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  1. Just saying, we've played him several times since he's been in the league with the Texans/Cardinals and he is obnoxious and constantly recognizable on the field talking ****, in people's faces after the play, etc. and I've rarely seen his play back it up. Credit where it's due for looking up the numbers, I'm speaking purely my opinion from the several times I've seen him play against us and a few other teams. Will gladly eat crow if he turns out to be a stud at free safety for us, but I don't see it happening.
  2. I hope you're right. I've always viewed Swearinger as a bigger but damn near identical player as Cravens. Not a crazy athlete, more of a just a good football player but also miscast as a free safety. I've always seen him as the ideal "tweener" player between linebacker and safety - a perfect nickel player and guy to fill that "Tyrann Mathieu" role - but not an every down free safety....maybe an every down strong safety. Basically I view us as having two excellent playmaking tweener types without a true safety at either position. I think Arizona had such a star studded and complete defense across the board it breeds the perfect storm for a tweener kind of guy to just run free and make plays due to the people around him. Again, with such a weak d-line, it allows teams to run all day on us and be in favorable 2nd and 3rd downs and pass/play-action situations. This, to me, more than anything negates having a strong group of pass rushers (I believe we do) and a decent or maybe even strong secondary (I think they're better than most believe they are but due to the aforementioned reasons they look worse than they are). At absolute best I think we are just as well off on the dline as last year, which is to say we suck, at least against the run. To me, I think we've made a slight regression.
  3. The post directly above yours by submitted is spot on as is the one below by morneblade. I fear brown will be minimized by how bad our line is. He is a sideline to sideline player but if the dline gets blown up like last year and the year before he's not really the type to run through guards. It's mostly the same for any linebacker. Hell I think we'd be surprised at how good Compton and foster would look behind the Giants line from last year. Ill echo that you address holes, at least the big ones and especially at the most crucial positions in free agency so you're not forced to pick needs in the draft. And that's not even accounting for injuries. How's our line look with an injury to McClain or McGee? Hankins should be signed AND we should bring in some picks hopefully at dline depending on how the draft works out. And I know everyone gets spun up about free agents but I don't see swearinger as some great player for us. I think he'll be an average starter that we will grow tired of due to attitude and unsportsmanlike conduct penalties.
  4. You don't have to fill every need but our defense has been dreadful for years now. They are one of, if not the worst run defense in the league over the last two years. And really the only position you can even argue we've gotten better at is safety. At best, the defensive line is as good as last year's, which is to say it's horrible. We have a damn good offense so yes it is worth aggressively addressing the defensive line to help out the offense. There are good players on the line in the draft and we damn well better come away with some. But that doesn't mean you don't try to bring in the player in free agency that is the absolute best combo of youth and stopping the run available. Reduce dhalls salary or cut him and you have the money for Hankins. It's really that simple. Signing cousins would do it to. A defensive line of Hankins McGee and McClain starting with Ioannidis Lanier and a couple rookies that are up and coming is perfect. Especially if Hankins is on a one year deal and the rookies are ready after this year to start.
  5. lol I see what you did there. Sliiiiight hyperbole. The LSU safety is likely to go before Hooker, safeties are not overly popular high in the first round and you never know when poorly run teams are going to make a run on QB's or other positions. Obviously it's expected Hooker will go before 17 but it's not inconceivable for him to drop. Hell Doctson was almost unanimously thought of as the top receiver in the draft last year and dropped farther than most expected and was not the first receiver off the board. You never know. And I would still want Hankins even if we got Garrett
  6. Thus my comment that I didn't think he would drop to us....which you conveniently left out of the quote. Crazier things have happened in the draft and several analysts have said it's a possibility. Again, I highly doubt he'll drop to us at 17 as well but like I said, regardless, picking up Hankins would be a big positive step for us. Him and Hooker would be a coup and is probably a pipedream, more likely we get neither than even getting one probably. A guy can still dream though.
  7. I agree that I think he is best utilized in the slot. That being said, an article that was released this offseason had numbers for average separation in the slot and outside, average separation at catch, etc. Crowder was in the top ten, if not top five in the NFL in these categories for both the slot and outside. In fact, his numbers were actually better on the outside. Not saying he should become our outside guy but I think it is a valid argument that if he is our second or even best option, that he plays on the outside in two receiver sets and pushes inside on three receiver sets and Doctson goes outside. Ideally Doctson is healthy, he and Pryor ball out and are the two best receivers and Crowder plays almost exclusively in the slot. But receiver is a difficult position to adjust to in the NFL so even if healthy Doctson may not be a complete stud early, whereas Crowder has clearly shown he can be effective inside the numbers and out.
  8. Sign Hankins. Make dhall take a pay cut. Draft Malik hooker to be a true free safety. Build depth on dline throughout the draft. Defense becomes solid overall and against the run and Cravens/swearinger can rotate or even be on the field with brown in nickel situations. Team speed goes way up and all of a sudden defense looks pretty legitimate. Of of course this assumes hooker falls to 17 - I don't think that he will but it doesn't diminish the fact that we could sorely use a guy like Hankins.
  9. Damn it you beat me to it lol
  10. Hankins is out of his mind asking for $10M per year. Even for an upper echelon inside linemen that can create pressure, that's a lot. The confusing part for me is that it seems like everyone has written him off as purely a run stuffing, two down player. It's a small sample size and admittedly I don't watch more than a few Giants games per year (ours and maybe other NFC East battles if they are important) but to me he seemed to get decent pressure/collapse the pocket on a fairly regular basis for an interior linemen, especially against us. It's possible he didn't do much rushing the passer outside of the games against us but to me he seemed like a budding young 2 down player that was capable of putting pressure on the QB and playing on third down if needed.
  11. Given that there's not really an interior defensive lineman I would take in the first round and that Malik hooker would be the bpa if he fell to us, it's kind of my hope we get him. He starts as a true FS with great range and then you can rotate Cravens and swearinger as strong safeties and nickel linebackers. Obviously the key is still to beef up the line in front of them to stop the run then we have a plethora of pass rushers and finally a legitimate coverage secondary for passing situations.
  12. Credit where credit is do. We NEEDED an upgrade at inside linebacker. We still NEED to upgrade the defensive line. I'm still holding out hope for an out of nowhere signing of Hankins similar to what we just did with Brown, but at a minimum we need an impact defensive line player in the draft.
  13. Let's be honest, is there a single person here who wouldn't rather keep SM over Bruce Allen? And just when we were going in the right direction. Anybody not wish we were signing Hankins? Or at least had gotten Logan or Poe?
  14. I'm sure I'm in the majority here - just wanted to reiterate that I would be irate if we didn't sign Hankins if that's all the Giants are offering. If we refused to sign him for legitimately the same or a slightly larger offer than the two average guys we signed, it would just be comical and another sign that we are trending toward losing legitimacy and respect again. If we fail to improve or even keep the status quo on our defensive line AND fail to sign Cousins to a long term deal, this will be a complete fail of an offseason and I firmly would expect a subpar season next year. No matter how good Cousins is we can't be better than .500 IF we can even achieve that if our defense is letting no name backs average 5 ypc.