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  1. ES Soccer Thread

    Sadly, there's going to be a second half.
  2. Official Trump Does East Asia Thread

    Make Asia Chinese-dominated Again!
  3. Emerging Technologies

    This is gonna be the future in Florida. Hurricane Irma made that clear.
  4. ES Soccer Thread

    Klopp doing more with the academy in the past two years than Wenger has in the past ten.
  5. (fires another shotgun slug into the decaying corpse of the Reagan Revolution)
  6. Could not have predicted, etc.
  7. The Brexit Thread

  8. US Soccer thread.

    Oh for Christ's sake: Raheem Sterling, 5'7 Antoine Griezmann, 5'9 Andres Guardado, 5'7 Philippe Coutinho, 5'7 Naby Keita, 5'8 Lorenzo Insigne, 5'4 Dries Martens, 5'7 Hugo Sanchez, 5'9 Emilio ButragueƱo, 5'6 Ferenc Puskas, 5'8 Eusebio, 5'9 Didier Deschamps, 5'7 Alessandro del Piero, 5'9 Roberto Baggio, 5'9 Pele, 5'8 Small players develop all the time because their lower center of gravity allows them to pivot quicker and tighter than a taller defender can compensate. They are only 'rare' in America because our coaches have inherited the English obsession for pace, power, and size. If Pulisic had stayed in the United States, he would either be playing college soccer (career death) or wasting away on Philadelphia Union's reserve side in USL.
  9. US Soccer thread.

    Garrincha 5'6 George Best 5'9 Gerd Muller 5'9 Maradona 5'5 Alexis Sanchez 5'6 Luka Modric 5'9 Ribery 5'7 Wesley Sneijder 5'7 Philipp Lahm 5'7 David Silva 5'8 Marcelo 5'9 Aguero 5'8 Verrati 5'5 Kante 5'6 Neymar 5'9 Carlos Tevez 5'8 Chicharito 5'9 Hazard 5'8 Nigel de Jong 5'9 Isco 5'9 Not rare at all. Good soccer cultures long ago figured out about the size of the fight in the dog vs. the size of the dog in the fight. I remember reading somewhere that Messi was usually, over the course of a 90-minute match, one of the slowest players on the pitch. #D10S