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  1. Do immigrant prison camps count as “infrastructure”?
  2. When I was 25YO, I was a 6’1” 210lb stud that could fully palm a ball Worthy-style and had enough hops to hang on a rim but not dunk. Also, I had wild Thrash Metal hair way past my shoulders and rocked Rec-Specs with a soft jumper. Frankly, I was magnificent.
  3. Random Thought Thread

    Last day in Reykjavik. We met a couple from Philly last night passing through on their way to Ireland for a wedding. Med students at Drexel and big Eagles fans. Bought em a couple Caucasians at The Lebowski Bar and rained Redskins love on them all night. Really nice kids and we had a blast! #abide
  4. ***2018-19 NBA Offseason Thread***

    Where’s that Raptor gif?!?
  5. Random Thought Thread

    Where the cool kids go in Reykjavik. My Lionel Richie karaoke now certified lethal, internationally. #sundaymorning
  6. Lulz. Real modern-day Paul Revere right here!
  7. Hopefully The Greatest Generation Pt. 2. Lord knows we need it!
  8. Sacha Baron Cohen Dupes Political Leaders

    The NRA is a death cult.
  9. ES Soccer Thread

    Savage! *points to quad*
  10. Random Thought Thread

    Flying out to Reykjavik this afternoon with my cutie. There for the week. Should I bring my Smoot jersey for Karaoke night on Tuesday?
  11. Is Donald Trump a racist?

    Poor FDR must be rolling in his grave after having you drag him into this. Anyhoo, I understand and agree with the point that Trump is a worse human being than W and that his presidency has the potential to be worse for the country than W’s administration...and thats really saying something. But, W’s first 18 mos were FAR WORSE than Trump’s first 18 mos. That’s just the way it is. Furthermore, the fact that Trump is “dividing our nation” is evidence to me that our nation is in far better shape today than it was in 2003. I mean, we had a Sec of State blatantly perjuring themselves to justify an obscene invasion of Iraq and Anthrax being sent to journalists and nobody was doing anything but flag-humping. Again, the darkest of times. At least today, some/most of us are fighting back.
  12. Is Donald Trump a racist?

    9 months into W’s first term, the east coast was a smoldering ruin and the country had been set in an unwavering course of economic ruin and endless war. AND THE VAST MAJORITY OF THE POPULATION WAS ABSOLUTELY THRILLED ABOUT IT. The darkest era in post-WW2 America by a vast, vast margin. Trump will really have to step it up to compete with that.
  13. Is Donald Trump a racist?

    Trump >>> W. Neither could carry the jock of Obama, Bubba or Bush I.