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  1. This was a very good signing. Low Risk/High Reward. He is coming off a breakout year, with essentially no quality QB (RG3 = enough said). If we keep Cousins this should once again be a top 5 offense. We need a LG/DT/ILB/FS. If can upgrade those, we could compete against anyone.
  2. To clear it up Art, I was saying that Scot was not given full control (as we were told by Bruce) of the roster. Other examples were that Scot wanted to cut certain players/retain certain players but was overruled by Bruce. By placing the term "unnamed" next to the official I was implying, perhaps not clearly, that it was anonymous. We should also not be naive and assume that Bruce was not aware that such a leak was going to come out right as the firing occurred. Correlation does not mean corroboration, but sometimes it does. Thanks Art, love the feedback.
  3. Be careful, because if the conspiracy theories are correct, Chris Cooley is about to become our GM.
  4. Very good point, but I still think it is true what Chik has reported.
  5. The post certainly comes across that way, not much of a limb to go out on. However, your last point was indeed the one I was trying to make. Snyder will just hold on to him (under the tag) to make the point that Kirk can not dictate terms. I do think at this point Snyder will have to make the decision, either keep Bruce and trade Kirk, or (the one most of us prefer) dump Bruce and sign Kirk. Yes, it would certainly be a fleecing. The Redskins would certainly want the 2nd overall from the 49ers in return for Kirk. I would highly doubt that Kyle Shanahan would do such a thing. At this point it would be nice to just get the 33 (?) overall, and maybe a second or third next year. Even then that may be a pipe dream at this point.
  6. That is a good question, one I often ask myself. Isn't the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result. If anything is clear, under Bruce (or in the longer term Dan), nothing is about to change.
  7. Knowing both Dan and Bruce, they will not take kindly to this. They will either 1. Hold on to Cousins for the year just to make sure he doesn't get anywhere, or 2. Ship him. Bruce I think will be here for at least the next few years.
  8. John Keim with some potential replacements.
  9. JP Finlay on his twitter is now saying Browns could be a match for Cousins, if they think they could get a LTD done.
  10. I agree you do have to assume that he was drinking on the job. Which in the NFL, may or may not, be the norm. However, I think this ignores the tremendous amount of reporting that this had nothing to do with drinking, and was more along the line of Bruce wanting to get rid of him for whatever reason that may be. To the smear, I think one would have to assume that this came straight from the organization. However, it could also be any number of the leaks that come out of Redskins Park.
  11. Unless you have been living under a rock for the last 20 hours, you know that Scot McCloughan has been released of his duties with the Washington Redskins. The question now turns to why did this happen. There are two competing theories, the first being that the Scot was showing up to work and games drunk, the second being that a power struggle ensued over the course of the last 18 months. Which of these theories are more plausible, i'll let you decide. A. Scot was Drunk According to the Washington Post, an unnamed team official stated that Scot was showing up to games, and work drunk. The team official went on to say that the last 18 months has been a disaster ( When looking at this possibility, several red flags are raised. The Redskins are not known as an organization that can keep a tight lid on things. For example, one need only look back to the last season under Shanahan. It seemed like every Sunday morning leaks were coming out of every pipe flooding the airwaves about the dysfunction. For this organization to hide from the press that Scot was drunk during games (in which one might assume the press saw and talked to Scot), and showing up to work drunk would require a suspension of disbelief. This is not say that this is not impossible. We all knew that Scot had a drinking problem, and that it was well known that Scot never stopped drinking when he came to Washington. Scot said during his introductory press conference that he had the problem under control. Did Scot lose control? Perhaps. B. The Power Struggle The second option, one which has been widely reported on is that the Bruce Allen and Scot could not work together. In that same press conference that Scot said he had a drinking problem, he also said that Dan Snyder and Bruce Allen said that they were embarrassed and only wanted to win. They turned to Scot, a widely believed elite talent evaluator to turn this franchise around and it was reported (by Bruce Allen) that Scot would have total control over the roster. The first sign that perhaps we were mislead about how much power Scot really had is that Scot was never able to hire his own scouting team. Instead he had to work with the scouting team already in the building. The second sign is that both Jon Gruden and Scot had to go to Bruce and Dan to convince them to start Cousins over RG3. Which is odd because anyone with limited football knowledge knew that RG3 could not play the Quarterback position at that point in time. We now know that Scot did not have complete control over the final 53 man roster. As reported in the same Washington Post report, Scot lost out on decisions including the decision to keep Ryan Grant, instead of Rashad Ross. The most interesting report was that during a team, a cornerback left the practice, and went to the team locker room. Seeing this, Scot went into the locker and talked to the player, asking him to come by his office so they could further discuss what had happened. Bruce ripped Scot for doing so, and cursed at him telling him to never do such a thing. The problem may be that we will never know what really happened inside of Redskins Park. Could it be a little of column A, and a little of column B? All signs point to that both probably played a factor in the decision. Scot was still drinking, and Bruce had enough of Scot.
  12. I agree with you, as it doesn't seem that just a power struggle would lead to the debacle that this has become. You never know though, Scott was apparently told he had total authority, and was then undermined all the way. Scott was pissed, and the relationship continued to sour for months. I just find it interesting with all the leaks coming out about said power struggle, but nothing about Scott's drinking problem until after fired.
  13. We all knew he had issues yes, but to discount the countless reports to the contrary is like putting your head in the sand. Then to keep him 18 months on the job, then to suddenly cut him loose seems odd. With all the leaks coming out of Redskins park, I find it hard to believe they could keep his problems under wraps for that long.