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  1. I hope so. If he keeps trotting Hedges out there I have no hope for this team or his decision making.
  2. Hedges sucked so badly and has all tournament. Not sure why Arena thought he should have another chance instead of Miazga.
  3. VAR coming to CONCACAF would be amazing, would change the game SO much. If any federation needs VAR its CONCACAF due to the refs being **** and all of the dirty play. Heck, that game against Mexico that we drew if we had VAR we would have been up a man and probably won it.
  4. We need VAR so, soo badly in CONCACAF. Need some way to counter act the ****tiest referees and protect players from the insanly dirty play.
  5. And tonight is one of the reasons European teams can't appreciate the **** pile that is concacaf. Not only was the crap happening, but no ES player got sent off. Insanly dirty play combined with the ****tiest ref.
  6. Dowell has me excited, think he could be a really good player. We have a decent number of youngsters that look to have some real quality. Aubamayang can miss some sitters, but if he cost 20+ million less I would definitely take him. We wouldnt be on his rader, but I would have no problem paying 70 million for Auba, of course I think he also fits Koemans style better than a forward like Lukaku.
  7. We must over complicate everything.
  8. Im happy to have Mirallas on the squad, he can be frustrating at times but he can also deliver some great goals like the one he just did against Twente. If he could be consistent he would be awesome.
  9. Kenny playing RB today looks like, get a look at him.
  10. Maybe, I would definitely rather see Kenny get playing time than Martina, hes not super impressive. I havent seen enough of Kenny myself to be able to comment outside if I prefer to develop youth. I agree, Holgate could do well at CB and can see him taking Jags spot be that as the 3rd CB in a 5 back-line or behind Keane and Williams until Williams moves on. He will be forced to play RB due to the injury to Coleman though. This month is going by so slowly, cant wait to start watching some Everton and Redskins games pretty soon.
  11. Definitely agree on another winger, unfortunately I dont see anyone that we bring in having time to fit into the squad for the first leg anyway. The long term injuries are rough, just gotta hope people can step up. Davies played out wide in the midfield some last year so we may see him out there as well as Mirallas or Lennon. I expect even if we dont have who we ideally would want out there we should be able to win this and get to the group stage. Would be a massive disappointment if they do not regardless if its still basically the preseason. Mason Holgate played well at RB and some as a WB last year so I could definitely see playing 5 at the back with Williams, Keene, and Jags in the middle. With all of the changes happening this year I have no clue how we are going to line up. Maybe the game today will give some sort of an idea on the lineup we may see. I couldnt even begin to predict the lineup for the qualifier or going into the season. Side note: Sigurdsson for 50 is beyond crazy, I really hope we dont pay that much for him.
  12. Yeah we will see if they actually do change their style of play. Maybe its something they gradually do as the season wears on. Granted, playing defensively and then countering is a perfectly valid strategy sometimes, so not knocking them for that if they decide to go that route against teams higher up the table.
  13. Might as well practice like you are going to play during the upcoming season. No point for them to try to have a free flowing team when they arent going to do that. I imagine thats part of the reason Liverpool wanted to play them, need practice breaking down bunkers.
  14. In case anyone missed it, Pulisic establishing himself early for the new manager:
  15. Good game for Pulisic today against Milan, good start to establishing himself for the new manager.