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  1. Hmmm
  2. HAIL! Thank God...hopefully this is over with.
  3. Hopefully Bruce?
  4. WTF? Where is "hello there" when you need it?
  5. I can imagine it now... it will be like the scene in the parking garage during the movie Trading Places... Doug will be in a trenchcoat and a lowered hat with a briefcase of money meeting Ex-GMSM for the Orange Crop Reports
  6. If a Super Bowl winning quarterback GM can't resign Kirk Cousins than we are **** out of luck Or vice president of whatever his job is
  7. For some reason when I think about this entire situation it is nothing but Madness and these actions have put us One Step Beyond a respectable FO Hahahaha
  8. Keep this thread open, don't lock it. We will need it again in the next few years
  9. Off season crown reigns supreme!
  10. Good point @Skinsfan1311
  11. Double hope not
  12. Well? We finally find out here shortly. Schaeffer and Williams? Any new blood? Some here will bring out pitchforks. I just want competency, stability and success. Cousins will get signed shortly I believe because of this
  13. Visitors side is always cheaper, you can look at stubhub now if you want! They have a stadium view also, so you can roughly see what your view looks like...or they do on . I always get visitors side, between the 40s, around 5th to 10th row for 150 to 250 each...depending on the game. First game of the season will be higher priced most likely
  14. Go to StubHub 4 to 8 weeks before the game. You will find all types of options and prices. If it were me? I would not buy from Ticketmaster.