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  1. ***2017-18 NBA Off-season Thread***

    In true Boston fashion....
  2. NO idea how we continue to win with this lineup/injuries.. Shutdown bullpen sure as hell helps!
  3. Murph giving us all heart attacks....
  4. Mission Accomplished Blanton. Out of the inning, 0 runs. Don't matter how pretty it is.
  5. Now up 1. Never doubt the reverse jinx.
  6. This series has a sweepish feel...
  7. Game of Thrones Season 7

    Wondering if the Lannister group going to the meeting will include Euron. And if theyll try to make a deal to get the sister Greyjoy back. Maybe after failing numerous times as Danys Hand, Tyrion offers himself in the trade. Tyrion goes back to KL with Jaime still around to make sure Cersei doesnt harm him. Jon becomes Dany new Hand.
  8. On Robles ITPHR. The CF definitely misplays it, but he gets to the ball relatively quick. I was thinkin thered be at least a semi close play at the plate, but he was already halfway to the dugout. Not even in the camera shot. Thats some Trea like speed. Will be scary having those 2 at the top of the lineup for years to come.
  9. Game of Thrones Season 7

    There were plenty of abandoned ships visible off the coast of Hardhome. Not hard to believe that's where the chains came from. At least that's what I tell myself.
  10. Game of Thrones Season 7

    Thought it was interesting when Jon took down the one WW, and it took the Wights down when he did. And the theory they said that if you take down a WW the wights that that WW raised will be destroyed. So wouldn't that mean taking out the Night King would wipe all of them out. So now they're going to go for a truce with Cersei. And will probably use dragon glass spears with the Scorpion weapon to shoot the ice dragon? Probably. Why couldn't GRRM finish his books... If the truce happens, then it seems like next season should be the final season. What else needs to happen.?