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  1. Skinsinparadise

    Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Just googled it, looks like he co-wrote 2 but otherwise he didn't write any. I am a bit biased though I am a McCartney-Beatle freak.
  2. Skinsinparadise

    Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    I was catching up with Finlay on Chad Dukes. Finlay said there are plays there that he isn't making, to quote Finlay, he's been told that "the coaches want more out of Alex". He talked about the happy feet as well. Having said that, I do like the lack of turnovers, that's good. Hopefully the rest of it comes soon. 😀
  3. Skinsinparadise

    Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Sinatra the better singer. But Paul is a song writer, not so much Frank. Maybe we got to switch off the Alex-Kirk stuff. McCartney versus Sinatra?
  4. Skinsinparadise

    Redskins vs Cowboys Prediction Thread: Who Wants To Be On Top ?

    I've been picking the Redskins every week but one. What the heck, lets stick with it. The Cowboys have a killer defense this year. They are good at stunting and creating confusion among our O line. They've owned us recently especially at Fed-ex. And we are coming off a win -- perfect storm for a loss. But the law of averages kicks in. We finally beat them. It's an ugly game -- defensive battle. Redskins 17- Cowboys 14. Hopkins with a kick at the end to avoid over time. Adrian Peterson with another big game. Actually I like all this talk from Jonathan Allen and Swearinger about enough is enough with the win one lose one drill. Keim posted this on facebook One former Redskins player last week said he knew they’d lose to New Orleans because of the bye and because they probably felt too good after beating Green Bay. They need to maintain a level of anger this week. It’s also about consistent preparation. I don't get how this team gets so chesty and complacent after just win. The pattern breaks this Sunday.
  5. Skinsinparadise

    Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    I think Paul beats Frank.
  6. Skinsinparadise

    Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    LOL, yeah the football outsiders guy came on 980 and tried to warn on that front. He said they labeled a check down "Alex" because his conservatism can be so extreme that according to their metrics no QB checks down to the extent he does regardless of context including third and long. I have some hope though that the 2017 version of Alex though surfaces. 😄 Maybe this Sunday.
  7. Skinsinparadise

    Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    That's good to hear and I hope it happens. I could deal with the Arizona and GB version of him. I haven't watched him a ton in his career but I'd say my biggest surprises are three fold. A. He has a little Eli in him in the pocket. You get to him early and he plays scared a little bit from then on. He feels the pressure before its there. It effects his footwork and he seems to be hesitant to go down the field because he wants to get rid of the ball. B. I know he has the reputation for checking down. But I never thought it would be this blatant. C. He hasn't really run much. I always thought his legs was part of what made him dangerous when he was at his best. I am hoping those variables are a function of him not being comfortable, yet and he will settle down.
  8. Skinsinparadise

    Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Look at Alex in the pocket. The guy closest to him is whomever Moses was blocking but Moses contains him. Actually to correct myself this drive is the one before the last drive in the half, forgot they had back to back stalls around the 45. Alex creeps forward a few yards and finds himself in a collapsing pocket. The guy Alex is looking at is Bibbs, not Richardson although both are wide open. You aren't getting insane 10-15 yard cushions to complete passes unless you got some seriously busted coverages. This is some really serious cushion to mess with. Here's the one for intentional grounding. some are beating him up for this one. Not as easy as the other play but it looks like Richardson open for a cross route, Harris looks like is getting past the CB. Not super easy but if you throw with anticipation not crazy hard either. QBs talk about having a 2-3 second window. You have to see things quickly and throw with anticipation. All Qbs have plays like this. But just saying I don't think Cooley is reaching with the idea that the #1 problem with this offense isn't about Wrs getting open -- they are getting open. It's funny often when i look at these plays, Doctson is just a second behind a big play, he gets open often but too often a tick too late. On this one he gets open on the left for a TD if Alex can buy time but in his defense it was a second too long. Life comes at you fast in the pocket that's why the good QBs make some big bucks. Bruce Arians says in his book plenty of QBs he's been around can read defenses and can throw well but most of them can't process it all quickly and make snap decisions -- and processing things quickly is a key component to be a successful QB.
  9. Skinsinparadise

    Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    If you think I am reaching that guys are open on that play. And I can find better examples, wow. How much more open can players get? 7 yards cushion not enough? If your point was Bibbs was even more open than Richardson, i get that. But yeah if Cooley among others are just wildly off for criticizing this play -- I'll say this I get the impression that they have company on it inside the building based on a couple of beat guys, it doesn't sound like the criticism on that play is coming out of thin air. If you are implying its perfectly normal to take a sack based on what you see there -- I don't think you'll find many agreeing with you, if any. Around the 35. On that play its not even the operative point, its getting back in range for a field goal after his intentional grounding penalty.
  10. Skinsinparadise

    Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    I gather the Carolina game will likely have an impact on it. Passing game -- yards #27, yds per attempt #23, yds per game #24. Running game -- been up and down but when its hot its hot. #12 in yds per game.
  11. Skinsinparadise

    Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Yeah looking at that, its awful. That's the 2nd time I heard he was just starring right at Richardson but mysteriously didn't throw to him. So I figured I'd take a look. And that was a key play in the game. If they converted that, we likely wouldn't be biting our nails for that Carolina drive at the end This play not as bad. But it ends up a sack fumble bailed out by Trent. It plays into Benoit's point about now throwing with anticipation. Alex has more time at the outset of the play. But he moved forward waiting for guys to get open, But if you fling it you get receivers getting past the corners. You got Jordan Reed open and heck even if he went check down he might have gotten the first down. I mentioned it here when Cooley did his film review of Alex last off season part of it is in his view Alex runs into pressure too much and takes sacks he shouldn't have.
  12. Skinsinparadise

    Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Just listening to Hoffman right now. He always seem to be echoing things he's heard so I pay more attention to him. He was saying he's heard Alex is struggling thus far reading coverages. I've heard enough now from enough people to know the people in that building aren't blown away by Alex's start and have some concerns. Some concern that Dallas gets to him early and he will have happy feet in the pocket. Hoffman mentioned this play specifically -- the one where Alex got sacked to take them out of field goal range before the half and how Richardson was open. I just looked at it. Wow. Look at the time he had. And he still doesn't pull the trigger. He has plenty of space to throw the ball, he has two guys wide open for first downs, Reed streaking down the field for a possible touchdown. Instead he hesitates and runs right into the Carolina D line in front of him.
  13. Skinsinparadise

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Facebook John Keim so i can't put a link up John Keim Yesterday at 10:13 AM · Thoughts and observations after the Washington Redskins 23-17 win over the Carolina Panthers: 1. Last week was one of the more unusual weeks for the Redskins. There was a good deal of self-inspection by many inside the building, the head coach included. He needs to definitely look at what he does and what he demands of his team if the Redskins want to make the playoffs this season. There was a heightened sense of urgency. That’s not to say they’re overly lax in other weeks, but Monday’s game vs. the Saints left many embarrassed and, in year five of a regime, acutely aware of reality. That’s why Sunday’s win was so huge. One former Redskins player last week said he knew they’d lose to New Orleans because of the bye and because they probably felt too good after beating Green Bay. They need to maintain a level of anger this week. It’s also about consistent preparation. 2. I don’t think anyone there wanted to see how life might have been with another loss. It’s clear what this season means to more than a few people; more than a few are on notice. They're well aware of the stakes. 1 Comment
  14. Skinsinparadise

    Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Sure I get it. But for me to judge Kirk and Alex by different standards I'd have to believe that Jay's offense is so much more complex than Minny. Minny has a new coordinator who is one of the hot shot candidates for a HC job. I recall reading that Kirk had to learn some RPO concepts that he didn't know previously. I am sure he had an adjustment, too. Alex flat out said Jay's offense is similar from Andy's -- his quote was they are both Latin based languages or something like that. To me the fact that they are both learning new offenses makes at least that component of the comparison as apples to apples as it can get. I agree with your overall point that we should give Alex some more games. I am just saying so far its been underwhelming from Alex -- and I noticed even some of his ardent off season supporters on twitter are starting to acknowledge it. Having said that, it gives me no satisfaction. I hope it's about to change. And I am not ruling out that it will change. I am open still. But I haven't liked what I've seen so far. Maybe the next chapter is better.
  15. Skinsinparadise

    Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    I agree with the few more games into the season point and the book isn't written, yet. I also agree that QBs need time to master a system. As for the Kirk comparison you bring up. Apples to apples Kirk is learning a new system in Minny -- he's a vet now learning a system versus when he just started out in his career. When he finally had a chance to start as a young player after having only one career start previously. That I'd bet was a challenge. One career start as a new bee QB versus a 14 year QB -- I'd figure is night and day as to mastering Jay's system. Heck Alex said its not that different from Andy. Kirk is ranked 7th in the league in QBR. Alex #21. I'd put money that if Alex was performing similarly here, he'd be lionized here like there is no tomorrow. Kirk has much better receivers. Alex has a much better running game thus far. Both have shaky O lines -- the Redskins when healthy is a better O line. Redskins the better defense so far (who would think?) but Minny's defense looks like is coming around. Hopefully Alex has some kind of coming our party this Sunday. As JP Finlay brought up the other day (and we've talked about on this thread many times) is Alex the 2017 version or is he who he has been for most of his career before that -- right now he's looking like his pre 2017 version. Heck his QBR is very similar to the typical pre 2017 season. Hopefully we see the 2017 version of him soon. My main hope is this. From what I've observed he's been gun shy throwing long or even intermediate routes. And who knows if that's because he doesn't have confidence to complete those passes or whether its just his conservative tendencies. If its the later, maybe Jay could shake that out of him and say look I won't kill you if you throw an INT, let loose. Ironically, it was this specifically that Andy Benoit said in the off season that he thought would eventually challenge the Jay-Alex relationship and that is that Jay likes the offense to take chances and throw with anticipation -- and that's not how Alex typically rolls.