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  1. He did set a few stones while he was here which were desperately needed i.e. ballers, love football, hard workers, leaders, fairly clean lifestyles, etc. More than just a draft board
  2. Corrected. BAMF's is the proper term kind sir
  3. Some info here...
  4. Mary too early on Sunday, after being inebriated with the draft for three days, to worry about spelling! I'll take whatever you're pouring!
  5. The Blight?
  6. Now we officially are in the football dust bowl until August. The Drought. The worst 4 months as a football fan.
  7. Overall very strong draft IMO, some question marks naturally but the selections seem to be made with competence. Ironic and scary in a way
  8. @Skinsinparadise Allen was a gift where my jaw literally dropped, but I love the Anderson pick even more...especially if he can develop inside and lead the defense
  9. @Burgold I have been thinking the exact thing since day one; that we did not trade down at all and did not even seem to entertain a trade. I do like we stood our ground and I really think that our ex GM had a bit of vision for this draft. Overall happy except for one pick. Maybe STs being addressed? The entire Mayock thing is freaking me out. How many years have we, hmmm... not always agreed?
  10. Let's put him on the Missouri list and say "show me"
  11. If he checks off those boxes, I’d be happy with the Redskins spending a 6th-round pick on him as a developmental prospect and hoping new DBs coach Torian Gray can work his magic. Reach? Not very happy with this pick
  12. Nicholson was an outstanding athlete in high school, gaining recognition as both an all-state football player and track star. He started at Michigan State as a true freshman and retained his starting role all three years of his collegiate career. Nicholson has prototypical size for a safety, and will likely test very well in the explosive drills such as the broad jump, vertical jump, and 40-yard dash at the Combine. Don’t be surprised if you start hearing a lot more Montae Nicholson buzz after this weekend. Nicholson’s biggest knock as a prospect is his demeanor on the field, which is described by other scouts as “unsure” and “traits-only”, despite his respectable statistics accumulated over three years as a starter.
  13. This is beyond conspiracy theory
  14. So I'm one of the older guys going back to Larry Brown. If I had to define a Redskins running back style it would be Brown, Riggo, Davis and Portis... over the years. Don't get me wrong I like the speed and agility of lighter faster backs but in my opinion we need bruisers in the NFC East. Perine looks like he could fit that role...hopefully