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  1. AsburySkinsFan

    Thanksgiving Menu

    How big is that thing?????
  2. AsburySkinsFan

    Thanksgiving Menu

    That seems a bit much, no?
  3. AsburySkinsFan

    Thanksgiving Menu

    I’m really thinking about frying the bird this year. Any recommendations on a good fryer set-up? I’ve seen pretty wild price dispairity.
  4. AsburySkinsFan

    Thanksgiving Menu

    Ok, I just learned today that I’m going to be hosting and cooking a big Thanksgiving meal this year, and I am absolutely determined to not cook a bland tan and white meal, so I’m looking for your Thanksgiving meal menus for inspiration. What do you enjoy? What’s on your menu? What do you do to mix things up? (I’d post this in the cooking thread but I’m looking for broader engagement, so if you know anyone in the Stadium who cooks well, please tag them!!)
  5. AsburySkinsFan

    The Liquor Thread

    Not a bad sip, in Annapolis for my Grandfather’s funeral, my Aunt doesn’t like bourbon so me and my cousins toasted Gampie with a nightcap or two!!
  6. AsburySkinsFan

    Damn Good Food

    Oops that was supposed to say medium rare!!!
  7. AsburySkinsFan

    The Liquor Thread

    Colonel Taylor, a solid bourbon option, a classic Kentucky sip. yummmmm
  8. AsburySkinsFan

    Damn Good Food

    Jojo’s in Frederick, Maryland. In visting family and they took us to Jojo’s for the first time tonight and really enjoyed the ahi poke, beautifully flavored tuna with a light smokey soy sauce served on slaty fried crisps. With the avocado this was a beautiful way to start my meal. I chose the large Wild Turkey Bourbon Stout, it was truly rich and flavorful with a smooth chocolatey full bodied flavor. For my entrée I chose the steak frites medium rare, it was perfectly tender with the rich brandy and capered sauce that complimented perfectly. I finished my meal with a bit of a splurge, the seasonal pumpkin cheese cake was a bit on the small side, but its rich pumpkin pie flavor and chocolate topping made up in taste what it lacked in size. All in all we were impressed with Jojo’s offerings and would definitely recommend to others.
  9. AsburySkinsFan

    The Grilling and Cooking Thread

    In Myersville, MD this weekend viditing family before a funeral. I had the opportunity to cook some chicken parm with vodka sauce from scratch. I feel like I’m much more confident about my cooking, I made this chicken parm from scratch with no recipe. My piece was a bit darker than I wanted because I had to use graded parm rather than a shredded parmesan.
  10. Oh they will absolutely claim Trump was never a REAL Conservative, they’ll point to his deficit spending and then they’ll claim that Conservatism still works, it’s just never been fully realized because all we’ve seen are corruptions of it therefore we should still try it, rather than facing reality that there is no such thing as Conservatism.
  11. Isn’t that the truest irony of all? That one of the greatest offenders of open political hostility of the press toward a President is siding with CNN and Jim Acosta because they really know that CNN is getting what Faux News deserves. And yet won’t receive from a Democrat President. I think that’s the Right’s greatest fear, that the Left will turn to someone like Trump.
  12. Faux News understands that that WHEN the shoe is on the other foot that they may well be on the receiving end of hostility toward the press.
  13. AsburySkinsFan

    An assault on American democracy is underway

    I was specifically pointing at North Carolina and the GOP's overt racism. Has anyone said anything about the Maryland case being racially motivated?