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  1. The fact that we let Austin Reiter get away still annoys the hell out of me.
  2. Oh man I just watched Reddick's highlights. No idea how we could pass on him at #17. Do want. Cook would be tempting but I think we can draft a RB later or sign someone like Jamaal Charles.
  3. Well our only leverage is to offer Kirk a significant deal or we tell him we'll trade you to the Browns.
  4. Part of me would like to give Spaight and Garvin a shot at ILB. I'm not sure I can handle and more Will Compton despite how "sound" he is.
  5. 75k for a jersey number. Must be nice. Imagine if he put that towards a simple index fund. I mean...shoot.
  6. I definitely think we draft the best front 7 player available when we pick. Maybe a RB is he's clearly the BPA.
  7. Odrick was terrible in Jax. He's also a bit of a weird dude from things that I've read. Not sure football is his true passion.
  8. Free agency has been fine so far. It's not supposed to be the main builder of the team. Another DL or ILB would be nice at a good price.