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  1. nfl-quarterbacks-elite-jump-2017-best-chances-cowboys-titans-raiders-052517.htm I just don't understand how Cousins get so little respect compared to the QB's listed in this article..Dak has played one year throwing for less yards,avg,td's with 141 less attempts and he is considered to be elite in 2017? Tannehill.. really? what a joke..hances-cost-chances-cowboys-titans-raiders-052517
  2. Damn CZ is full of every player that they drafted wil step right on the field and be all pro's
  3. Wth is Scot McCloughlan still wearing Redskins gear and posting pictures?
  4. He drafted 2 players that were starters out of 22 in two years..complete garbage considering the defense that was put on the field every sunday
  5. Stop with the conspiracy theories already..the guy was fired from two other teams for the same exact reason and now of a sudden it's because of Allen and Snyder were jealous? He has a problem with drinking get over it or move on to another team if you hate the decision so much..He really didn't add much to the team anyways..
  6. Maybe they were hoping that him getting treatment would help,but in the end it had no effect so they fired him..
  7. What happened to Morris after RG3 was no longer a threat?Why did his yards just fall off so quick?
  8. Morris benefited from RG3 and the read option..
  9. I have no clue? This is year three of his plan..i had no idea Brady or Brown are the players they are now in there rookie year..
  10. Lol...10 draft picks this year at the middle of each round will not produce a difference maker to put this team above the rest of the division...He failed when he passed over Williams for Scherff..
  11. Did Scot say or not say it would take three years? This team is nowhere near ready to compete in year three with that defense..
  12. When your defense is one of the worst in NFL history and you draft Offense with your first picks in back to back years than you are doing a terrible job as a GM
  13. With players that Scot had no hand in drafting..
  14. apparently he did the past draft..the one that produced nothing while basicly trading picks for very little compensation..
  15. Lmao at everyone flipping out over a guy that hasn't really produced very much in two years of drafting and FA..