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  1. skinfan2k

    Is this the best Defensive Front we've had in years?

    There might be no defense in football but defensive lines can still win your super bowls.
  2. skinfan2k

    Redskins Lead NFC East

    basically. there is nobody to be scared of the rest of the way except for Ryan and Wentz. Every other team is really 1 dimensional.
  3. skinfan2k

    Redskins Lead NFC East

    the redskins are doing exactly what i want them to do. Winning now and worrying about getting good later.
  4. but he was injured. I'm saying during the season. This Redskins defense is really good against teams that are 1 dimensional. the only team that we have played that isn't that has been the saints and they whooped our ass. the only teams on the rest of hte schedule that can burn you thru the air and ground are the falcons and eagles.
  5. where would this offense be without AP?
  6. does anyone else realize how terrible this team is at hiking the ball. we are still in the huddle at 15 sec and lucky to hike it before it hits 0
  7. skinfan2k

    Sports Wagering thread

    what websites do you guys use and how do you transfer funds?
  8. skinfan2k

    ***2018-19 NBA Season Thread***

    Houston will be giving up 110+ every game without legit defense from Ariza or Mbah E Moute. They literally have 3 players who are trash on defense.
  9. skinfan2k

    ***2018-19 NBA Season Thread***

    and you forget Denver.
  10. skinfan2k

    Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    also which WR actually have made it to practice this year with smith or actually healthy during preseason
  11. skinfan2k

    Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Maclin is garbage and he was brought to KC to be a #1. He was never a #1. Yup figures you didn't provide any evidence.
  12. skinfan2k

    Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Do you have evidence? What weapons do we have? a injured TE and a 30+ yd old RB lol
  13. skinfan2k

    Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Gruden is absolutely not the problem. I laugh at redskins fans thinking we should be better than we are. This is a near .500 ball club and the coach actually gets us to that. That's actually really hard to do. We need to give Alex a real supporting cast. Doctson is a #4 WR, Richardson is a no better than a #3 and Crowder is a #3 as well. CT is just a 3rd down back and Jordan Reed is often injured and cant have an impact on a game if he is the only weapons teams respect. No one i mean no one is respected on this offense outside of Reed
  14. skinfan2k

    Gameday Thread

    He wasn't a vocal leader because he wasn't treated like a leader. You cant lead when the org is not even behind you.
  15. skinfan2k

    Tracking Ticket Prices 2018 Season

    That's a joke. Last few years if you waited tickets were under 30 bucks for every game