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  1. Oh now Trump is a victim because the FBI didn’t give him a memo stating that collusion with Russia to win a Presidential election was illegal. And yeah, twa is all about getting rid of Trump because he thinks Pence will take over. From tbe connections we’re seeing this will infect the ENTIRE Administration. So by the time Pence takes over he’ll be radioactive too. But voters like twa don’t care because as long as it is a Rightwing nut lemming that gets sworn in then their 3rd World plan for the USA can continue.
  2. At this point it may be easier to name people in the Trump campaign who didn’t have ties to Russia
  3. Or as Faux News will report: “This year cooler than previous years. Scientists cannot agree on data. Tonight on Tucker some guy who you never heard of being paid by some lobby group we won’t mention will muddy the waters further with a bunch of nonsense that isn’t true but you won’t bother to fact check.”
  4. Without cause.... YOU have waged a campaign against someone who the FBI cleared! Yet, NOW that the shoe is on the other foot you’re a mute. At least I had the balls to say that the entire investigation against Hillary was nothing more than a political witch-hunt that was proven through the admission of elected officials within YOUR OWN PARTY. But a wholly damning case is being presented to you outlining direct and ongoing collusion at the highest levels of the Trump campaign and Putin but you can’t make a peep. And somehow in your brain Hillary’s emails rise to a worse offense. Don’t even try coming back when the smoke clears and pretending that you supported this investigation all the while. You are complicit in your silence.
  5. Do you always talk in irrelevancies in order to draw your attention away from the fact that you’re a shill?
  6. Trump defending Cassidy by saying he’s not a liar sounded like a response to Kimmel. But if Trump says someone isn’t lying we should believe him right? I can’t stand gullibility, but I hate people who feed on their gullibility.
  7. Carry on faithful servant Your roll as blind mouth piece is well defined and played to perfection.
  8. Again, it’s your passivity. You act like you care less. When it came to Hillary and her enails you couldn’t type fast enough...yet Trump and his Russian collusion...all the sudden you’ve got writer’s block.
  9. Trump and His Cabinet......God Bless America; OP Updated

    Tucker is a moron...actually I take that back. He knows ecactly what he's doing. When you host a show like his on a network like that EVERY segment gets to be your own strawman argument. Bring on the most absurd people and pretend that they are the norm. Shout down every argument with aburdities and pretend you've won. Ignore every fact check and pretend you're always right. Meanwhile the lemmings
  10. I still fail to understand why you are so passive on this. You constantly holler about enforcing laws on the books. You who are insistent that the GOP is the law & order party. And yet, you act as if you don't care.
  11. Trump and His Cabinet......God Bless America; OP Updated

    Distraction, lets bomb NK just don't look at Mueller.
  12. "A well developed conspiracy of co-operation" String 'em up!
  13. Trump's UN Speech - North Korea

    I'm still not sure if Nikki was talking about Trump or Un in this quote. Nikki Haley this morning on the Today show: