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  1. Agree if mocks have any value on this: Kamara probably goes in the late first to mid 2nd I'd guess. Foreman maybe a little after that. Hill on the other hand I'd guess 4th round maybe 5th. Agree with the overall point which is plenty of fish in the sea at RB.
  2. Peppers seems to be a hot pick at #17 in mocks. I don't see why we'd need another Su'a Cravens but some (like Bucky Brooks) are swearing that he can play free safety. I saw his college coach, Harbaugh, backed him in that regard, too. The guy has a lot of spunk to his personality and is an electric returner. He wouldn't be my pick. But I wonder if he's under consideration. Supposedly Danny is fascinated with Mayock as a GM candidate, Mayock has Peppers ranked as his #1 safety.
  3. All good points but I am feeling super desperate on the D line. IMO we have zero difference makers on it. I am OK with both McClain and McGee as rotational guys but I don't see how all of a sudden for the first time in their careers they evolve into world beaters. you never know. But I doubt it. If the Giants for example resign Hankins IMO EVERY guy on their D line is significantly better than any D line player on our roster. I want at least one guy that could impose some fear on the opposing QB. Like Kool Blue I suspect that they might be thinking Malik McDowell to the rescue. And, while I agree the dude is talented, he seems to be a head case who could flame out.
  4. It takes me back to the draft where we needed to replace Fred Smoot and there was all this talk about needing a corner. Should we get A. Rolle, P. Jones or Carlos Rodgers. We end up with Rodgers. To bad we didn't need D. Ware who was taken some picks after. IMO going with D line at #17 will likely be a reach, there is no obvious guy who should be taken there if there is anything to the mocks I've looked at. I thought of the same last night upon reading the recount from board members of their recent chalk talk with Jay/Bruce with Bruce saying Scot is free to sign with whomever. It's sort of a strange situation. They have Scot's board but at the same time Scot is free to give up that same board to whomever hires him?
  5. Not me, I get a rush when I see them on the clock and the word "Trade" flashes on the screen. Granted trading down hasn't always been a winning drill here -- most famously for landing Kerrigan and Jenkins when they could have had Watt, etc.
  6. I haven't really paid much attention to Kaaya, I noticed the negative rap is lack of arm strength and plays poorly in the clutch. If they are drafting a QB I'd presume Kirk or Sudfeld is gone since they can't really keep 4.
  7. I guess add Tandler to the long list of reporters on the train that Kirk is back in 2017 but unlikely in 2018. It just seems too odd for me that its so. Could Miami's Kaaya be the Redskins' heir apparent at quarterback? I think that some Redskins fans have their fingers stuck in their ears and are yelling, “I can’t hear you” when it comes to the quarterback situation. The reality is that there is a very good chance that Kirk Cousins will be gone in 2018. Why wait until he’s gone to start developing his replacement? You can argue that Kaaya is not the guy but there has to be a plan.
  8. I don't rule it out, it would fit previous narratives. Though Breer thinks this is all Bruce as for the battle with Scot. But who knows?
  9. or someone else slips unexpectedly. But yeah agree of not standing pat at #17 to take a D lineman. I was just thinking if what I read is true that all it will take to land Sheldon Richardson is a 4th rounder then if they want to go with a bad boy volatile type at D line -- just trade for Richardson and skip McDowell.
  10. I got a strong sense Scot liked Richardson I brought him up to him (I mentioned that in one of my posts) but the Jets were asking for too much. As for the current brass, who knows? I'd trade a 4th rounder for him in two seconds, especially considering we got two 4th rounders.
  11. As for Bruce, even riding with Art's version, I don't like the narrative from the framework of the power structure of the front office and I don't care whether it was existing like that from day 1 or it evolved into it. Who was to blame in the spitting match between Scot and Bruce, I don't really care. But watching how Scot left the door and ditto Shanny both under Bruce's watch -- I suspect if its not Bruce someone at Redskins Park isn't Mr. or Mrs Easy Going about things. As for free agency. I defended Scot/Bruce's approach before the start of this round of FA by more or less saying I got the vibe that it will change this time. And moving cap room forward and not spending previously will help the push for the playoffs this year. So far it didn't happen. So now I am the reverse of how you described yourself about the FO. I'd turned from defender to critic with the disclaimer of they can still do something and I haven't given up. The way I defended the FO previously is accept the premise of the critics. Yeah a good chuck of the cheap "bargain" free agents have failed. But when you are shopping in the flea market really most teams fail with these type of signings. Yeah their signings last year to improve the weak D line were "meh" K. Reyes and Ziggy Hood. But watch what they do this off season. Watch this off season was my theme. But this off season is really like the others so far. Maybe my perspective on this it too influenced by Giants fans who are basically all my in-laws. Because I watched them turned their horrific defense around over night the previous off season by "overpaying" for 3 stud defensive players. They didn't get any Bruce style bargains. Now when i turn on the TV this off season, I am watching the NFL pundits argue whose got the division is it the Giants or the Cowboys. We aren't even in the conversation. I am sure Giant fans don't care when they watch Damon Harrison stuff Rob Kelly like he's a rag doll -- that they overpaid for him. When we likely discover that Stacy McGee is no Damon Harrison, I am not going to say to myself on the couch but you know what maybe not so -- but what a deal Bruce got him for! Having said that, as I've mentioned on this thread I like the Bruce style of bargains as part of the soup. It shouldn't be the whole drill or even most of it IMO. A big part of the idea of FA is if you want the really good players, you rarely get them at a discount and if anything you have to overpay for them. And I do agree more help could be on the way. Desean Jackson was a decent size splurge years back but not huge. Norman was a huge one and I suspect that one was very driven by Scot and I explained why in another post. But sometimes you got to take more drastic measures when you have a unit that's historically bad. At the moment, we have the equivalent of a roof that's falling apart and instead of buying a new one we are caulking up the cracks. When the Giants roof was falling apart they replaced it. And arguably now they are a better team than we are. They were more than the Redskins could handle with the playoffs on the line. As for the current FA haul. I love Pryor and I like Swearinger. I do think though if they don't get lucky in the draft the D line is going to be bullied and overrun just as much as they were last season.
  12. I hope they'd trade down too if Brantley or McDowell is the target. Worried about McDowell's character issues and motor and worried about Brantley's short arms which make him arguably less suited to play in a 3-4. As for Watt and Baker they both seem like late first rounders/early 2nd rounders in mocks. If there is some validity to that they are likely out of reach unless they trade down. If the idea is to go DT no matter what in the first, yeah I am with you I really hope they trade down. I think either guy could be had in all likelihood between 24-32. Heck some have both dropping into the 2nd round.
  13. Yeah that's why I went off him. He'd need to put on about 15 pounds or so. But if they are meeting with him I gather they see a potential fit.
  14. Maybe so. He seems more a 5 technique guy to me but I gather he's bulky enough to pay nose. But like I said, they need both IMO -- DE and NT so Adams would fit.
  15. I was on the Taco bandwagon about a month or so ago on the hope that he might be able to be converted to being a 5 technique. But thinking it through, he seems a but undersized for it. But it doesn't sound crazy to me converting Charlton or Barnett to 5 technique if one of them falls to #17. Burgundy Burner‏ @BurgundyBurner 14s14 seconds ago The Redskins will host the following player in the coming days: Taco Charlton, DE, Michigan
  16. 2nd-3rd round: Tomlinson, Vanderdoes, Qualls. Yeah maybe Tu'ilolovatu but he's going to be 26 and might be a bit too overweight to depend on?
  17. I agree they are a better value in the third round but if you are stuck without a nose you might have no choice otherwise you might have a repeat of 2016 where they meant to get one but they were taken before the pick. I am not saying I like it that way. But if we are stuck with our current crop at D line -- drastic measures in the draft might be needed. Yeah I am not a McDowell guy either. Reading Stormy's post, I am doubting Lamp is on the table for #17. I had my own skepticism before reading that post -- thinking about Jay using "guard" as a punch line for not getting much out of the first round picks during his tenure. Yeah I can see corner as a dark horse position, ditto edge rusher like Barnett or McKinley.
  18. Sadly I agree. They are going to be a tough out. Great D line, great secondary. The other route they could go is MLB -- arguably its their one weaknesses on defense. The season before the last one, their defense was horrible. They turned it around there fast.
  19. I don't want to go off message on this thread by talking too much draft but I think what you and I discussed on the FA thread looks to be what they are likely going to do, go 5 technique and 0 technique early in the draft. I personally like Tomlinson for NT, and he's likely going to be available at our pick in the 2nd. Like you I think they need to add more in FA but it is what it is.
  20. I just read Stormy's post about chalk talk with Jay. Great read if anyone missed it. JP Finley said today on the radio his impression from talking to Scot before he left: D line/edge rusher was the focus in the first round. I got the same impression though D line more so then edge rusher. If I take that and couple it with what Jay said which seemed to be an emphasis on D line, ILB, corner. Everything is in play as for a position but he omitted TE and OL when he listed positions. Then we got Manusky in his two interviews talking up nose in the draft and in his first interview he hit corner. I think we can likely rule out: McCaffrey, Cook, Lamp, Howard at #17. I can't see them going nose in round 1. But I could see it in round 2 and they'd almost have to do it there otherwise they are talking a chance if they wait until the third round. So my current prediction would be: Round 1: Malik Mcdowell or Caleb Brantley or Hasson Reddick. If Foster drops to #17 then him. Reddick can fill both the ILB role and edge rusher so I'd think he's tempting. Round 2: Tomlinson or Qualls Round 3: best rated corner who drops, someone like Demond King, Kevin King?
  21. Great post. Thanks for sharing. On the Crowder front, Jay recently in an interview said something to the effect of if you are into fantasy football select Crowder -- alluding to watch his reps go up. With Crowder in a more featured role, wonder if they take him off of special teams. We heard they talked to Adoree Jackson at the combine who is arguably the best returner in the draft, and they flirted with Patterson in FA before signing Pryor. This takes me back to my meeting with Scot, he was open about majoring in the D line when it came to the 2017 draft. Then we got Manusky talking about finding an NT in the draft. Now, this with Jay about D line in the draft. I gather they have some targets they really really really like in the draft. I am still with you on being concerned about it. But I gather they are confident in some prospects. Will see.
  22. Yeah it would be one thing if Laconfora was on an island but he has plenty of company (Grant Paulsen, Chris Russell. Albert Breer, Mike Jones, Jerry Brewer). It seems like you got Bruce's back. That's cool. For me, I just don't see what has earned Bruce the benefit of the doubt. But I am open minded, lets see what the dude does next. It's a big off season. Big decisions coming on GM and Kirk.
  23. DT Johnathan Hankins -- He’s the highest-ranked free agent still available, according to ESPN’s John Clayton. Hankins is in search of a lucrative long-term deal that pays him handsomely. At some point during the process, Hankins' camp was asking for well over $10 million per season, according to multiple sources. That may have changed now that the market has spoken, but the belief is Hankins’ team is still hoping to land a long-term deal. Optimism has increased over the past week among Giants players that Hankins will return.
  24. I agree its risky. And I agree they are likely going full out on defense in the draft. My one thought on D line is its possible to me that Bruce isn't done and or might fall into a deal he likes whether its now or post June 1st. Do I endorse that approach, nope and I explained why in other posts. But I do think its possible we stumble on something on D line.