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  1. Popeman38

    WaPo Journalist killed in Saudi Consolate

    I saw something that indicated he was wearing an iWatch and was recording when he entered the embassy. Maybe the Turks were given access to the recording?
  2. This is an embarrassment - for the NHL schedule makers. Caps have played 2 road games - one against a team with an entire offseason off and one with a team having 5 days off - both on the back end of a back-to-back. Shockingly, the other team has looked “fresh” while the Caps look like a team in the first week of a season playing back-to-backs.
  3. Pete Peeters wore it LONG before Liut.
  4. Popeman38

    2018 Washington Nationals - Weak Cheese

    Watch him throw a 3 hit shutout over 7 innings...
  5. OK, I don't want to start a hullabaloo, but that graphic has been passed around a lot recently (not just on this site). Can someone explain to me how that graphic's numbers are deemed accurate? How do they determine n men are "rapists"? Should it be accused rapists? How do they determine x% went to trial? y% were convicted? And how is someone labeled a rapist "falsely accused?" These things bother me. Last night during intermission of the Caps game I flipped over to Alaskan State Troopers on Discovery. A trooper claimed that by the time a driver is arrested for DUI, they have driven drunk 80 times. Like, how do we know that? Is that a MADD stat? Statistics, to be useful, need to come from a known criteria, and be defensible.
  6. Gruden doesn’t take notes. Or isolate a weakness. Or play to a strength. Or make sure his team is ready to start the season. Or come off a bye. Or show up when it matters. Or how to hire a competent DC. Or not abandon the run at the slightest adversity. Or know what debauchery means. Other than that though...
  7. Dufresne county doesn't actually exist. It's a nod to Frank Darabont, who directed The Shawshank Redemption with a title character of Andy Dufresne. Darabont was an EP on season 1 and is, ironically, suing AMC over $280M.
  8. To be honest, I used Wiki for that. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_projects_supported_by_George_Soros
  9. Absolutely. But if a conservative said a woman wasn’t qualified for a job, what would the reaction be on this board? How many posts about the patriarchy and how misogynistic the guy was?
  10. Come on guys. You don't work in PR for a NYC communications firm, PR guru Matthew Hiltzik, serve as Press Secretary for a Presidential Campaign, and serve as Communications Director in the White House and not be qualified to be a communications director. She isn't an idiot who isn't qualified for any job just because she worked for Trump. Anymore than Elizabeth Warren is unqualified to be President because she's liberal...
  11. Soros founded the Open Society Foundation, and is a co-founder of the Clinton Foundation. Open Society Foundation supports "grassroots" movements for democratic governance. We have all heard what the Clinton Foundation is about on repeat since it was founded... That's it. That's where the notion that Soros is funding the left (to be fair, it appears only Democratic causes receive funding).
  12. Except for athletes. Those are governed by the NCAA initial requirements rules. ND requires athletes: VT requires athletes: So, explain: Looks to me like ND requires their student athletes to maintain a 0.01 higher GPA during their sophomore year. Because, we are talking about football here, not the overall university, right. So you want to compare apples to apples. ------------------------------------ Yeah, the secondary being young and small really limits how creative Foster can be. They could really only rush 4 all night. Would have been good enough if Floyd doesn't trip, the 2 FGs are TDs instead, and the kicker hits the 2 missed FGs...
  13. Well, the atmosphere was INSANE and the first quarter is the loudest I have ever heard ANY sporting event, even Caps games inside. Notre Dame is good, but the Hokies left about 13 points on the field (penalty costing a TD, 1 yard line not getting in, and the turf monster getting Floyd), 19 if you count FGs wide left. Had a blast, weather was good, and seats were great. Here are are a few pics (last one is for my daughter).