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  1. ES Soccer Thread

    According to sky Sports Chelsea is negociating with la Juve for Higuain
  2. ES Soccer Thread

    Just rumors from Spain, that means complete utter bs. He's Al Khelaifi's darling, I seriously doubt Tuchal has final say about Neymar. They're pursuing Bonucci right now. If they have any once of intellgence they would dump all the brazilian cry babies Silva, Alves, Neymar, Marquinhos. They sell Neymar to Real for Varane + cash. Marquinhos to Barca, Alves to a retirement house, Silva to AC Milan for Bonucci. Boateng is available. It is rumored that Mbappé can't stand to be moked by them anymore. It's going to be very interesting since Mbappé value and influence have skyrocketed since the WC. The little diva had problems with Cavani, now with Mbappé, who's next ?
  3. ES Soccer Thread

    According to SWR radio Bayern signed Pavard
  4. ES Soccer Thread

    2006 would be the exception that proves the rule. The ref confessed he didn't see anything, same thing for his sideline refs. Enter the 4th one using video, which was totally prohibited. On this one we got robbed big time by MaFifa. It's hard to beat your opponent when you're one man down and this man is the best player in the world. So in a matter of speaking they were the better team because Zidane (totally unacceptable attitude) and mainly the ref made them better. In 2016 we were arrogants and Portugal resilient so they deserved the win, the underdog beat the favorite. We didn't make a fuss about it like Lovren which was my point. Croatia was the better team during the first half only, we killed them in the second half, so they weren't the better team.
  5. ES Soccer Thread

    Lovren claiming 'France didn't play football... we were better than them'. M Lovren a game isn't only one half of football possession, and we were the better team because we won. Possession means nothing you should have paid attention to what happened to Belgium. You managed to score only one goal on your own with all that possession. We also were the much better team in 2006 and 2016 ! You obviously got something to learn from your classy fans and president.
  6. ES Soccer Thread

    A Fans award should have been granted to the Croatians
  7. ES Soccer Thread

    Thanks a lot for your support This one for you !
  8. ES Soccer Thread

    Deschamps press conference
  9. ES Soccer Thread

    Fox Sports Argentina - Inter in advanced talk with Angel Di Maria
  10. ES Soccer Thread

    Sorry he knows the rule in the box, arms shall not be extended, so even if the ball hits you there is no PK whatsoever. He extended his arms he took the risk he paid for it. By the way Perisic goal was deflected by Varane.
  11. ES Soccer Thread

    Shall not be in the hands of MaFifa but like in the NFL in the hand of the coaches imo
  12. ES Soccer Thread

    No PK ! Let me strongly disagree as the VAR showed it, lucky the Croatian didn't get a card for his intentional hand. What about LLoris blunder ? We've been screwed up by the refs so many times in the past, remember 1978, 1982, 1996 just to name a few?
  13. ES Soccer Thread

    Deschamps is now the third coach to have won the WC as a player and a coach. Croatian coach looks like Federer
  14. ES Soccer Thread

    Invasion on the Champs Elysées !
  15. ES Soccer Thread

    Typical Pogba lazyness The best and the worst
  16. ES Soccer Thread

    No, he's unstoppable
  17. ES Soccer Thread

    3 men coverage on MBappé !
  18. ES Soccer Thread

    Tollisso in Matuidi out
  19. ES Soccer Thread

    LLoris what the F is wrong with you ! Arrogance relapse
  20. ES Soccer Thread

    MBappé MVP !!!!
  21. ES Soccer Thread

    Umtiti back to his old self and we don't have any better sub ! Croatians are all over the field and the score do not match their efforts Edit: Oh Lord we've got Adil Anderson ! C'mon Pamela we need you on the croatian sideline !
  22. ES Soccer Thread

    Not quite imo, see how they run seems that they just started the competition !