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  1. Same interior OL as last year and the same results. Long and Lavau are both garbage.
  2. A dragon or Benjen will save the day.
  3. Dany is going to rescue Jon and Co. because she's starting to fall for him. I think Bran can spoil Littlefinger's plot.
  4. Not a villain. Just incompetent.
  5. McCaulife looks like a buffoon. His plan was to wait for something bad to happen then react. Dude needs to go.
  6. I wonder if this will have an impact on the new stadium.
  7. I wonder if the Charlottsville protests will make the Redskins rethink the idea of putting their new stadium in Virginia.
  8. I think we get a deal done. Maybe only for 3 or 4 years but I think something will happen.
  9. If the guranteed money is only $70 million I think that's good for us.
  10. GMSM's comments on Jay are very encouraging. Scott Campbell and Jay should be a formidable duo in regards to scouting talent for us. Let Bruce stay the hell away from that.
  11. As a Big 10 fan I can honestly say Beatherd is terrible. Not the greatest supporting cast at Iowa but he a noodle arm. Their offense always stunk. But I'm no scout.