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  1. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    It's inconsistent to say the least. I know players vote but which players? Looks like we got just 1 player who made it -- Trent. To me Kerrigan/Scherff deserved to be on it, Alex too.
  2. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Having said that, watching the top 100 players program and they said Alex didn't make it when they ran through a list of QBs who didn't make the cut. I am surprised. Last year was his best year -- the year before he made it, he was in the 80s so I figured this year he was bound to make the cut.
  3. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    The more I think about it, I'll double down that the Alex Smith/Kirk Cousins narrative next year will be fascinating -- Adam Schefter was just talking about it last week and he did think some reputations are on the line for the decision makers on it. You got some NFL observers that are hardcore that Kirk is the better QB and this is a downgrade You got some NFL observers that are hardcore that Alex is the better QB and this is an upgrade Plenty are in between the two thoughts -- but the ones who come down on a side typically come down hard You got the normal infatuation with both fan bases about the new toy -- the dating early phase is typically the most fun time You got the Redskins going on repeat for the 34 year old QB (3rd time) -- selling this time its different You got the Vikings selling their fan base that Keenum had to go and Kirk is an upgrade Vikings FO has kicked butt at building their roster -- now they think they got the missing piece -- will see. They are on the spot. Some of the fans/media (in the Redskins case its more the fans) think neither guy can win the big one. Some of these fans are also flat out relieved that their QB is gone (some of the Chief fans were so amped up to see Alex go they visited our web site to let us know) and I can tell some are amped here and on twitter that Kirk is gone. Redskins have been almost as bad as the Browns at drafting QBs, its been a hallmark of Dan's tenure -- imagine if Alex is like Eli and fades in his mid 30s and they have to go back to that well again -- and imagine concurrently Kirk excels? Imagine it goes the other way and Alex ends up like Brady -- a guy who can play until he's 40 like its nothing? I don't buy the narrative that no matter what that the Redskins have a winning narrative here. I downgrade the Redskins for getting to this point but it is what it is now. So thinking about the cards that are laid out now and forgetting how we got here: It can definitely go south depending on what goes down. But if could work out, too. I feel the same about the Vikings -- the Vikings might not have as much riding but on their end its not just about the financial comittment but also about letting Keenum go. Letting Keenum go after taking them to the Championship game? I am not pro the current FO and hate how they dealt with Kirk as many know. However, I do like Alex a lot not just as a player but as a person. I like Kirk too as a person and I don't blame him for squat that went down. My answer as to what happens in all of this? I don't know. I don't really have a strong opinion aside from this. I think both Alex and Kirk (like just about every QB) needs a strong running game and supporting cast. I think they are both playoffs QBs. My gut is one isn't distinctly better than the other but I got no beef with anyone who picks one -- I'll disagree that either QB is distinctly better than the other one. And I do think it can blow up on us because of his age -- I don't rule it out like some do. Conversely, maybe he ends up like Brady -- which would be awesome. I don't know. Bringing this back to just Alex. For those who are playing up the love, watch the NFL top players show tonight. I am pretty sure he shows up in their top 20. That's pretty cool. My favorite narrative about Alex is at 34 he's just getting better. It's hard for me to just accept that as a slam dunk truth -- QBs at 34 typically aren't at their peak or if are it isn't for a long run further. But I agree that there are exceptions to this -- Brady, Brees being examples of it. Some of it I think will be about pure luck -- a lot of what derails guys in their mid 30s centers on an injury. The body typically doesn't recover as quick or the same way. So hopefully we have some luck on that front.
  4. Welcome to the Washington Redskins Tim Settle DT Virginia Tech

    I appreciate the enthusiasm about him. Like I said I need to watch Settle, I've been angling to do it way back before even the draft. I just noticed among our later picks, Settle, Hamilton, Quinn, Stroman -- its interesting that there are some draft geeks that like to slam Settle and not so much the other guys. But personally, I like Settle in theory. Another big run stuffing defensive tackle. I got to get around to watching some of his games.
  5. Welcome to the Washington Redskins Tim Settle DT Virginia Tech

    I still haven't watched Settle so right now, I just know what people have said about him without any of my own bent. Settle seems in reputation the Ryan Anderson of the draft in a way. That is, he seems be really liked or disliked depending on the audience. With Anderson he had his critics saying the dude simply doesn't have the athletcism, arm length and speed to become an established pass rusher in the NFL -- the motor/attitude can get you through college but when you play with the really good athletes you likely will struggle. Then those that liked Ryan talked about the motor, the attitude, the smarts, how he can set the edge. I noticed one of the critics of Anderson -- Jon Ledyard (same guy who loves Guice over Barkley) isn't a big Settle guy. Brugler who I like and I know some others do as well, isn't really in love with Settle, I recall them from an interview. I'll get around to watching some Settle. Just saying its hard to miss that Settle is the guy this year that reminds me some of the rap around Anderson where some really dug the guy and some really didn't. On Settle the wrap from the critics seems to be poor balance. I noticed the PFF guys actually like Settle but at the same time they don't think he's a natural nose in spite of his size, they think he plays more like a 5 technique. So in their eyes, he'd play the spot that McGee plays now. 21. Tim Settle, Virginia Tech – Late Day 3 Settle was getting first round hype before the Combine, but never from this analyst. I am at a loss as to what people see in Settle’s tape, as most of his top plays come as a result of his opponent’s failures rather than anything he does to free himself up. Settle’s balance and technique are terrible, and he’s on the ground twice as often as he makes a play. I’ll admit he moved a little better on tape than he did at the Combine, where he could barely get through drills without falling down, but Settle’s testing doesn’t leave much room for a high upside projection. Ideal Scheme Fit: Settle is 330 and has had issues controlling his weight in the past. Ideally I’d have him cut weight and develop him for an attacking, upfield role, because his first step is his best asset. Jon Ledyard‏Verified account @LedyardNFLDraft FollowingFollowing @LedyardNFLDraf Ryan Anderson 7.73 3-cone at 6-2, 253 pounds. Weight-adjusted folks, that's gotta be one of the worst results in memory, right? Brugler 15. TIM SETTLE | Virginia Tech 6026 | 329 lbs. | rSO. Manassas, Va. (Stonewall Jackson) 7/11/1997 (age 20.8) #4 BACKGROUND: A four-star defensive tackle recruit out of high school, Tim Settle Jr. earned First Team all-metro honors his junior and senior seasons at Stonewall Jackson (just outside Washington D.C.), recording 72 tackles, 25 tackles for loss and three sacks in 2014. He was considered a top-10 recruit in the state of Virginia and all the usual suspects (Ohio State, Alabama, Clemson, etc.) offered him a scholarship. Settle narrowed his finalists down to Virginia Tech, Louisville and USC, deciding to stay in-state and sign with the Hokies. After redshirting in 2015, he saw action in every game in 2016 as a reserve on the defensive line, recording 17 tackles and 7.0 tackles for loss. Settle became a sophomore starter and started every game in 2017, finishing with 36 tackles, 12.5 tackles for loss and 4.0 sacks to earn Second Team All-ACC honors. He chose to forego his final season and enter the 2018 NFL Draft. STRENGTHS: Carries a lot of weight with an impressive blend of athleticism and body mass...explodes out of his stance with agile feet for his size...reactive quickness and lateral range to pursue the football outside the tackle box...excellent effort for the position and wants to fill up the stat sheet...raw strength to work through the numbers of splitter with fierce swipe/punch to generate force...sniffs out screens and his play recognition appeared to improve throughout the season...regular on both sides of the line of scrimmage with 36.8% of his career tackles coming in the opponent’s backfield...was in the “best shape of his life” in 2017, according to Virginia Tech defensive line coach Charley Wiles – worked hard in the weight room and with his diet. WEAKNESSES: Weight needs monitored to keep from ballooning out of control...plays tall and top-heavy...anchor strength comes and goes, especially when he fails to drop his hips at contact...too often ends up where the blocker wants...unreliable gap discipline...relies on his effort over instincts or, but wild limbs and finds himself off balance...pass rush lacks thought or purpose...fatigues and play falls off later in games...still learning blocking schemes...didn’t take academics seriously and was close to being a non-qualifier out of high school...only one season as a starter and lacks ideal experience at the college level. SUMMARY: A one-year starter at Virginia Tech, Settle settled in as the nose tackle over the A-gap in the Hokies’ gap slanting defensive front. He doesn’t have an extensive resume, but when evaluating Virginia Tech prospects, it was impossible not to notice his burst and strength, creating splash plays that put him on the NFL radar. A massive player, Settle is a bulldozer on the loose with his light feet and natural momentum to power through congestion. He weighed 360+ pounds during his redshirt season and worked hard to stay around 330-pounds in 2017, but his weight management will be an important variable for his NFL future. Overall, Settle isn’t yet the sum of his parts and needs time to evolve from a traits prospect into a more consistent football player.
  6. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Yeah I think both teams are on the spot for different reasons. The Vikings have IMO been killer at drafting and playing FA. Zimmer inherited a defense that wasn't good and now they got a monster. And the supporting cast at offense is very good too with Cook and the two young receivers. That's part of the reason why they can seamlessly fit Kirk in their salary structure without breaking a sweat. But they have so much good young talent that eventually these guys need to be paid -- I think their window of keeping their team intact is ironically similar to the Redskins just for different reasons. for the Vikings the clock isn't ticking on their QB but it is for the salary cap to pay their younger players. For the Redskins IMO the clock is ticking on the QB because of his age and by extension the whole roster is thereby on the spot. I was just watching via a youtube a clip from a national sports guy who is a Chiefs fan talk about how relieved he is that the Chiefs finally got rid of Alex Smith. That dude isn't the only sportscaster/Chiefs fan who shared that sentiment. The Smith critics are almost word for word identical in their rap as the Cousins critics are -- the dude has an obvious ceiling, he's good but not great, he's not clutch, you need a stellar supporting cast around him to succeed and you aren't going to ever win the big dance with him. The stories of Alex and Kirk should be a fascinating watch. Two teams on the spot for entirely different reasons. Seems like both fan bases are infatuated with their new toy and ignore the critics. Some national guys say one is better, some say the other QB is better. For me personally, I think the QB's value is overstated in the conversation. I am not like guys like Chris Russell who doesn't think the QB is that important and that a supporting cast is everything. But I do think the supporting cast is critical and its not a slam on any QB that they need playmakers to win. My take on Alex is if Guice has a big year and Jordan Reed is healthy -- odds are Alex has a great year. If Reed is out again and one of the WRs doesn't emerge and Guice is just ok -- than Alex won't have that great of a year. For me I want a good QB coupled with a really good supporting cast. I think the Vikings slam dunk have that. the Redskins have the Qb component of it and I think they likely have the supporting cast. Reed to me is key though. I like Doctson's potential but he obviously still has to emerge.
  7. Should be interesting to see how well Clinton Portis fares in his RB assessment considering he was a paid consultant to the team. He was a big Guice guy. Also Walton. And Michel. He thought Ronald Jones and Kerryon Johnson was overrated and he wasn't in love with either player. He though Chubb would work out as a wear down the defenses type of guy but not at the beginning of the game. Sticking on theme for me, I just caught up with a number of NFL shows I recorded. Did I miss something and the NY Giants won the Superbowl last year? The get a segment as one of the three most hyped teams in the league in one show. On ESPN and NFL Network they got covered just about every day. Is it really that intriguing to have Beckham and Barkley on one team? I do think they had both a killer draft and potentially a really good FA -- but still they have ways to go IMO -- I still think them passing on Darnold for Barkley will burn them over time.
  8. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    You were talking the other day about not knowing Alex that much. I think one of the fun things for me about him is his running ability the dude has some wheels. Hopefully he can keep that cooking as he gets older -- but its a fun part of his game now.
  9. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    I get the point but your version of it has little nuance to it. I laid out specific scenarios where there is no cross purposes. To each their own but if the Redskins have a good year on their terms and go 9-7. And the Vikings win the Superbowl -- my thoughts aren't going to be heck at least we at least aren't paying Kirk 28 million. And this is me delving into the point in the simplest way -- if I wanted to get deep, I don't buy that the choice was 28 million or bust -- Bruce is the one who walked Kirk's agent right into that door. Heck if I were Kirk's agent, I'd send Bruce at least a gift basket for the 28 million dollar gig Kirk got -- he deserves as much credit for it as anyone. I got no idea what this means. My point nullifies somehow the value of Kirk taking the Vikings to the Superbowl? If your point is even if he wins the Superbowl so what, since Keenum took them close -- I disagree with that. But not sure if that's what you mean. I said the absolute opposite of what you say here. I want all the roster decisions about players in house to be right. The Kirk situation is different and I think I explained very explicitly about how its actually different and even got into how it would have to go down where it would have no impact on the Redskins season. So not sure why you are flipping it in the opposite direction? As to the Bruce/Vinny point. Vinny to me was more incompetent but Bruce to me isn't a mile away in front. I'll predict now they both end up punch lines a few years down the road when Bruce is finally gone. I've explained why many times including to you. Not in the mood to do it again. Agree. But the point has ZERO to do with anything I said. I didn't say my rooting interests for the team are driven by odds about anything. So you got me where you are going with it but it was an a fun blast to the past to read your paragraph on it right down to Sean Taylor references. Sorry but this is beyond ridiculous. I said nothing of the kind. Quote me where I said or even implied I want the Redskins to lose. While you are at it, count how many times I said I want the Redskins to win. Superbowls aren't easy to win. I think you grossly underestimate the value of winning one. This is unlikely going to be an abstract exercise IMO the way you lay it out if a SB is in play. To your point. If Alex Smith wins a Superbowl. All will be forgiven by most fans I predict -- regardless for how they botched things with Kirk or for that matter if Kirk wins one, too. Conversely, if Kirk wins a Superbowl, it will be noticed by plenty of fans regardless of whether we had a lesser year at the same time but a good one.
  10. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    My example of Kirk performing well while still having zero impact on the Redskins season -- is different that the standard decision the team makes. I want every roster decision to be right. I want them to win every game. So I ride along with most of your point. But the reason why the Kirk situation to me is different is its unlikely his performance has any bearing on the Redskins performance so to me in that case he's a running commentary on Bruce. For me to have a rooting interest for Bruce to be right on this front, I'd think I'd need to be sold on the following: A. I am open to be sold on Bruce -- there are some things I like, some I don't. But yeah I can be sold that he's the guy. I can be had by Bruce ultimately. But, for me Bruce can't sell me -- the 9 year sample and what I've seen is enough to turn me off that I am no where on the brink of changing my mind about him -- aside from him stepping out of the way by promoting someone else. B. Playing off of A -- I can't be sold off the idea that a guy with Bruce's profile shouldn't be the type of guy running personnel. Unless that guy is mega classy and mega competent. Again, considering Bruce can barely get through an interview without tripping all over himself (hyperbole to make a point) I can't be sold on this point either. For me, A & B aren't options. So I got no rooting interest for him to be right. But I am always rooting for every player on this team. And for them to win every game. And if this point ever came to a head and we played Minny -- in that case I am 100% all for winning and winning big.
  11. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    OK to each their own on that. To me for the team to be correct and the team to win aren't the same things. So I am not looking for the decision makers to be validated if I want the decision makers to someday change. Or more succinctly, there to me is a weird smugness about Bruce that doesn't match this team's success -- i am not into validating that unless i believed in the dude. And sadly I don't believe in him.
  12. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    The Jay part was incidental to my point and I made it in the context of RG3 was benched for Kirk. They were both in house. Jay didn't bench Kirk for Alex. I don't see much parallel to the RG3 situation and Kirk -- that was the gist of my point on that front. Not saying you are saying the opposite of this but if Jay was fed up with Kirk like RG3 and was just dying to replace him -- he had a funny way of showing it. The most damning thing relating to Jay as to Kirk is that some said he gave the vibe that he was tired of the drama of the contract by the end of 2017 and he flat out said he wants it resolved one way or another after last season. To hit back on my point without getting into the weeds -- it would be simply this. If the Vikings are playing in the playoffs in a game with no consequence to the Redskins. Multiple choice: A. I root against Kirk B. I root for him. C. I don't care either way.
  13. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    I get the sentiment. I think all of us or maybe almost all of us want Alex Smith to succeed and the team to win. So I don't think there is anyone counter arguing that. However for those who really really don't like the FO set up and how Bruce specifically does his business -- Kirk succeeding in Minny is a running commentary among other things about that. And as long as Minny isn't playing our team or is in our way -- I want to see Kirk do well. This to me isn't like RG3. With RG3 we had a young replacement in place who took the team to the playoffs when RG3 was let go. And the coach made the choice. RG3 stunk at that point. In this case, we let go a franchise QB that one of the FO's that's considered among the best in the league -- they felt he was worthy to pay -- and Bruce didn't. If this was an aberration for me as to how Bruce does business but otherwise I love how the dude rolls, it would be one thing -- but it wasn't. It was just another log in the fire. If the Redskins plays Minny, I'd love for us to beat them. I'd love for us to win period -- every time and all the time. And like you that doesn't change whether its Vinny or Bruce or whomever is in charge. And if Bruce gets vindicated by the team winning the Superbowl -- heck yeah, I'd love that. But I think the more realistic scenario is that Kirk's performance will have zero impact on the Redskins year one way or another. And the odds are much greater that the better constructed Viking team will have a better year than the Redskins. So for a more likely apples to apples point. When we are likely watching the Vikings in the 2nd round of the playoffs and the Redskins are likely home watching it. I am not rooting for Kirk to have a bad playoff game so Bruce can go hey see! I'd be rooting for the absolute opposite. Because in my mind as a Redskins fan -- Dan getting off the train of the top personnel guy should be his closest friend in the organization versus the smartest personnel guy he can find -- will ultimately bring a sea change improvement to the team that ultimately will give us the best chance to one day finally win another Super Bowl.
  14. Yeah I sat in the dream seats once, nice gimmick but otherwise I'd never do that again, so many blocked views. Based on the point below, i am guessing the next stadium might be smaller. The Redskins ranked 28th in the 32-team NFL last season in home attendance as a percentage of stadium capacity, at about 88 percent.
  15. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    I thought he would be the goods but I was worried about his physique. He didn't look like a guy who could withstand punishment. I like the pick when we took Kirk. I liked how he played against Cleveland. I was a Kirk guy through 2013 but not to the degree that I thought he should start. In 2014, I lost some faith in both Kirk and RG3. Before the 2015 season, I thought RG3 should be given a chance but on the RG3 thread that summer I said if not RG3 than Kirk -- I didn't want it to be Colt. When Kirk was named the starter in 2015, I was on board defended him the whole way especially after the Jets game. But yeah I think he's one of the better QBs in the league. I think we let a good one get away. RG3 clearly a bust so you ended up right on him. I think Alex will have a good year. He's a good QB. He's accurate. He's mobile. He's good at avoiding turnovers. His mobility and ball handling skills should help the running game. I recall from some of your other posts that you are concerned about the running game because of the O line. But I think Guice will transcend that. I think the dude is a superstar. That should help Smith and this offense be better than it was last season. Yeah I am 100% behind Alex. But I am not going to pretend that i like how things went down with Kirk so I'll be monitoring how he does.