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    The Way I Heard It - Mike Rowe No Dumb Questions
  2. US Soccer thread.

    In the end he still choose Mexico who just now started showing interest as opposed to us who have been in contact with him since U14. That says a lot I think. I also dont know that I want the US calling in players like him if hes just 18 and not starting, that tends to not go well. Let them prove themselves before getting a senior call-up. We have been screwed over by this crap team not making the world cup, and Im sure us not making the World Cup was more why he switched then him not getting a senior call-up. We would have had more of a chance if that happened. There is literally no point moving forward with bringing in anyone like Altiodre, Bradley, Dempsey, etc. There is no reason to not just play young guys and see what happens see what they can bring us. I watched Bradley during the do or die last qualifier and he was just barely jogging around the field. No urgency. Meanwhile, in the friendly against Portugal the young guys were playing aggressive, pressing, taking guys on. I would take any of these teenagers over the crap that most of our senior team is. The lack of effort is the most appalling to me. **** you all. You dont give a crap dont put on the shirt. Keep Brooks, Miazga, Yedlin, Pulisic and just start calling in our young teenagers. Maybe Wood if he can show something but he hasnt for now. Im so pissed thinking about what Arena played in midfield as well as at CB for us. Gonzalez is **** and shouldnt be called in for any camps let alone starting for us in WCQ. 2017 was such a crap year. Everton sucks, USMNT sucks and doesnt make the WC, Redskins racked by injuries and are unable to put it together and make the playoffs. I have had to step away from readying anything sports because I just start renting and getting angry, as you can see. The worst part is the USMNT is now set back years and I dont have confidence we will have someone in place to fix this crap. 6 months with an interim manager? Great idea guys.
  3. US Soccer thread.

    I dont think there is anything US Soccer could have done. US soccer has been calling this kid in and supporting him from the U-14 level on. Mexico has shown zero interest in him until he became a starter at Monterrey. We have put in time and effort into him and were supporting him for a long time and the second Mexico shows interest only after he has proven something he leaves? He was just leading us on and hoping for Mexico from the beginning.
  4. Net Neutrality 2017

    Sure, but who decides what's reasonable? The government is screwed up, can't imagine many thinking otherwise. But if we start saying the government should do what the majority says because we think it's reasonable or right what happens when someone else is in power and says the same thing about their issue. I have no issue with calling out this NN stuff, it should be called out. But I can also call out a tweet like that which is misinformed and spreads false information. It would be bad if we were a straight up democracy and just did what the majority said, whether I agree with the majority or not. Obviously what the pepole want should be taken into consideration, but what the majority wants as the driving factor for a government is too simple and chaos.
  5. Net Neutrality 2017

    Wait, are you insinuating that because I think that tweet is dumb and ignorant of what are government actually is that I support Trump? I really don't get that connection.
  6. Net Neutrality 2017

    I couldn't roll my eyes more. Sure, im speaking about that guys tweet saying the government should be doing whft the majority want and by not doing so isnt fulfilling its duty as a democracy. It's an example. We aren't a democracy and it's for a good reason. I am all for net neutrality and am against the changes. But I still think that tweet is ignorant of our what our government is and why it would be really bad if it was a strsight up democracy regardless of how I feel about the decision. Or how stupid I think it is. Do you think it would be a good idea if our government just followed whatever the majority dictated? Be it 80 percent or 51 to 49?
  7. Net Neutrality 2017

    *SCOTT santen tweet about democrazy* There is a reason we aren't actually a democracy. If 80 percent, or 51 percent, of people wanted slavery to not have been abolished and we followed this reasoning it wouldn't have happened. Majority rules is dangerous. Even if we don't like it when the majority we agree with doesn't get its way.
  8. So if having your hands at your waist is a call to get shot, I'm in trouble. I always have my hands swinging at my waist since, you know, that's where they hang naturally. How are cops resisting shooting people walking down the street?
  9. US Soccer thread.

    FIFA decided to just take all of the bribe money from the UAE AND make gobs of money by having the US World Cup in 2026. Win win!
  10. US Soccer thread.

    If missing out on the World Cup is not enough of a shot in the arm to soccer in this country, we are even more screwed then we realize. Thankfully its seemed to stir something, we shall see if its enough.
  11. US Soccer thread.

    A World Cup in the US will make them gobs of money, more than anywhere else. If just for that reason alone it won't happen.
  12. US Soccer thread.

    Yeah, don't see that being a worry. We are easily the best suited to host it especially when looking at our only competition. Plus Trump will be gone well before then. If Russia and the UAE are getting World Cups we won't miss out.
  13. Yeah, everyone was raving about Rian Johnsons writing and I must say I ended up disappointed with it after being super excited. The running out of fuel plot was weak. It has been established that it takes a long time to travel between planets. Were they just lucky the one guy that could help happened to be close enough Finn and Rose could travel there and back as well as wasting time in jail? Also disappointed there were no lightsaber fights. First time in the saga movies, only lightsaber contact is the flashback where Kylo and Lukes sabers touch.
  14. So did you all not notice that the boy at the end used the force to pull the broom to him?
  15. All Things Star Wars Thread

    Im looking to make myself very busy for the next few days until I see it Friday night. I will not be on social media and I will only go to a very few select websites where I wont have to worry about spoilers popping up.