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  1. Commenting on the Twitter thread... Did you see those Joe Mixon runs? Hmmmm... relevant to the conversation about our o-line and run blocking. From what limited tape I have seen on the first game we do not have those type of holes or a rookie running back like that. I hope Perine really breaks out over time but I'm very concerned about run-blocking. Hogs 2.0? I am sorry but I don't see it Terrelle Pryor gave one guy a signed shoe. I thought that was pretty cool. Brad Kaaya was offering to give my son his jersey (signed) after the bowl game in the locker room last year but instead my son elected for both shoes (signed). I have one at the house. Thanks Bubba!!! <3
  2. I can't believe I had forgotten about some of the original people. Mark the Homers post brought back memories. I must have found this board right after it started because I remember sitting at my desk as a network engineer preparing for potential Y2K issues. It's pretty cool the site's been around for 18 years
  3. Been here a long time, years before the buyout. 2000ish? Lurked for a long time. Vampire works for me like @Burgold said, we are the undead
  4. I blame the DanZombieApocalypse?
  5. HUGE KUDOS AND LOVE @HapHaszard @thesubmittedone and @SWFLSkins (welcome back bro) for all of the work they do on this site, on their personal time, to keep our great (mostly) fanbase informed. I went to pay my dues to the site and couldn't find the link? PayPal Gift? Thanks guys for all that you do, it is a thankless job but you deserve that at a minimum!!!
  6. Still would take GMSM (warts and all) over brucey-boy
  7. Best of luck, you go man < thumbsup>
  8. Are you really serious about that? Step back and think about that for a second is my suggestion.
  9. I'm going up to the Hamptons to see a good buddy of mine who actually lives two doors down from Roger Waters, so most likely I'm going to miss a good chunk of it if not all of it. I would like to see how the new draft picks play as well as some of the UDFA's. The main thing is that we get out of the game without any injuries
  10. I would rather go balls out and lose then be passively picked apart and watch a lead slowly deteriorate and end up losing. I'm not advocating for stupid play but I remember the days when our defense just used to knock the **** out of other teams and it was quite evident at the end of the third quarter and the entire fourth quarter. You could literally see them get frustrated, angry at each other or just plain give up
  11. 17 and 0 here we go? Where is that guy by the way? 77-3?
  12. I think this thread is going to go on much longer than the Hatfield and McCoys Feud
  13. Chipotlek? Or Chipotlet?
  14. Jon Gruden for GM?