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  1. The Grilling and Cooking Thread

    That looks amazing @Skinsfan1311 How was it? Did you get any pics of the interior with the pink?
  2. ES Soccer Thread

    For everyone saying this wasn't deliberate, anyone remember the PK awarded in the group stage where the player went sliding for the block and had his hand up? The ball hit his arm, he didn't have time to place his arm in the path of the ball so no deliberate act....right? LOL no Everyone is interpreting deliberate to mean that they must have been able to see the ball and move their hand to the ball on purpose, rather than their arm/hand not being in a natural position when the ball hits it. As the commentator said, when you go up and let your arms move out from your body like he did you take that risk. Was his arm in a natural position? No Was his arm against his body? No Was his arm outstretched by his own effort? Yes Did the ball hit his hand? Yes PK...
  3. Sacha Baron Cohen Dupes Political Leaders

    I think the thing that just amazes me is that this completely lays bare the extent that these jackasses will whore themselves out. I mean John Walsh comes out and says AFTERWARDS that he’s not advocating arming kindergartners, but he’s literally in the video advocating the arming of first graders.
  4. Sacha Baron Cohen Dupes Political Leaders

    Wahhh...these GOPers are all whining about how they were duped into saying absolutely stupid things. And yet there was one young congressman who apparently resisted the charms choosing instead to use his brain rather than just pander along. Sacha may not be everyone’s taste but this is a brilliant recelation into exactly what these whores are willing to say and do.
  5. ES Soccer Thread

    Nah, I like the VAR for all the reasons mentioned before.
  6. ES Soccer Thread

    Sad but true. Croatia with a population of the state of Kentucky reaches the WC final and us at 350,000,000 can’t beat a Caribbean island nation. LoL! No worries, forgot about Lloris’ muck up
  7. ES Soccer Thread

    Totally disagree, the stats are clear VAR took the officiating to like 99.6%. It was NOT over used, reviews were done quickly and efficiently, it didn’t interfere with the pace of the game. I’m not sure how the VAR decided this final, subtract the handball, AND the Griezmann flop and France STILL wins.
  8. ES Soccer Thread

    Well, at least it was entertaining.
  9. ES Soccer Thread

    You think it’ll be enough?!
  10. ES Soccer Thread

    LoL! What a mistake! That was terrible, gotta play that off at an angle away from the pressure.
  11. ES Soccer Thread

    This is a rout.
  12. ES Soccer Thread

    Nice goal by Pogba, Croatia was bad clearing that
  13. ES Soccer Thread

    Well that was interesting
  14. ES Soccer Thread

    Certainly an entertaining first half. Not happy about that Griezmann dive. Croatia with a great strike. Frustrated by the handball, but it was the right call, glad no card was awarded. Croatia certainly not afraid of France. Hoping for an equally good second half.
  15. ES Soccer Thread