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  1. Money flows freely in DFW, especially when it involves a Cowboys player. Absolutely shocked they did not come forward. Shocked I tell you. What a ****ing joke.
  2. Crap wrong thread....thought it was who opponents hated to see. Carry on. Hail
  3. Our front office put us in a unique situation. The sad part is they (FO) were really trying to be prudent; to do their due diligence, and I find no fault with that. Kirk is a reallllly smart dude (good trait for a QB, just sayin') and found a way to work a flawed system to his advantage. We can bicker and moan about him, the FO, whatever, but the bottom line is he really did what we all would, and certainly should in the same situation. When the cards were dealt he has played a helluva hand and we drew a couple of bad cards. Such is life. Hail
  4. Different era (NFL economic scale; current/future) brother, much to my chagrin. Hail
  5. Riiiight....(somebody had to do it)
  6. Really nice post WB. This has become sooooo tiresome for me, hence the reason I post in this thread (in general really) so rarely. The similarities between Kirk & RGIII, posting wise, have become eerily similar if you really look at it. We are a rabid, bi-polar, unstable, passionate organization, and even moreso, fan-base. I just can't wait until the games actually begin to somehow put all this crap behind us, for a brief moment. Hail
  7. You are not alone in these thoughts, trust me. Hail
  8. That is some awesome **** KB13. Verrrry nice. Hail
  9. The Akita is a pretty cool Japanese dog (actually the Tosa too) . Hail
  10. Probably the most lucid posts I've seen regarding this topic. To me, this is it, AND Kirk's seeming resentment of it. Yin & yang. Just a weird unfortunate state of affairs. My hope is that his play will define what happens going forward.