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  1. Great analogy....well said. I absolutely cannot wait for this season to start. Regardless of what happens we are going to be a brutal team (see Josh Normans comments, watch D.J.'s highlights) for opponents to play this year. I LOVE physical football. The brutality combined with the artistry of Reed, maybe Pryor & Doc, coupled with JC....ummmm....I like, very much. Throw in a Perine for more brutality,Fat Rob, sprinkled in with some CT. Hope springs eternal. Hail
  2. I am excited about that as well, but the best, most overlooked receiver on our team may be Doctson, now that he is healthy. Doctson may be a helluva player. He says the ailment (really not an "injury") is an afterthought. Realize he was the #1 rated receiver by the majority of pundits last year, in the entire draft. With Pryor, Doctson, Jordan, Crowder, ect.,good luck with that coverage. We could be quite an offensive force this year. I can't wait!!! HTTR
  3. Love Fabian. He could be one our best picks in this entire draft. I was looking more at the lesser known guys. I agree, Moreau was a GREAT pick. HTTR
  4. That is the catch, and you are absolutely correct; Cooley is a "Personality" now. HTTR
  5. Crap....sorry.....
  6. Deleted....sorry
  7. I will start with, sorry mod's but I couldn't find a part of this post to remove. I'm sorry. I hate this damn post, yet VOR is absolutely correct. High hopes, great free agency (it was damn good-maybe not great), and a seismic draft.....we think. VOR made me think; how will this all REALLY fit together? We truly don't know. Things look good on paper, but how many times have we done THAT cycle before? Hopefully the offensive pieces work. I love workout videos and all of that crap, but need to see it when the bullets fly. More hopefully, the defensive pieces fit. Great post from the perspective of.....we just don't know yet. We don't. I hope they DO. Greatness. HTTR
  8. You are absolutely correct CTskin. I noticed that too. Good eye, HTTR http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/03/09/d-j-swearinger-signing-three-year-deal-with-washington/
  9. Evidence of exactly this is in SpartanRedskin's one and only post on our board in "Welcome to the Redskins Montae Nicholson". It gives a little bit of a background on Montae's perception of being "soft". It come from a diehard fan who has seen ever game he has played in. It's worth going back to read to see what he said. Scheme and talent may have played a large role in the way he is viewed. We shall see on the field; hope springs eternal! I am certainly not writing him off. Hail
  10. Got my eye on Hosley....Pipkins too.
  11. It's all of one day in, but I have a really good feeling about Perine. Hell, I feel that way about many of our picks. Time will tell, but we may have made a nice foundation for our team going forward in this draft. I think we did really well and certain things fell our way. VERY excited! Hail
  12. In my opinion he would last about 5 minutes on the practice squad, and doubt he we would even have that option as he would have to clear waivers before he could even be signed to our practice squad. TE's of any worth are highly coveted. I just can't see this as an option at all. Hail
  13. In my opinion you are really shortchanging Doctson. I like Davis's raw potential but Doc achieved at a high level in a big time program. He tested similar to Davis and was featured on a Sports Science episode. D Hall recently said JDoc has the best hands he has seen since Larry Fitzgerald. If Doctson is healthy, and by every appearance he is, then it is not even close. I absolutely love Davis's potential though but he is far from a polished product. Love the fact that we got him and look forward to his future. Hail
  14. Fish was an interesting UDFA that is sneaky good. He would be a great practice squad player while he learns the NFL. Being from Big 12 country I can say he was absolutely the best player on the bad KU team. The kid can play.