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  1. I checked and did not see this article, I thought it was amusing Nuggets from the article: https://m.washingtontimes.com/news/2018/mar/25/john-lynch-comments-evidence-redskins-bungling/
  2. NFL.com: Kirk Cousins tops biggest contracts

    This was really my main gripe and concern with KC. He did start slow, every year. Frustrating, but somehow he was able to flip a switch and get things going. Maybe Zimmer, knowing this tendency, will be able to knock that rust off faster. KC will do well in Minny. There will be a lot of really good games to watch and see how he pans out. Looks like ES peeps will be watching a lot of Vikings games this year!
  3. So sad to see this guy go, but it is understandable. He made the last few years exciting as we FINALLY had a homegrown QB that was competitive and gave us a chance to win week in and week out. He was not perfect, to say the least, but each and every game he was ready to go and always gave us a shot. I am hoping he excels in Minnesota, except when he plays us. I agree 100%!
  4. Will Cousins Play For The Skins In 2018

    This will most likely NOT happen. Neither the Skins nor KC want to go through that again. it just creates way to much bad blood, press, and fan reaction to deal with. They found this out the hard way. The only one that won was KC, and god bless him for playing the cards exactly right! He has created his brand with exceptional skill and clarity, and proved his worth on the field. My Skins failed, continue to fail, and will be the worst team in the NFL next year. So, 1 more year on my season ticket contract, then I am done. And... why wouldn't KC entertain the Browns option? Lot's of cap space, new management, lot's of 1st round picks, ability to build team around HIM! Going 2-32 in the past 2 years, there is almost no downside. Hell, just win 4 games and you have already beaten every other QB in the past 2 friggin years! This could work out so well for him and put him into an area that has needed a long term successful QB for more years than the Skins.
  5. The scope of the penalty was enormous! Think about it: ball on or close to the 40, loss of down, 10 yards, AND (!!!) 10 seconds off the clock! The refs totally screwed the Skins in the most major way possible. The scope of that penalty and the emotional result, was a killer. The refs won the game for the Saints.
  6. I have no friggin clue what you are talking about. He followed orders by his coach, did what he was told. he created a 15 point lead (KC and the D) but the D could not hold it. Do we really need a 21 point lead with 5 minutes left in order to win? Really?
  7. Count me in with VeryOldSchool, will take ban willingly, happily. My season tickets will not be renewed either.
  8. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    IMHO, the reality is not having a good QB. In this league, to have a top 10 QB (KC is top 10), it will cost you to keep him. There are NO other options at the moment. Let our front office get the contract done, get over the "I don't think he's worth paying that much" crap. It will not kill the team cap. I can easily argue that the franchise tag does so much more damage than paying him a LTD of substance.
  9. Le's be honest: Terrell Pryor can't catch O line is decimated Reed is one concussion away From career ending injury D is hurting in major way Injuries are piling up every game This team is in serious trouble
  10. LOL, I still do this today! It's good to be the King! HTTR
  11. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    It was a designed play to Doctson, not Reed. Kirk played it as designed.
  12. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    Kirk haters will always find something to complain about. Unless Kirk has a 100% perfect game with 500 yds and 15 TD's, they won't give Kirk the respect he has earned. Is Kirk perfect, no. Is he the BEST QB this team has had in 20 years, IMHO, HELL YEA!
  13. Chiefs v Redskins Post Game Assessments

    I hear you Coach! Let's hope the bye came at the right time. The injuries are really disturbing and will be a factor (obviously) moving forward.Not sure the 2 weeks is enough time to get better. HTTR!
  14. Chiefs v Redskins Post Game Assessments

    I know and agree, but just the phrase gets me. This is not the Olympics, He had the ball, and landed wrong. In the NFL, you either do or don't. Loved the way the boys played in this game, even with the injuries and replacements coming in, they all played hard and show a lot of promise moving forward. Clean up the dumb penalties and we might have won this game. Doctson will be a star, gotta make the catches when your number is called, high degree of difficulty or not.
  15. Chiefs v Redskins Post Game Assessments

    Why in the hell are people talking "degree of difficulty"? This is the NFL, these players are supposed to make these catches all day, every day. Why give this kid a pass. There are NO mulligans in football. Gruden called up a play designed for him, he dropped the pass! PERIOD! Screw degree of difficulty, I have NEVER heard you guys talk about that crap before and have NEVER given anyone a pass before.