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  1. That's exactly how I feel. Just when you think the dems are going to get their act together they let one of their lunatic fringe folks talk. They have zero plans to reduce health care costs, their plan for just about everything is just count someone else's money. What they fail to realize EVERY freaking time is that the rich will figure out how to avoid paying the taxes, the poor will be exempt so the burden falls on the middle class. The GOP has sold out to extremist religious morons who think the world is only 6,000 years old. But the Independents just want to smoke pot.
  2. Republicans are a national embarrassment. The fact that Dems aren't seen as the great hope says how messed up they are.
  3. I just want this national embarassment over. Boehner's statement the other day was damning, but the GOPers will not hear it. They'll just deflect away and slam their heads into the sand.
  4. Haven't been personally, Tim Mineska comes every year to our BBQ Fest and is awesome. He's a great promoter and a BBQ king!
  5. So you can impede a law enforcement investigation if you're innocent? So sorry, but obstruction of justice applies to the guilty and the innocent.
  6. Impeding investigations is serious, innocent or not. It's why perjury is punishable.
  7. Big ol' ribeye dinner, cooked to medium well! BTW, I love my ThermPro!! If you're lookin' the you ain't cookin'!!!
  8. Decking POTUS alone would get me elected in six states! LoL can you imagine me elected to public office?! LoL! I'd be the most non-PC Moderate/Lib ever! My townhall meetings would end in fist fights after my comments like, "Ummm, excuse me but can we lay off the stupid sauce for a minute?"
  9. That smug look on his face as he starts to button his coat....uuuggghhh!!! I want to punch it.
  10. "America First" Diplomacy In Action
  11. No freaking joke! You'd be the best Deadpool!
  12. Is there not a difference between a Russian email hack, and leaks from within Trump's OWN administration? Also, leaks on info that aren't classified?