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  1. Does any politician deny votes? I mean, do Dems deny the fringe left votes? No, because they are trying to win a ****ing election. The Dem and Rep parties only care about two things, and that's power and control. That's why they swap spots whenever the other takes power. These guys and gals are all friends (except Ted Cruz) at night, and go to dinner together and party together. There isn't a lot of real animosity between them, as power and control rules. They change from majority to minority party and go from boasting to whining.
  2. ****ing 4 runs because they called up an INF to play CF. MAT may be hurt, but start Goodwin in CF. Or, call up an OF'er. I know the lead is ridiculous at this point, but come on. The lead is 1-0 if an OF'er is playing CF.
  3. Need to flip Grubi for a decent d-man and find a spark from Hershey.
  4. That takes Oshie 4 years past the Ovechkin and 5 years past the Backstrom contracts.
  5. NBCSN. During awards show. Nate Schmidt will be the the last pick of the night.
  6. The cop was charged. Pretty sure for 2nd degree murder. How a jury of 12 came back not guilty is beyond me. Has to be something specific in the jury instructions. Like if there is any basis to the "I was afraid for my life" defense that they had to vote not guilty (but a cop could claim afraid for my life on any interaction with an unknown person). Of all the cases, I was fairly confident this one would lead to conviction.
  7. Kelley-9 HR allowed Blanton-8 HR allowed Updated
  8. Cespedes is HORRENDOUS against lefties. Why wasn't Romero in to start the 8th? Kelley and Blanton have to go. Fedde and Jackson please. PLEASE.
  9. Kelley-9 HR allowed Blanton-7 HR allowed
  10. Back to back, calling it now.
  11. Why can't Joe Blanton throw the slider that starts outer half and drops low and outside? You know, like he did to the Nats for the last 10 ****ing years? And could there be a worse worse matchup THIS YEAR than their power hitter and Blanton? Christ.
  12. HUGE to get out of that with no run. Now need to open up this inning.
  13. Rendon gets strike 1 called on a pitch that wasn't a strike for Stars at all last inning.