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  1. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    I've put so much energy into Fitzpatrick, James, Guice that my fear is that guarantees they won't take any of them. G.Carmi21‏ @Gcarmi21 5m5 minutes ago More Interesting nugget: Clinton Portis was at LSU's Pro Day scouting Derrius Guice with the Skins. Tapping into our resources? I recall Michel was one of Portis' favorite RBs from his radio interview -- though am doubting he falls to 44 if the draft geeks are on to something. Seems like Michel might be the most likely to go after Guice either in the late first or real early 2nd.
  2. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    Yeah am not really buying that the beat guys are being misled by the FO. That seemed to be Shanny's game. I made this point before but if you go through the rumors of who they liked last year it mostly was borne out. They didn't land those guys. But I recall hearing they loved Allen but didn't think he'd fall to them. Loved Foster, Cook. That was shown later to be the case. Jay went to meet Ryan Anderson close to the draft, etc. Obviously, you aren't going to land every player you like but I don't recall anything that was really left field. As for this draft seems like we keep hearing: A. RB probably in first or 2nd B. LG maybe in 2nd C. DT D. CB But if they ran BPA anything is possible. Wouldn't shock me if its Edmonds or R. Smith in the first for example or they take a CB like Oliver if he falls in the 2nd. The players that the beat writers are screaming though are: D. James, M. Fitzpatrick at 13. Maybe Vea. If they trade down I'd guess: Payne or Guice
  3. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    Dane Brugler‏Verified account @dpbrugler 4h4 hours ago More Dane Brugler Retweeted Chris Mortensen I agree w/ the proven evaluator. Nelson, Fitzpatrick, Chubb, Barkley are the top-four players on my board. Dane Brugler added, Chris MortensenVerified account @mortreport All of a sudden, it feels like Alabama's Minkah Fitzpatrick is most underrated DB in NFL draft. Hopefully, that's a misread on my part. He is one of three or four best players. One proven evaluator not picking in top 10: Barkley, Nelson, Fitzpatrick and Chubb are the best. 13 replies8 retweets77 likes
  4. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    I haven't heard it repeated recently but recall around the combine multiple beat guys said they loved Josh Jackson. The fact that its been all quiet since makes me suspicious. Also Vander Esch seems to be a guy sneaking up boards. And they did if i recall try to interview him recently but he was booked or something like that if I recall.
  5. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I get the point if Bruce was a new guy and we are judging him fresh. I might like or not like Bruce's next move but either way he's not at the tipping point with me where I'd like or dislike him purely based on what's next. For my opinion to change that globally it would have to be a macro move. I've heard hours and hours of things about him and made many observations. I think most people are comfortable having a global view of the dude. I can care less about conventional wisdom or the media's take. For example, I love the idea of taking a RB at 13. Most of the local media thinks that makes me a moron. Having said that just because the media doesn't like Bruce doesn't make them wrong. I actually don't think its a coincidence that they like Jay and Kirk for example and not Bruce. Personality, maybe? And personality IMO matters. I looked it up as part of another debate. Most of the playoff teams had more going for them than just that. Most of them for example could run the ball well. Some were good at stopping the run. Some had good special teams. The Saints were mediocre for years with this formula that you say 90% of teams have. And I do agree they have mediocrity nailed. It's not the first rodeo though of people questioning Bruce's character or how he operates. We don't hear for example the same as to Schaffer and Schaffer actually negotiates some of these deals himself. Coincidence? If so why would people have some odd ax to grind with Bruce or why is Bruce so misunderstood? This point and some of the others lend to the idea that Bruce is somewhat of a new discovery. Lets keep an open mind and give the dude a break. I am not at a tipping point with Bruce where one article or survey sways me one way or another. And its not because I just enjoy disliking the job he's doing just for the heck of it or i really liked what he had cooking but changed my mind because someone in the media ran a bad report. Like I said my opinion has changed and evolved on many key figures in the organization over time including Bruce. I am not stuck on a position but if things start flying at me from multiple directions and I see things that to me look classless and idiotic with my own eyes like when he read that Kirk press release -- it ALL together paints a picture. In short what I've seen publicly about Bruce has actually flowed perfectly as opposed to conflicted to what people have said about him. And I agree he's a so so personnel guy and knows how to build a so so team but I give him lower marks than so so because of what he is doing publicly to the perception about the team. We are IMO almost back to square one (Vinny's days) to the lack of respect we get for how things are run here.
  6. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Yeah its not easy. Some say based on last years ratings-stadium attendance they see some apathy creeping in. I'd say with some rare exceptions most people do care about who is in charge of the team. I think you can escape a guy like Bruce running things if they were really good but the 7-9, 8-8 stuff doesn't really float from what I've noticed the typical fan's boat to the degree where they can overlook everything else. That's why I can actually get Dan's issue with Bruce if Chris Russell is correct which is stop doing and saying things that embarrass the team. For me its not fun turning on a draft program and hearing your front office (from their point of view) is the worst run in the league and all the other crap we are exposed to. Fans that grew up with the team for years are immune to that stuff but knowing some youngish fans (not just my kids) I don't think the Redskins are a sexy team to like for out of towners. And that's a change from the past. I became a Redskins fan even though I didn't grow up in DC. I heard Matthew McConaughey story of what made him a Redskins fan coming from Texas. My bet is I don't see that happening much with new generations.
  7. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Bell came on 106.7 again. He said every agent surveyed happened in a phone conversation so he got them to expound on various things in the conversation. As for Bruce the word he harped on some agents "mistrust" him and don't take him at his word. Taking this interview and other one he had and combining those thoughts. Some agents don't see Bruce as someone they can trust in a negotiation to keep to his word, he will break promises and or give you some surprise twists. The Ravens and Patriots like Bruce came in as hard negotiators but the difference is you know where they are coming from and you can take them at their word. With Ozzie for example being honest and you can go back and forth with him and he will tell you as it is and they respect that. If so, it gets to what I extrapolate from Lombardi's comments from working with Bruce -- he tries to get one over the agents but they end up getting the last laugh. It also makes me think of Grant Paulsen's narrative that he heard directly from the horses mouth that there are many stories about the negotiation which were turnoffs. Among them, Bruce told them a new offer is coming. A week later they get sent the exact same offer they got previously. Sarcasm not directed at anyone but just using it to bring home a point in a way that's fun for me. Ok, Grant doesn't like Bruce and neither does this and that guy and that guy and that guy and that guy and that guy and that guy. All these sources we've laid many times on this thread. So their credibility is in question. But seriously, how did Bruce earn these detractors? Grant one day was hanging out at Redskins Park and said you know what Bruce is such a cool guy -- wouldn't it be fun if I can flip his reputation where I describe him as the opposite for how he really is -- for no reason at all. Just for kicks. If we learn later that it was all some grand conspiracy leveled at Dan and now Bruce who are both the innocent fall guys -- it will be one heck of a story for the ages. Because there would be many people as part of the intricate plot. How it all came together to malign their reputation will be a story for the ages. It will be like the old James Bond movie where the villain explains their whole diabolical plot. And the people you thought were the bad guys -- we find out at the end were truly the good guys and vice versa but we fell for their diabolical-sophisticated plot. On Dan we got his ex-coaches in on the act, along with the people who covered him, and some of his ex-employees -- even the friendly to Dan employees conceded various stories about how he pushed for this and that transaction. The cleverness of the plot against Dan is the use of multiple sources both friendly and unfriendly to make it all LOOK credible. Dan's has gone under cover. Has he reformed? You got me. We usually don't find out until the new regime arrives. But for the moment, Bruce is the one in the line of fire. Bruce is getting the old Dan treatment -- so maybe that's the dead giveaway? He's got multiple ex-employees who worked with him, Tampa reporters, DC reporters, national reporters and now agents slamming him. Some national media types got in on it too ranking his competence towards the bottom of the league. We even got a posed choir boy type QB playing good cop publicly in the negotiation for years and then to learn later that Bruce was really the good cop all along. The level of sophistication for this plot to all come together is impressive. I'd assume years of planning. And its weird that guys like Schaffer and other people within that front office has escaped all of this type of scrutiny. Maybe they are the ones pulling these strings --double agents perhaps?
  8. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Nope. But Brian McNally was just on 106.7, Dukes asked him about the report and McNally said he's herd from some agents that they don't like dealing with Bruce. McNally said from his exposure to Bruce he doesn't at times come off likable because he has an arrogant air about him so he can see that trait flow along with his negotiation style to turn off agents. He speculated that everything being equal it could be a problem for the Redskins in FA. Cooley came in harder on that point as to FAs saying if the agent doesn't like Bruce and things are equal or close enough he has no doubt their take about Bruce could be an X factor. I get the point. They used to stink. Now we are mediocre and that's much better so why care about who makes the sausage? And I get some are more optimistic about the mediocrity if only they caught this break or that break, etc. That mediocre formula to me is a heavy dose of being about a good QB along with good protection and Jay's play calling -- they haven't really built up the other units. That to me is the formula. But me to get excited about all of that, I'd like to see them build up something else too -- defense-running game -- heck even special teams. Do I think the record player's needle is stuck on mediocre? I truly don't know. Am unimpressed with their off season thus far. But the draft can change that in a heart beat. And at least rhetoric wise I like what I hear about their draft plans but will see. Bruce being maligned nationally for his personality and or the way he goes about his business among other things I gather bother me more than you. Part of what I loved about Gibbs' return was he was deemed as a good guy because he is a good guy. I hate the dark side label that we get pinned with via Dan and these days via Bruce. It's tough enough dealing with it with Dan. But have Bruce double up on it makes me cringe. My fandom is secure. But like I've said I got young kids who I furiously work to keep Redskins fans and its not easy with the rep we have nationally. Depending on the narrative the Redskins either aren't cool to like or don't have it together like some of the better teams in the league. And Bruce is front and center right now within that narrative. And I don't think that rep is just some wild witch hunt that is baseless.
  9. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    Top of the Draft rumors: USC QB Sam Darnold is going 1, PSU RB Saquon Barkley is going 2, Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield is going 3, NC State EDGE Bradley Chubb is going 4, Buffalo is trading up to 5 to get Wyoming QB Josh Allen, Miami is trading up to 6 to get UCLA QB Josh Rosen, after that nothing is real. Middle of the Draft rumors: Green Bay’s gonna take Boise State LB Leighton Vander Esch if he’s there and Alabama DB Minkah Fitzpatrick isn’t. Notre Dame OT Mike McGlinchey to Oakland has serious legs. There are some whispers about Louisville QB Lamar Jackson to Baltimore and I think that’s exciting. Dallas may not be high on SMU WR Courtland Sutton as a Dez replacement
  10. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    Dane Brugler‏Verified account @dpbrugler 8m8 minutes ago More Dane Brugler Retweeted Chris Mortensen I agree w/ the proven evaluator. Nelson, Fitzpatrick, Chubb, Barkley are the top-four players on my board. Dane Brugler added, Chris MortensenVerified account @mortreport All of a sudden, it feels like Alabama's Minkah Fitzpatrick is most underrated DB in NFL draft. Hopefully, that's a misread on my part. He is one of three or four best players. One proven evaluator not picking in top 10: Barkley, Nelson, Fitzpatrick and Chubb are the best.
  11. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    Benjamin Allbright‏Verified account @AllbrightNFL 3h3 hours ago More Benjamin Allbright Retweeted Josh Sturm Guice Maybe? Washington is a legit possibility. Benjamin Allbright added, Josh Sturm @audiomac7 @AllbrightNFL random question. Give me a player that you believe will get drafted much higher than people currently think? 17 replies18 retweets39 likes
  12. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    But doesn't it matter who is making the calls? Shanny. Scot. Bruce. All different people. Unless you are implying that Dan is the defacto decision maker so it doesn't matter? It's sort of like someone asks me if they'd recommend a restaurant and I respond by saying I like some dishes, not so much others, I take each meal as it comes, I am not going to judge it in advance. They'd come back and say well fine but do you recommend the restaurant or not? You've had plenty of meals to judge the restaurant. So anyway Bell was just on. He didn't really add much to me. Rouhier asked if it was about Bruce being tough. Bell responded that he didn't think so. He went that agents respected Ozzie Newsome and Belichick even though they said they are so disciplined-tough when it comes to negotiations. But agents found them consistent and straightforward. Except one agent who didn't see Belichick that way. He said he talked to other football people who echo the criticism towards Bruce. He didn't flat out say it but it seem like he was on the edge of implying Bruce is considered dishonest or perhaps a bit slick. He talked about making promises that didn't happen, making surprising moves in negotiations. But I'd say overall, Bell was a bad interview. So I didn't really get a concrete take.
  13. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    As Grant said this morning, its not like people arrive at their opinion out of nowhere. He talked to a lot of people to get himself there. Speaking of data. Where are you on Bruce now, 0-10? 10 is going a great job. 0 stinks. 5 so so. Anything under 5 you'd like to see him gone.
  14. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I've posted this multiple times, Lombardi's comments from working with Bruce below. Cooley said a variation same thing about his own negotiation with Bruce but he wasn't bitter about it he just saw that as that's how the dude rolls. I don't want to make this a Kirk debate because it's over but I thought Cooley's summary of the negotiation was amusing -- he pretty much said Bruce saw Kirk as a naive midwestern dude and thought he could get one over on him initially and it backfired when Kirk's agent turned the tables. Now I am sure Cooley's take is hyperbole but he's a dude who knows Bruce so I thought his take was interesting. On The Ringer’s “GM Street” podcast Friday, Lombardi said Washington “thought they could bluff their way into” a long-term deal with Cousins. “Bruce thinks sometimes he’s smarter than the agents,” Lombardi said. “And the agents called his bluff every time. And they never really bought into Kirk Cousins that he was ever going to do it and they thought they were being cute. And now, all of a sudden, their cuteness is going to cost them a lot of money.
  15. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    The guy who did it is coming on 106.7 to elaborate. I do polls as a side part of my job so while not an expert I know more than the layperson. Actually did a poll really in your home state of California. The methodology would be interesting to see. But its clear to me even without knowing it -- at a minimum the trust issue isn't a backhanded complement. If it were a backhanded complement, I don't think we'd see Belichick mentioned positively. Naturally, part of the reason why you got specialists in fields who do polling -- they can make sense of the numbers because they can follow context versus just relying solely on the data. For Bruce, you got a one two punch here. We just don't have we don't trust him, we also have the he's unprepared. So you are asking the same people the same question and their response is negative in both cases. To me that means something even if they are being unfair. The only two teams faring worst in preparation were the Bengals-Browns -- the same two teams that failed to consummate a trade last year for McCarron because they botched the paper work. When you are polling like they are 25 agents there is some recency bias (for better or worse) but 25 is a big sample especially if they are the agents with the most clients as Cooley speculated to be the case. It's a big enough sample to dilute McCartney who would only represent 4% of the sample. How would I dumb down the results to something I can tell a client for sure based on the limited information we got in that article? Agents don't like Bruce. As for why -- that we don't know. Now does that matter? According to Cooley -- heck yes it does and big time. I take Cooley seriously both from the stand point of being a player and more so because he's a self professed friend of Bruce. It's the same reason why I trust Chris Russell's take that Scot had to go when he did. I know Russell had no dog in the fight in pushing Scot out. So I trusted it. Having said all that I'll listen to the interview at 106.7 to see if anything strikes me off about the survey. I know as a Bruce critic I don't have credibility with some as being objective. But again I liked Bruce initially, my opinion evolved on him. Heck I liked Scot but I was cool with him going. I didn't like Jay initially and now I do. I was RG3 guy -- then a Kirk guy. I am not perfect as being stubborn to my opinions but I am willing to shift my opinion on people regardless of how it looks for backtracking. I used to have epic debates with Oldfan about Shanny. He saw him as a glorified offensive coordinator and not a good head coach and he shouldn't be running the FO. I disagreed. 3 years later, I backed down. And said he was right, I was wrong. So for me with Bruce there is a ridiculous level of information that he has at the very minimum bungled the reputation of the front office. My level of waffling on him where I am thinking maybe I'll come around on him is at about a 1 out of 100. With two young kids who don't live in the DMV, I actually have to work hard to keep them Redskins fans (its not easy ) with all the different team fans we have here. It's part of the reason why I'd like to replace Bruce with Schaffer. Will Schaffer excel at the job? Got no idea. Is he my ideal pick? No -- I prefer someone with personnel experience. But it just bugs me that we got reporters reminding the world whenever they can that Bruce was termed the Prince of Darkness in Tampa among other things. I am not a believer in Bruce's competence but I'll leave that alone for this point. I'd like a President who is likable and is respected around the league. Schaffer would fit that mold by most indications. One of the coolest things about Gibbs coming back when he did was he was pure class-likable as heck. Jay is likable as heck. I'd like a President like that too where we aren't goofed on. And yeah there is more to it than that but I don't feel like getting into Bruce's competence, I've debated that plenty already. I am not saying you are on the other side of these points, I just used your post to launch mine.