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  1. I think its forgotten about. Before our D-line got smacked with injuries, and especially Jonathan Allen, they were playing awesome. Just having those guys back healthy and drafting DL in the 1st or 2nd would make me happy. Though I wouldnt mind grabbing someone in FA as well, DL makes the whole defense look better. We were only giving up an average of 88 yards a game on the ground until Allen got hurt.
  2. Wait... So just because we dont hear anything doesnt mean they are working on signings? Crazy! Im glad to have Brown back, hopefully its a reasonable deal.
  3. Yeah, our defense was driven by the D-line, as it is for most teams. I firmly believe that if our D-line didnt get hit with injuries we would have made the playoffs. Build the d-line and it helps the rest of the team. People were hyped about the defense because the DL was doing work.
  4. Until our D line started getting hurt, specifically losing Jonathan Allen in the 49ers game, we were giving up an average of 88 yards on the ground per game through the first 5. Thats even after that average being hurt by Alex Smith putting up almost 60 on us in the KC game taking their total to 168 or so. Our young guys on the D-line are pretty good, I would be pretty happy with those guys back healthy and drafting a DL in the first or second round. It was after we starting getting hit by injury that our rush defense hurt pretty bad.
  5. Its possible that some of those guys wanted to hit FA and see what they could get as our offers at an extension werent what they hoped. Im happy we didnt retain Long, I wasnt impressed with him, felt he was just okay. And we drafted a C to replace him last year. I am curious as to what we will do at LG.
  6. We dont hear about every offer given to every player. And it could be that the coaches have so much confidence in Moreau after seeing him for awhile that they didnt feel the need to pay that money to Breeland. I wouldnt have minded keeping Breeland for the contract he got. But IF the coaches feel like Moreau can play there just as well if not better, then I would happily spend that money elsewhere and let Breeland go. Just have to wait and see I suppose.
  7. Really? We should be paying Grant the amount of money that he got from the Ravens? Breelands deal wasnt huge, but we have some young talented CBs we drafted. If the coaches believe in them, and they are way cheaper than Breeland, why not go to them? This is all the kind of stuff that a organization should do. Just because you draft guys and they are good, not great, doesnt mean you then give them big deals. I dont want them paying to keep Long around. The only guy that I would like to try to keep is Murphy, but if he chooses the Patriots only so much you can do. You sign the really good players you draft, like Trent, Kerrigan, etc. The just average or good players you replace with cheaper guys you have already drafted to step into those spots. As I said above. We have a number of young CBs we drafted to fill in Breelands spot, we drafted a C last year who played well and the coaches were high on to take Longs spot, Grant was okay but not worth what he got from the Ravens. That all actually looks like a lot of organizational identity and a long term plan. We are replacing 90% of the guys who are leaving with our own drafted players who we have been developing and who the coaches know.
  8. We are supposed to be drafting guys to replace who we let go so we always have young talent coming up through the system. So when we have a guy we drafted who is a superstar we can pay them. Good organizations do not keep everyone they draft, they let them go and replace them from within. Thats what we need to be moving to.
  9. For sure, I wouldnt blame him. I guess I just hope that we make a comparable offer and if he chooses to move to the Patriots so be it.
  10. I think Murphy is worth paying, though he may just want to play for the Patriots.
  11. Yes, he and Allen were our best d-linemen. Ionaddis was tearing it up until he got hurt.
  12. What's your favorite sports teams???

    1. Redskins 2. Everton FC 3. Caps - though I stopped watching the last couple of years as I was tired of it all, but I could never switch to another team.
  13. Unless they plan on replacing him with someone who has been on our team like some of our young CBs we drafted.
  14. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    I think Smith and Cousins are basically a wash, different strengths. I dont know that I would say Colt is a C QB, maybe a D+. I am of the mind that in this league, any year can see a team get to the super bowl. May be a stretch for a team like the Browns, but it still stands. Bring in a few players, get some luck, who knows where you can end up. So if I had to choose between Colt and Smith I would definitely choose Smith with that in mind.