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  1. Jacoby6644

    Game Night Thread- Redskins at Saints

    Yay!!! Well that will do it. Nighty night
  2. Jacoby6644

    What to do with LG

    Honestly that is what makes this a joke. There was an opportunity to make upgrades and instead the decision to waste the money on SL. As usual, great job.
  3. Jacoby6644

    What to do with LG

    Lauvao hurt again!!! Hurray!!
  4. Much love and respect DHall. Played your heart out for the Skins!! HTTR
  5. Jacoby6644


    If for nothing else he looks like a great teams guy. I would like to see more but he wraps up well on his tackles. Seem to be high motor guy as well.
  6. Jacoby6644

    2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    I’m happy we picked up a third!
  7. Jacoby6644

    2018 Draft Day Thread

  8. Happy Bobby made it!!!! Wish Joe could have joined him
  9. Jacoby6644

    JOE Gotta Go...... To Canton, HOF

    Medidiots!!!!!!! One of the best offensive lineman of all time. Not sure what the guy has to do to get in the hall. Whatever, Joe, you will always be a hall of famer to me!!! HTTR HOGS
  10. Jacoby6644


    I voted !!!
  11. Jacoby6644

    Per Schefter: Su'a Cravens Considering Retirement

    Not gonna crap on the guy for wanting to retire to protect his health, but couldn't have said this before today? Would have been nice to not have to cut someone.
  12. Not to get in to a political discussion, but is anyone else appalled that the government is spending more time on this than any of the other 10000 important things going on in the world ?!?!?!?! Keep the name Danny! Don't give in!!!
  13. Jacoby6644

    The Race to Black Monday 2018: 12/31/18

    I would like to see Chud as the OC in DC.
  14. Jacoby6644

    The Beer Thread

    Dogfish head 60 is the flavor of the evening.