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  1. Congrats to the city of Manchester at least...
  2. I don't need to watch the rest, do I?
  3. Mou set up perfectly to beat a young, inexperienced team. Wish he didn't beat the audience as well.
  4. Mission Accomplished.
  5. Wenger has been riding his past reputation for the last five years. His tactics are badly out of date. He refuses to go for the big transfer signings and instead dumpster-dives, which suits his American owner just fine as 'eternal fourth' kept his investment firmly in the black. With Sanchez leaving, Arsenal are in big trouble offensively as Giroud is not an adequate replacement. He probably would have done better this year if he has gotten Vardy to sign up; dude has the grit and graft that Wenger's teams have lacked for the past decade.
  6. I'm sure Trump will see that Turkey gets... ...oh...
  7. This is a cry for help.
  8. If Arsenal were still a serious soccer club, Wenger would be fired and a fresh new start planned out. But with Kroenke, Arsenal is not a serious soccer club. Also, that's going to be quite a regression to the mean next year.
  9. Congratulations to Harry Kane for another season of scoring more goals when they don't matter. Scenes when England fans wonder why he's bottling in the 2018 World Cup groups.
  10. for shame, everton!
  11. Don't choke Liverpool or we'll never hear the end of it from the Arse.