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  1. Florida....? oh yeah, Florida.

    Yeah...dont think he should have been arrested....should have gotten a crisp high 5 and a medal....
  2. Xbox One Vs Ps4

    Lol....its gonna be Tribal Wars all over again...
  3. Xbox One Vs Ps4

    Lol they actuallyspecifically said you cant do that from what I read...lol. I heard they were gonna keep the populations low on the servers. So who knows. I did read that friends can build areas next to each other, so it just seems logical that you can start your own faction/clan
  4. Xbox One Vs Ps4

    I already have a group of people gathering to start a version of our Valkyrie clan there if anyone's interested.... Of course that's dependent on if it is able.to be done there
  5. Xbox One Vs Ps4

    I'm actually quite intrigued by FO76. Wondering if this will facilitate making your own Faction (Clan) with friends.
  6. Xbox One Vs Ps4

    https://www.vrfocus.com/2018/06/all-the-vr-games-sony-is-demoing-for-playstation-vr-at-e3-2018/ There are most definitely PSVR games coming out....some good ones by the look of it
  7. Guns are the vehicle.to which the acts are being carried out, and I agree are obviously too easy to get to. I have already eluded to that many posts ago. That being said, they are not the root of the problem. If the guns weren't there, then something else would be used. Knives, home made bombs, cars. How is this so hard to understand? If the guns weren't there, the problem would still exist, and the murders would happen by other methods. But it's obvious most here dont want to have an open minded conversation. You've made up your mind, that's your prerogative and that's your freedom guaranteed by the constitution. See...notice how I rebutted you without actual insults? Not hard to do is it? Well...at least not for me....
  8. I agree...its culture. But it's not limited to 1 thing. That's what I am trying to get at. Blaming politicians, blaming guns, etc. is the easy way out. A serious discussion needs to be had. The actual issue needs to be discovered. If someone can prove to me that it's as simple as politics then fine. But I have not seen 1 post, 1 reasonable open minded argument, and not 1 article that has shown me it's as simple as gun control. But some people are too proud, and need to try and prove they have the biggest balls to seriously sit down and reflect on what may be the issue. But honestly, I said my peace..of some want to blame politicians, that's fine. To each their own Lol really....over half of my family are teachers....they disagree with you. Must be an upstate vs downstate NY thing...
  9. That's where you are wrong. I just realize that this is beyond politics. You just hate to look inward.
  10. Name any administration that wasn't corrupt from the top down...they all are. Hence the problem...
  11. Really, because the teachers in liberal New York are frequently screwed by them too... Maybe it's not 1 particular political side, but politics in general? Now...can you actually make a post besides music posts that doesn't mention or blame politics and discusses real causes?
  12. I believe it was still here...when people say respect authority, it does not always mean respect the politician. Authority is our parents, our elders, our teachers, etc. Why do you insist on making this political. This problem goes WAY beyond politics. Maybe that's part of the problem. We insist that politics fixes everything, when quite honestly they tend to make things worse.
  13. Burgold, your opinion is probably one the top 10 I always respect the most on here and gets me thinking the most. However, a troubled kid is not just mental health. Why do we immediately assume that troubled kid = mental health issue. It's not. I wish I had the answers..I do, but what I do know is that our own agendas get in the way of clear thinking. I know that happens to me as well, and I hate to admit it when it happens, and I wish I could stop myself when it does. I think we all have a small piece of the answer, but we are afraid to look inward and realize that we ourselves are also the cause of the problem. I had a great heart to heart conversation with a co-worker in China a couple months ago. They have a big suicide problem especially with the younger generation. It's one of the reasons buildings have nets around them...to catch the jumpers. They see it as the younger generation is weak. It got me thinking about how we usually feel the same way about our younger generations. Their work culture and ours is more similar then you would think.
  14. Yup, and quite honestly I dont feel bullying is a bad thing per se. I feel that it does help us grow, and if it weren't for negative stimulus, we'd never evolve. What I am saying is that we as adults and as a culture are doing it wrong. It's not about the guns. They've always been there, and when I was younger it wasn't mass shootings, but teenage suicide. Both are signs of something is wrong, but the question is how did we go from just killing ourselves to making sure we take others out with us. Trust me, I am all for gun control. I think all states should have the same policy as NY, and parents with guns who dont stick to the rule regarding locked boxes and gun safes, bullets stored away in separate locations should lose their priviledge to own a gun. Not to mention the double background checks and re-certifying every 5 years. But even with gun control, we still will have issues. We did not solve the problem. We took 1 instrument is death away. But bombs can still be made, knives can still be had, other forms of killing can still be used or can be thought up. That's why I find all the people who think I'm the one with blinders on are short sighted. You're not seeing the forest through the trees.