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  1. If he can play just a speck of D, he needs to make the team.. Looks like a right handed IT
  2. 2 on. 0 outs. Nothing. Wake me up when we're done playing the Reds..
  3. Feel free Dusty..... Anytime now...... Zim still allergic to the dreaded bases loaded hit...
  4. Reds mysterious ownage of us continues....
  5. And the Mets seem to know it too..
  6. Seemed like everybody but J Rose was lol
  7. ENOUGH with the Lavar Ball interviews....
  8. Also read we're gonna let Burke walk..
  9. Some Frazier cutups...
  10. Fitting that strike 3 is called in the RHH batters box.....
  11. Should have pulled him after the infield hit....