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  1. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    Cooley doing his film grades and gave Kirk an A minus. His quote was he's the rug that ties the room together. He said his receivers played poorly. No running game. That was my vibe, too. The offense on Sunday was just about all Kirk. I don't think that was Kirk's best performance by a long shot. But IMO he was good and gutsy. I know this was addressed to BFS but to weigh in. The thread which has the line "C'mon Kirk I just don't know... started off as a venting thread about Kirk's performance in the opener. The one who initiated the thread acceded it. It was driven by mostly negativity about Kirk and the people who said stay patient with Kirk were borderlined ridiculed. One bringing up that people backing Kirk seemed as out of touch and silly as those who backed RG3. One compared Kirk to John Beck. The Rams game by some was almost treated like a loss. I even joked when I weighed in that being positive about Kirk is dangerous here, since I am surrounded by the critics. I guess the thread has come a long way if you define it as one where people who wanted to criticize have to start clear because of too many homers. If so, that's a 180 from where the thread started. As for addressing whether Kirk is worth the money. Actually that is the underpinning of just about every point from the Kirk "homers". And not only are the "homers" not saying he's the best QB to ever to play the game but are actually going out of their way to say he's not. But he's good enough to win with and that's the bottom line. You got numerous national NFL observers who think its outright weird that the Redskins didn't lock in Kirk and they are in a precarious situation with the contract. The Kirk "homers" all have nuanced angles that aren't the same from person to person. But what they have in common is one thing: we all think its VERY weird that the Redskins FO haven't locked him in and that the team is in the weird spot of having to fight to lock in their franchise QB versus other NFL teams who never let themselves reach that road. We have an ESPN insider article even today talking about how the 49ers are waiting in the weeds for Kirk and rather go that route than start with a QB from this draft. It's frustrating to some of us to see other teams act almost territorial about the Redskins QB. And as for the debate here, its not that anyone here idolizes Kirk. It's that we see a team on the crossroads of being a really good team but oddly that whole rug could be pulled from under us and we have to start all over. And that isn't a been there done that type of thing -- what team doesn't experience a journey like that? The frustration is its endemic to just this situation with the Redskins.
  2. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    Maybe that was one of Cooley's theories before the season. According to him, Garcon and D Jax are both Alpha big time and aren't led by the QB. Removing them from the equation would likely lead to Kirk feelings at greater ease to control the offense. And yeah it looks like he's doing so. I said before the off season, I wanted one of the two back. If I had to choose which one, I wanted D Jax. I noticed Scot said he wouldn't have let Garcon go. Having said that, once they let both go, I was ok with it because I presumed Pryor would emerge. At the moment, I think Doctson is potentially our best shot. He hasn't really gotten many reps, Jay acceded that yesterday and said he will get the ball more moving forward.
  3. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    Yeah I am with that. You can see for example the defenders load the box and fill in the gaps tight and we got the running backs for example taking it up the middle anyway. I like Jay's commitment to the run but I echo the criticism about its at times too predictable when you are so top heavy with running plays on first down.
  4. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    OK you said my post didn't provide any thoughts on areas of where Kirk could improve. (Even though it actually did, it highlighted three points where I'd like to see improvement). And not sure what you mean by me not providing it "once again"? Am I supposed to provide that as part of my discussion? In this case the big picture is do we want the FO to bring Kirk back and what would be the future of the franchise otherwise -- that leads to a very specific place to land. And its the underpinning of most of the discussion here. To that point, I land very hard on bringing him back. I have no disclaimers, zero reservations, not a whit of cognitive dissonance about it. That's not because I think Kirk is perfect. It's because to win in the league you need a QB who can make the team competitive. I got no doubt Kirk is that guy. It doesn't matter how much I hang on his imperfections to that end. It's irrelevant to me. If you want to have a nuanced debate about Kirk as a player and preface it as absolutely they should pay him in the off season. That's cool. If that's the point, I gave you three things I'd like to see him improve. To summarize them here again: 1. touch on the deep ball. 2 Red zone. 3. Hurrying throws too much when playing really good defensive fronts.
  5. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    I dont mind you singling me out to respond. But to clarify, I am not the one bringing up RG3, etc. My take on Kirk overall. He is not a top 5 Qb. But hes somewhere in the top 10. I am more than satisfied with his play this year. I am increasingly nervous about this receiving corp. My nervousness about the receiving corp has zero to do with elevating Kirk. If Kirk is tapped out and this is his peak, I am more than Ok with that. But I agree with Jay that he contines to improve. As for Kirk improving. I would like to see more touch on the deep ball to let it hang longer. Trust your receivers on the deep ball. It seems like he is willing to overthrow the deep ball because thats the safer bet. Id like to see him take charge more and bring more moxie in the red zone. And that comment pertains to everyone on offense. I generally dont think much of Clinton Portis as a commentator. But I agreed with his comments last night that scoring in the red zone has an attitude component to it. Portis' comments were aimed at criticizing the backs but it feels to me that applies to everyone. I also think when he plays defensive fronts that manhandle the O line early in games, he starts seeing pressure before its there and then starts hurrying his throws too much. He is willing to take a hit and is brave in the pocket but IMO sometimes can see ghosts when he gets hit early. Having said that all Qbs have flaws. On the aggregate, I think we can win big time with this guy. We are competitive in every game. Thats a big deal to me.
  6. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    For those interested listen to kirk's interview from 106.7 today, I think they are rerunning it at 1 pm. He was asked about 2 passes where it looked like he grossly misfired. One of them, Jordan Reed ran it as if the 49ers were running cover 2, which positioned him in a certain spot. Kirk said it was actually cover 1 so he threw it to the spot that Jordan was supposed to be at. Kirk said it nicely where he didnt throw Jordan under the bus. The other pass, Kirk threw it away from coverage. The dude like anyone else is going to make some errant passes. But its not hard to see that his receivers are a work in progess. Missing Garcon and D Jax IMO hurts for the moment because I gather Kirk misses having built in WR rapport. Brady talked about it recently as to craving stability at the WR position. It takes time to develop chemistry. Nonetheless, Kirk is making due.
  7. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    I was at the game I saw it. Kirk scrambled to get everybody lined up and everyone did except Pryor. And it was easy to see that Kirk just went off at Pryor. I liked seeing Kirk lose his cool. That incident and the late drive in the game where Kirk took off and ran for 18 yards and lowered his shoulder into the defender - I especially loved. To me the 2017 version of Kirk is an improvement and i already liked the 2016 version a lot. Jay talked about Kirk growing as a player last week. This year, Kirk is grittier and balsier especially in late game drives. Jerry Brewer had a good column about it today.
  8. Jay Gruden: Buy or Sell 2017 edition

    I was listening to Sheehan this morning. Who knows if hes right but he said he heard Jay gets help from upstairs with end of the game clock management and among the helpers is Bruce. That was weird to hear. I know Bruce for awhile was helping with challenges but clock management?
  9. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    I had good seats for the game, 50 yard line, good view of things. To me it looks like a big part of the problem is the receivers and Kirk aren't on the same page. Kirk is thinking the Wr is going some spot, like a quick out but the receiver goes inside a little or vice versa. Kirk throws to spots. He's not always accurate. No one is. But its clear as day watching the game today that some of our receivers aren't running the route that Kirk is expecting. On one of Kirk's missed deep balls to Davis, Davis got jammed a little and slowed down and then Kirk naturally overthrows him because clearly he isn't at his expected spot. From my vantage point, Kirk's worst pass today was the one where he overthrew Pryor in the end zone. Part of me wished I believed what some of Kirk's critics think which is the errant passes are almost all on him. But based on what I saw today its at least 50-50. That worries me because its key to have receivers who know their routes and you can count on them. Ironically, that was Garcon's forte. On a big third down, Kirk trusted Garcon will be in the right place. On this team, it seems like Kirk trusts no one the same way. I came out of this game feeling better about Kirk. (I like Kirk but I am willing to criticize him when he doesn't play well like the Eagles game) But felt worse to the degree that I am outright worried about this receiving corp. I like Doctson but he's still a rookie in terms of game reps -- I think he will emerge though. But at the moment, I need to see someone emerge.
  10. Jay Gruden: Buy or Sell 2017 edition

    Yeah and I don't mean it in a nerdy Kevin Sheehan type of way. There have been a bunch of games where he squandered seconds away from the offense to score and left too much time for the opponent. But I agree multiple coaches have similar issues. I hate though to focus on that negative. I like everything else about Jay. I don't think he's one of the top 5 coaches in the league. But I do think he's a really good coach and the perfect coach for THIS team. This isn't an easy franchise to manage with a steady hand -- and he's done that -- which to me is very impressive. This franchise IMO desperately needs stability for a change and keeping Jay is essential to that.
  11. Jay Gruden: Buy or Sell 2017 edition

    Strong Buy. I like Jay on all fronts except for clock management. I think his personality is perfect to deal with the chaos associated with the owner/FO and keep things calm. It sort of reminds me of Torre with the Yankees -- he helped bring stability and temper the craziness surrounding the team.
  12. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    I don't mean this sarcastically but its just hard for me to believe those that make certain (not all of the critics) criticisms of Kirk (especially the one centered on consistency and the type of throws he makes) watch a lot of other teams. I am a Redskins junkie but also an NFL junkie. And yeah QBs have good drives and bad drives in the same game. Yeah even Drew Brees can have good games, mediocre ones, and bad ones. Brees happens to have more good games. Ditto Kirk. Some of the best QBs in the league like Brady and Brees and Rodgers do a lot of dink and dunk passes. There is an art to short passes. You often have to sell misdirection and read coverages well to excel at it. Kirk hasn't been great at the deep ball of late but in his defense its not that easy when your targets on that front of late seem to be Ryan Grant and today, Vernon Davis. But the dude certainly has the arm strength to go long unlike our backup QB. This has nothing to do with discussion with the naysayers here. (I am gathering that debate is a waste of time. Though I do indulge in it for sport, anyway.) but I am actually impressed that this team is winning in spite of having basically Jag play at both receiver and RB. Kirk IMO is playing at the moment without a legitimate #1 receiver or #2. And it pains for me to say it because I liked the Pryor signing.
  13. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    I watched Kirk closely today, I thought he moved comfortably in the pocket. Again, this season he's willing to take off and run. And he's performing well in spite of the fact that thus far you can argue they don't have a legitimate #2 receiver let alone a #1 WR. It's a bunch of #3 type guys thus far. I do think Doctson and Crowder will ultimately emerge, though. People said last off season lets see Kirk play well in the clutch. Lets see him win without weapons. Well, to the critics: you got it. It doesn't surprise me that some still aren't satisfied but I gather if you keep moving the bar, you'll always find something. I am sure it will be some new yardstick soon.
  14. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    IMO Chris Russell summed up Kirk's performance well -- good to very good play. He missed some throws. So what? Overall I thought he played well. I was at the game. The 49ers manhandled the Redskins O line for a big part of that game. The running game was borderline putrid. Kirk's top passing weapons oddly remain Vernon Davis and Chris Thompson. You take out Kirk and replace him with Colt or some flier from the draft as some on this thread seem to be dying to happen -- and I think they'd have lost this one by 10 points. This team's strengths right now are not the running game or passing weapons. The offense is heavy contingent on Kirk to make due with the limited help he has. I actually don't think any of the Redskins running backs is as good as the 49ers, Hyde and any of the receivers as good as Garcon, yet. (I think Doctson will ultimately be better) I know some get upset about missed passes like its a Kirk thing. Yeah elite QBs don't miss passes at all, everything is connect, connect, connect. The last guy I worry about on offense is Kirk. I am starting to worry about the passing weapons, though. Jordan Reed was a little better today. Crowder again was mostly AWOL. If you told me before the season that Ryan Grant would be the most reliable weapon, I'd worry. I wanted either Garcon or D Jax back but I was OK once they let they go. Boy was I wrong so far about that. Watching Garcon on the other sideline, had me thinking I wish we had that guy. Some would say over the years that D. Jax taking the top off the defense helps Jordan Reed and Crowder a lot because it opens things underneath for them. Judging by this season thus far, that might be true. But I haven't given up on either guy, season is still young.
  15. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    That's about the right, from what beat reporters have said the sticking point was that the fully guaranteed money basically consists of what he was already slated to get this year via the franchise tag and what he'd get next year via the transition tag and that's it. Kirk in an interview said he didn't see much difference between doing a 1 year deal on the tag and in effect taking what the Redskins offered which he saw as a 2 year deal. I just read Mike Jones' USA Today article about Kirk where he said he heard from an executive in the middle of Kirk's performance against KC that the Redskins would be nuts if they didn't retain Kirk on a LTD. Jones said a couple of other insider NFL types told him the same thing recently. I agree. that's right This is sadly my fear. And that fear increases if they don't make the playoffs this season. If they do and especially if they win a playoff game, I'm hoping Bruce can get out of his own way because letting Kirk go would look even more insane than it already does.