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  1. Lol, nah, huh? I specifically said the fiasco was, for me, more about not replacing the position. Read that again. That in no way implies it wasn’t one before that. I even said how the ugliness of the way it went was: So, yeah, it was a fiasco from the onset. I didn’t even say how much more it was about not replacing him, just that it was more. Not replacing him, as you say, “underscored it all” and therefore validated it being a fiasco. That’s my point, and you even using the phrase “underscored it all” suggests that it really shouldn’t be hard to grasp that it can be viewed as the more important part of the fiasco. And, yes, I believe it was that way with many and it being deemed a fiasco previous to that had nothing to do with that point. I think there would’ve been many, including myself, willing to forgive the fiasco-ness of it all, if you will, had they went about replacing him normally, but they didn’t. I remember a bunch of us saying that we’re waiting to see what they do, posting JLC articles about the GM search at the time, etc... and that’ll define the narrative for better or worse. If your argument is that it would've had minimal effect, and most would’ve just stayed focused on the initial fiasco, I strongly disagree, but that’s largely perception neither of us can really prove.
  2. thesubmittedone

    Official 2018 Redskins Training Camp/Preseason Thread

    Was as worried as one can get during TC (read: extremely little) about not hearing much from PRich, so was happy to see this:
  3. thesubmittedone

    Official 2018 Redskins Training Camp/Preseason Thread

    I promise, I do not have a mancrush on Danny Johnson. Yet. But I’m just worried about slot corner both starter and depth-wise, he was one of two guys Jay singled out at OTAs (I know, that doesn’t mean a ton), so any positives I hear about him mean a little more to me. Never forget the ridiculous Safety Drought of 2008-2016: It is nuts to think about. Feels like we’re in a good spot now there. Or at least a decent one. Finally, yeesh.
  4. thesubmittedone

    Official 2018 Redskins Training Camp/Preseason Thread

    Man, this was a fascinating read: I didn’t listen to the interview, but I probably should. Sounds like there’s a lot there. Either way, what Hoffman wrote was really illuminating in terms of what Reed has went through. Part of me is angry our medical staff either didn’t step in to prevent or gave him bad advice with taking the stem cell shot (they just seem too often at odds with players, and are an obstacle instead of support), the other part is super impressed with how they went about helping him recover. It needs to play out, and I continue to be more annoyed with that part of the organization than anything else... but this was fascinating to read about. If it works, it’ll go a long way to making me feel better about how they operate.
  5. thesubmittedone

    Official 2018 Redskins Training Camp/Preseason Thread

    Well, judging by his play on the field when it counts, I’m going to go with genius. For now.
  6. thesubmittedone

    Official 2018 Redskins Training Camp/Preseason Thread

    ^^Funny stuff here. He wears an 18 pound vest? How the heck is this first time I’ve heard of this? That’s brilliant. I remember all the talk the last two years about Norman during TC not being a stud, and most of us chalked it up to him just focusing on certain things we’re unaware of during practice. This puts it in a new light.
  7. Many of those same fans who were “screaming” for that (that’s the tone you unfortunately apply to them, which is a problem in and of itself) were right all along, were shot down when they were talking about it, and are now being shot down whenever they criticize whatever perceived issues there are based on much of the same objective analysis. Instead of discussing it in a fruitful, nuanced manner, it far too often comes off like some simply can’t stand any criticism directed at the top brass and conflate the likes of Dan/Bruce to rooting for the Redskins themselves. I can speak from experience, I used to be like this all the time when my fanhood was almost entirely emotional and very little of it rational. My emotions were tied up with the top brass. I thought people were weirdos when they’d complain about the likes of Vinny and Dan’s antics. I used to roll my eyes at them, poor souls. I’d defend Vinny, but then as soon as he was canned, it was like “yeah, that’s the right move”. Huh? Basically, I stood on nothing other than “what the top brass does, I’m with”. Now, I thought I was actually being rational, and at times I was, but the reality was others who I perceived as just “negative” were far more rational. So, to be frank, I struggle to accept your disclaimers, and I honestly thought you were opening your mind up a bit recently, but it seems you’ve totally reverted back into almost exclusively posting defenses of the top brass’s philosophy on every ground. Saying things like the “flavor of the month is to spend big” is a perfect example of this. Who said that they just want to spend big? When we celebrated signing Norman and DJax, was that a celebration about “spending big” or spending smart? It was the latter, and until this day we actually commend Bruce for that one aspect of his philosophy that has worked really well, in where we pounce on a late surprise cut and nab a stud when other teams have mostly spent up their cap. You keep complaining that people are missing the nuance to your positions, but all I see is you doing that in damn near every post you make. Generalizations, sweeping assumptions, and labeling people is basically what I expect whenever I see your username. :/ You say something inflammatory that overly generalizes the position of others, then when countered you expand on your point and provide qualifications for everything. Why not just do that in the first place and avoid those intial, unwarranted, drive-bys? Maybe then you’d get nuanced discussions all the time without having to battle the perception you’ve created for yourself? I’m assuming that’s what you want based off of your complaint, right? As for the lines being built, this one just really boggles my mind. There isn’t anyone on the board that has advocated for this more than the people you’re condescending here by giving them the tone of “screaming” and exaggerating their positions. And guess what we were met with the last couple years when we’d talk about it (mainly the Dline)? Meh, the Dline is fine, shut up. Now that they’ve invested major resources there, we’re happy about it but acknowledge that they could’ve done this much sooner and with better resource management, and you’re telling us “...hey, they’re doing it right now, be happy?!” I mean, come on now. Then you say, “we aren’t quite there yet”? Are you kidding me!? You make post after post about how good this roster is (which I actually agree with, maybe not to the degree you do, but close), but then you say this? You of all people should be totally on board with the type of thinking that suggest the roster is at a point where you can really push it to the next level. At least it shouldn’t be something you aim shade at. I’ll even take it a step further than you. We were good enough last offseason. The core of our team had been built enough. Were we slightly more aggressive, especially at Dline, where we got a premier player there instead, maybe we could’ve withstood those injuries and our run defense wouldn’t have completely bombed, which altered the season more than anything else. You see, it is precisely because they’re close we want them to get more aggressive! This here just blows my mind. You’re actually saying exactly what we are, except you’re applying some other context for it. Here, you are saying what you think needs to happen before it happens. So it’s perfectly fine for you to apply some arbitrary moment where it becomes okay to get more aggressive (the lines are built, team shows it’s close to a Super Bowl), but when we recognize the time is now (and give plenty of reasoning as to why) we’re just completely trashing sound principles and philosophies like building through the draft and not overspending in FA? So it’s only when you deem them ready, huh? Just let us know when. First off, I’m pretty sure you knew I was making a hyperbolic statement to make a point and to not actually take the number of 1000 seriously, right? Secondly, it was about the amount of times responses have been given to you trying to explain it, so what does that have to do with the number of your posts? You could have one post and if it was responded to a bunch of times the point would stand. Anyway, you see what you did there? The “cool kids”, huh? But you’re not grouping and labeling anyone, right? The weird thing is if there’s any groupthink going on, it’s definitely more pronounced with those who espouse some of your views, not anyone else’s. But I won’t get into that more, let’s just avoid the labels, brother. You say that you also want separation of duties and responsibilities, but I’m left here wondering why you do? I don’t think you’ve ever stated it, and every criticism we’ve had related to said separation you’ve come to Bruce’s defense. I mean, by all accounts you should be perfectly okay with the set up as it is right now. It seems like you’re fronting here. I just don’t buy it, I’m sorry. Again, your disclaimers come off as entirely disingenuous. See, here’s the thing. If you realize the inherent issues there are with the organizational structure, you’d have a sense of urgency about it. You’d feel like people within the building, good people like a Kyle Smith and a Jay Gruden, are not being given an environment conducive to enabling them to be their best selves, right? And then you’d look at the resource management that has been atrocious on some levels, average on others, and good on few, and feel like those things need to happen now. You wouldn’t be applauding Bruce for getting the roster to where it’s at now after being here for going on 9 years, instead you’d be saddened it’s taken this long when there were plenty of avenues and routes that were quicker to be taken, and less of an hindrance or an obstacle to everyone else. I made a post touching on a lot of this recently, and you even claimed to agree with it. I’m going to just cut and paste some of those points so you can see why I feel you come off the way you do: Instead, whenever you post, it’s just “look at these fools complaining, be happy, things are good”. That’s what it boils down to. And you know what? I’m down with that when people own that they’re just being emotional fans and not really being objective. But when you condescend others who can recognize these issues, or are just attempting to explain why some of the good people within the building are held back so as to avoid them getting trashed and targeted viciously, that’s unfair and frustrating as hell. If you agreed with the post above, where does that come in when you say something like “stick to a stance people” and come down on anyone who takes issue with Bruce’s approach to FA recently? I mean, am I crazy for getting annoyed by that? Can you see where I’m coming from here? You’ve shown me recently you have an ability to do so, you’ve owned up to some things you’ve done (which I respect immensely), and I felt you recently opened your mind a bit by not assuming the worst of those of us who just want to see a better organizational environment. I’m just saddened it seems like you’re reverting back to the antagonistic approach again lately.
  8. thesubmittedone

    Official 2018 Redskins Training Camp/Preseason Thread
  9. thesubmittedone

    Official 2018 Redskins Training Camp/Preseason Thread

    Loved hearing this from Keim: I've mentioned that slot corner is perhaps the most questionable spot on the team right now, both starter and depth-wise. My hope was that Moreau would get some play inside since he’s got a skillset that translates there, at least better than Dunbar’s in my mind. Glad to see they’re already working Moreau there and that he’s doing well. Of course, this means very little right now, but it’s something. Wonder how Danny Johnson, the guy Jay pointed out during OTAs, is doing there?
  10. It’s called situational awareness, contextual understanding, and flexibility even when it comes to sound principles. “Pick a stance and stick with it” can lead to plenty of issues related to stubbornness and arrogance. Like not realizing how close you are as a team and getting slightly more aggressive to give yourselves the best shot to contend. This nuance has been attempted to be explained to you a thousand times to no avail. It’s unfortunate you continue to present it as something more than what is being asked for, as if we’re asking to throw out all of those sound principles and just go nuts in FA or something. And where would we like that aggressiveness to increase? On the lines. What was your point about “flashy” again? What’s even more unfortunate is that those people who were calling for these things you mentioned were labeled back then as “negative” by your type (when you stop grouping and labeling others, I will), but now that the FO is applying some of it those people get no credit and instead of listening to them, their positions are demeaned, condescended, attacked, etc... Maybe they knew a little bit about what they were talking about, huh? Agree about the QB stuff. Can’t believe I’m saying that to you, lol. Boy, you’re so negative. Bruce Allen doesn’t deserve this. As for Scot, the fiasco for me was more about not replacing the position. I believe it was like that for many, as well. It wasn’t just about how ugly it all was, which was yet another implication of an FO too often involved in factionalism/division versus team-centric goals, it was that they reverted back to an unorthodox organizational structure that had failed them time and again for Dan’s entire tenure, basically. Had they immediately elevated Kyle Smith or Eric Schaffer to the position, or maybe brought in someone else qualified... I know I would’ve been satisfied. If I’m going to praise them when they made the move to bring someone in and give him the GM position with final say over personnel, I’m not going to contradict myself and suddenly be fine with that when they revert back.
  11. I get this, as well, which is why I said if Hankins cost has come down considerably. That being said, I think we’re assuming too much about how much it affects extending Scherff/Preston. We don’t really know how much the money we’ve saved is about them in the first place, or how flexible the team will be next year in their minds (they might have guys they already know they’re likely to move on from to free up space). And I think Hankins’ age is being too overlooked. He’s just turned 26 in March. He doesn’t have to be a short term signing, nor does he affect the youth of our Dline. In fact, he can help by pushing out an older guy like Hood or Taylor. I’m an extremist when it comes to Dline, so I get that not everyone is going to see it like this. I’d even be willing to lose a Preston Smith for Hankins (if it meant a long term signing), and I’m one of Smith’s biggest fans. But it’s close. Smith is pretty much a Dlineman himself. If signing Hankins truly hinders us from extending both Smith and Scherff, then I’m not for it. But then I have to look at Allen and the resource management under him that has lead us to this point.
  12. thesubmittedone

    Official 2018 Redskins Training Camp/Preseason Thread

    I’m not going to touch on Swearinger vs. James and all that since it’s total speculation on your end. But your entire post is about advocating drafting for need. The topic of BPA vs. Need has been killed, so I’m not going to get into it. But I’ll just say there’s an easy refutation to every point made here and that I heavily disagree with weighing need when drafting as much as you have here. There’s so much evidence out there showing just how harmful it is. As for Edmunds, if your scouts have him ranked higher, that means you believe he’s going to be more productive over the course of his career. You shouldn’t be drafting with short-sightedness, drafting is about the future as much, if not more, as it is about the present. Whether or not he takes longer to produce shouldn’t be anywhere near as big a factor as whether or not he’ll be the better player. If, say, Payne is an immediate contributor at a position of need, plays well and impacts the team solidly throughout his career, but Edmunds takes a year to hit his stride and ends up having an HOF-level career, do you look back and say, “thank God we drafted Payne instead, his production in 2018 was vital!” Heck no! Maybe if we win a Super Bowl that year and he played a major role. But otherwise you look at that and say our scouts had Edmunds higher for a reason, shouldn’t have weighed in need as much there. All of this, however, is not about these players. They’re just recent examples, nothing more. It’s about the right philosophy and approach to team building. Payne could end up being the best player out of all of them. But it wouldn’t change the danger involved in how they approached drafting him, it’d be that they lucked out versus being smart. And, as they say, better to be lucky than good at times, right? Just don’t want that to be what they rely on organizationally. Anyway, I’m happy we’ve spent two first rounders on Dline the last two years. I’m crazy about Dline. Maybe if I was making the board myself, I’d have Payne higher just by virtue of his position, having nothing to do with need. And I’m ecstatic that the talk thus far has been that Payne looks great. You’re not going to find anyone who’s advocated for investing on the Dline more than me on this board. This is about general team-building principles and resource management. The routes taken to arrive to the roster as is have plenty of questionable areas, it’s okay to discuss them. Were there ways for getting to the level the roster is at right now much faster and possibly even at a higher level? Absolutely.
  13. thesubmittedone

    Official 2018 Redskins Training Camp/Preseason Thread

    Yeah, I don’t focus on that as much as I focus on the general point. It harkens back to the debate of BPA versus need in the draft, as well as the Bruce Allen approach to FA where you’re getting more bargain-bin players for a price (safer, can move on if it doesn’t work out) versus one stud for that same price (hurts cap-wise if you miss, but more potential for a game changer). It’s a difficult balance to strike, but to Brewer’s point, that’s the difference between organizations that have leadership that excel at team-building versus those that don’t. Pertaining to Derwin James, there was talk that they actually had both him and Tremaine Edmunds higher than Payne on their board when they selected. Jay himself wanted Edmunds according to some. For me, the issue with that is not that Payne is a lesser player, we don’t know that until the bullets fly. But it’s ALWAYS the wrong way to go about team-building. Basically, it’s not Payne versus James/Edmunds. It’s: Payne (and reaching for him over other players your scouts ranked higher because you have to fill a need) VS. FA signing/trade acquistion at Dline (either in 2017 offseason or this one, to where you don’t feel like you have to fill a need) + James/Edmunds. There is more nuance here to be discussed, especially when it comes to team-building. It’s not simple. One can also introduce just how much of a factor the atrocious resource management at QB the last three years has had an effect on how aggressive they were able to be in FA. All of it is intricately linked and it’s hard to delve into in just one post.
  14. thesubmittedone

    Where on the curve are the Gruden Redskins?

    You get it. There are far more coaches around the league with lesser qualities than Gruden who’ve won it all or contended to win it all. The difference is and always has been organizational support. You look at those rosters and the organizations themselves, and then you compare it to what Jay has had with the Redskins... it’s not even close. Though, now, after how many years, they finally do have a roster that’s close. The issue for the last two years, however, has been that they’re not as aggressive as they should’ve been, especially at a premier position like Dline (never mind the absolutely atrocious resource management at QB). They had chances to make more of a jump into contention but opted for the safer approach. And that comes from the top, not from Jay. Brewer really put it well in his latest article here: