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  1. The Grilling and Cooking Thread

    Thank you!! I’m officially in the stall.
  2. The Grilling and Cooking Thread

    Getting there...
  3. The Smoking Room (cigar smoker's thread)

    Don Pepin Original Cedar, oakiness, subtle molasses undertones, with a mild black pepper finish. Well construction is per the norm with the Garcia brand and this one did not disappoint, excellent draw and plenty of smoke on a gentle draw. Burn got a little wavy but self corrected.
  4. The Grilling and Cooking Thread

    I’m planning a 10-12 hour cook. I’m aiming for 8pm tonight.
  5. The Grilling and Cooking Thread

  6. The Grilling and Cooking Thread

    It has begun....
  7. The Grilling and Cooking Thread

    Thank you, ran them on thr gas grill. Pork butt goes on the Weber early tomorrow morning.
  8. The Grilling and Cooking Thread

    Adulting has its advantages.
  9. The Grilling and Cooking Thread

    A good covering of salt and pepper on steak (the steak can take it), cook to 130 internal, rest 5-7 min. Thank me later.
  10. The Turtle speaks: Summary: 1. He knows Trump’s guilty 2. He knows the GOP mahority is in trouble in November 3. He knows he has limited time to force Rightwingers judges into place. 4. If a Centrist or Left leaning SCOTUS judge announces their retirement or dies before November may they be cursed forver!!
  11. These people are the scum of the earth, and the people defending and obfuscating on their behalf would do well to recognize which side of history they are on. This is NOT normal ideological differences. This is NOT a party vs party issue. IF it were either of those two things I would NOT be quoting Joe Walsh and Rick Wilson with nearly the frequency that I do so today. When you see THAT level of unprecedented crossing of ideological lines in the face of Trump and his merry band of criminal conspirators you KNOW something is awry. The sheer level of silence and tacit approval from GOP elected officials is simply alarming. I cannot determine if they KNOW Trump is guilty and will be gone as a result and are thus hoding from their insane clown posse of voters, or are they actively leveraging their current political advantage in order to undermine 30 years worth of oversight and safety measures in order to advance the profits of a few wealthy supporters. To quote a famous philosopher, “I think maybe it’s both, maybe both are happening at the same time.” ~Forest Gump
  12. The Grilling and Cooking Thread

    It’s frustrating when that happens, the worst part is that it usually happens as a result of a cost analysis. So they find they can save a few bucks a week if they go with this new recipe or cook the brisket hotter for a shorter cook. Yes, restaurants are businesses with low margins but if you want to stay in business then the decisions should be based as much on the food as the bank. The truly frustrating thing is that apparently there is a large portion of society that eats without tasting their food. Which is why Red State BBQ here in the Lexington area has three locations. I wouldn’t feed that crap to my dog, and no, I’m not just being a BBQ snob. The “double smoked brisket” was cubes of gray tough flavorless meat, the pulled pork was dry and flavorless, and the smoked chicken was sawdust. I am convinced to this day that the meat serves only as a vehicle for sauce delivery...which you NEED!! I hear people rave about Red States’ sauces and my simple reply is, “If you need sauce then the BBQ wasn’t that good.”
  13. I hate these people. May they rot ever so slowly in the smoldering fires of Hell.