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  1. Yeah I know about the suspensions, what's the locker room stuff though? Not that it would shock me that he would, he seems to have a mercurial personality. I know him and Brandon Marshall don't like each other -- supposedly stemmed from Marshall going off at half time in a game. I looked couldn't find anything else beyond it. But agree the suspensions are worrisome. I'd presume they did their due diligence if they are pursuing him though. I saw an exchange with Keim on twitter with Keim saying he knows they were interested before the draft but not sure if they are now anymore after drafting Jonathan Allen. I'd consider it if they can get him cheap, last rumors I heard was a 4th rounder. To use a draft example, I wasn't big on Malik McDowell for potential attitude issues. But I'd run up to the podium for him if they got him in the 4th round. Ironically in one the articles about McDowell it specifically compared him to Richardson but said Richardson didn't have teammate problem issues like McDowell does. For me it doesn't have to be Richardson but I do think this team still needs a D lineman and nose to be really good. Maybe a nickel CB, too. I like what they did in the draft but I don't think the defense is all there, yet. Richardson, assuming this is what he was referring to, wasn’t the only player bothered by Marshall’s actions. Safety Calvin Pryor also took exception to it. “When we’re getting blown out at halftime, there’s no reason to be fighting amongst each other,” Pryor said. “I think that’s why guys were upset, because we needed to be fighting against the Patriots, instead of the Jets.” Note how he says “guys were upset” – implying that it was multiple players who were frustrated with Marshall’s rant. Aside from Marshall, Pryor was the only one to speak out on the halftime speech. Richardson declined to comment, but he did say that he and Marshall didn’t talk after the gam
  2. At least the NFL Network covered our picks, ESPN as far as I noticed skipped some, heck I believe they actually skipped over our 2nd round pick.
  3. I know Omar Kelly, living here in South Florida, he covers the Dolphins for the Sun-Sentinel and a major draft geek, does film the whole nine yards.
  4. If so he IMO needs to get bigger. Cooley thinks he could possible play that role. But when Jay talked about nose awhile back he didn't mention him, me mentioned Francois and Taylor.
  5. Yeah it was tough for me watching Qualls in particular land with the Eagles in the late rounds. My favorite NT prospect Tomlinson goes to the Giants. I just noticed Tupou was signed by another team. So you got me what they are thinking about NT. Phil Taylor? Golston? AJ Francois? Part of the reason why I'd love Richardson is he's like Allen in that the dude could both pass rush and stop the run. He'd be a force. I think they are more likely to survive a mediocre NT with two dominant D lineman. I don't see McGee or McClain as anything special. And heck if they got Richardson -- they might consider moving McGee to NT which arguably is a better fit for him. But like I said I am superstitious to talk too much about Richardson -- seems too good to be true to land him. Because I think they are one dominant D lineman from being really good. Richardson, when on, is one of the premier defensive linemen in the NFL. He's a dominant pass rusher, and a force against the run. He's one of the more athletic players at the position across the league.
  6. Yeah I am sure you might recall I was hard core in defending Dalvin Cook but I couched it with he wouldn't be my pick in the first, my preference would be taking a running back lower in the draft 2nd-4th round. Perine was an obvious target in that range. The funny thing for me is in arguing on behalf of Kirk's performance in the Kirk thread and defending the need for a running back in the draft thread -- it made me spend more time and thought on Robert Kelley and the running game. And when I delved into it more, it changed my impression. I liked Robert Kelley. I still do but as a role RB I don't think he's a bell cow RB. If Kelley didn't have that one monster run at the end of the Green Bay game, he had a fairly mediocre year. And the common ingredient for Kirk's lessor performances was Kelley having bad games where the team was one dimensional. Even today with the Matt Jones conversation I had going with Connskins26, while I understood his point that Scot is probably more into metrics in the later rounds. And I think he's right on the count. You are looking at the potential, etc. I didn't think Matt Jones is a good example of that point. But on further reflection, Jones is a big dude and has decent speed for his size. So he might not be a bad example of it on further reflection but the thing about Jones is he's big but he's not strong. Even a speed back like Dalvin Cook benched pressed more than Jones. The rap on Matt Jones is in part he's a big guy but doesn't play like a big guy. But maybe he's just a big guy who isn't strong. I think Perine potentially is what Scot hoped Matt Jones would be. Perine looks much more IMO like the real deal. Perine had bigger production -- more yards, better yards per carry than Jones. Perine is physically bigger (weight wise) than Matt Jones. Also I don't usually like tall running backs -- Jones is tall (Perine isn't tall) and he runs upright. So Jones is an easier target to tackle. Perine is much stronger than Matt Jones (at least judging by bench presses). He's fast for his size. His 10 yard dash was the same speed as Dalvin Cook. And Perine doesn't just look big but plays big, too. My point is I think he could be the solution to what ails the running game. And that to me is a big deal because it could help the red zone woes and help control the clock. Also I am tired of getting stopped at 3rd and 1 and 4 and 1. And hopefully Sprinkle helps the TE blocking -- which I know is a rallying cry on your end. So I think both picks are big deals.
  7. A package of Matt Jones, Ziggy Hood and Will Compton? How could they resist?
  8. Agree 100%. And by the way killer dialogue for weeks/months leading up to the draft-free agency on your end -- been fun to read your posts among others. Yeah I think they fixed their run game or close enough. I don't always recall who said what on the draft thread. But I recall someone pushing Perine at me -- I wasn't all in initially. Ditto Ryan Anderson ironically but as the draft got closer they both grew on me. Jonathan Allen I loved with no convincing. I like some of the other picks, too. Zach Brown was my favorite MLB target. In my eyes, they are one killer 5 technique away from wreaking havoc where anything is possible -- assuming Tomsula can make lemonade out of lemons as for a nose. I don't want to get my hopes up about Richardson, though. Almost seems too good to be true. I know Scot liked him because he lit up when I asked him about him and whether they entertained a trade -- he told me they did but they were asking for too much.
  9. Bruce meant it when he said they lost to the Giants because they couldn't stop the run or run the ball. Perine might be the first jersey I buy among the draft picks, jazzed about him. I think though they are missing one more D lineman and nose. If they somehow could trade for Richardson, then they got potentially a sick defense. Richardson has baggage but man adding him into the mix would be perfect.
  10. Perfectly said.