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  1. ^^He's right, that was a great read.
  2. I'm going to try and ask McGee tomorrow about his weight last year, if the listing was correct, and if the team asked him to gain weight for the nose this year.
  3. click on the link for more
  4. Receiver Josh Doctson has a shot at playing Saturday. Coach Jay Gruden said Doctson looked good in practice and they'll test him pre-game Saturday to see if he can play vs. Green Bay. John Keim, ESPN Staff Writer Rookie report: Receiver Robert Davis, a sixth-round pick, showed inconsistent hands early in camp. "He did not squeeze the ball well, but he's catching the ball at an excellent rate now," receivers coach Ike Hilliard said. Davis has proved a quick study, learning both the X and Z spot. A big key: how he fares on special teams. He made a tackle in coverage in the preseason opener; the Redskins have been seeking a receiver to help in coverage for a few years. John Keim, ESPN Staff Writer
  5. That's harsh, brother. I've been as critical as it gets here regarding the entire FO structure and all that, but we've got to remember where we are. This is a Redskins' board for Redskins' fans. To think you're going to come here and just poop on everything (even deservedly so) is as silly as going to some other hobbyist message board and pooping on the hobby. That may have come out to harshly on my end now, lol, but you know what I mean. There are going to be people who hold onto hope no matter what and look for reasons to believe. There's really nothing wrong with that at all and, in fact, it's the default setting of fanhood. The only issue that might come out of it is when they condescend or act like they're the only ones being reasonable as opposed to others who are legitimately critical of issues that truly deserve critique. I think anyone who believes this FO, as currently structured, is set up for success is being incredibly naive and if all they have is to point to the Pats (in a way that's not even befitting) or one or two other teams... well, that just proves my point. But damnit, I envy them. I would never despise them for it or even be annoyed by it. Sometimes I wish I could go back to not knowing a lot of the research I did regarding Front Office setups and how the vast majority have succeeded in the NFL. I've said it before - and received many "likes" and responses in agreement by some of the same posters who are now downplaying this entire ordeal - but I loved our FO setup with Scot at GM, Jay at HC, and an Owner with a Team President handling the ancillary stuff and allowing the football guys to handle the football. It was a setup most teams that win championships or get to the playoffs with any consistency have. It makes sense organizationally in terms of titles/roles being fulfilled by their respective experts. I even said that, upon Scot's hiring, were the worst to have happened with Scot and he needed to be let go, that so long as the above structure remained we'd be good. That the owner/Team President have seemingly found the proper hiring process and would enable the best talent evaluators to do their jobs with final say on that part of it, while the coaches have final say on their part. We briefly got exposed to a morsel of the positive effects that process brings with how Crowder was drafted, where the coaches wanted one thing but the personnel guy with final say did the right thing. That is what happens more often than not when the structure is right. So when they decided to forego that structure, what kind of hypocritical rationalizing would I have had to go through to simply accept that? How much information in my mind would I have to ignore? Not gonna happen. No way. And no one has presented a valid argument to change my thinking. Still, with all that said, I don't hate anyone for it. Nor would I insult them. I sincerely envy them. I enjoy having that hope and finding legitimate reasons to hold onto it. There really is nothing at all wrong with that. Right now, my hope is tied to Jay and Kirk. I believe in those two. I think they can uplift the organization and overcome whatever obstacles to success the FO as is currently setup provides them. But that's what will always frustrate me. That I can't ignore the high likelihood that, instead of providing the best support for them by accentuating their strengths and minimizing their weaknesses, they'll do the opposite and instead be an obstacle for them. I'm really going to try and make this my last post on the topic here for a while. I don't derive any pleasure in proving that this FO setup is problematic, fails more often than not, and the entire hiring process of our Owner/Team President seems philosophically inept... and sorry this essay came at your expense @dyst, it's not all directed at you but it's stuff I've been meaning to say.
  6. Overheard at camp: "What are you reading a book in there? Let's go!" Redskins coach Jay Gruden to the third team offense during a two-minute drill. Gruden had been imploring them to get in and out of the huddle faster and was clearly annoyed with their pace throughout the drill. John Keim, ESPN Staff Writer
  7. lol... he's a good guy, honestly. When I did coverage for the games last year I crossed paths with him randomly in the locker room after the game, he looked me right in my eye, and gave me a fist bump for no reason. I don't blame them, really. Best players should play, but it's easier said than done sometimes, especially with guys who are real leaders in the locker room and give maximum effort. But, yeah, if those two are starting against Green Bay I have to assume it means something. They wouldn't just do that, especially if Compton is healthy.
  8. Finlay got that from Gruden's presser today, btw.
  9. Well, well, well, looky here:
  10. ^^ Had no idea myself... just looked and it plays again on Sunday night.