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  1. If the guranteed money is only $70 million I think that's good for us.
  2. GMSM's comments on Jay are very encouraging. Scott Campbell and Jay should be a formidable duo in regards to scouting talent for us. Let Bruce stay the hell away from that.
  3. As a Big 10 fan I can honestly say Beatherd is terrible. Not the greatest supporting cast at Iowa but he a noodle arm. Their offense always stunk. But I'm no scout.
  4. The LB competition will be fearce this training camp.
  5. Mayock has very good things go say about Anderson. Said he was suprised he wasn't hyped more.
  6. Mike Jones said this morning that the Redskins really liked Adoree Jackson and that he could have been the pick if Allen wasn't there.
  7. Wow we are going to get a really good player. All these teams are idiots.
  8. I'm calling BS on all pre-draft rumors. We've had none over the past few years and now they're everywhere? I don't buy it.
  9. I'd rather trade up for Joe Mixon in the 2nd.
  10. If we draft Peppers I will snap.
  11. What? Nsekhe is also 30+ years old. Moses is a top 5 RT. And would probably get paid #1 RT money on the open market. Ridiculous argument.