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  1. That sucks. I remember watching McCain at the hearing.
  2. Hate that for John. Does anyone have word on his prognosis yet? Brain tumor always sounds horrific, but they can certainly be treated.
  3. Yes, the Whitewater investigation took up his entire Presidency it seemed. Everything the GOP ever had on Clinton seemed to stem from that massive fishing expedition. Why some are saying now that Trump's dealings BEFORE 2015 shouldn't be looked at is silly to me. I want to know the skeletons in his closet.
  4. Ya think? Yup, trying to invalidate Clinton voters and disenfranchising anyone who disagrees with Trump. Screw Trump and his bruised ego.
  5. Just like we may never know if the Russians hacked us. Trump's fragile ego cannot handle the idea that Clinton was more popular than him. In the same way he can't handle that his innauguration had fewer attendees. Trump's the type of guy to pull on his pecker while measuring it to prove it grew!
  6. Meanwhile the average IQ of Faux Friends is 37...graded on a curve.
  7. You're just pissed that you're the horse.
  8. Please you don't care. You cherry pick every damn article you can find in order to throw doubt about climate change science. If a sibgle estimate proves off by 1/10th of a degree your headlines will read "Climate Scientists Are Full of ****!" Truth comes second to your oil driven political agenda.
  9. THAT right there defines contemporary politics in the US. It doesn't matter how many times you are forced to contradict yourself or how many of the issues contradict one another as long as you are parroting back the party talking points then all is good.
  10. @PeterMPowns @twa's cherry picked hack article. Some of are simply not surprised. The science demiers amongst us love a catchy headline because they know that they cannot combat the details and the actual evidence and models shown. So they settle for Hannity/Limbaugh-esque drive bys that offer zero substance and amount to nothing more than a cheap bumpersticker that at its core is flawed. But it's easy enough for simpletons to remember.
  11. Agreed on all points. Kasiavh would not have swung my vote.
  12. If the briefings aren't on camera then there is no point in having a briefing at all. It could all be handeled through email. The REAL reason there are no cameras is because the Administration looks foolish saying the BS they spout every day. It's hard to imagine that they cannot find a more competent Press Sec to shill for the Administration.
  13. Keep telling yourself that. Oh wait, you must because you defemd the indefensible continually.
  14. Yup misogyny and bigotry go hand in hand...who'da thot? Is it any wonder that a candidate who blamed entire races for ills and sees women as lesser beings would have been so popular with older white male voters? But, the people had their opportunity to be counted with him or against him. They chose with...and still do. Here's the reality. Since only about 54% of the country voted in 2016 and Trump got less than half of that then it's no surprise to see his approval numbers plateau at 35%. These are the same people who voted for him. They did then, and would today. America be damned.
  15. Funny how you consider Schumer and Biden wrong on EVERYTHING else and yet they are infallible on this singular point. I wonder if there were GOPers arguing against Biden at the time that you are now in disagreement with! Good heavens, what will you do if they found out that you disagreed with a Republican?! It's ok, I won't tell. Oh, and if you think I buy the GOPer allegator tears supposedly on behalf of the victims then you're nuts. It was the GOPers who blamed the victims of predatory lending. I ardently believe that the GOPers who have diverted all of that money away from the victims anyways, because the GOP never saw them as victims. At least this money went to someone who would actually help.