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  1. The problem is it's not working..Saints,Falcons have blown this team out because of Smith not being able to push the ball down the field..
  2. Jp finlay just said Alex is missing too many plays..they have to make a change if they want to advance in the playoffs..
  3. fumble aside,this scheme is ****ing
  4. I know everyone is blaming Gruden for the running game,but i swore i heard that Callahan is the one calling the running plays.
  5. The same players hurt every single year..stop resigning them.
  6. Something has to change with the Offense and Defense..They cannot continue to trot out the same **** every week
  7. ****ing playing 10 yards off
  8. They could cut him in the off season,fire Bruce and blame it all on him..No way can they sell Smith to the fans next year and beyond with the way he is playing..
  9. I just don't understand how this coaching staff thinks Smith gives them a better chance of winning over Colt..
  10. Seriously whoever Traded for Smith has to be held accountable..This offense is so ****ing bad with him.
  11. Even if the Redskins win it will feel like a lose..This team is going no where in it's current form.
  12. Please get rid of Manusky..
  13. player aren't even