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  1. I tell ya, Nunes is involved neck deep in all of this. He’s been explicitly involved in nearly every aspect of this cover-up and subsequent disinformation campaign. This is the problem, the very people who are the checks and balances are in league with the Trumps.
  2. They don’t give a damn. He was right, he could shoot someone in the face in the middle of Times Square and you’d have 35% of the population justifying it and the likes of twa defending him by saying it was the Dem’s fault. Here’s how this plays out: Chuck comes out saying one thing, Trump then contradicts every word. *rinse and repeat*
  3. Exactly! State control because EVERY ONE of us here knows that it is wasier to defund entitlement programs on the state level! Just ask Governor Matt Bevin! Seriously, you guys don’t fool anyone. We all know what you agenda is. Oh but I’m sure the church will fill the is church attendance and participation going nationwide these days? Is the church growing or shrinking? Is the church more or less financially able to fill the void?
  4. The Grilling and Cooking Thread

    Spinach, chorizo, mozzarella stuffed pork butt roast! The chorizo was great, but the mozzarella melted out a lot, need a less melty cheese.
  5. This explains so much. I remember the day that you weren’t a Republican.
  6. Russia and the NRA there’s a collection of patriots.
  7. The idea has certainly been floated about Giuliani’s involvement, but to this point I haven’t seen anything that would implicate him. Now, doesn’t that mean he hasn’t been involved, frankly I want to see every one of those trolls burned to the ground, and I think Giuliani is a slimy crook, but I don’t see him in the Russia stuff yet. Why hasn’t he come up in ANYTHING so far.
  8. When the criminal is hold slitting the throat of his victim you shoot. (Your analogy, not mine) Ok, this is devolving into a @twaabortion debate. *eject button*
  9. So it’s not relevant if a medical provider is wrong regarding a pregnancy termination’s effectiveness in maintaining the lifd of the mother? I’m sorry, but malpractice insurance is for just such an event. However, if that care provider refuses a pregnancy termination because of their ideologal/religious objections then they need to get out of medical. A government who defends religious belief over best medical care would then have to allow Jehovah’s Witness doctors to refuse blood transfusions. You are asking for a slippery slope.
  10. Not sure, but the Administration is apparently preparing rules to shield care providers in those cases. I was referring to malpractice insurance.
  11. Then that’s a professional medical opinion and why you carry insurance in case you’re wrong. But, my guess is that these “shields” from the Administration are there to protect the ideological and religious objectors.
  12. If you’re a health worker and reject providing care to a transgender patient then seriously quit, you don’t deserve to care for patients. And if you refuse to perform a pregnancy termination to save the life of a mother then quit. You obviously don’t know what the job is about. These have Pence’s self righteous baptized fingers all over them.