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  1. Just make this a real show already...
  2. **** it..
  3. “We will do everything we can, inside and out, to get this right,” Rizzo says. “No stone will go unturned. We’re very confident that we are going to have a bullpen that takes us where we want to go.” Lots of info on the potential deals that fell through over the winter also.. Jesus Luzardo + Drew Ward for Robertson.. With Chisox eating some money. But the money part didnt work out. We bet the bank on Kenley Jensen, but he took a bargain deal to go back to LA. Rizzo tried and will continue to try. Maybe revisit that Robertson deal and sort out that money issue.
  4. Ugh. Some really high pitch counts being forced on the starters because of the bullpen woes.... Of course Mendoza line hitting Swanson kills us this series... To the bullpen with a 1 run lead. Sweep incoming...
  5. Bad luck. One was a 10 hop 70 mph hit potential double play ball. But was placed perfectly up the middle and got passed Murphs diving glove.
  6. Dont get swept tomorrow..
  7. Can we go back to April......
  8. Lackluster road trip continues. Its at the point where if Max or Stras isnt pitching, im turning the channel when we're in the field.
  9. And one more... Lol
  10. Nationals reportedly shopping for closer: Robertson, Herrera, Colome among options They have spoken internally about many possibilities, though, including Kansas City Royals closer Kelvin Herrera, Tampa Bay Rays closer Alex Colome, San Francisco Giants closer Mark Melancon, Miami Marlins closer A.J. Ramos, and Toronto Blue Jays closer Roberto Osuna.
  11. @Switchgear just won the internet...
  12. ^^^^ Gotta photoshop Ernie's face onto this somehow...