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  1. Not sure you realize how much the Browns are changing. They may be good in short order. How much fun would it be to play on a team on the upswing? I actually think the Browns are going to be good, in the very near future. They are signing Landry from the Dolphins. Myles Garrett will be a stud. Barkley? Stud. Get Cousins, and then take your pick of DL, OL, Linebacker, blah, blah, blah. Hell, If I was picking I would WANT to go to the Browns. They are going to be a cool team to watch ascend, in short order. After the ****ing they got from Art Modell, they are due. We whine here about our downtrodden state BUT imagine being a lifelong Browns fan. They deserve it. This is the only team I would watch, to see how Kirk is doing. Otherwise, I don't give a damn. Hail "The Cleveland Browns have assembled one of the most intelligent, experienced front offices in the NFL. General Manager John Dorsey heads the whole operation with Eliot Wolf serving as his Assistant General Manager. Andrew Berry and Alonzo Highsmith will each carry the title of Vice President of Player Personnel. Ken Kovash, who was previously labeled as a Vice President of Player Personnel, will now serve as a Vice President in the team's strategy department. Then, the team has Paul DePodesta serving as the Chief Strategy Officer."
  2. No heart though. No interest in Sua personally. I want passion. Hail
  3. 42 would be my choice, as it is the answer to life, the universe, and everything. Hail
  4. What a pissing match this has become between detractors/supporters. Can we move on, relatively soon? Whomever wants to, move on to your "new" team, as you were not a true Redskins fan to begin with, regardless or your "How the team was run", "The front office", "Kirk should have been"...."; whatever your validation may be. This needs to stop now. All it does is fracture the fan-base further, and we do not need assistance in that regard. I only care about my team, the Redskins, and the rest is a personal preference or validation. I do not give a ****. Move on, like NOW. Kirk was essentially gone a year ago. I despise losing Kendall Fuller, but we were put into a corner because Kirk simply did not want to play here. Fine. The reasons are a myriad of reasons known only to "them". Move on, or move out. I am weary of this particular discourse. Carry on if you prefer, but take a stance, hopefully a REDSKINS stance; otherwise, just go, wherever, please. HTTR
  5. This just popped into my head reading "clingers" and transposing it into Klinger. I will be glad when this truly is over and we can move on, in some cases literally, to other "things". Hail
  6. I am happy for you Westy. The cool thing is the high lasts, well, always. We always look back to our three SB wins and "Remember when...". You will keep these memories for a lifetime, trust me. Congratulations, and welcome to the club!
  7. The Sycophants of Smith (Merged & M.E.T.)

    Gas or charcoal?
  8. HapHaszard's Passing

    So truly sad about this. He was/is one of the great ones. As I approach 60 now, I see this so often in people that have touched my life. Live life fully; it is a gift. Hail to brother Hap. Prayers for his family.
  9. 26th Anniversary of Super Bowl 26

    Happy birthday pjfootballer!
  10. Merry Christmas

  11. Broncos fan here