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  1. Cavs throw in towel, all subs.
  2. And Beal gets HAMMERED on a drive with no call. And no call on the Porter dunk.
  3. Caps50 for cardboard pizza for 50% more than it's worth tomorrow!
  4. Oubre has been a MAN tonight. Wall, Beal, and Oubre have been money.
  5. LeFlop
  6. Cavs have received 2 gifts in last 2 trips. Phantom late call on Jefferson and then Lebron pushes Beal and they get a TO and a layup. And Beal gets T'd up.
  7. So when someone picks up the dribble you can just bump them to make them travel now? WTF
  8. And now Williams gets called for a "hook" on a lift check that happens 2,139 times per game.
  9. That "slashing" callnon Ovie might just be THE weakest call in the NHL this season.
  10. Wall has lift.
  11. Only in your mind. Look at the title to the thread you started. It is false and misleading. Elway is not using the Broncos to advance his political beliefs.
  12. And this is why fighting will NEVER completely leave the game. And the refs will NOT allow Crysby to ever have to answer the bell. And the league (Crysbys personal protector Bettman) will target anyone who tries, under the guise of player safety and targeting a concussion-prone player.
  13. You are missing a very fundamental difference - Elway was writing a letter in support of a SCOTUS nominee, something so benign and apolitical that charitable groups do it. And just FYI, your source presented a completely inaccurate depiction of the nominee's words and actions. The source is wrong. It lies. It conflates the issues. It is an opinion piece in the sports section. It is in no way authoritative, anymore than a climate-change denier writing an opinion piece in the local paper is authoritative on climate science. The writer is not an expert on the socioeconomic and racial aspects of the story. Just because I don't think Kap or Reid or Marshall or Foster did anything wrong, doesn't mean there weren't a large portion of the people that did. And just because there is a perception difference, that doe not indicate a double standard. The perception is different because the actions are different. Not everything is an affront to progress. And just FYI, you don't know me. You don't know whether I am empathetic or not. You don't know how I feel about a large number of issues. Yet you have no problem labeling me and filing me away as one of a "lot" of unempathetic and uncompassionate people. Here is some nuance: endorsing a SCOTUS nominee is not advocacy.
  14. The league is going no to HAVE to suspend him eventually. Back to back nights of UGLY stick work. First the slash to the sack against Buffalo. Then shattering Methot's finger with a heavy two hander, resulting in him basically skating to the bench with a fingertip attached by skin only.