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  1. Dang...Ain't Cooley on vacation now? Makes me wonder if this Is his punishment Instead. All things considered..
  2. Cooley called for this about 3-4 weeks ago? Interesting the change finally happened with 2 weeks left to play. To me this screams intervention. Which could mean Barry days are numbered. Sucks he didn't have the talent to work with on d. Best case scenario, Cravens turns into a legitimate building block to point our backfield In the right direction. That said I wonder how Bree would do at free safety.
  3. What are the chances we get Todd Bowels (ms)?
  4. "No doubt about It".
  5. I hate to say this but he may need to be benched...
  6. Man, sometimes something as simple as this can change the morale for this team. #newlook #newteam #beentoolong
  7. Just thought I'd drop this list off here before they say "the only reason Redskins won the east last year is because the rest of the east was banged up." http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/page/32for32x151021/ranking-most-banged-nfl-teams-1-32