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  1. Ovechkin doesn't get the same credit as Crosby because he doesn't have an entire Canadian media PR firm. He blocked 3 shots last night and cleaned the slot on backchecks all night, including putting a guy into the turnbuckle. But since NBC lives to highlight anything Crosby does.... Wilson got boarded, should have been a major. Crosby should have gotten a penalty for butt-ending Nisky at center ice. He skated from the blue line to a stationary Niskanen and butt ended him in the chin. Then Hornqvist tried to jump Niskanen. And Kunitz tackled Winnik from behind while the linesman had Winnik to keep him away from a Pen. The officials need to call the game with an unbiased eye. If the Caps were to play the exact same way, no way those aren't penalties. Hell, Wilson got 2 and 10 for punching Bonino in response to Bonino punching him.
  2. It's ridiculous that the Caps are down 0-2 with performances like game 1 & 2. Maybe the Caps have to be down 0-2 and come back to beat the Pens to truly get the monkey off our backs.
  3. What of the people that claimed you make your own puck luck? Caps did everything right and had none for 2 games. Pens have it. Despite getting completely dominated
  4. Phil Chenier will call no more Wizards games. Thank you Phil, for being the color commentator my entire conscious life of some really miserable Bullets teams. Class man, GREAT color analyst, and a big part of my childhood on WDCA and HTS. You will be missed!
  5. Wall waving buh-bye
  7. John Wall. Assassin.
  8. Milsap is gonna be allowed to murder mother****ers with no call
  9. Morris gets absolutely clobbered driving to the hole. No call.
  10. HUGE. Now go at Milsap on offense. They can't afford to take him out.
  11. I hate the NBA allows players to do **** like that. What is a defender supposed to do?
  12. Dwight had Morris with one arm and Gortat with the other and prevents them from closing out in Milsap.
  13. He doesn't think he fouled Wall there when he CLEARLY grabbed his arm.