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  1. I get that,but it still dosent mean Kirk deserves more than a total of 53mil.. who the **** are you calling stupid?
  2. I get hes guaranteed 24mil this year,but that dosent mean he deserves 52mil on top of that for a 5 year contract
  3. my argument is his pay is inline with Lucks and Carrs,but he thinks he deserves more guaranteed? what does he have to worry about?if he is so damn good and deserves more he can always hold out and demand more..For once let a player exceed his contract instead of paying for potential..If he gets injured he gets 72mil whats the big deal?he wants to bet on himself than let it fly...
  4. But this isn't next year..this is what QB's are getting paid now..
  5. how is it a ****ty offer? 52mil for guaranteed is the norm
  6. They guaranteed him 72mil for injury..if he is so sure of himself than he should of took it...screw that **** if you don't perform you still get paid..if he wants the team to take risk then he should also..
  7. yeah if it was 53 mil plus the 24 mil this year than that is not a bad deal
  8. nfl-quarterbacks-elite-jump-2017-best-chances-cowboys-titans-raiders-052517.htm I just don't understand how Cousins get so little respect compared to the QB's listed in this article..Dak has played one year throwing for less yards,avg,td's with 141 less attempts and he is considered to be elite in 2017? Tannehill.. really? what a joke..hances-cost-chances-cowboys-titans-raiders-052517
  9. Damn CZ is full of every player that they drafted wil step right on the field and be all pro's
  10. Wth is Scot McCloughlan still wearing Redskins gear and posting pictures?
  11. He drafted 2 players that were starters out of 22 in two years..complete garbage considering the defense that was put on the field every sunday
  12. Stop with the conspiracy theories already..the guy was fired from two other teams for the same exact reason and now of a sudden it's because of Allen and Snyder were jealous? He has a problem with drinking get over it or move on to another team if you hate the decision so much..He really didn't add much to the team anyways..
  13. Maybe they were hoping that him getting treatment would help,but in the end it had no effect so they fired him..
  14. What happened to Morris after RG3 was no longer a threat?Why did his yards just fall off so quick?
  15. Morris benefited from RG3 and the read option..