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  1. ***2017-18 NBA Season Thread***

    John wall came in and had about a triple double his first game. Nah, Fultz will be traded eventually. I don't see anything from him that screams 1st overall. Simmons should take his role, he's the real deal.
  2. The Official Washington Wizards Thread

    Wall's brilliance aside, Marcin had a phenomenal night.
  3. The Official Washington Wizards Thread

    The problem is ESPN's garbage talking points that everyone has to follow. It's the same for every sport they cover.
  4. The Official Washington Wizards Thread

    Wall is in mid season form
  5. The Official Washington Wizards Thread

    still would rather play Sato over Frazier. We need the defense more.
  6. The Official Washington Wizards Thread

    Man... Oubre please stop lunging in defense. You don't need to to be effective.
  7. The Official Washington Wizards Thread

    Basketball is about talent above all else. Boston is loaded, and has a top 3 coach in the game ( Pops/Spoelstra). Our bench is reliant on the ghost of Rhas al Meeks, Mahinmi's health, and Sato/Oubres development. They will have more wins than us.
  8. The Official Washington Wizards Thread

    Its just the brutal truth.
  9. ***2017-18 NBA Season Thread***

    Mother of God. Just brutal.
  10. The Official Washington Wizards Thread

    John Wall and Brad Beal have the passion and drive to win it all that the other DC stars don't. In seasons past, I would be skeptical of the outcome, and last year I believe I said they were a 44 win team. But I can feel 53 wins this year. The only question really is how long it takes before gortat/Mahinmi and the 1st are traded.
  11. The Official Washington Wizards Thread

    Pretty sure J Michaels is out on a no disclosure agreement. Got that severance package. It's the only reason that makes sense as to why no one has said anything. In any case, good. Dude's smug was off the charts.
  12. The Official Washington Wizards Thread

    Jason Smith has evolved... Also Sato has looked good tonight. Still would like to see more control over the ball with him though. Frazier was a bit wild with his passes tonight, but he clearly has some ball handling abilities.
  13. The Official Washington Wizards Thread

    The returns on Marcin haven't been great. He's been abused tonight, and the moving screens seem to be an emphasis this year.
  14. The DC Sports Curse Thread.

    Washington Kastles? What the **** is that? You got enough free time between the big 4 to say," ****, I got nothing better going on, I'll watch the 4 titles in 5 years- white Kastles to prove the curse don't exist." Man, I don't even know what sport that is.
  15. The Official Washington Wizards Thread

    Personally, I would rather go with Sato as the backup point guard. I just can't see Frazier playing well enough to be a huge improvement over Sato. And if he does, he's going to play himself onto another roster, because we won't be able to afford him. We need a cheap talent on a home town contract. Thanks to Ernie, Satoransky is the only one that fits the bill, and there are no others in the pipeline. Fortunately, He doesn't have the fear that Ves had, and he doesn't have a game that can't translate to the NBA. He has length, athleticism, and defensive iq. So I'm optimistic he can continue to grow into the role ( ready to take it by the break or end of season).