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  1. Right? Thank god. That avatar has creeped me out since Morneblade put it up. Hail
  2. "Hernandez's death comes the same day the Patriots are making their visit to the White House today to mark their Super Bowl win." You know this has to have an effect on his psychological state. He knows what he lost, and never to be regained. He also knows, and really the only one, what he actually did. He saw the end game for him and did not want to play anymore. Just a sad series of events, horrible choices, really bad friends, and a wasted, well, everything. Maybe it was just always inside of Aaron...just a hyper aggressive nature that made him excel in sports, but was a detriment to living life. Here is an interesting article that talks about a young Aaron and his aggressiveness. It seems to give a glimpse into what he could become. Life is a fickle thing. Regardless of all, it is just sad on many levels. Hail http://www.sportsgrid.com/real-sports/nfl/reflecting-on-my-personal-terrifying-experience-with-a-young-aaron-hernandez/
  3. Just don't taser this guy. It's just not nearly as effective as on other humans. http://deadspin.com/5979477/trent-williams-is-an-unkillable-force-of-nature
  4. I almost spit out my coffee when I read this. I'm weird, but my first thought was "We are the king of flat out stupid." My second though is, Bruce Allen is in control now. I would absolutely see what's left in the tank (was a difference maker at some point), but have no idea what BA will do. It is a Black Comedy with this team 90% of the time. For the PC crowd, that is merely a theatrical reference not related to race in any way, form, and/or fashion. Hail
  5. Surgery is no fun. Have had several, but never anything like the neck. That's a big deal. Prayers & healing thoughts to you brother. Hail
  6. Thanks yet again. This is awesomeX2. Do you really know where you are posting? A legitimate question methinks. Whatever dude. Hail `
  7. Thanks for the Giants update. Appreciate it. Hail
  8. You are firmly entrenched as a huge Kirk fan. I,we, get that. You are so right, he has great stats. I don't post much, but have to say, while I appreciate his numbers I need him to come through in the clutch. That is the crux of the matter for me as a Redskins fan. He has wonderful garbage stats, but when the game is in the balance, has faltered. That defines an elite quarterback, to me at least. He faltered in every (nearly) game that mattered, or determined the playoffs in 2016. To me, it's really that simple. Show me. He has had a very good receiving core recently so the downplaying of them does not wash with me. Kind of (well,actually) downplaying the OL does not work for me either. So to understand, Kirk makes the receivers look better than they truly are, AND, simultaneously makes the OL look better than they are too? Seriously? Maybe it is on the Offensive Coordinator. Maybe it is on the Head Coach. Regardless of who the primary culprit is, as we had the playoffs there for us to take this year, more than once,and Kirk did not come through. I will be the lead cheerleader for Kirk the first time he comes through, in a pivotal game, on his own. I want soooooooo badly to love him, pay him, buy a jersey, make him my hero, but in all truth, he has not given me that, only failure in the clutch regardless of the numbers you regurgitate. I want to sign him, but it needs to be reasonable, unless he can show me something different. It appears he wants to be the highest paid QB in the entire NFL. Do you, in your heart, think has earned this? I LIKE him, but do not love him, yet. He is a fringe top 10 quarterback to my eye. I must emphasise fringe Give it to me when the game is in the balance. Show me that special "something" and be a winner. There is something to that by the way; the ability to WIN. He has just not done any of those things for me yet. Hope springs eternal & am I am hoping for the best! Hail
  9. Superbowl!!! Hail
  10. It's not just him. He is a piece. Swearinger is a piece. McClain is a piece. Tomsula is a piece. Pryor is a piece. On and on. He by himself cannot change everything by himself, but he is a huge upgrade, don't you think? He have a few upgrades methinks,and hope for more in the draft. To quote the Roman Emperor Hadrian, "Brick by brick my citizens, brick by brick." Football is the ultimate team game and takes many pieces to fit the puzzle together "right". He is an important piece where we needed it; a good step. Hopefully there will be more. Hail
  11. It's nice, on that rare occasion, when all (ok, maybe too much....) is well in Redskins land. Feels good! Hail
  12. Nice and VERY much needed signing. Love his speed. He ran track for UNC (60 & 200 meters) which is very unusual for a guy 6'2" and 248 pounds. Quality signing. Now lets get a fat boy for the Dline although we may not have enough cap for that now. Good work. Hail
  13. Too funny. I've been waiting for this, considering the date. Nice! Hail.