini cleared by Swiss justice Too late as usaually
  5. ES Soccer Thread

    According to Canal+ Fekir to LFC is a done deal worth €60 mil
  6. Yanny or Laurel

    Kevin Hart @kevinhart0001 Guy (having sex) : Oh yes Laurel ! Give it to me ! Laurel : WHO THE **** IS YANNY ? Edit: copy from original tweet
  7. Alien: Covenant Trailer 1st post

    Scott's agnosticism has been all over the place, he needs to move on. “I think the evolution of the Alien himself is nearly over”, he said. “But what I was trying to do was transcend and move to another story, which would be taken over by AI’s. The world that the AI might create as a leader if he finds himself on a new planet. We have actually quite a big layout for the next one”. Not even sure about this screenplay. I see you remember when David said to Walter “Watch me, I’ll do the fingering,”
  8. Alien: Covenant Trailer 1st post

    Alien: Covenant Star Hasn't Heard About a Sequel 'In Ages'
  9. ES Soccer Thread

    Buffon-Psg: Paris offer Gigi a two-year contract
  10. ES Soccer Thread

    PEAK6 Investments LP announces that it has entered into exclusive discussions with Bernard Caïazzo and Roland Romeyer for the acquisition of the # ASSE. PEAK6, based in Chicago, is already a minority shareholder in AS Roma (Italy) and AFC Bournemouth (England), and the majority shareholder of Irish club Dundalk FC.
  11. Per Schefter: DeAngelo Hall Retiring

    Negociating a position within the Redskins' organization ?
  12. ES Soccer Thread

    Tuchel is now officially the new coach of the evil empire. Next : financial fair play penalties, way to start recruiting new players !
  13. ES Soccer Thread

    Unay gone wild !!! First time I see a fired coach getting a standing ovation from the fans of PSG. Good luck Unay !
  14. The EU has a Common Security and Defense Policy ratified during the Lisbon treaty. The problem is that there is a lack of unity in Europe, some countries believe in political activism to beat it , based on the idea of a limited number of participants forming the hard core of those really equipped countries with operational capabilities. In the mean time it's quite opposite to the idea of an open process of unification. So why the European Union does not have will not have a common defense policy ?. Great Britain's alliance and "special ties" with the US. The lack of interest of the former members of the Warsaw Pact (integrated into NATO). The back and forth moves from Germany between NATO and bilateral cooperation. What happened in Greece and Portugal as they both lost their decision making ability, Germany being opposed to any increase of financial help. Most of all there is a real informal prohibition by the US to form a European defense that is beyond their political and operational control. We saw that in the former Yugoslavia, the NATO's function is precisely to ensure, under the command of the United States, the security and defense of Europe. Bilateral military agreements (Franco-German, Franco-British) even relevants are facing the sad reality of multiple meetings turning into a similacrum of union. I believe Trump isn't going to help nor Macron who is just a big mouth full of himself thinking he knows better than the others. A trait he shares with Trump, that's probably why they enjoy patting themselves in the back so much
  15. ES Soccer Thread

    I hope they'll do the right things in Saint Etienne like investing in the youth center. They already got the best fans, the only ones who never forget to pay tribute to the ones who lost their life in a stadium. I can't wait to see them kicking Lyon's ass year in year out Galtier: "Saint-Etienne looks like Liverpool" The only thing which separate us with LFC are the european titles, maybe one day Dave Phillips‏@lovefutebol Saint-Étienne fans’ banner: “Hillsborough, 25 years of lies … justice for the 96!” during today’s Lille match. #lfc 2015 paying tribute to the fans of Bastia after the 1992 tragedy, asking for No football games on May 5th. Edit: It seems that they will run a system ala Red Bull, St Etienne becoming the matrix of several subsidiaries clubs. Wait and see.
  16. ES Soccer Thread

    Saint Etienne to be purchased by a US pension fund next week
  17. Bill Cosby ... There is smoke.

    Probably because of fame and $$$. She is a disgrace to the women and the country.
  18. ES Soccer Thread

    He's just been named player of the month with 6 goals, 5 assists
  19. Scuba Diving

    I'm 3 * CMAS and rescue diver (400+ dives). Egypt, St Johns, Elphinstone, Brothers on a one week cruise. Clearly the best quality/value ratio. You've got among the most beautiful in Palau, and Coco Island (nature preserve) if you're interested in the big ones !. If you come to France, go South to Marseille plenty of wrecks including boats, submarines, Calvi Corsica (UNESCO marine preserve, B17 wreck, deep dives).
  20. ES Soccer Thread

    You're always welcome my friend, but don't forget i'm always biased when it comes to Lyon Allez Liverpool !
  21. ES Soccer Thread

    I guess you're talking about Fekir. He tore his ACL and struggled almost a couple of years to comeback. He will have to lose some weight and have a higher work ethic if he wants to pan out in the Premier League. Many people don't like him because he's from Lyon and he hesitated a lot to play for team France, his family wanted him to play for Algeria. He's got talent but he's not the same player, less speed and moves actually opposite to Salah. Actually he doesn't have the conditioning and level to be a starter for LFC. Klopp could teach him, but in the meantime he and Aulas denied any transfer rumor about him. Ya know Aulas is a big lier.