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  1. I can see why how I phrased it would be confusing. I am referring to the negative interactions with police, most of the incidents of police abusing their authority doesnt happen during a traffic stop. Its usually people walking around on foot. Police definitely stop people for no reason, but its not quite the same. Driving a car is not a right, so lots of states department of motor vehicles will require you to provide ID when operating a car or you will lose your license. That does depend on the state of course, but driving is not a right so different rules apply.
  2. I am all for settling it in courts, thats how it should be dealt with. But if people arent standing up for their rights with police there will be nothing to take to court or to the media. I would be happy with police body cams if they actually seemed to always be on and accessible by people. But it seems like too often it either wasnt on or the footage was "lost", which is why we shouldnt be relying on the police to provide the video of themselves as its a bit of a conflict of interest. They have to have reasonable ARTICULATE suspicion of a crime to stop someone and detain them, and its stated that way so they cant just stop people because they say they are suspicious. They have no more right to hold someone on the street without that than you or I do. The law is stated that way so that it is not subjective, if the cop cant say what crime someone is suspected of they cant hold you legally. Smelling weed is their easy way around that law because then they can say they suspect you of a crime, thats why they do that on occasion. But that basically is only going to come into effect during a traffic stop and doesnt impact most day to day interactions with police. The only way I think it works is if an external body without connection to the police are the ones reviewing, documenting, and saving all of the data.
  3. Where would this world be if people through out history had this attitude and let those who abused power just keep doing it. You dont want to deal with it, thats fine. But I dont understand saying people shouldnt stand up for their rights against police. I dont think I would have the guts to do it, but I am very happy and applaud those that do as its good for all of us. What if the cops say you cant take video? Are you going to do it anyway or listen and then have your word versus theirs? And no, cops do not have the authority to stop people on the street any more than I do unless they have reasonable suspicion that you have committed a crime or about to. They have no authority over citizens without a crime that has happened or was about to happen.
  4. Yeah, Pogba is such a ****. Is he really trying to hang his hat on having 4 goals, 3 more than Kante? 4 goals?
  5. I love that announcer.
  6. And this type of thinking is why cops get away with it. You don't lose your rights when you are stopped by police, they have to obey the law. The people that focus on my rights! When they get stopped are helping to hold back the tide of police abusing authority. I wouldn't have the guts to do it, and some of the people who do it are stupid, but it is important that people do so. It's people standing up for their rights that has caused more of these issues to be exposed and dealt with. Police are not the ultimate authority, the ones who think they are continue to be the major issue.
  7. Koeman called today a "poo performance". Hilarious and accurate at the same time.
  8. USA, USA...
  9. Haha. With how Everton completely craps the bed against Liverpool I won't argue.
  10. Well, we can eliminate youth players. Maybe you all are going to try to buy Lukaku for 100 million plus.
  11. Stupid. Seriously, I might buy COD now.
  12. I'm routing for Monaco.
  13. 1st sub for Dortmund in the 27th minute. You know its going poorly when....
  14. Pulisic hat trick to take it to extra time and then win it would cause a BigSoccer meltdown. Granted I also would be declaring him the greatest player in the history of the world if that happened.
  15. Dortmund may not be able to hold off bringing Dembele and Pulisic in until the 2nd half at this rate.