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  1. If you asked central casting to find a guy to play a mid-20s, Pepe-memeing, edgelord, "free speech" activist...
  2. Vegas time. Supposed to hit 106 this weekend. Pray for me.
  3. There is literally no substitute for having quality legal counsel.
  4. This town has come a long way.
  5. The East will belong to John Wall. This has all been seen.
  6. To me, this means that the GOP base is about 25% "sane". Which is low...even by their standards.
  7. Bump Set Spike Dont stop til ya get enough...
  8. One of the worst things about getting old is not being able to play volleyball anymore. The knees just can't take it anymore and it sucks, I really loved that sport and yeah...the teamwork aspect of it was wonderful.
  9. All of my Trump friends are too busy fighting to save us from the Antifa and the Deep State to hang out these days. Sad.
  10. Nice peaches too. Or so I've heard...
  11. Ok, ok, uncle...we can do the tax cuts. Just get this ****ing guy outta here.