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  1. Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    You edited it. Board has been weird about editing ever since the last update. It’ll just sit and load forever at times, but it goes through pretty much immediately. Just refresh the page to make sure it went through a few seconds after you submit your edit.
  2. A Confidence I Haven't Had in 25 Years

    Don't quote large chunks of text, brother (rule 11). I edited out for you this time around. It’s easier now more than ever to avoid that since you can highlight any section of a post and a “quote this” button will pop up. It’s all about being considerate and not forcing others to scroll down all the way through something they’ve already scrolled through once.
  3. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    Please check your PM inbox. Thanks.
  4. Redskins DVOA 2017

    That’s slightly surprising but, yeah, makes sense. Hopkins two misses were both 50+ yard tries so it’s understandable to a degree, though you’d like him to come away with them since they were on the right side of 50 (I think 52 and 53 yards). I wonder if they take that into account at all?
  5. Redskins DVOA 2017

    Special Teams must’ve got killed for the two Crowder muffs (and rightly so) because, otherwise, I feel like they’re doing a good job.
  6. Redskins S.O.S so far. #1 in the NFL..

    The stuff coming out now is based on the records thus far this season, so it makes sense now. But, yeah, it’s annoying. Seems like we always are. What I never understood was how the SOS rankings that were coming out during the offseason had us among the top of the NFL and higher than the rest of the NFC East. Same question you have now. For instance, somehow the Cowboys and Giants - playing the exact same schedule but instead two of their NFC opponents are division winners/second place - ended up ranked with an easier schedule! Blew my mind. I get it to a degree... we’re playing the Cowboys and Giants twice so their better records by default works against us. But it’s not like it should be that big of a difference. Those divisional winners the Cowboys play instead of us must not have had great records. But like, the Giants also play the Cowboys twice and our record wasn’t that bad, so how were they lower than us? I guess the two second-place NFC opponents they play had average records as well and they weren't any different than our third place ones. It’s weird, though. And frustrating.
  7. The 2017 Regular Season Twitter Thread

  8. How do you feel about the Receiving corps?

    Or he was throwing it into traffic and he didn’t want to give anyone a chance to break on it, especially not the aggressive and opportunistic KC DBs? Honestly, that’s what you normally do on slants. It’s extremely dangerous not to rocket those in there unless the receiver just got major separation and isn’t running into other defender’s zones in the middle of the field. Which is rare on those routes. And I know I don’t have to tell you this, skinny, as you’ve always been on top of it, but Kirk is known for throwing “catchable balls”, it’s one of his best attributes. So much so that there have been many who question his arm strength because they assume his throws that come out soft are him trying his hardest. I honestly don’t think this is a legit criticism.
  9. Chiefs v Redskins Post Game Assessments

    There’s a time limit for consecutive posts merging. I believe it’s 5 minutes. Once outside of that time limit, it won’t merge.
  10. A Confidence I Haven't Had in 25 Years

    I’m just going to drop this here because I think Jay said it best:
  11. Do We Suddenly Have a Dominant Defense?

    You know what my favorite part of the defensive performance was? They completely shut down that gimmick/trick play crap of the Chiefs. It was awesome. Chiefs came out thinking they’re going to do all that cute stuff that they’ve been owning everyone with and we friggin trashed it. Andy Reid essentially threw out his game plan (to his credit). The look on their faces that first quarter was glorious. They countered well enough though, but it certainly wasn’t anything we couldn’t handle schematically or personnel-wise. I wouldn’t say we got “out adjusted”. Just too many stupid mistakes and refs who were over anxious to get us on them. And all those injuries, yeesh. But, yeah. Another week where we straight up out-game planned the opponent going into the game. We’ve done that a lot under Gruden and it’s something that’s under appreciated.
  12. A Confidence I Haven't Had in 25 Years

    On the same page regarding this roster and Gruden, @kleese, have been all along. It’s been fun watching them build the right way the last few years and it wasn’t hard to see the direction it was going in. My only concern right now is relegated to the upcoming offseason regarding the FO structure and Kirk’s situation. The way this season is going just highlights why the structural changes that were made along with not signing Kirk frustrated me so much, but I’m not letting those concerns ruin this for now. This season has been a total joy so far, and I feel really good about it all. Just sitting back and soaking it all in.
  13. Game Day Thread: #Redskins @ Chiefs

    I am so not what you think. I’m like 20th on the priority list for press passes (not complaining). And you’re the last person to call me too good, you can’t wait to lay into me at anytime and do! But the coffee cups are damn stylish. Sorry, but mine are definitely better than yours. That’s what you got out of his post, lol? No, we don’t. I believe that was Atlanta Skins Fan or something like that. Can’t remember, but I know exactly who you mean.
  14. Game Day Thread: #Redskins @ Chiefs

    And you just violated rule 6 (circumventing the profanity filter) for like the millionth time in your post previous to this one and I just edited it for you with no penalty. See? You can’t say I hold a grudge. But, seriously, you’re driving me nuts with that. You’re fortunate it’s never egregious.
  15. Game Day Thread: #Redskins @ Chiefs

    Alright. Some of you are taking breaks.