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  1. Be careful, because if the conspiracy theories are correct, Chris Cooley is about to become our GM.
  2. Very good point, but I still think it is true what Chik has reported.
  3. The post certainly comes across that way, not much of a limb to go out on. However, your last point was indeed the one I was trying to make. Snyder will just hold on to him (under the tag) to make the point that Kirk can not dictate terms. I do think at this point Snyder will have to make the decision, either keep Bruce and trade Kirk, or (the one most of us prefer) dump Bruce and sign Kirk. Yes, it would certainly be a fleecing. The Redskins would certainly want the 2nd overall from the 49ers in return for Kirk. I would highly doubt that Kyle Shanahan would do such a thing. At this point it would be nice to just get the 33 (?) overall, and maybe a second or third next year. Even then that may be a pipe dream at this point.
  4. Knowing both Dan and Bruce, they will not take kindly to this. They will either 1. Hold on to Cousins for the year just to make sure he doesn't get anywhere, or 2. Ship him. Bruce I think will be here for at least the next few years.
  5. John Keim with some potential replacements.
  6. JP Finlay on his twitter is now saying Browns could be a match for Cousins, if they think they could get a LTD done.
  7. I agree you do have to assume that he was drinking on the job. Which in the NFL, may or may not, be the norm. However, I think this ignores the tremendous amount of reporting that this had nothing to do with drinking, and was more along the line of Bruce wanting to get rid of him for whatever reason that may be. To the smear, I think one would have to assume that this came straight from the organization. However, it could also be any number of the leaks that come out of Redskins Park.
  8. I agree with you, as it doesn't seem that just a power struggle would lead to the debacle that this has become. You never know though, Scott was apparently told he had total authority, and was then undermined all the way. Scott was pissed, and the relationship continued to sour for months. I just find it interesting with all the leaks coming out about said power struggle, but nothing about Scott's drinking problem until after fired.
  9. We all knew he had issues yes, but to discount the countless reports to the contrary is like putting your head in the sand. Then to keep him 18 months on the job, then to suddenly cut him loose seems odd. With all the leaks coming out of Redskins park, I find it hard to believe they could keep his problems under wraps for that long.
  10. That's my point, if Wapo is correct, the moves were Bruce and Gruden. But who really knows.
  11. I think this is the narrative that the Redskins want us to believe. That they were nice guys, and Scott blew it. However, if you look at the reports coming from Wapo, and other networks it seems that a power struggle ensued, and Bruce undermined Scott, and they wanted to get rid of him.
  12. This was not the right move for the team. The first assumption you have to make is that the statement by the "official" was true. I find it extremely odd that no reporters or anyone else at the games noticed that Scott was drunk. This is not to say that it didn't happen, I just believe this is teams way of saying, it isn't our fault it's his. Scott is a premier talent evaluator, which Bruce Allen is not. The team could come out of this ahead, even after this debacle. Sign Kirk (or says Bruce would say "Kurt") to a long term deal. Then sign Pryor to make up for the loss of Jackson and Garcon. This continue to add quality D players.
  13. I think it is quite obvious that Scot will not be coming back. A GM, even considering a family emergency (which occurred a month ago), should be at the combine and at HQ for the start of free agency. This is a poor look on the part of the Redskins. They should have just kept him around until after the draft.