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  1. FanboyOf91

    Official Trump Does East Asia Thread

    Papua New Guinea, man.
  2. FanboyOf91

    The Brexit Thread

    Good thing for Bannon that Brexit will make this impossible to investigate.
  3. FanboyOf91

    The Brexit Thread

  4. FanboyOf91

    The Brexit Thread

  5. FanboyOf91

    Sports Wagering thread

    Ohio State -1.5.
  6. FanboyOf91

    The Brexit Thread

  7. FanboyOf91

    US Soccer thread.

    Sarachan looked like a clown out there. Still can't believe we haven't found his replacement over a year after T&T.
  8. FanboyOf91

    The Brexit Thread

  9. FanboyOf91

    The Brexit Thread

  10. FanboyOf91

    The Brexit Thread

    My understanding is that they've concealed the backstop under a mountain of legalese in order to sneak it past the Brexiteers.
  11. FanboyOf91

    The Brexit Thread

    The Prime Minister finally has negotiated a final version of the agreement that withdraws the UK from the EU and sets the future relationship between the two. But the Brexit faction of the Tories hates it because they basically promised that the final agreement would be complete independence from the EU instead of what is likely to be dependence on EU rules on pretty much everything. It's very possible that the agreement might not pass Parliament because of this, which would raise the probability of a Hard Brexit, i.e. a complete break with the EU on Brexit Day 2019 and a probable economic and political catastrophe.
  12. FanboyOf91

    ES Soccer Thread

    Love that everyone is down on Pulisic because of Jadon Sancho (who is totally not another Dembele, Barca). Liverpool and Klopp get to snap him up for pennies on the dollar, clowns.
  13. FanboyOf91

    The Brexit Thread