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  1. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Probably the dude is a gunslinger.
  2. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Agree. As for the Mahomes stuff, they obviously fell in love with him in the draft, he didn't just fall to their pick, they traded up for him and paid a steep price. According to the Chief reporters, their fans are stoked about him. He's raw but you give the dude the best deep threat in the league, a top 5 TE and one of the best backs in the league -- he should be OK. The fear about him seems to be about INTs. Having said that, another guy who can throw the ball really really far with the tweak of a wrist -- RG3.
  3. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Agree. Some seem to imply its almost a slam dunk that our bad defense from last year is going to do a 180. I get the rationale and I think its possible. But I am trying to stay measured and right now thinking the defense is more likely to be good than great. But if somehow the defense ends up great at the moment that's my best hope. I like Alex in the context of the RPO and RO -- and the funky formations that sometimes come with it. I posted some of those clips on this thread. But geez without a running threat, I am concerned that we aren't going to maximize those plays. They aren't too many NFL observers who think Alex will kill you Drew Brees/Tom Brady style by just slinging the ball around the field from the pocket. He's decent on that front but never been special. His thing is avoiding mistakes and using his athleticism.
  4. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Yeah as for Alex glad he looked good. It's notable in a way but in the same time not a big deal. I noticed some of the Minny papers billed Kirk debut as perfect. But again it was just one drive. They are getting a bit carried away. Tough to judge any QB on such a short sample size. You got Tom Brady, best QB on earth throwing the ball 26 times. Love to see Alex just air it out. As for Alex's weapons was looking forward to it with Guice but now I wonder. It's not going to be easy. I think Doctson and Richardson have potential but its Reed who is the one we can count on for being a bonafide stud -- so hopefully he's healthy for a change.
  5. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Yeah I've said on this thread many times, should be interesting season in part because both Alex and Kirk IMO are great guys. And IMO they are underestimated by their previous fan bases. Judging by their preseason debuts both are studs. Kirk arguably was even sharper. But its the preseason so who cares? To do right by Alex -- got get him a RB please and play Alex more in the next game please so we know he will be sharp in game 1.
  6. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    I am not in the Alex is sort of a Drew Brees type upper echelon QB that we will all fall in love with like what you get impression wise from some fans on twitter in particular. He's good though. Heck Kirk was a perfect 4 for 4 in his debut including a TD pass. Alex looked good, too. But so what? It's just preseason. The thing I'd like to see for Alex (same as I wanted for Kirk) is get him some reps in the preseason. Heck Tom Brady threw for 26 passes yesterday. So get Alex some reps! I hope he plays a full half next week.
  7. Don't get me wrong, I don't love any of the FA options. The opportunity to seriously upgrade in FA passed. But I think we are in the beggars can't be choosers department. Love Jay but he like just about every coach has a pet player that doesn't make sense to me -- and to me that player is Robert Kelley. Heck when Keim was on 980 this morning he more or less politely said Jay is hung up on Kelley as the #1 right now and he's likely not considering alternatives as seriously as he should because of how much he likes Kelley as a player. Grant-Danny love playing the segment from last year where Jay almost sounds orgasmic when he said he loved Robert Kelley in a press conference. I am gathering I like Perine more than you. However, I don't like him to the degree where I am excited about him, though. But I am open about him. I agree for a big guy he doesn't always play like a big guy and has questionable ball handling skills -- ironically similar to Matt Jones in that regards. Bibbs didn't seem that good yesterday except again though he's good with his ball in his hands in open space so I put some value on that. I forgot the guys name but one of the football fantasy national gurus was on 106.7 and goofing on how pathetic the Redskins RB crew looks like now post Guice -- he was saying they should call Cincy and chase G. Bernard. On another note, Keim also talked about DRC. He said that the team is also interested to see what cuts happen this month at the CB position. And that they do have some interest in DRC. Sounds like they have some interest in adding a veteran CB.
  8. Just heard Bryon Marshall is out 2-4 weeks. Assuming they might be in the market now for a FA. I haven't really spent a lot of time thinking about it but for the moment, I'd think about Darkwa. I do like Martez Carter wonder if he's in consideration as to making the roster.
  9. Is this the best Defensive Front we've had in years?

    We actually do at times. The nose sometimes plays straight zero, clogs the middle. Sometimes they play 1 and 1 gap. But I've seen our nose re-watching games play the nose in the traditional way. Heck Tomsula himself said Hood is undersized as for playing the nose and was playing their by default. I know Tomsula doesn't like the big overweight guys at nose but clearly he's looking for a guy who can clog up the middle on obvious run plays. To play off of this point the biggest thing I noticed just charting d line rotations and watching games purely from that position's perspective is things change up quite a bit play to play game to game. Guys on the left for example play 5, but sometimes 4, sometimes 3. The nose sometimes is playing straight up zero and working to clog the middle, sometimes they are shading to the left or right (more often left) and shooting up the gap. And heck they even rotate guys at 0 that you wouldn't expect like Ionnaidis. Depends on down, time, offensive formation, etc. There is no one size fits all approach that I can tell.
  10. Is this the best Defensive Front we've had in years?

    OK, cool, thanks, I wondered about that. I have to watch that sack again, someone in the postgame show said that Allen was double teamed, leaving Payne one on one. Allen I loved last year when we picked him -- I recall even saying on the draft threat on draft day if the dude falls I'd be willing to trade up for him. Payne I didn't love nearly as much but i liked. but yeah if they bring out the best out of each other -- it should be fun. Ionnaidis typically plays L-DE where Paybe was playing when he had that sack.
  11. Who should be Starting RB in 2018??? (Public Poll)

    I'd agree if it was back to back surgeries to the same knee. But it isn't.
  12. Who should be Starting RB in 2018??? (Public Poll)

    The concept that Guice could be done seems crazy to me. Maybe if like Galette he suffers the same injury 2 camps in a row.
  13. Catching up with some of the discussion here. I don't look at an injury where its look hey imagine if we lost 3 O lineman instead, wouldn't that be worse? Yeah no question the season is shot if we have the O lineman injuries like last year. And I don't think our running games struggles last year was primarily a function of the O line even when they were banged up. I used to think that was the case until I kept listening to Cooley who said otherwise and then I watched the coaches tape this off season. And also I don't think its just about being positive or negative in general as for how you see the Guice injury. For 2 years in a row, I picked the team to go 10-6. I can see them go 10-6 IF they had a good running game. To me they need that as desperately as they needed to upgrade the run stopping unit. I don't think Doug ever talks just to talk so when he said in the off season we need to upgrade the running game in the worst way -- he meant it. And I agreed with him. Nuance, nuance, nuance to me is in play with the Guice injury. It's not about one variable on its own. It's how that injury plays with the rest of what we got cooking. IMO if you want to maximize Alex's ball handling skills than its good to have a really good RB -- the threat of Alex with a dangerous RB on the field at the same time to me is a big part of his charm. Now that's gone. I am in the camp that Alex is a downgrade but not a big downgrade to Kirk. They both bring different strengths and weaknesses. And to me what I am most intrigued about Alex is the RPO and RO -- that's his strength over Kirk and I think the dude can do more magic with it if he had a dangerous running back. Now, its more difficult for him. I've been consistent on the Kirk thread for years about how a running game opens up the passing game and makes everything go smoother -- let alone the teams that have beaten us in some of our worst losses including the Giants game that eliminated us from the playoffs did it via ball control -- they just kept our offense off the field. I feel just as strongly about Alex needing a running game as I did about Kirk. The one team in the division who lacked a RB like we did -- now has a potential superstar at the position so we are alone in the division in all likelihood at having a weak running game. Our best RB left has said he was told he's not going to be 100% until Nov and still feels pain on contact. We again look to have a tough schedule. We aren't the only team coming back from injuries -- Giants were right up there with us last year and they look healthier this year. Eagles lost their QB. Dallas missed their star player for about half the year. Guice IMO is just not that guy you want to lose in all of that context. Does it mean their season is shot? Of course not. But I think it makes them an underdog to make the playoffs -- look at the teams in the NFC which more than anything is the overriding point -- its an insanely stacked conference. Back to the running backs from last night. Kelley had a nice catch. Otherwise to me same old. Perine obviously had a really nice run. I've said as soon as the Guice injury happened, I like Perine over Kelley. But don't love the beat reporters saying that the coaching staff doesn't trust the dude with pass protection and ball handling and pre Guice injury there was a chance he wouldn't make the team. Hopefully, that's wrong or he gets over that. Martez Carter -- show some of his dynamism you can see from his college highlights. I like him. He's though so small I don't see him making the roster because I don't think they can afford a spot for a Sproles type. But he might intrigue me the most though trying not to get attached because I don't think he makes the team. Bibbs: not great but ok last night. But if you get the dude in space -- he has some moves. I like him in the RPO format where its good to have a running back with good hands and can make plays in space. Keim was just on, asked who will be the starter. He said Jay is a Kelley guy. He said if he were them it's a mistake to close yourself off mentally about the others if you have a fav but coaches tend to do that at times.
  14. Is this the best Defensive Front we've had in years?

    Yeah I've been on the screaming for an NT drill too right there with you. In the off season, I wanted Poe or Richardson or Hankins. When they didn't sign any of them -- I was cool of course going NT in the draft but didn't love the Payne pick. Though I liked Payne as a player. On the draft thread, page 1 at the start of the college season I was the first guy that mentioned Payne and touted him. My issue with the pick was simple I liked Edmonds and James better. James from what am reading is himself looking like a star in camp. Ironically though where Payne made his sack was playing on the left side -- I think 3 technique. I actually like him better than his critics on one count which is I think the dude can bring pass rush -- he has that quick get off and has strong hands and you can see that in the championship game when he was on fire. As a nose, I thought he was good in college -- not great because you can successfully double team the dude and move him to the left to open a crease to run at times -- its rare for example to see Snacks Harrison moved that way. But like I said then, he is much better than anything we've had at nose. Having said that, I try to be careful about the preseason and camp. I recall like yesterday about Doc Walker saying how J. Jenkins was just a monster in camp and other beat guys echoed it. Plenty of other examples of that. I've said about Payne if he is the dude we saw in the championship game its a good pick -- if he is who he was for most of the season, it was an OK pick but they could have done better. Yesterday, he looked like championship game Payne -- so I was jazzed to see that. I've never watched a game of Settle in college. They seem to be riding him with a lot of reps in the preseason. I don't think he played yet with the first unit unless I missed it? If so, like to see him play against the other teams 1 units. He looks good so far but I don't know what kind of challenge it is to play against backup O lineman some of whom aren't making rosters. I notice both Settle and Payne are playing some on the left -- that was McGee's spot. So I presume they are preparing for life post McGee? Not that I saw McGee as anything special.
  15. Who should be Starting RB in 2018??? (Public Poll)

    I think the Guice pick was fantastic, probably my fav draft pick this team has made. Just bad luck he got hurt. It's his first ACL tear. He's young, it happened real early, he should be back From what I've read the Falcons aren't trading Coleman. In retrospect, they should have done with some other teams did this year, double down on FA and the draft. We didn't. So to me the main mistake is not adding to our depth because IMO the drop off from Guice to next man up is huge. Kelley IMO isn't the guy. I am open about the other three guys but have doubts they are going to be anything special. And I agree with our loaded schedule -- we are going to struggle to compete with teams that have BOTH better passing weapons and a better running game. Atlanta, NO, etc.