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    So we lose Kyle Catalina off our practice to the Colts and have now cut the guy we chose over him in Tyler? Befuddling logic to me, but I am sure there is a reason. Hail
  2. Bill Callahan and the Offensive Line

    I really dislike Indy. It seems as if they poach our players on a continual basis.
  3. Redskins vs Vikings Prediction Thread: CK vs KC

    24-13 Redskins. Last weeks momentum carries into this week. Our defense scores in this game.
  4. This sounds encouraging. Hail Rich Tandler‏Verified account @TandlerNBCS 2h2 hours ago Kirk Cousins just said that he is looking forward to working with Josh Doctson not just this year but "for seasons to come". Hmm... #Redskins
  5. Time To Bring Back The Fun Bunch.


    We have to, I repeat HAVE to, resign him & the sooner the better. If Bruce and the FO screw the pooch on this I will be distraught, and very irate. One of best free agent signings in many a moon. Love watching him play. Hail
  7. Time To Bring Back The Fun Bunch.

    Paulsen? That's a blast from the past! Hail
  8. Why has a female never played in the NFL?

    Beyond that the NFL is about speed. The woman shown looks strong but what is her 40 time? Without speed the bulk is useless. Beyond that, she is obviously a bodybuilder. That would result in constant tears, pulls, and strains in the NFL. It just wouldn't work. Beyond even that is functional strength. Again, the person shown in the photograph looks strong but what can she actually squat? Power clean? Bench? I would bet it is mush less than any defensive back in the NFL, much less the speed component, which I am certain is not in the realm of any NFL DB because of mass alone. Maybe a kicker....at best. No offense intended. Hail
  9. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    QBR is a made up stat created by ESPN. It is held in very low regard almost universally, except for ESPN staff writers. It is a horrible measuring stick. Hail
  10. The Positive Thread

    Steelhead fishing rocks! That will be much more fun than any football game. Have fun!
  11. Redskins vs Seahawks Prediction Thread: Rock Fight in a Glass House

    Seahawks 38 Redskins 17
  12. The Skins RB situation....

    This team just makes me weary & sad. For the last 25 years I always felt "this might be the year". That is gone now. I have become less & less interested as the years of ineptitude grind part of my soul away. I hardly have anything left. With our FO, & structure (or lack thereof) I just don't see a change in the future. Does someone in the front office not see we need a quality RB in the worst possible way? Did we even reach out? We snakebite ourselves. This team just grinds you up and spits you out, as a fan. Oh well...hail
  13. Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    Same here. Significant other noted it saying my enthusiasm is the lowest she has ever seen. I'm becoming closer to you BFS....just weary of the body blows with the occasional head shot. Ever year is starting to bleed into the next. I feel like the movie Groundhog day. I/we relive the same **** ever season, sometimes for different reasons, and it has become absolutely tiresome. I have come to expect it at some point in the season. I am really looking forward to the college basketball season starting as soon as possible as a type of relief. Right now I am just extremely downtrodden regarding my beloved Redskins, and that saddens me.
  14. Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    Similar to car construction. For years car companies made ultra rigid very strong car bodies. The net result was the occupants in the car absorbed the energy in a crash & resulted in death and injury. Then it was discovered that crumple zones lessened the energy transferred to the occupants resulting in fewer injuries. The same principle applies with helmets; a super rigid (hard) shell transfers all the energy to the brain. Beyond using the head to tackle, the helmet itself must evolve to lessen injury. Hail
  15. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    No salary cap made that a different era so really not comparable. However, that being said, I agree 100%, sadly. Hail