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  1. MNF used to be something to look forward to. First-year football announcer Whitten with that nobody on Monday Night Football? I like Booger MacFarland but he has a real bromance with Alex Smith and Kirk Cousins must have really pi$$ed in his Corn Flakes because it was all about how Alex Smith does what Kirk never did. LIke, throw an accurate pass downfield! Didn't the Skins offense lead the league or something last year in 20+ yard pass plays, may be wrong on that but either way I guess if he had someone to throw to besides running backs and tight ends. I knew last night was going to be bad with ESPN placed a graphic on the screen of Alex Smith labeling Drew Brees as the Washington Redskins QB.
  2. pappy1271

    #Redskins Injury Report

    SemperFi I am with you. They need to find a way to capitalize on Reed some way and trade his injured butt.
  3. pappy1271

    How do you feel about the Receiving corps?

    So I guess CTskin is the posting police and is the only one that has the right to have an opinion. I DID NOT agree with the acquisition of Pryor and it is because of A$$es like you I rarely respond these posts. But tell me this, where were the three players that I mentioned this past week against Dallas?
  4. pappy1271

    How do you feel about the Receiving corps?

    Pryor, as a wide receiver he is a very good college QB. You don't spend, what, $8 Million on someone that is playing WR like a college sophomore! They should have never let Garcon go. BIG MISTAKE, and it will show because this season will be wasted. Doctson? He is just soft like so many of the other young players. Jordan Reed is a waste of space, always hurt, doesn't practice, cannot block and now doesn't seem to be able to catch the ball. Give me Vernon Davis any day and twice on Sundays. Three drives end when they had third and short with a bad pass and two dropped passes. And don't forget the dropped pass that could have been the winning touchdown!