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  1. Xbox One Vs Ps4

    Probably not. You should still play it tho...lol
  2. Xbox One Vs Ps4

    Its definitely fun. Using the AIM gun, hearing demons behind you. You need to set it up for smooth movement tho.
  3. Xbox One Vs Ps4

    Lol you should try it in VR. It's not a long game, but to be immersed in the doom world like that....soooo much fun
  4. ....Tribal Wars?

    Yes he was....but you kept referring to me as the heathen as well due to the postings on the board of the women of our villages ...and my women having only their ankles covered...the rest...not so much covered... WHY THE **** ARE WE TALKING ABOUT THIS....LET THIS GAME DIE LIKE MY ARCHERS ON THE WALL!!!!
  5. ....Tribal Wars?

    Well....your therapist is an asshole then...
  6. ....Tribal Wars?

    WAIT A SECOND!!!! My troops WERE the heathen hordes... Didn't we all agree that we would never speak of this evil unspeakable game when the original ESLs left the game?!?
  7. You're both wrong. We all know that unicorns are extinct because they decided to play hide and seek with Noah instead of getting on the Arc.
  8. ....Tribal Wars?

    You always did have problems with the evil penguins Brother Symbol.
  9. ....Tribal Wars?

  10. The "New" Way of Tackling - An Analysis

    Lol...seee for the most part, you proved my point. Plus a split head isn't even close to a concussion. That being said, I think broken backs are more common thanks to the scrum.
  11. The "New" Way of Tackling - An Analysis

    Just for you.... RUGBY... Want me to sing a RUGBY song for you. With the amount you ****...you can be the RUGBY Queen
  12. 12/9 giants game

    I need 3 tickets for the giants game on 12/9. I am a die hard Redskins fan ( many on here have tailgated with me.and can vouch). I am coming with 2 midget fans, but dontnhokd that against me. We will be going to the ES tailgate as well if we get the tickets.
  13. The "New" Way of Tackling - An Analysis

    I agree with that.
  14. The "New" Way of Tackling - An Analysis

    I see why you would think this, but I'm sorry I disagree. I have seen too many rugby games with text book tackling that were absolutely bone crushing and caused knock-ons (fumbling forward)
  15. The "New" Way of Tackling - An Analysis

    If you want examples of proper tackling....watch a rugby game.