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  1. "Safe". What do I win? Also, wouldn't "Fealty Day" be more appropriate.
  2. And the Gish Gallop begins again. Just a torrent lies and ignorance. Remember, this is the "black people haven't really done anything for America" guy from a couple weeks back.
  3. If Bill Russell were playing today, and I do mean today, Jason Smith would dunk in his grille repeatedly. Robert Parrish could also get terminated if he liked. I AM HYPE!
  4. Moronic word salad that is without meaning. Btw, this whole "Bill Nye" thing is the new dankness in alt-right circles if you're unfortunate enough to have contact with those I occasionally am. Here's an example of Mayne's info sources.
  5. Car companies by and large still make huge gas-guzzling cars. The production and purchase of hybrid cars is dues mostly to Obamas elevated CAFE standards and large tax breaks to consumers promoting the purchase of hybrid/plug-in cars. 13 episodes. One is dedicated to climate change.
  6. Bill Nye has had a tv show since 1993.
  7. Highly recommended!
  8. Look at these fake-science millionaires! Right after this staged photoshoot, I bet these frauds flew down to St. Bart's and started drilling mojitos at the Soggy Dollar Bar.
  9. Penguins are now 6-1 in the playoffs with a aggregate score of 30-17. They're just better than us...and everybody else, too. That we can play without pressure and expectation. Play loose, have fun, get a couple breaks from the refs, steal a couple games and see what happens. Caps in 7.
  10. My man McQueen throwing Jason Kidd and Zeke under the bus. PLAYOFF MODE!
  11. Aaaah yes, the get-rich-quick scheme of climate science.
  12. As soon as Wladimir started fighting guys that were roughly the same size as him, he started getting knocked around. Shocking.
  13. Welp....It's gotta get better cause it can't get worse. I expect a great effort in game 3. Caps in 7.