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  1. Marty discussions and arguments, about holding on to **** too long
  2. The one thing I am going to miss is the speed of DJax and his "innate ability to track the ball" To quote somebody here who I cannot remember to credit...old dude like me But his height, jumping ability and hands are a different style of playmaker. Hope Doctson much success in the next few years! (We need it desperately!) ...coupled with Pryor, Reed/Davis and Crowder???
  3. @elkabong82 understand your point, but sometimes you have to put down your pride and open the checkbook. My point was that we should hire and surround the team with the best available. Head to toe evaluation and renovation. This team needs an enema
  4. @elkabong82 we are not a stable franchise nor do we have a great reputation. Gotta pay extra to get the right person here and give him the latitude required to right the ship. That is chump change on 2.85B. Same with facilities, scouts, back office, IT, etc...hire and buy the best. Won't happen with Bruce here...he is following the old broken Tampa Bay model, look where that got them. We are not a first class club nor do we have first class staff or facilities.
  5. 2.85 BILLION in value, and they go cheap? What a cluster**** we have. Surround yourself with the best and brightest, that is the key to success. This old school approach won't work in todays NFL. We are ****ing doomed guys. Dont expect any serious contention for our team, for at least 5 years. Maybe Bruce will be gone by then and if we get lucky? Danny-boy might roll a 7 once, as our God forsaken owner
  6. OMG...I can't believed they hired him as our GM! How is he qualified to run this team!!!??? Thought i would respond early for 90% of the board...
  7. "I have studied all of his tape" cracks me the **** up. Watching a few select YouTube videos of one guy's highly edited "Greatest Hits" I bet is the most for most fans... IDK, I think there is a handful of people on this board that can actually watch tape and have the football IQ to know WTF is going on. Hell half the stuff on the interwebz... Most are like the rest of us, played football for a few a few years in HS a long time ago, and are just stupid diehards. "I have studied all of his tape" cracks me the **** up.
  8. Nice to keep some of our own
  9. Right now we could use more thumpers IMO, in general, not advocating for anyone...just want a nasty hard hitting defense.
  10. You know it is a slow news day when Bradys jersey leads the Redskins twitter thread
  11. I hope that a real GM search is conducted and we bring in multiple highly qualified candidates after the draft and not some talking head.
  12. Never though about GMSM going into blackout mode...for days