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  1. Hopefully that’s not the only lesson he’s learned in the last year or so.
  2. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    He’s certainly easy to root for, just like Kirk was for me. Very classy, says all the right things, solid background, family guy, and love his charity work. And as concerning as that environment he’s in now is to me, I think they’re so desperate about being right about him that it creates a situation where they have more incentive to give him the most conducive one to success than ever before. The question will always be whether or not they even know how to do that, but I’m certainly rooting for it to happen for him. Maybe he’ll be able to have enough clout to force the issue when necessary since he’s got that contract? He’s seen bad structures and good ones. He’s talked about it. That’s promising in and of itself.
  3. I like how FA is going so far outside of the Dline, but that alone really has me down. Really concerned we’re going to still have issues stopping the run and I don’t think I can stand one more year of that. Just absolutely has killed us. Kilt. I don’t want them going into the draft feeling like they HAVE to draft certain positions. That’s a recipe for disaster and I’m getting the sense with the way Doug is phrasing things that they’re ok with doing that. We were extremely fortunate to have Allen fall to us last year, but could you imagine if he didn’t and we were mainly relying on McGee and McClain from the onset? There is potential we’ll get a perfectly healthy season from both Allen and Ioannidis, which will be a boon to our run defense. And maybe someone like Francis or McClain emerges/improves while McGee maintains... but depending on that scenario after seeing just how bad the drop off was once one of the top two guys got hurt is simply criminal. That’s not fair to Tomsula, not fair to Manusky, and not fair to the rest of the coaches and players. That’s two years straight almost single-handedly ruined by way of an absolute porous rush defense. FIX IT. I loved Alex Smith immediately asking Bruce, after the initial idle talk, if he’s “getting anything done here”, while Bruce talks about Manusky and Tomsula clamoring for pieces. Chyeah, I’m sure they are.
  4. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    It’s a fine line, but in the end you don’t want a strength to diminish in any way. In fact, you can argue the opposite, that you even invest more there because YOU KNOW it’ll work out in terms of development and net gain, making that part of your team an overwhelming strength to where it can overcome any other issues. Personally, I prefer being as balanced as you can be (relative to a BPA approach that’s in many ways out of your hands) and, of course, starting and ending with the trenches (well, interdependently with the QB position). I don’t think you can ever invest too much on Oline/Dline, except with Oline it’s not necessarily a rotational position so that doesn’t apply as much as it does regarding the Dline. You just don’t want to fall into that trap where you elevate coaching/scheme above personnel acquisition and decide you can devalue it because it’ll make up for it. That’s the downfall of so many coaches it’s ridiculous. Part of why I really like Jay is he’s always been someone who openly states that it’s about the players. Coaches who get that are the smartest ones. And they’ve certainly invested in offense during his tenure. This is what people often miss with a guy like Wade Phillips who, wherever he goes, absolutely stacks his front seven. His scheme is actually relatively simple, people aren’t confused as to what he’s running. He just has major resources expended on that side of the ball and, in particular, the line. There are times where, if you know you can get a specific skill set on the cheap that fits your scheme, what you’re saying works. Like with Shanahan’s one-cut-and-go zone scheme RBs. But that’s rare, often tied to skill positions, and doesn’t negate the impact an otherwise multi-dimensional elite player would have over them. We even saw his relative lack of investing in the Oline (because he applied that same type of thinking to it) fail for the most part (anytime we had to drop back and pass in 3rd and long situations it was a disaster).
  5. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Which is EXACTLY the problem and, ultimately, goes back to his, you guessed it, leadership. That set up fails 99% of the time. The Eagles literally just went through it. Now, I think you’re wrong about Jay’s role and are, as many have, conflating his role with Bruce’s here (Bruce is his boss, plain and simple, and Jay often doesn’t get what he wants or plays a secondary role in many decisions)... but the overall point remains regarding Dan’s entire tenure. Coaches often get way too much input, and even final say, because their roles are often over-emphasized, and that starts with Dan. Coaches, by default, are short sighted and loyal. Furthermore, they don’t have the time to spend on evaluating personnel and projecting since they’re busy with everything else they do. They shouldn’t be given that power, there’s too much there that can go wrong. So, yeah, again this ultimately goes back to leadership and how said leadership structures everything. It’s probably my biggest pet peeve about the Skins FO after researching how others operate. This is why a little part of me died inside when I read this quote from Doug during the combine: It’s so damn frustrating. It’s the most understated reason for why coaches consistently fail here. As soon as they bring in a guy who has a specific strength schematically, they use that as justification to get lax on providing them the proper assets to thrive. So their strength becomes minimized, while their weaknesses highlighted. We have a tendency to act like successful HCs are this perfect mix of strengths in all facets. No, the vast majority of HCs come from a background of being strong in one phase, be it offense, defense or even ST. The best ones have a support structure around them that highlights their strengths and helps them overcome their weaknesses. It’s even a part of the FO’s hiring process when bringing them in. But I digress. Even if it’s true, and Jay's scheme is just that good... the LAST thing you want is your supposed head of personnel saying that. At best, it means he thinks they can get away with not hitting that position hard in terms of evaluations and decision making. At worst, it means that they expect the coach to overcome anything and everything with regards to that position or side of the ball, devaluing the extremely significant personnel acquisition in the process, and will point the blame at said coach when he inevitably fails versus recognizing their own failures personnel-wise. No, Doug, your job entails that you act like your coaches suck and you need to provide them with the absolute best in personnel for them to succeed. Let the coaches themselves have confidence in their schemes and if they want to think their schemes are so good it’ll automatically succeed, fine, but it should have no effect on you or how you approach things. It’s terrifying to think this type of mentality went into any of their decision-making regarding Kirk and now the recent trade for Alex. Terrifying. And that’s why you have that separation of roles and titles. Each side supports the other that way. It’s sickening they STILL don’t get this. And this is where Dan Snyder’s failure as owner comes into full focus. He’s the guy that ultimately sets these roles up and structures the organization. It’s his philosophy (or lack thereof) that places way too much of an emphasis on coaching and criminally neglects personnel acquisition in a league where everyone is competing to find players. This isn’t friggin High School where you’ve got what you’ve got in players and the difference is the program/coaching. In the end, I hope I’m simply overreacting and these are all just soundbytes they’re feeding the media. That there’s a much better, more intricate system and process they have for all of this and that Doug’s words there aren’t indicative of any overarching philosophy applied when making decisions. But it’s not promising to me and I don’t think I’m just making it up or being negative for the sake of it. That’s never been how I roll.
  6. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    You call it “semantic issues”, but then your last statement in this paragraph is EXACTLY what I focused on. You do realize that it’s the leadership, the guy with the title you say you don’t care about or don’t want to be the “face”, that creates this “...motivation... structure and environment that works...”, right? Now, the problems you gloss over with the QB situation and previous GM are indicative of a major problem. You can’t just pass over that like it’s a side issue. Entire organizations succeed/fail just off of those two roles. The resource management regarding QB has been historically awful. That is a massive handicap for every scout, coach and player in the building. As for Scot, hiring a GM, then firing him in ugly fashion, then not replacing him indicates a lack of structure that belies logic. You’re saying that you like how they’ve drafted or the results of their jobs, so therefore that’s all that matters, right? No, because we don’t know exactly where that success came from. That’s the concern. Was it a result of Scot’s influence and, therefore, as that wanes they’ll get worse? That’s a legit question and why it was important to replace him properly. If they felt it was important to hire a personnel guy with that title after the 2014 season, like most successful organizations, why would that change!? Why is that suddenly improper? Are they saying they were stupid to create that position and hire someone with that expertise in the first place? Which is why, like @Skinsinparadise said, it’d be fine if one of those “good scouts”, like Kyle Smith assuming he is, actually had that title and was leading the charge there. How would that not be better going by your own logic that they’re the source of success? How is that just a semantic issue? I mean, are you saying you don’t mind the idea that they might be limited or hindered in fulfilling their roles of expertise by their leadership? We can absolutely question that and think they are a hindrance because, ultimately, the team as is hasn’t risen above mediocrity. Now, the roster was in really good shape last season (again, how much was Scot, how much wasn’t? We don’t know), and it’s unfortunate they just got massacred injury-wise, so maybe everything ends up great. But to act like this set up, which has failed repeatedly for the Skins in the past, along with the two massive issues you just glossed over, is nothing to be concerned about or doesn’t matter in the end? Sorry, can’t get on board with that. Definitely not a “semantic issue”. I hope you’re right, though, and all is well. That it ends up not affecting anyone negatively, that the leadership as is enables these guys and listen to the right voices at the right time. They did have something good going, hopefully it hasn’t been completely ruined and they can take the next step. It’s just hard to believe knowing what it takes organizationally in terms of structure and resource management when comparing them to the more consistently successful franchises (or even the ones who have success more intermittently but at the highest level).

    @Thinking Skins @Skinsinparadise I can’t believe it actually worked right. Oh man, my wife is going to have deal with an egomaniac today, baby! Our posts are now in the proper thread.

    As much as I’d like to pin that on him, too, it’s totally on me. Good news is it worked with @Thinking Skins post! It’s now in the Bruce thread on the last page, woohoo! First time it worked, lol. Let me try SIP now. Just quoting this temporarily just in case it gets lost in an ES vortex of doom...

    I’m going to experiment a little and see if this mod function I have works for once. I tried it before and all hell broke loose. But let's see if I can move these posts to the Bruce thread.

    Lol, I didn’t realize we were here, either. Good call.
  11. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    And therein lies the issue. The guy with that title can choose to listen to their voices or not. They can be listened to when they shouldn’t be or ignored when they’re right. Do they follow Kyle Smith’s board, for instance, or do they reach for a need? If the scouts are good, do they enable them? If they aren’t, do they hold them accountable? Are the incentives to do a good job motivational enough? How valued are they within the organization? Is personnel acquisition, in an ultra-competitive professional league where everyone is trying to find talent with limited resources, viewed as importantly as it should be, or do they overly rely on coaches/schemes? The scouts being “good” is a positive only in as much as their leadership recognizes that and executes. So while it’s nice to have faith in our scouts, it can be rendered entirely meaningless by the GM you’re implying doesn’t matter as much (if I’m reading you correctly). But hopefully Hoffman knows what he’s talking about. I don’t know what he’s basing that on, but there are certainly promising signs they might be. It’s definitely a positive if they’re good in the first place, as it means the hiring process when bringing them in is likely sound. And it was good to see us last offseason invest more resources there (finally, for the love of God).
  12. Maybe, but the entire NFL knew Smith would likely be available, right? And within the same article Jay is quoted talking about numerous options and paths he was fine with. So it’s hard to think that’s what he meant taken within that context. Very hard.
  13. No, you’re right, the fanbase doesn’t in general, but I personally don’t care what “the fanbase” thinks. And I wouldn’t make that the main point to latch onto @ConnSKINS26‘s post about, though he did start with “we’d be pumped”, so I could see why you did. There were some of the smartest people on this board saying the best options regarding the QB situation were, for years now, in order of best case to worst case: 1) That they figure out how to retain Kirk long term. 2) If they knew they didn’t want to give him what he was asking or couldn’t, tag and trade him, while looking for a guy in the draft to develop as they let McCoy hold the fort down and build the rest of the team up with the major cap savings they’d gain as a result of that. 3) Tag and trade Kirk, then sign a vet in FA to maintain strength of passing game while drafting another to develop behind him. The absolute worst case that we mentioned was what happened. Losing Kirk for nothing, trading for a vet QB, signing him to a fairly expensive contract himself, and losing more resources (3rd and Fuller) in the process. I mean... ugh. Jay (once again showing he’s one of the most competent people within the building) even says here (from Keim today) that he was fine with the number two plan once it was clear they were moving on from Kirk (doesn’t mention tag and trade aspect of it, but obviously he wouldn’t have been against gaining something): It’s not hard to see just how bad the resource management regarding this entire ordeal is. This isn’t about Kirk vs. Alex. Just strictly about resource management. Of course, many fans aren’t as ridiculously hardcore as those of us who’ve spent an exorbitant amount of time on ES for years now learning about the intricacies of the NFL at an organizational level. So it’s expected they’d be more surface-oriented and complain either way, or target the wrong people, or be total homers and expect things to always work out. We’ve all been there. But there is much more nuance to it all and that’s what’s great about ES as a discussion board. We can delve into that nuance. Also, from the same article, I wanted to show this as I believe it dispels some of the conflation that exists with Jay’s role at Redskins Park and those above him:
  14. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!