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  1. Two things certain in this life: SUFFERING and taxes. Or I think that's how the saying goes...
  2. We all totally understand that all television news programs go for ratings. We all totally understand that the DOJ investigation has not finished their investigation nor are they keeping CNN producers in the loop regarding their findings. We all understand that Project Veritas has a reputation for extreme bias and distortion.
  3. Maybe?
  4. That the Hannity3000 realism program. Actual human Repubs are notoriously bad at your/you're and there/their/they're grammatical protocols. Again...functioning optimally.
  5. So basically just like things were from say 1990 through 2010?
  6. ABQ-bot is functioning optimally. The "I believe/I feel" software upgrade is especially effective.
  7. This will give the GOP the time it needs to make the bill even more evil.
  8. Just look at it!
  9. I have ordered a Raclette Machine. Bask in my awesomeness...
  10. Let's not forget that the ACA originally had a public option. It was removed under threat of filibuster by Senator Droopy Dog.
  11. Evil CBO and their diabolical doublespeak.
  12. I see we're back to the semantics merry-go-round again today.
  13. Serena's stock in trade on the Women's tour is her power. The weaknesses in her game are her accuracy and her endurance. She would have to totally rebuild her game to even have a ghost of a chance.
  14. Watching Adrien Broner get beat down brings me great joy.