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  1. Edited as I shouldnt be calling him out.
  2. He definitely shouldnt have done it. But I also dont feel sorry for her.
  3. Pride, awe, etc. I found myself repeatedly saying to myself out loud, what a badass.
  4. Up is a great movie, I dont think I have ever been that effected by an animated movie.
  5. Mine was pretty recent, Hacksaw Ridge. Mainly the part where he is up there all night sending guys down.
  6. I havent experienced that and really cant since I dont live in Liverpool, which is why I said agree to disagree. I cant fathom any time where I would be okay with myself rooting for someone to be injured or celebrating it and I will stand by that. It is a context I cant appreciate, but I also cant fathom that changing my viewpoint. In the end its just a game, not worth seeing someones leg broken over it.
  7. I wasnt generalizing Liverpool supports, I was speaking directly at GHH and what he actually said. We will have to agree to disagree on dirty play/trying to injure a player. I imagine that if after the Funes Mori play last year I had said I wish he had connected and done more damage I would have been leapt upon, and rightfully so. Go look at what I said after he did that and then get back to me, I cant control what other Everton fans are doing and I would call them out as well just as I did GHH. Im not sure what I am getting a second helping of, all I did was call out GHH for celebrating dirty play. Yeah we have been rather abysmal all year away, completely lack luster most of the year when we havent been at home. Thats going to need to change next year.
  8. Unfortunately I have never experienced a derby. Hopefully that changes before too long. After the Funes Mori play you were understandably upset as I was, though I'm sure more so. You should be just as upset when someone wearing a red shirt does the same thing. These are guys careers and livelihood at stake.
  9. Hah, find any occasion were I defended it let alone celebrated anything from an Everton player playing dangerously/dirty. Go look up what I said after the Funes Mori stuff. I dont change my opinions based on the shirt someone is wearing.
  10. So are we at the point where hes either convicted or he was let off? I hate Trump as much as the next guy but lets let the system do its thing and either exonerate his team/him or convict. Lets not fall into the "it didnt go how we thought so he cheated the system." As big of an idiot as he is, its very possible he didnt do anything illegal.
  11. Liverpool fan celebrating dirty and dangerous play? Say it isnt so!
  12. Darn Asbury, that backline looks like a sieve.
  13. I dont think that many people have an issue with Kyle Shanahan, there are just plenty of really good OC's that arent good head coaches. I really like Jay and what he has done and Kyle could completely bomb as a head coach. I think this is a question that shouldnt be asked until Kyle and Sean have had a year or two as a head coach, otherwise there really isnt much of a way to compare them. If Kyle and/or McVay are tearing up the league as head coaches in a year or two then we have information to look at when comparing them with what Gruden has done to improve this franchise and make us competitive.
  14. Definitely would rather have Gruden, I was against firing him after his first year and you can see how this team has built around him and how he has improved. If someone said we could have McVay or Shanahan replace Gruden as a head coach right now I would say no. Its a combination of really liking what Gruden is doing and having no idea of either of those two will be a good HC or not. Its a completely different job than an OC.
  15. Caps should have scored 4. Because of that, no way they win. You can't let chances like that pass by and still win.