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  1. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    Maybe but there wasn't a lot of trashing of players in the reports, most players were plugged. For example, Hurst, another 3-5 technique type was praised big time. I am not saying this dude is right, you got me, I haven't really focused on Bryan. I am actually watching him right now, trying to catch up on him.
  2. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    Another one with the Bryan to the Redskins drill Jonah Tuls‏Verified account @JonahTulsNFL 8m8 minutes ago More Who is the shocker pick of the first round this year? I have a couple of guesses: Taven Bryan at 13 to WAS. Josh Sweat at 18 to SEA. Christian Kirk at 24 to CAR. Full-court lobs: Rasheem Green to NE at 31; Isaiah Oliver to ARI at 15. More\ The scouts talking to McGinn don't leave a warm and fuzzy picture of Bryan. “Kind of a one-gap guy. Plays high. Still learning the game.” Arms measured just 32 ¾ and he ran 4.98. “He doesn’t make any plays,” said another scout. “He plays erect, gets pushed around, not a very good athlete. I don’t see it at all.”
  3. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    I am referring there to Albert Breer ran a survey to the most respected personnel guys-scouts in the NFL months back. I recall the Eagles had 3 guys mentioned. We had none. Not referring to the play on words of Eagle scouts
  4. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    Ronald Jones. I know we got some critics of him including Portis. Cooley was gushing about him on Friday. He's not my favorite back but for me I love what the dude can do in space - electric in that setting. Just looking at the teams poking around Jones -- the Redskins got some good company as for FO's guys with big reps. Ballard with the Colts has a big time rep, obviously ditto Ozzie, Belichick, the Eagle scouts, etc. SiriusXM NFL Radio‏Verified account @SiriusXMNFL Apr 20 USC RB @RoJo: I met with the #Patriots, #Eagles, #Colts, #Buccaneers, #Redskins, #Ravens, and #49ers. Those are teams that I have my eye on and the teams that have been talking to me the most throughout this whole process.
  5. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    Evan Silva‏Verified account @evansilva FollowingFollowing @evansilva More #Colts GM Chris Ballard says this draft has 8 elite non-QB prospects, then there is a tier drop. @JoshNorris has said similar: … Vital here is what Ballard has deemed a premier player. When the Colts moved back from No. 3 to No. 6, trading with the Jets back in March, they only did so after identifying four non-QBs they believe fit into that category. In other words, they can still get a guy they want. What’s changed, Ballard revealed Friday, is that he and his staff have now identified eight non-QB targets of that caliber. The Colts are only willing to move back if they strongly believe they can still snatch one of those players – “guys that we think make an impact and a difference on game day,” Ballard explained, “and makes game-winning plays for us. Guys on Monday and Tuesday that the other team is game-planning (for).” In addition to Barkley, Chubb and Nelson, that very likely throws Florida State safety Derwin James, Alabama defensive back Minkah Fitzpatrick, Virginia Tech linebacker Tremaine Edmunds and Georgia linebacker Roquan Smith into the mix. Ballard also offered caution. There could be a curveball, a player his staff likes that the pundits don’t have ranked in the Top 10. “How we have (the players) ranked might not be how the media has them ranked,” he said.
  6. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    Redskins Run Down‏ @BlogHogs21 12m12 minutes ago More 50-60 year olds not liking someones personality saying he’s childish/immature and comparing it to players with arrest records #getoffmylawn Jordan Raanan‏Verified account @JordanRaanan FollowingFollowing @JordanRaana More Some draft buzz: Have talked to more than a few sources that really like Lamar Jackson. Expecting five QBs to go in Top 20. #NFLDraft
  7. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread Round 1, Pick 13 – DB Minkah Fitzpatrick – Alabama I understand that some might think this is an unrealistic scenario. However, I believe there is a good chance that Fitzpatrick makes it to No. 13. There are a few requirements that must occur for this to happen. A minimum of four quarterbacks must be taken in the first twelve picks. Then teams will need to pass on Minkah Fitzpatrick for an array of other players, including Derwin James, Roquan Smith, Tremaine Edmunds, and more. While this may seem like a lot to happen, it might not be. Talk is building that Fitzpatrick could fall, while players like Harold Landry and Vita Vea will go higher than most expect. The Dolphins and Raiders are what stand between Fitzpatrick falling out of the top ten and into the Washington Redskins’ lap Luckily, both teams have other needs that are a higher priority than safety, as they both have impact players at that position (Reshad Jones and Karl Joseph, respectively). There’s a real chance that Fitzpatrick falls to the Washington Redskins, and if he’s still available, there should be no debate as to who will be taken. Fitzpatrick is a perfect fit with what the Redskins want to do int the secondary, and he could also secure a future need. He’s a Swiss army knife that can do things all along the secondary, possessing the traits and intelligence to be an All-Pro at either safety position or even as a shut-down outside corner. As a rookie, the Redskins can use him as a nickel corner and rotational safety and outside corner while grooming him to be the heir to Josh Norman. Fitzpatrick has similar size to Norman, but is even more athletic and just as football smart. Both players are among the best at reading quarterbacks and making plays. They have a nose for the football and are elite playmakers. Some people get scared to mock a player to a team because they think they won’t be there. I learned last year that anything can happen on draft night, and I see Minkah falling. He’s a fantastic player, and while he might not be an immediate need for the Washington Redskins right now, he’s too good to pass up.
  8. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    Some more that jumped out at me relating to guys they are poking around ANTHONY MILLER: Compared by two scouts to the great Antonio Brown. ”Very similar traits coming out,” said one. “Every quarterback in the league would love to have him. He’s a ready-made NFL slot guy. Maybe has the biggest chip on his shoulder of anybody. BILLY PRICE: “This kid is big and rocked up. He could run sub 5.1. He’s a first-rounder all the way.” “He can do more than Elflein but maybe not as nasty,” said a third scout. “Plays with heavy hands. He’s smart and tough and instinctive.” Derwin James: “Big box safety,” said one scout. “Physical and can run, and has some playmaking to him.” Josh Jackson: “He’s legit. He’s got size, good athlete... Played mostly zone coverage at Iowa. “I don’t know how good he is in man,” said another scout. “They play Cover 2 and Cover 3. I didn’t see a burst. Average run support. Low tackler, didn’t wrap up. Second round. Harrison Phillips: "He’s not special in any area but he’s just extremely productive,” said another scout. “He can rush the passer some (16 sacks). He’s intense, he’s consistent.” Maurice Hurst: “Excellent intensity, tenacity and production,” one scout said. “He’s got explosive pass rush. Has quick change of direction with the ability to power (rush). Plays hard. He’s quick.”
  9. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    If the draft geeks are on the money, one guy we don't have to break a sweat about being there at #13 is Payne. Seems to be a hotter conversation of late as to whether he falls to the 2nd round let alone the top half of the first. Should be interesting. I don't know what to make of Payne, don't love him, don't hate him. I have a hard time getting jazzed about him but I'll get there if they draft him because I'd presume its a pick endorsed by Tomsula. He checks the rare box of a nose who doesn't have a belly. I recall Tomsula saying he doesn't like the overweight noses. The other guy we talk about (a player I do love) who slam dunk should be there at 13 is Guice. Guice's range in mocks is oddly similar to Payne -- typically 20 to late first maybe even 2nd. My point if they really like both players, they can likely trade down (if they find a trading partner) and get one of the two players. And pick up an extra pick. I think the likely dilemma they will have is I bet Derwin James or Minkah Fitzpatrick are there at 13. And if they decide to take one of them versus trading down, I wouldn't blame them especially if its Fitzpatrick.
  10. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    On some of the prospects we talked about, scouts. I'll stop after this. They got a lot of interesting reports. This is just a dose of it, Minkah Fitzpatrick: “He’s probably the fourth best player in the draft,” one scout said. “He’s the best defensive back. He’s in a class by himself because he can do so much. He can play all five positions. He can cover the slot. He can go outside. He’s like a Patrick Peterson." Vita Vea: “He’s top 10. He’s a man. For a 350-pound guy he does (have movement). Plays hard. He just powers guys. Violent. Strong. He’s good.” Two-down run stuffer with marginal pass rush. “He’s better than Shelton,” said a second scout. Da-ron Payne: “He’s got an excellent motor, he’s a powerful person and is always around the ball,” another scout said. “
  11. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    Bob McGinn famous for getting multiple scouts to chime in about the draft has a Subscription program now to his web site, I splurged so am going though the running backs. 15 personnel people. Some tidbits. They think its not just a good but great class of RBs. Their aggregate ranking. 1. Barkley 2. Michel 3. Guice 4. Chubb 5. Penny 6. R. Jones 7. Freeman 8. K. Johnson 9. Ballage 10. Walton Some quotes Michel: "He reminds me of Todd Gurley and he's from the same school" "Low center of gravity" "tough"That dog can hunt but he’s a fumbler,” said a third scout. Guice: “He’s low to the ground and runs angry. He runs like a guy that’s 240, but when he sticks his foot in the ground he can spin and get out of stuff. He doesn’t run away from anybody. You love the way he plays. "He’s had a hard knocks lifestyle. He’s also been raised in a private-school setting. You’ll have to learn to embrace that part of it to get him to be the kind of runner he is. Chubb: Well-respected by teammates and a strong leader. “He’s just a man,” said a third scout. “Physical. He’s got quick feet and can make ‘em miss.” Needs to work on his hands and pass pro.” Penny: I don’t think he has good feel or a lot of niftiness.” “Runs primarily out of an I backfield but when he runs the spread option he’s got feet, got acceleration,” a second scout said. “Great hands. Makes guys miss. Got great contact balance.” “He runs high,” a third scout said. “I don’t like his pad level. R. Jones: “He has home-run speed. He’s like Jamaal Charles. Is he tough enough to be the guy?” One scout didn’t think so. “He’s fast as (expletive) but he has no power,” he said. “He’s not an inside runner.” On tape, man, he finishes runs,” said a third scout. “Good space playmaker.”
  12. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    Get the point. However, IMO the Freeman example you use actually strengthens not weakens the point for Guice. Freeman: 1418 carries. 22 years old. Guice: 471 carries. 20 years old, will be 21 when the season starts. I just don't see how a guy with limited milage and is so young and simply had a deep bruise last year (no surgery) -- and his coaches swore his burst came back at the end of the season is someone we have to worry about that he's seen his best days. I get that its some worry but I don't see it as an overriding worry.
  13. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    Got it, sorry! As for Barkley I watched him plenty during the season, haven't bothered in the off season because he's not a realistic get. I don't know if he's soft but reputation wise he's not a big time run over tackles type even though he has the size to do it but isn't bad on that front either. But he does everything else so well -- he's a scary runner. Explosive and he's practically a receiver out of the backfield -- I hate that it looks like its inevitable he will be a Giant. I bemoaned the idea during the season when the Giants kept losing -- now it looks like its going down. Though part of my also likes that they are blowing off addressing QB Yeah and at least judging by buzz and what Philly reporters are saying they have their eyes on some of the same backs especially Guice. the thing I hate about the RB position this year is there seems to be an unusual number of teams talking up wanting RBs in the early 2nd who are picking ahead of us. I talked in another post about how Guice is a hard back to stop in 3rd-4th down and short. Heck if the Eagles draft the dude and we don't address nose this off season the dude IMO will have a field day against our D. Barkley, clearly, too. If Alfred Morris and Darkwa are a handful for our defense imagine those guys?
  14. I have probably posted about 50 times that I want Hankins. I also said when you are drafting a nose you typically are getting guys who are overweight, it comes with the turf. But it does happen where an overweight NT gets a bit carried away and gets too heavy. As for Hankins, I got no idea what he looked like since I wasn't obviously at Redskins Park when he came for a visit.
  15. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    You are missing a lot of mocks then. Off the top of my head and I know there are more than just them. James or Fitzpatrick fall to 13 or lower by: D. Brugler Jeremiah Standig A. Breer Casserly B.Brooks Josh Norris There were even muliple seperate articles about Fitzpatrick and James possibly dropping, some of those articles were posted on this very thread. Draft geeks talking about it on twitter, too. Not saying its slam dunk that it happens but plenty think its a viable possibility. Personally I think either Ward, Fitzpatrick or James is just about a slam dunk to fall to 13 if the rumors of Edmonds and R. Jones are rising and will go top 12.
  16. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    Thanks. Interesting. Trading down seems the obvious way to go as to landing a big time RB. Only problem (and I gather its a good problem to have) is I think they are going to get their dream wish of either James or Fitzpatrick landing at 13. So if they want to trade up from 44, I gather they need to trade next years first to jump up into the late first round. Craig Hoffman said Redskin scouts told him they like a bunch of RBs in the draft. If that's so even if they don't get Guice or Jones, I gather they might just sit at 44 and see whose left. The irony is the Eagles are linked hard to both Guice and Jones and to a lesser degree the Giants if they don't take Barkley. Wonder if the Redskins would skip over their love for Fitzpatrick or James if they got a big trade offer for their pick. Not sure I'd trade the pick in that case because I love both players, too.
  17. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    I've watched my share of Guice during the season and then after this off season. Soft would be one of the last things that hit me when it comes to Guice. Maybe off the field he's a little zany versus coming off like a tough guy but on the field to me my fear if anything is he's a bit too tough and almost relishes contact. I'd agree with the Portis comparison -- the Redskins version of him not the Denver one. His personality a bit zany and arrogant but in a clownish way remind me of him. If Guice rediscovers his 2016 form, I think he's potentially better than Portis. Have you heard anything about them trading up from 44? That's been Keim's thing that they know they might be too far back at 44 to nab one of the top backs.
  18. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    Benjamin Allbright‏Verified account @AllbrightNFL 11m11 minutes ago More My personal big board top 10 1. Nelson 2. Chubb 3. Roq Smith 4. D Ward 5. Mayfield 6. Fitzpatrick 7. D James 8. B Price 9. J Jackson 10. V. Vea I think the Fitzpatrick or James fall is going to happen. Both my favorites, so I'd love it. Only problem then though is they likely have no shot at Guice or R. Jones at 44 so I gather either they go to plan B at that position, trade up or draft another position at 44.
  19. I haven't heard that rumor but it doesn't seem far fetched either. Hankins has a bit of a belly as is looking at his Indy photos. The only thing on that front is the nose-big men types unfortunately often have these weight issues. I like Vea for example but the dude has a belly. Ditto Settle, etc. I am personally not hung up on Hankins but hung up on adding a run stopping DT period. If its the draft -- fine. If its via a cut from another team post draft -- fine, too. But IMO they are right now one key man short on the D line. Hood I think is a good depth guy but if he is your top nose tackle -- you are in trouble IMO.
  20. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    D. Hall just now on NFL Network, talked about helping the Redskins interview players at the combine. Hyped up Jaire Alexander liked him in the interviews he thought had that "it" factor -- reminded him of himself. I didn't know they interviewed Alexander -- if I recall though people don't record the informal interviews there which end up being the typical interview. Only mentioning because like Portis was consulting on RBs, Hall was the CB consultant for the team supposedly Seems like most see him as a 2nd round guy. Cooley was raving about him this week he thinks he sneaks into the late first.
  21. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    Between Hernandez, Wynn, Price, Ragnow, Daniels -- and arguably not a mile behind are B. Smith, Corbett -- that's quite a crew. You have a shot in the 2nd round to essentially secure a Cowboys style O line. To me that's very tempting. I was just looking at Brugler's D line ranking, he combined all types regardless of technique 1. Hurst 2. Vea 3. Bryan 4. Payne 5. Phillips 6. Shepherd 7. Senat 8. R. Green 9 BJ Hill 10. Hand 11. Nmadi 12. Fatukasi 13. McIntosh 14. T. Thompson 15. Settle
  22. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    As for Laconfora, he's not pretending to be an evaluator -- he just parrots what he hears. Apparently, some guy studied all the mock drafts a week before last years draft -- Laconfora ended up with the most accurate one. So, at least last year his sources ended up pretty good.
  23. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    Me too, I took Josh Sweat in the third round. JLC talking him as a first rounder. It's not the only place I've seen that lately about Sweat.
  24. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    LaConfora. I recall some draft geek measured last years mocks and JLC had the most accurate one. He's going purely on what he hears. He wrote the article last year back how Ryan Anderson could go higher than people think, late first, early 2nd and quoted an anoynmous source raving about him -- in retrospect that source to me looked like could have been from the Redskins based on what was said. I say this because of him tying Bryan to the Redskins as a possibility. Ironically, the football outsiders guy the other day on the radio mused about whether the Redskins would be intrigued by Bryan because his flashes are really good and if you teamed him up with Tomsula -- watch out. Frank Ragnow climbing draft boards Continue to hear Ragnow (Arkansas) is the top center in this draft and the people in the know realize it. As I reported a few weeks back, he's someone who is in no one's mock drafts at the start of the month who will be going quite high. I don't think he makes it past the Bengals in most logical scenarios. More NFL Draft rumblings Baltimore would prefer not to take a tight end at 16, and look for them to explore trading down, too. I just don't know who moves up. Regardless, if they could drop down 5-7 spots they'd covet South Carolina tight end Hayden Hurst I'm told. I don't see many tight ends going in the first round, but if Hurst is there when the Saints pick that looks like a natural match. Tremaine Edmunds, at just age 19, is a lock to go in the top 10 from everything I am hearing and I wouldn't be shocked if he went as high as sixth overall depending on who else comes off the board. His stock has continued to soar through this process. Evaluators I trust believe that Maryland's D.J. Moore is the best receiver in this draft and should absolutely be taken ahead of Calvin Ridley (Alabama) or Courtland Sutton (SMU), who are the only other receivers I hear real first-round potential on. Ultimately, maybe none of them go in the top 32, but don't be surprised at all if Moore is the first off the board. I could see Taven Bryan (Florida) going just outside the top 10, which would be substantially higher than many projected before the combine. He's not a perfect fit for everyone, and he doesn't fit some defensive tackle stereotypes (he likes to build computers in his spare time), but the potential is robust and he could be an impactful pass rusher from the inside, sorely lacking in this draft. I could see Washington taking him, and I think the worst-case scenario for him is the Falcons at 26th overall. They are among the teams that love him. Since first writing about Florida State defensive lineman Josh Sweat a few weeks back – and how projections of him going in the third or fourth round are way off base, I have heard nothing to the contrary. Some teams prefer him to Harold Landry, his knee is not as big a concern now as it was for some clubs before the combine, and he has some freakish ability and metrics. I wouldn't guarantee he goes in the first round, but top of the second round is a very safe bet, and if a team like Seattle dropped down a few spots as it is apt to do, Sweat would be a strong potential target. NFL teams may be systematically ignoring Eric Reid for some now-obvious reasons unrelated to football, but his brother is getting a lot of attention. Stanford safety Justin Reid has a legit shot at going in the first round, and the Titans have done a lot of work on safeties. Reid or Ronnie Harrison(Alabama) could be the pick there depending on how things break. And for as much attention as Tremaine Edmunds is garnering late, keep a very close eye on his brother, safety Terrell Edmunds. Teams love his make-up and athleticism more than is being let on, and the projected grades on him in the 4th/5th round are going to look way low. I keep hearing it's possible he sneaks into the late first round, or certainly second round. The Panthers, Titans and Steelers could be a fit. Haven't seen Georgia edge rusher Lorenzo Carter mocked in the first round much, but it's a real possibility. So little pass rush available and so many teams in need.
  25. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    First round hasn't been the issue here, heck Vinny was good too with first rounders. It's after. I'd hazard a guess we'd be close to the bottom for example as to 2nd rounders. 2nd round has been abysmal.