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  1. Sanders ready to take another crack at Single Payer. Give em hell, Bernie!
  2. Give this one a spin for Elton's 70th birthday. Top notch!
  3. Caps, Wiz, Game****s...oh my!
  4. Was at the Caps game last night, so I'm catching the Wiz replay this morning with my coffee. Hot damn, Wall is straight fire in this first quarter. You can't play better ball than that.
  5. Trump's greatest passion in life is improving the welfare of less fortunate Americans. It's all he ever thinks about.
  6. Oh happy day! Game****s killing it. Spring has sprung. Date night at the Verizon Center for my first Caps game of the season. Need to hit the weights and trim the pubes and it's on! #lifeisgood
  7. Yeah, not quite Jordan's 63 in the garden in the playoffs.
  8. 37, 17,7 & 2 for the MVP tonight. And his team hit 50 wins.
  9. Kneel before the Game****.
  10. That was refreshing.
  11. Nets had 39 in the quarter, if you can believe it...
  12. Highlight move by Beal.
  13. Another Gortat turnover on the outlet pass. It's infuriating.
  14. Gortat -1 Mahinmi +22
  15. Jennings is dropping dimes like a madman.