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  1. The most wonderful time of the year: Leak Season!!

    I’m officially burnt out. Like Jay. Like anyone who gets hired by Dan and his top exec. I am removing myself from another Snyder Cycletm I will not trash any coach or player. I will not blame them for being unable to overcome what is arguably the worst workplace environment in the league. I will just empathize with them and hope some miracle occurs to where Dan actually makes sensical move after sensical move beginning with removing Allen and finally structuring the FO properly. Again, I fully acknowledge that will require a miracle.
  2. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Reading this kind of stuff is just unhealthy for me. Just makes me sick.
  3. Redskins vs Chargers Prediction Thread: Slippin' Away

    I’m freaked out about their pass rush against our banged up guys and assume our entire game plan will revolve around the quick game. Without Thompson on top of that, that’s likely not going to end well. I’m not sure what else we can do. Maybe if we get the running game going and can get them to hesitate on play action, but I can see the Chargers calling our bluff a lot and just attacking Kirk as he fakes. It’s gotta be that, though. Don’t see us winning through the air on 5 step drops. If Moses and Trent were both 100% I’d think differently. Maybe they play well enough, that’d be nice. Defensively? No idea how they’re going to fare against Rivers. I haven’t watched the Chargers at all this year. I know Keenan Allen is heating up as of late just because of fantasy football. But I like our matchup against him with Fuller in the slot when he lines up there, and Norman should see him a bunch on the outside. He might destroy Breeland on the other side, though, so hopefully Bree has one of his better games and bounces back. Could see our D having one of those surprise beastly days like they did against Seattle. Could also see them get totally embarrassed as Rivers dissects everything we do while he’s got plenty of time in the pocket. All hinges on the Dline, of course. The good news is they don’t seem to be running the ball all that well (just going off on the talk regarding Gordon in fantasy). Our Dline seems to thrive when they (by “they” I mean Ziggy Hood) aren’t getting destroyed up the middle by a solid run-blocking Oline (again, see Seattle game). So maybe? I won’t even try to predict the game. I’d like to see them win, just because. I know we’re pretty much done playoff-wise, but I just worry considerably about the potential for the type of toxic environment we’ve seen here happen over and over again beginning to take root and having it affect Jay, Kirk, and all the coaches/players that deserve better.
  4. Latest FA Disappointment: Josh Norman

    He’s got one real negative so far as far as I’m concerned, and that’s the lack of picks. Outside of that he’s been a stud. He had a bad game against the Vikes for his standards, and he’s had some bad plays here and there this last month in general, but it’s no surprise it’s come after his injury. That, and a lack of any consistent interior pass rush from our Dline has affected everyone on the defense, including the OLBs. It’s amazing just how drastic the difference is when we had Ioannidis and Allen destroying it upfront versus what we’ve got now. Everyone was feasting. :/ I know I sound like a broken record, but if there’s any position to go all out on with the defense, it’s interior Dline. They change everything and are a factor in every play simply by virtue of being closest to the ball at the snap. It’s so ridiculously simple and obvious, yet, so easy to lose sight of.
  5. Poor logic 101, man, you inserted that meaning yourself. Did I say all Skin fans are simpletons or did I mean the ones who’d buy it? Heck, that’d include myself if that was what I was claiming, lol. Which, you know what? Maybe there is an argument for at this point.
  6. Kirk Cousins: The New Villainous Villain of Villainy in Sweet Innocent Redskins Land As Narrated By Bruce Allen Foreword by Dan Snyder Come, come simpleton Skin fans! Get your free exclusive copies before it’s published globally this offseason!
  7. Jay Gruden: Buy or Sell 2017 edition

    Believe me, I know your rationale. You’ve made it clear, abundantly. It still doesn’t make sense to me on a macro level. Micro? @goskins10 did a good job detailing it so I won’t go there. As for my overall feeling, it’s because you’ll write this up and say things like “mixed bag”, acknowledge the fact that he’s operating within a terrible environment by recognizing the issues with Dan/Bruce (yet omit how that can affect him on a day-to-day basis and even within games), which sounds reasonable on the surface, but then you’ll also make post after post contradicting all that and saying he’s this total idiot, moron, jackass, etc... I don’t know how that fits. How does a guy who is all of those things according to you manage to be an “8-8 coach” while operating within a terrible environment that YOU RECOGNIZE? In fact, one could argue that it’s borderline miraculous he can accomplish that here. But even if you want to throw him into the soup along with this poorly structured FO and omit that, which is a major contradiction in my mind, a guy with those labels attributed to him shouldn’t be managing to be average. Or anything but a complete disaster. He should be failing miserably. Doesn’t make sense. If all of your posts were like this one it’d be different. But they’re not. It’s not. He wanted DJax back. They made a push at the end to sign DJax for Jay, too, but failed. He does NOT have final say on personnel and has even stated that he lets the scouts do their jobs since they’re the ones who’ve been scouting said players for their entire careers. If there’s a disagreement, they win. Do you know who was the biggest reason Scot McCloughan was hired and who pushed for Front Office help in the first place? Jay Gruden. I’m glad you brought this up though because it’s something you’ve killed him for many times here. You’re wrong about it. If anything, you should be impressed at how much he’s made best of the situation with the hand he’s been dealt. Jay might be the only functional aspect of the FO who doesn’t overstep his bounds and handles his responsibilities well.
  8. Wait, what, you needed to remind me of that? You think, for one moment, I'd think that was objective!? Joking aside, I get that you "needed" to see that, but instead of "needing" it, you should've "expected" it. That's my point. His trajectory has been steady and very impressive when comparing it to the way most QBs historically improve with experience. The FO, if they had even a little bit of foresight, should've projected such as well. A long, long time ago. Or, you know, maybe listen to the football people THEY HIRED within their own building.
  9. Jay Gruden: Buy or Sell 2017 edition

    Your positions on him have been contradictory on a couple fronts in my mind, but this one might take the cake. Why not? Why don’t you want him fired? You’ve repeatedly called him an idiot, a moron, and even have this silly nickname I think you might be the only one who thinks is clever in “Captain Yuk yuk yuk” or whatever. I mean, how do you justify wanting him to keep his job with all that? Comes off like you want to sound reasonable or balanced while being anything but. Sorry, just how it comes across. I can’t see myself ever wanting someone holding any significant position anywhere if I’ve repeatedly and incessantly labeled him in the way you have. Not sure I’d want that person as Head Janitor at my local public school, let alone HC of an NFL team. Very weird.
  10. I don't think you're viewing this right. He is the same player. The same player who has done nothing but improve at every aspect of his game while many claimed to know his ceiling, limit him in one thing or another, downplay his skill set, or judge him with finality after a bad stretch of play. It comes as no surprise that he has improved there, and that isn't some kind of "change". It should've been expected at this point, it's all he's done. In fact, that's where the arguments have mainly been had... there are those who've recognized that and there are those who haven't. That might sound like semantics, but it's not, especially when the focus is about the respect he's garnered from teammates and coaches. I can safely say that he will continue to improve and is unlikely to regress, and that'd make him the same type of guy he has been, as has been stated by his peers and coaches seemingly hundreds of times.
  11. A Confidence I Haven't Had in 25 Years

    That, and the structure of this FO. They’ve once again placed way too much on the plate of the HC, and we have a garbled mess of accountability in terms of personnel decision-making. Just how Dan and his top exec like it so the targets for the sheep are multiple and they can villify someone as necessary. That’s what hurts most about this season. This was the culmination of stability, for the most part, at the coaching ranks, at QB, and a roster built (significantly at least) by a legit talent evaluator (including the moves made this past offseason), so my feeling was this was the best chance we’d have at a great season before the uncertainty and concern kicks in. Because after it? We fired said legit talent evaluator, didn’t replace him with someone of the same caliber or title/responsibility, and we’ve got quite the situation at QB. Only good thing future-wise with this entire setup is Jay Gruden and him getting extended. But it won’t last for him either without those other two essential support structures, as good as I believe he has been in overcoming a ton of bs as it stands already. Frustrating to say the least. Can only hope they figure it out with Kirk and that, miraculously, this FO setup that has failed over and over and over again somehow works this time. You never know, I guess.
  12. Strength & Conditioning Coaches; S&T: Let's Face Reality

    Yeah, maybe it’s him and Hess. I’m pretty sure there are two there that have been there forever, Hess being one and the track record isn’t good. Hess currently holds the Head Athletic Trainer title, though. He’s the one listed as a FO exec whereas Blacken is not. See here: So I’d personally look at him above everyone else.
  13. Strength & Conditioning Coaches; S&T: Let's Face Reality

    Only thing that makes me hesitate about pointing the finger at this particular group is that the Skins have consistently been one of the most injured teams in the league, pre-this group and even pre-Jay. Who are the guys who’ve been there all along? Larry Hess is one of them. I know there’s at least one more, can’t remember his name. But I’d start at Hess. He’s been there since like Dan Snyder bought the team.