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  1. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    As much as I'd love to see Bruce gone -- elevating Doug to GM would make me gag. I'd rather even keep the status quo. Now, Doug to me is a classier dude by a mile than it appears Bruce is. But Doug would be IMO another example of Dan mocking the significance of having personnel gurus running personnel. If they can Bruce, hire someone with a serious reputation versus someone who is about nostalgia or is someone who can be his close pal.
  2. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    If that's your takeaway, you are missing the large majority of Cooley's segments. If you listen to Cooley's general take he would drive the Kirk critics on this thread nuts. He's about as hardcore of a Kirk homer as it gets. He thinks he's a very good QB and he doesn't think he's hit his ceiling. Cooley saying recently that Kirk is on the verge of elite and he thinks he will be elite isn't a new thought from him. Weeks back, he talked about it will be a disaster if Kirk goes to another team and is wildly successful -- and said he thinks it will happen. He is pretty extreme pro Kirk. I think the only problem that lends to confusion about Cooley for some is they get excited when he criticizes a player they are likewise critical of. The thing is Cooley criticizes EVERY player. All of them. He talks about what he likes and then eventually hits what he doesn't like. He doesn't think any player is some perfect paragon with no flaws. He does it in his film study of other teams too including guys he loves like Wentz, he talks about their flaws as part of the soup.
  3. Yeah I've been saying the same for weeks. The way I see it either: A. They somehow get crazy lucky and get trade compensation (doubtful though) B. They cap off the clown show negotiation with a clown show ending that would be fitting for the whole narrative. According to some covering the story. Bruce has been undressed and embarrassed by Kirk's agent. Bruce is angry about it and is determined to have the last word. If so, I hope he tries. I guess he has nothing to lose at this point outside of doubling down on the buffoon rep he seems be developing with the national media. If Bruce is already a punchline along with Dan -- nothing left to lose?
  4. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    Not sure what you are getting it -- you think Cooley is a Kirk critic?
  5. I gather this means its not just a rumor that they'd file a grievance. The Washington Redskins can officially tag Kirk Cousins starting on Tuesday. But if they do, expect the quarterback to go on the offensive. Cousins will file a grievance through the NFL players’ union if the Redskins stick a franchise tag on him, according to a person with knowledge of the situation who spoke on the condition of anonymity. The basis for the complaint is simple: Cousins could argue that the organization is violating the terms of the collective bargaining agreement because the team has no intention of engaging in good-faith negotiations on a long-term deal, or having him play under the franchise tag amount of $34.5 million guaranteed in 2018. Several league sources have characterized the potential act of tagging Cousins as a “spiteful” move, citing the spirit of the franchise tag and the ongoing saga involving both camps. The franchise tag is typically used to buy teams more time so that they can continue contract talks on a possible long-term deal. Players who are tagged have to sign a multiyear contract or extension by 4 p.m. on July 16.
  6. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    Yeah Cooley said in a different segment that he thinks if Kirk has the right coach with his next team, he will be elite or close to it.
  7. I was working on responses for specific points but my computer crashed and I am too lazy to redo that all. So I'll go for highlights: 2017 season ended 3-3 after Chris Thompson got hurt. They won 2 out of the last 3. They were decimated and it got even more comical at the end with Zach Brown, Thompson, Jordan Reed, Nicholson, Trent all out for the count. 2016 season - yeah the Giants-Panthers games were painful. I just don't think either team is a good matchup for the Redskins -- monster D lines that can quickly make the Redskins one dimensional = no good. I put that more on the roster than coaching 2015 season -- ended well. Shanny was bad at clock management. Ditto Gibbs in his 2nd stint. It's sadly common around the league. Yeah ditto Jay. As for the FO and owner. IMO it looms as a major deal in the soup. I didn't like the Barry hire either. But I think he learned from it seeing how he chased Phillips the next time around. My point is we can take apart just about any coach save for Belichick and maybe a few others. Is Andy Reid the culture building winner-innovator -- or is he the lost puppy with clock management and struggles at the end of the season?
  8. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    I like Alex Smith so I don't like beating him up. On red zone, Kirk was good in 2015. Average at it in 2017. He had a bad year at it in 2016 -- and some pounded him so hard and relentlessly about 2016, you'd think it was a 20 year sample. So I get the reluctance to agree with Cooley-Sheehan on the red zone stuff. Kansas City was bad 2 years in a row at Red Zone, 29th, 26th. But people can believe whatever they want -- just saying what Cooley thought. He didn't really harp on the red zone, they just went over the stats on that one. Just like Kirk I don't think Alex Smith is stuck in time when it comes to the red zone. It's usually a fickle stat that changes. For example he was better at it in 2015. So I am not worried about it.
  9. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    I saw a stat somewhere that Alex Smith is ranked 32nd in the league from the 20 yard line/end zone during the last 3 years. If I recall he was better last year then the previous 2 years though.
  10. Craig Hoffman was asked on the radio from covering the team who are some guys that fans don't per se think much of or is on their radar screen that the team likes. He said Doctson. He said they really like him even though he struggled at times last year. And if I recall it was either him or maybe Finlay who said they like Moreau a lot. But thing though is who plays slot? Holsey?
  11. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    I was just listening to Cooley's film breakdown of Alex Smith. Highlights: Alex Positives Throws a good deep ball Does a good job throwing catchable balls which lead the receiver well Is slippery and can scramble well He doesn't make mistakes often Alex Negatives Doesn't go far into his progressions, if the 2nd read isn't open, he tends to take off and leave the pocket He's not a great intermediate thrower (medium passes) Gets sacked more than he should in that system Alex Versus Kirk Kirk is the better QB but not by a mile. Kirk is a B + QB. Alex is a B level QB. Kirk has the higher ceiling. He will have A plus games. Alex will have good, A level games, but his best games typically aren't as good as Kirk's best Alex has the higher floor. Kirk can have some D level games. Alex's worst games aren't as bad as Kirk. His worst are C level games. Kirk statistically speaking is better in the red zone Alex is more mobile and if Jay is creative he can use that to aide the running game
  12. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    On Guice, he's my version of Dalvin Cook last year. They are different type of runners. But almost every time I watched Cook, he just seemed so explosive -- so I couldn't let that go last off season in spite of the combine and the other criticisms. So I stuck with him. Same thing with me as to Guice, he just seemed to be a beast when I watched his games. Besides him as a runner -- love the dude's feistiness-attitude. As Cooley likes to say on offense he's desperate to see them add some angry guys with attitudes -- and if they do so it could have a positive ripple effect on the team. Biggest takeaway: Penn State's Saquon Barkley is going to enter the 2017 CFB season as the top running back in the country, but Guice belongs in his company. He's an explosive runner with excellent balance and a tenacious style. He isn't quite as powerful as his former teammate Fournette, but he has a little more wiggle and elusiveness. I see a little bit of LaDainian Tomlinson in his running style, but he really reminds me of a young Frank Gore. He's a tough guy to get on the ground. No. 2 - Derrius Guice, LSU (Games charted - Alabama, Arkansas, Notre Dame, Ole Miss, Texas A&M, Missouri, Florida) Average number of defenders in the box - 7.25 Average number of blockers in the box - 7.10 Of the five running backs charted, LSU’s Derrius Guice saw, on average, the most defenders in the box as well as the most blockers in the box. Defenses loaded up to stop Guice, as he was the team’s best weapon and needed to be accounted for on every snap. However, LSU also played a part in creating stacked boxes for Guice, as he rarely ran out of 10 and 11 personnel. Guice played in what we would call a traditional “NFL-offense,” as LSU used a ton of 12 and 21 personnel to run the ball. While running out of more traditional boxes may have hurt Guice’s college statistics, it prepared him more for what he is going to see in the NFL. Guice saw eight defenders in the box on nearly 24 percent of his carries, averaging more than 6.75 yards per carry. He saw eight or more defenders in the box on a staggering 31.8 percent of his total rushes, by far the most of the top backs in this class. The most impressive stats for Guice come when you compare the number of defenders in the box versus the number of blockers in the box. When Guice saw an even box (same number of blockers as defenders) in 2017, he averaged an incredible 8.4 yards per rush on 75 carries. Assuming Guice can find himself on a team that runs a ton of inside zone out of 12 or 21 personnel, he should thrive in the NFL against six- and seven-man boxes. Guice isn’t the receiver that Saquon Barkley is, nor is he the pass protector, but as a pure runner, you can make the case that his skill set is better suited for the NFL game. He is more likely to be a consistent runner at the next level, as he rarely loses yardage despite the extra defenders in the box.
  13. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    I've debated The pro-Bruce-FO people for months. You are the most interesting poster among them to me because IMO you put in serious work and detail into the discussion. While I disagree with your general take of the FO, I do understand the want to believe they know what they are doing. And one of your core philosophies is identical to mine -- go young, hold your draft picks. So we aren't that different as to what it takes to build a good team for the long run. And even though I seem tough on Bruce. If you trace my posting history, I gave him some slack on the Scot situation and the Kirk contract until July 17th, 2017. He had to really work his way into my dog house. Now to Bruce today. I am going to be harsh and none of it is directed at you. I used to tell you that I don't want him canned. That's changed for me. The FO is now considered a laughing stock by the national media -- very much like the Vinny years. I again have to sheepishly explain to people sometimes why I am a Redskins fan. Old school just like the Vinny years. The one thing I liked about Bruce when he arrived was the team gave the vibe of being professional. Well, it doesn't IMO anymore. The Redskins are lampooned all over the place. Just google it. And Bruce is the lead jester. If you told me after they canned Cerrato that Bruce would turn into a similar lightening rod and would also end up a punch line -- I'd say no way. But we are there. It's all over the place. I turn on the radio last night and the broadcaster is talking about being friends with a prominent-ex GM who is telling him --I don't know how that dude, Bruce, still has a job. We got an ex-player calling into that same station saying how Bruce is vindictive and petty. We got Evan Silva saying people around the league tell him, yeah Bruce is a dumb guy. We got LaConfora piling on. PFF Talk. On and on. And they aren't just criticizing Bruce but they talk about him being either a dummy, a stooge of Dan, incompetent or just a mean spirited dude. Does that mean its all true? Who knows. But Bruce has found his way to become a punchline. And to me I can't really let that go. That was one of the biggest things I wanted to change when Vinny left. And it did change initially. But we are back to square one. Now the counter argument is well even if Bruce is mocked and the Redskins are goofed on -- these guys are simply missing the boat. It's like critics panning your favorite restaurant but you don't care because you like their food anyway. And I get some people are in that category. That's cool. But that's not me. I don't like the cook in the restaurant and I don't care for the food either. I love the Redskins but the FO to me right now is at a low not that far off from the Vinny years. As I've told you before do I think Bruce is a dummy and the FO is full of incompetents? No, I don't feel that extreme about it. But I think its a mediocre bunch which have been hampered even worse by a bad culture set at the top. And I am getting a strong feeling from a gazillion sources that Bruce is a key player in the bad culture. And I do think if enough people complain about it -- it might change. By that I don't mean on this message board. So I have a glimmer of optimism. Because on twitter on other forums I've noticed some people are mobilized on this stuff. Heck I saw a Fire Bruce Allen petition that already had 6000 electronic signatures locked in. As for your specific point -- this is the first Scot free draft. And while I love the draft it isn't every piece of the pie when it comes to running a team.
  14. I understand the logic of all the trades they've made when they've given up draft picks. And unless I am forgetting one, if this one proves to be a winner it would be the first one that does emerge as a winning trade under either Bruce or Vinny. Naturally, there is some logic to all of them. And if I recall most of the trades over the years have been embraced by most of the fan base at the time (me included). Not so much years later. I've just become more cynical about the process. I didn't want to lose Kirk AND also lose draft capital. To me that stinks -- for me that was worse case for Plan B. Even though I like Alex Smith. As for the FA WR drill. I don't mean to rain on that parade as for the guys you like in the draft. You never know. I've just noticed a pattern that while the beat guys don't anticipate everything that is going to happen in FA -- far from it. But they've of late been bulls eye correct about the predominant position that the FO is looking to address and this time by a mile its been speedy-deep threat receiver. You never know maybe its such a major desire they hit it in both FA and the draft. But as for FA if they don't go for one of the available possibilities than just about every beat guy has been misled by their sources with the FO.
  15. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    WR D.J. CHARK, LOUISIANA STATE Chark can affect an offense in a number of ways. As a wide receiver, Chark has shown an ability to line up at multiple spots and produce. In 2017, Chark played 174 snaps at left wide receiver, 202 snaps at right wide receiver, and 143 snaps in the slot. Chark’s 2.92 yards per route run ranks No. 18 among all FBS draft-eligible wide receivers. Chark showed he is one of the premier deep threats in the draft class as he had 14 deep catches — targeted 20 or more yards downfield — which tied him at No. 8 among all FBS draft-eligible wide receivers and his 572 yards by way of deep passes ranks No. 6 among FBS draft-eligible wide receivers. Chark also boasts four career rushing touchdowns and he can be used effectively on end-arounds. Chark also returned two punts for touchdowns in 2017. Chark showcased his versatility against the top draft-eligible talent at the Senior Bowl as he caught five of seven targets for 160 yards and one touchdown, including 65 yards after the catch. Chark also forced two missed tackles as a runner and made a special-teams tackle. Chark finished the game with an 85.6 overall grade.