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  1. Saeth29

    What is Wrong with Alex Smith?

    Which is why I think those two or three throws to Doctson seemed out of the blue good. I haven't seen many throws inside the numbers this year -- and you're right it's because all the routes lead to the sideline...
  2. Saeth29

    Does Doctson even care?

    I remember his look after this play... to me it seemed like he was annoyed the play was being brought back. He actually got a change to make a play and it doesn't count... and I think he bothered him. At least there's some emotion! lol
  3. I screamed the same thing about Bibbs!
  4. These other backs have NO vision at all! It makes all the difference.
  5. Exactly what I was thinking... Hopefully today we folllow this pattern.
  6. We look like we're rushing 3 and dropping back 8...
  7. Wow.. you actually were very close! Unfortunately...
  8. No.. I need it after this!! 🤣
  9. Why aren't we dialing up something to Reed?!
  10. My bad, we might be talking about different plays. I commented on the play where Foster almost had the pick.
  11. That wasn't Dunbar looking confused, that was the LB blowing that coverage and Dunny throwing his arms up in frustration.
  12. Saeth29

    Game Day Thread- Colts at Redskins

    That was a really bad throw. With the CB playing the WR like that, that needs to be a back shoulder fade closer to the near pylon. Throwing to the back pylon.. that happens.
  13. Saeth29

    Next Day Thoughts: Redskins vs. Cardinals

    If we're going to be a run heavy team, then Lavau will look much better than in years past. He is much better at attacking defenders off the point than sitting back in pass pro.
  14. Saeth29

    Next Day Thoughts: Redskins vs. Cardinals

    I believe that was when we were a totally healthy team, which is what we are at the moment. This season, IMHO, will be dependent on how healthy we stay. I think we were a playoff team last year without ALL the injuries. If we are luckier this season in that regard, I think we push for the playoffs and we see more of the team we saw on Sunday.