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  1. All Things Star Wars Thread

    If Luke dies early, or hes a sith, or if hes a weakling, or pacifist. Basically I want Luke to kick some ass.
  2. US Soccer thread.

    The TnT game isnt a one off. The last couple of years, or more, have been very worrying. We have not been playing well and have had a hard time against CONCACAF competition. If not, we would have easily qualified. Outside of Costa Rica and Mexico we shouldnt be losing to any of these teams in CONCACAF. We kept trotting out the same old tired players regardless of how they were playing, no accountability in US Soccer. Agreed, youth coaching is a problem. Its getting better but still a long ways to go. Arrogance of US youth coaches has been brought up and thats something that needs to be fixed. Makes no sense that they would be arrogant. I dont think anyone assumes its going to be an easy process with easy answers, but we definitely need to start over in a lot of areas. We have already started the work with that in the youth system and coaching requirements. Its going to take time, but there are a lot of changes to me made. Just because we dont have the answer right now doesnt mean we should keep doing what isnt working. Start trying things. Thats the hope with the change in leadership, that they start coming up with new ideas, new ways of doing things. Soccer being all over TV now will be big for soccer in this country. Kids these days can see the best teams in the world any time they want, thats only a pretty recent change. Soccer is becoming a part of the culture of the US, the more that continues the better off we will be. The cost of transportation and such is always going to be there, whether it is P2P or "free". Thats just the cost of life. The problem is having to shell out thousands more to play. The election in February is going to be important.
  3. US Soccer thread.

    Well yeah, P2P will find some talent, if not we wouldnt have many players. But we are missing out on even more. There are tons of kids whos family cant afford to pay thousands for them to play soccer. NFL, MLB, NBA, all have great players where the sport was there hope for a better life, they didnt have a lot of money growing up. There are just as many kids who love soccer and its the same thing, but P2P limits finding those players as there are plenty that cant afford it. This country is huge, we have lots of talent out there that falls through the crack. We need to find a way to limit that and P2P is hampering it. We cannot hire enough scouts to cover all of the kids league across this country. And more players bypassing college is a good thing and part of the reason that we see improvement in our young talent, but we need to cast a much wider net. There are tons of players that arent close enough to a pro team to join an academy. And these teams should be covering all costs for these kids. We need to burn a lot of it as its not working, but there are obviously good things. I think Klinesmanns biggest impact has been developing the youth programs and trying to revamp that. The biggest issue is the mentality of the leaders when you hear Bruce Arena saying right after we didnt make the World Cup that we didnt need to change anything. That what we are doing is working. If it was working we wouldnt be losing to TnT and missing out on the World Cup to Panama and Honduras.
  4. US Soccer thread.

    The issue with development in US Soccer isnt so much that. The issue is pay to play which keeps us from finding a lot of young talent. The issue is MLS clubs not playing young players. The issue is the college system where players barely play. 16-18 is a very important time for development and its where we fall behind the rest of the world. College is horrible for developing players and I think players who want to become professionals should skip college. Soccer development doesnt work like the rest of our sports do and people are too caught up in "you must get a degree". Doesnt work for everyone and if your goal is to be a professional soccer player its a hindrance to that.
  5. US Soccer thread.

    Encouraging to see how some of these young players play. I really don't want to see guys like Michael Bradley, Altidore, etc back starting on the national team. Whats the point? Seeing how these young guys played yesterday really highlighted the lack of effort, desire, drive that these guys have had. I would much rather roll with all of these guys and see what happens then the same tired group of players that couldn't qualify out of CONCACAF. In the end its probably a blessing we didnt make it so that these changes are forced through. We have needed an influx of talent for awhile but we have been stuck on these senior players. We have needed to give a chance to a young goalkeeper for at least 5 years but we keep sticking with Howard, Guzan, and MIND BLOWINGLY Nick Rimando. Why have we been wasting a spot all of these years on him and not giving Hamid, Horvath, etc more experience. Give the 3rd GK spot to a guy like Rimando is such a waste of space and opportunity. Moving forward I want to see a midfield with Pulisic, McKinnie, maybe Acosta, Tyler Adams, etc. Whats the point of sending Michael Bradley out there to walk around, slow the game up, lose the ball, pass it back, etc? Lets see what we have, give them experience, let them grow together. We would be much better off in a couple of years for WCQ doing that then trotting out these old guys. They have already shown their lack of drive, effort, skill, desire. As fans we have seen this coming for awhile, we have seen this coming. Lets be done with it, blow it up and move on. We have to make changes, at least make this failure be useful and revamp not only US Soccer as an organization but the players as well. Yedlin, Miazga, Brooks in the back from here on it. Not sure about LB to be honest. Fill the midfield with Pulisic, McKinnie, Adams, Acosta, Gooch, Fabian, Hyndman, Saief, and Arriola. Forwards keep Wood, start giving time to Sargent, Weah, etc. They will be hitting 20, 21 for next WCQ cycle, lets start integrating them. Not all of these guys are good enough, will be good enough, at least right now. But they are young, driven, have more skills. Lets at least see where they are and what they can provide. Im excited about the back end, I really like what Yedlin is becoming, Brooks I think is great, and Miazga I think can be right there. Blows my mind that Gonzo and Besler have been getting time over him this last year or so. Those 3 can be manning the back line for a long time. And can we please play the same back line rather than constantly change it? These guys need to know each other and have chemistry. I am excited about the talented kids we have in the midfield. With Sargent and Weah at this point its hoping that they can continue to develop and be players for us. Them already being over in Europe will be a big help and is a good sign.
  6. US Soccer thread.

    Good read from Pulisic. https://www.theplayerstribune.com/christian-pulisic-usmnt-world-cup/
  7. All Things Star Wars Thread

    I'm looking forward to the live action TV show the are going to do. I'm hoping it's in the Old Republic era.
  8. ES Soccer Thread

    Been one of the most depressing couple of months for me in sports that I can recall. So much so I have been avoiding all things sports other than actually watching the games. US doesn't make the World Cup being tops of the list. I don't want to see anyone from that failure, other than Pulisic or Yedlin, near the national team. You lost your chance when you blew duck chunks. Everton sucks, not much else to say there. And the Redskins losing to the Eagles twice AND Dallas at home. Sucky year.
  9. Jay Gruden: Buy or Sell 2017 edition

    Well, in reality the Seahawks should never have had another play, we almost got screwed. You can see that the clock stops running when he is sacked, clock operator gave them another play. It took them way more than 11 seconds to get back to the line and line up for a spike.
  10. The last movie you saw......GO! (After you read the OP!!!!)

    My wife and I agree. She went and saw it in theaters and didn't under stand why people were raving about it, though she liked Gal Gadot.
  11. Mine just womansplains a lot. Sure, he's wrong. I just don't think someone being wrong or insisant in their wrongness us "mansplaining". Based on what he said he would have been just as insistant if that was a man correcting him. People just assume since he was wrong when talking to a woman he must have been "mansplaining".
  12. So what do we call all of the times a man is holding a false position in disagreement against a man? Or a woman holds a false position in disagreement to a man or another woman? Perhaps rather than "mansplaining" its just people being stubborn and wrong? Did he say that she was wrong because she was a woman?
  13. US Soccer thread.

    Gonzalez is trash, would MUCH rather have Miazga out there with Brooks not healthy.
  14. Redskins vs Chiefs Prediction Thread: KC vs KC, in KC?

    The Chiefs offensive line isn't great. This game will come down to our dl vs their ol. If the dl dominates we win.
  15. Game Day Thread: #Redskins vs Raiders

    Only reason this is close at all is bine headed turnovers in the redzone.