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  1. That's a good word, his high school coach highly stresses "STUDENT Athlete". I'm thrilled with the school's choice to drop the D grade now anything below a 70 is sn F. That goes along way in motivation. He talks openly about "life after soccer" and making sure his college has a solid business program.
  2. I'll go first with an introduction. I feel like a sports manager who is being forced to go through on the job training that you've got to get right the first time...oh it's not just a client, it's your kid. #NoPressure My son at 15 is a freshman soccer player (like most serious athletes today, he's been playing since he was 4 or 5 years old). He started playing goalkeeper at 10 and took to it like a fish to water. That's when we started hearing college talk from others. That talk has only grown and my son has a serious passion for what he does on the field, not unique amongst this breed. Now we're in the midst of a club transition as we look to position him in the best place possible. For high school he started as the varsity keeper last fall and had some amazing games, others were painful but the last game against a refional rival saw him with 18 saves that night. It was then that his coach first uttered D1 to me...that's when it got real. For soccer here, high school is the only way for them to play solid schedules in the Fall. We take winters off, and he's running track this Spring along with club. But yeah, we've heard the same thing. Colleges unless they are local aren't looking at high school anymore. It's about numbers, at a high school game there may be a couple players able to play the next level whereas at clubs and showcase tournaments those numbers are significantly higher.
  3. Someone once said that there ought to be a book written on how to navigate the path between high school athletics, travel ball, and college recruiting for up and coming athletes. (That someone was me BTW...last night) I know there are a lot of us out there trying to figure out this crazy world of developmental and college prep sports. This is a place to ask questions, share concerns, share proud parent moments, and vent. All sports are welcome. Do NOT come here to bash the current state of athletic development systems. Take your anti-AAU, anti-travel ball rants somewhere else. @Kilmer17 @dchogs
  4. Sounds like he's making right by you. Good.
  5. And he should have.....done more than that. I can't help but think that until that happens he's indebted to you. Unless you release him.
  6. A nice article about what ash cone. I wasn't aware of the color meaning.
  7. But that would mean putting very rich people in prison...sorry, but haven't you been paying attention? Please get the notes from a classmate.
  8. @dchogsthat sucks man, you make decisions based on the best info you have at the time only to find that some aren't working toward your goals. From everything I'm hearing a combination of club teams (showcase tourneys), development camps, and personal training are the best route. My son will be at two camps this summer both development. Next year and following we split a showcase camp and a development camp. The struggle with the keeper position is that there's only one on the field at a time which is why the showcase camps are as important because the opportunities are far fewer. I'm going to be uploading his game videos from high school last season. Damn he had some awesome games. After our final game of the season his coach told me that he believed Ethan could be a D1 prospect. 18 saves that night.
  9. Someone needs to write a damn book, but by the time it gets published everything will have changed. The thing that keeps me up at night are the "things I don't know that I don't know." The fact that this is a "one bite at the apple" kinda deal drives me nuts.
  10. I think today some of my questions are answered. It looks like United 1996 FC out of Louisville is going to be what we aim for. The yearly fee is reasonanable considering there are no extra tournament assesments that need to be paid. They focus on showcasing players and seem to do a good job promoting them to colleges. They just had their second MLS player drafted with two more in college now. The best part is that the drive is only 15 minutes further thsn the Lexington club we've been trying to avoid.
  11. Ok, I'm trying to find some guidance here. This is a high school, club soccer, college prep question. I've been a bit quiet lately about my son's soccer playing, not because things have stopped. We have three leagues around us for club; ranked lowest to highest KSSL, KPL, and MRL. His club team promoted out of the KSSL two years ago and since joining the KPL has struggled to find its place off the bottom of the division. His skill level is continuing to grow, yesterday he had 12 saves with 20 shots on goal in the 2-1 loss against a team that was very winnable. There are a couple teams that we play that just plain manhandle us and leaves my son wholly frustrated. The best they've done in league play is a couple ties over two years. We have the some of the best talent south of Lexington. So as we close this club season we're faced with a choice and from where I stand it's not easy. Pros-Cons: Our club team dispite our losses has I believe a management problem, the parents who are volunteering are doing a great job, but they don't know what they don't know. Their kids will most likely not be playing college ball, as such I'm not certain they are looking to place the team in showcase tournaments for the next three years. If that's the case then it's a certainty that we'll be changing clubs. Now the problem: The other two top club teams in our area are Bluegrass FC and Lexington FC 1) Bluegrass FC: their 2001 team I do not believe plays in the KPL which is discouraging to be sure. So unless they are focusing on some other showcase tournaments then I'm not sure they're a viable option. 2) Lexington FC: is "rich kid" ball, they have talent but damn we can't stand them. Between the parents and the players there's hardly a more arrogant entitled group on the planet. They also play in the MRL which has a painfully intensive schedule that after three years of play would probably equal a college tuition. 3) Louisville teams: there are some clubs in Louisville area but the 1.5 hour commute each way to practice and home games is discouraging to say the least. But at this point, I'd drive to Louisville 2-3 times per week over going to Lexington FC. There are a lot more question marks about the right squad there but I believe my son could find a spot on most of those teams there. I know that's all a bit rambling, but suffice it to say we are seriously considering a club change and I can't find a clear option. If anyone has any knowledgeable advice or direction I'm willing to listen.
  12. It's been a long time coming, but @twa don't ever bother replying to me again. I'm muting you and I'm done with your antics. If I wanted to play with a partisan pullstring doll I'd watch Fox News. Have a great life, and I hope one day you wake up.
  13. I see @twa is back and still no explanation for this post.
  14. Faux News no question. Al Qaeda at least unifies us.