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  1. Just brutal. Not the same feels I got when I found out about Layne ( mostly due to his prophetic end), but the garden, chains, pearl jam, and Metallica were my entire childhood. Hope it was peaceful.
  2. The decision to not even try to campaign for Whiteside last summer was depressing. I get that they were going for Horford, and that I have a hate that runs deep with him. But Whiteside would have been the edge we needed. That was squashed because no one wanted to hurt Marcin's feelings. Anyways, the bogs trade killed any real package for the upcoming year. I expect the team to have a Luke warm approach to the offseason and take fliers on whatever vagabond pg's are available. They will most likely go into the season with the same starting 5, and a minor change to the bench. Speaking of Bogdonavic, I have to believe that he was suffering from an undisclosed injury the last month of the season. He went from lights out to missing free throws. We would be better off trying to bring him back and pairing him with a better 1/2 core. Jennings was awful in just about every way. No he wasn't as bad as Thornton or Burke, but his defense and hesitancy to shoot the ball can not be paired with a guy like Bojan.
  3. Problem is Nurkic left Denver because he wasn't involved in the offense. Wouldn't be much different here. We don't need a scoring big. We need a rim presence that can catch lobs and lock down the paint. I don't care that marcin had 6 points. I care that he had 4 turnovers, let horford and Olynyk score with ease ( Atlanta series was the same), and that he loses all focus the second he starts sucking,
  4. Gortat talking about stats when he let Horford go 95% from the paint over the course of the series, and Olynyk get 26 points! Seriously, he should be counting his stars that this wasn't Boston, la, or any other big market who would have eaten him alive since the allstar break. You can't win on screens alone, and your post up/rim protection is absolute ****. Be greatful and keep your mouth shut.
  5. I mean, it's such a chicken **** thing to say with 2-3 years left on your contract post 30. A contract that John wall gifted you. Guy is one of the biggest mental midgets in the league.
  6. Gonna take Benningtons approach here: wall: get better at flopping beal: work on the post up. Otto: work on the first step morris: nothing gortat: trade mahinmi: not be injured. Sleeping in a Kobe cryochamber oubre: stop reaching 24-7. Pick your spots to reach. Also, work on the floater. Bogdonavic: get healthy, work on lateral quickness smith: nothing sato: work on using your ridiculous size to finish at the basket maclellan: consistency jennings: bye
  7. This is the best fit he could have ever dreamed of. He can gtfo.
  8. I'm just trying to figure out how and when Brandon Jennings forgot how to shoot. Seriously, his shot looks worse than MKG. Worse of all, he's scared to take a wide open jumper, from anywhere. For the people who are about to **** on Otto when he gets his payday: Wall earned it. Beal earned it. If 4 straight improving seasons has taught me anything, Otto will earn it too. Look, we would gain nothing by letting him go, and he fits a perfect role behind Wall and Brad. This team failed to grab a competent replacement for Marcin, something I said would be the downfall of this team last year. I'm not surprised he was a primary reason we lost. He's a good guy, and I mean no ill will. Dude had some great years with us, and a few great playoff games this year even. But his time as our primary starting 5 should be up, and sadly, his value now is probably at an all time low. Overall, still a great season. No regrets. Wall is a true superstar, Brad stepped up in ways we never saw coming ( elite hesitation dribble), and Otto held the #1 perimeter shooting spot for half the season. You can build around that.
  9. Morris worked out. Arenas worked out. Jamison, temple, nene, gortat.... Surely he can come up with something knowing we are one reliable bench player away from contention.
  10. Cap space doesn't mean **** in the NBA. If you have a contending team and a GM who isn't a dunce, you have options. Ernie is a terrible GM at drafting, but ok with trades. I have hope he can make a move that works this offseason,
  11. What weakness exposed? Poor bench play? Whatever, a GM can fix that in an offseason if the team is young, trending, and has 2 Allstars. If Ernie signed literally a single soul this past offseason that could contribute in any reliable way tonight, we win. Stick to hoping for Ball to fall to LA.
  12. I'm not mad at everyone, just Marcin and Jennings. They have been bad for months with an occasional game here and there. It's too late to move Marcin, so we will have to hope Oubre steps it up next year.
  13. Dont know how you miss a game 7.... but anyways, 4 of 5 Washington starters had about 20 points each. Boston's two centers combined for 41 points, ours combined for 6. That's the ball game.
  14. No. The bigs have to be able to cover the other teams' bigs at a bare minimum. Olynyk had 26 almost uncontested jumpers! Marcin was total **** tonight, and has been the entire series.
  15. Marcin lost this game. It's been a run fellas.