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  1. The wall step back was lethal. I never thought I'd see the day that he would have the confidence or ability to attempt that shot let alone make it. And he's done it a handful of times this year.
  2. Every nba team can be good on a given night. Russell is hard to guard when he gets hot.
  3. Morris will be playing the 5 in the 4th of a playoff game.
  4. I wouldn't say I've been entirely right about all my predictions. I really thought Jason smith was a niche player and more often than not, unplayable. I also thought he didn't have it in him to stretch the floor to the perimeter. He, like Humphries before him, were mid range fiends and rarely stepped out that far...He's been amazing. I also thought that Scottie was a flawed coach whose success was contingent on having Durant/Westbrook/Harden. Though, I did say he would still be a huge step up from Randy. Anyone would. No coach at all would have been better. Scott Brooks is borderline coach of the year imo. Harden has already been an mvp candidate in recent years, so he can't take credit for that. I also thought letting Jarell Eddie go for the likes of Ochefu was a huge mistake. I'm still not convinced having Eddie instead of Ochefu wouldn't be better. I think I said a 48 win season was the ceiling following our terrible bungle of an offseason. As as for player evaluations: They were classic cases of good players in really bad situations. Prediction no.1: think this team as constructed is 1 move away from repeated finals contention: moving Marcin Gortat for an athletic rebounding big. ( plumlee, illyasova, hernangomez, faried). He's been terrible for 2 years. Sucked last year, sucked this year, and is trending downwards fast. I don't care what any player does in his down time as long as they are putting in the effort on the floor. He's been garbage lately, and a stat whore at best over the season. His best asset is showing up. That is not good enough. And now he gets caught picking up not one, but 3 chicks at the clubs? Any other player would be crucified for that. I stand by my statement that we should have kept Nene over him this past offseason. Going forward, we would be better off benching him for Ian and Jason. Prediction no.2: Otto learns how to create his own shot next year and proves he was worth the max we give him this offseason.
  5. They are vulnerable, but you can't count them out because Lebron and ref shenanigans.
  6. Even healthy, I think we can take Cleveland and Boston straight up. The hard part is playing against Lebron's superstar calls and Al Horford's moving screens. I am more afraid of playing against a team like Miami and Milwaukee where whiteside can dominate our bigs, and the freak can put his hand in all the passing lanes.
  7. Oubre playing with some fire!
  8. Ok, you can't play Jennings with wall. If Jennings comes in, wall should sit.
  9. Jason is everything we hoped Humphries could have been right now. Korver doesnt just just stand in a corner. He's great at finding his spots off screens and curls. It's a legitimate skill set. He's on the tail end of his career, but he is not just a statue in the corner.
  10. ****ing A, that's how you do it. 40 in the first? Gotta keep up this energy.
  11. All 8 points have been scored in the paint...come on Marcin. Please show something, we know u are capable of more than this.
  12. It really is. He just doesn't have it mentally.
  13. Son of a ****. That is the same guy. I've been duped!
  14. I don't care what reason you give, it's time to give Marcin a game or two to rest.
  15. Hoo boy. They look awful tonight