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  1. Yoh so have to love the utter and blatant hypocrisy on display. The Democrat who has accusations of sexual impropriety (charges that are now disputes on the facts) should be thrown out of office, but the Republican should be voted in even though he’s a child molester. They simply do not care.
  2. Ok, total crossover thread moment, but I think this focuses more on the Trump Administration’s total lack of a soul and Kelly Anne’s willingness to be the Administration’s Crypt-keeper.
  3. The Politics Sexual Assault Thread

    Nevermind the liberal media...oh yeah now you have to ignore the lifelong Republicans too. But she’s probably just a RINO.
  4. Yep, he is so utterly predictable. Once he starts a tweet storm you know he’s justvtrying to redirect attention from something about to break. It’s basically, the accepted knowledge now on twitter.
  5. And Bob Seger....I think that’s @Predicto or is it @codeorama
  6. Uh oh! Mueller knows more than we do! LoL!! This is NOT just a Trump problem, this is and Administration problem. Watch Trump pardon Pence, Pence become POTUS the pardons Trump.
  7. 2017-2018 NCAA Men's Basketball

    Basketball should institute a flopping rule like soccer did, get caught embelishing and get a technical foul.
  8. Dakota Access Pipeline Protests

    You’re cute when you’re lying through your teeth.
  9. Tax Bill

  10. Dakota Access Pipeline Protests

    At every single turn you side with the fossil fuel industry, seems what you deem “unrealistic” and what is actually unrealistic is separated by your own bias. When crude oil started spilling from the floor of the Gulf of Mexico you were certain that it was only a small leak. You’re constantly citing the safety of these pipelines. And then when it all goes sideways your argument is that the environmental damage is collateral damage to maintain the status quo and your red herring that everyone hasn’t already gone to solar cars. You’d be the one laughing at the Wright Brothers as they rode their bikes to the airfield, “Hey Orville and Wilbur, why don’t you just fly!” Then, when you’re pinned down you cite statistics. The ONLY people who find that convincing are the ones who aren’t shoveling sludge.
  11. Dakota Access Pipeline Protests

    Classic, as long as it isn’t your water then you don’t give a damn.
  12. Dakota Access Pipeline Protests

    Yeah they always do a great job cleaning up from the mess they created in the places no one wanted them. And you seriously want me to put trust in a government report on this? A government that refuses to acknowledge science? A government agency run by a guy who is bought and paid for by the fossil fuel industry? Honestly, @twayou crack me up sometimes. BTW, has that Gulf of Mexico clean-up coming along?