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  1. Would MUCH rather have sniffed at bringing Breeland back than Scandrick but oh well. Bit of a headache but bugs me we’d let a homegrown guy who is a solid young player go. Especially after losing fuller. Holsey is a slot player so they may have a lot of faith in Moreau and Dunbar but I hate to see such depth and a strength turn into a thin and weak group.
  2. I would LOVE getting Poe. Would like to get Rodgers-Cromartie as well. But I’d rather have Breeland back. Curious to see what he gets from panthers. People dislike or are down on him here because he’s emotional and says some stupid **** on social media but he’s a quality YOUNG corner that we drafted and raised here. Would feel differently if we hadn’t jettisoned Fuller but we went from being one of the deepest quality corner units in the league to very thin very fast. Do NOT like. Moreau/Dunbar/Holsey better be for real.
  3. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    This must be some kind of ruse right? Had we traded ONLY the pick for him AND signed him to maybe just a ONE or two year extension for far less than what we supposedly agreed to, MAYBE I could be on board. Kirk Cousins has been more proficient with less help. Does anyone think Alex Smith would have even had a decent year with our receiving corps and o-line injuries and without Jordan Reed (i.e. see Travis Kelce)? Oh, and then we are gettin rid of a guy that's likely the best corner on the team this upcoming year that just graded out (unsurprisingly) as the top slot corner in football who had two game ending interceptions this year (and a third that was called back due to a bs penalty) and can play on the outside as well. Anyone on here that wouldn't have honestly rather traded Norman? And no, I would have been equally as pissed if we shipped Norman over there but just hypothetically of the two why trade the guy that's a top corner and getting better, is super young and hasn't even hit his prime? Oh, and by the way we gave up the pick and fuller for a guy that the Chiefs WANTED to get rid of. I.e. they had zero leverage and we still got fleeced. Maybe Cousins said **** off, maybe he didn't. But for maybe a few million more, maybe a bit more, I'd like to keep my third round pick and one of the best young corners in football. Thanks.
  4. My thing is good slot corners are a premium in today’s league. Fuller is about as good as it gets there. He could be our second best outside corner but it may actually be better for us to have him inside. Or maybe play outside then rotate in when the other team puts a third receiver out there. Dunbar is strictly an outside corner imo and Norman struggles against small quick receivers.
  5. Annual "Where Do I Watch Games Thread"

    FrFan, Thanks for the link man it worked great, except for the egg the team laid lol.
  6. Giants V Redskins Post Game Assessments

    Maybe cousins feels like **** about his 3 interception losing performance and decides to come back cheap? Only positive about today lmao one can dream
  7. Annual "Where Do I Watch Games Thread"

    Any links to the game?
  8. Gameday Thread: Redskins at giants

    Idk why but I want him to get a half sack at least so bad to be exactly or above 10 sacks per year. Dude has been a consistent rock and if he plays a decent amount he will. He has dominated their ****ty line the past couple years.
  9. Redskins Denver Post Game Assessments

    Not even arguing against what you're saying and it doesn't change much of the argument but if you don't think Preston Smith has been worth where we took him I think you're out of your mind. He's been inconsistent and last year he was very much a role player that was overshadowed by Trent, however, dude is still at 20+ sacks in three years, has had some monster plays and games and is a complete stud against the run. I'd say he has been well worth what was invested in him. You can always play the game of who else we could have drafted at that spot but at the end of the day if you're purely looking at the value of a 2nd round pick I'd say he's spot on. I wouldn't say he's outplayed his draft position but I certainly would not say he's underplayed for where he was taken.
  10. Skins Giants Assessments

    I think people's perception (and I'll admit mine too) is worse than reality. The truth is our red zone efficiency (I.e. Touchdown percentage is between 65-70% according to an article I read the other day - I think it's an espn article in breaking news about cousins playing his best ball). Thats top top ten and near top five in the league (not sure after last night). For all our complaints Gruden and cousins have us in the top ten in almost every major statistical offensive category in the league. Despite all the new and injured players our offense has been a bright spot most of the year and perine has been excellent in his two real games of action. I think the redzone/goalline offense being poor is a complete fallacy. We were best in the league two years ago. Near the top this year. Last year's debacle was the outlier under gruden but everyone is so negative they've clung to it and everything else negative and are just looking to throw spears.
  11. Hang on I think there was intentional grounding on that field goal.
  12. Game Day Thread Skins at Saints

    Man I love doctson but with some of the great catches he makes you expect him to make almost every one. And then when he drops one like the earlier one in the end zone it's infuriating because it's so much easier than other catches he makes. But he is certainly a weapon.

    Keenum had 7 td's all year and we are making him look like the second coming of Brett Favre. What happened to last weeks defense?!?

    Crowder three ****ing drops on one drive and doctson falls down. Shoulda just punched it in with Perine. Cousins killed us with that pic but the receivers just ****ed us on that drive.
  15. Redskins vs Vikings Prediction Thread: CK vs KC

    No surprise that Chris Thompson has dropped off and the screen game seems nonexistent the past couple of weeks. There is no better screen o line in the league then us with Trent, scherff and long. With those guys out it simply isn't what it was. Sucks cuz it was a huge weapon. This is another one where defense has has to carry the day. I think our offense is better and we win 17-10 but diggs could be a serious problem for us. We will probably sell out to stop the run and hope our excellent secondary can hold down thielen and diggs. It's the right call but diggs matches up well against our corners.