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  1. ES Soccer Thread

    All soccer talk: MLS, EPL, Primiera, Serie A and Bundesliga here. This way we don't keep bumping the 2010 World Cup thread up with non 2010 World Cup talk.
  2. I bolded a specific part where you said your issue is Millennials think they're special, and I am saying that applies to everyone who has been in their 20s and early 30s and you can find older people railing on younger people for being entitled and thinking they are special in every modern decade. That's more to do with how American society has treated being in your 20s. To zoony's point, there are absolutely differences that have been made because of the social media era of the internet, but at this point that narcissism applies to everyone, not just people between 22-38. Your first post in this thread is the sentiment I was referring to - the oh heavens how could I be put in the same generation as XXX people, I'm not like them at all! Your generational label doesn't define you as an individual and a lot of the complaints about young people today (Generation Z) are not unique, that's all I'm saying.
  3. You really think this is some magical era where young people think highly of themselves and want more? The only difference is people now have more avenues to broadcast it. I read on these trends every day for a living - I'm not saying that makes me some demographer but this is just common sense. Also, everybody of every age is now using social media to tell people how special they are, it is not a singular trait among people 22-38. It sounds like you've had to deal with a few younger individuals at your office who are annoying - if that's true I'm sorry, but it doesn't mean they are any different than you or plenty of others were at their age. Anyway I'm not going to convince you so I'll leave it at agree to disagree. +++ LIFE MAGAZINE - May 17, 1968 - The Generation Gap Partly, I am lazy; I don’t feel like working this summer. I am writing a book and taking a history course at Columbia. Even the dullest art history book gives me a greater sense of freedom than being imprisoned in an office. I don’t feel like being confined; I want my time to be at my own disposal. I suppose I’m spoiled. I’m copping out. My generation is notorious for its "cop-outs". (This quote was from a Baby Boomer named Rickie complaining about his job and the comments of an older man named Ernie who said he just needs to play the game) TIME MAGAZINE - July 16, 1990 - The Next Generation "Lazy, entitled, selfish, shallow, unambitious shoe-gazers … [who] have trouble making decisions. They would rather hike in the Himalayas than climb a corporate ladder … They crave entertainment, but their attention span is as short as one zap of a TV dial … They postpone marriage because they dread divorce. They sneer at Range Rovers and Rolexes. What they hold dear are family life, local activism, national parks, penny loafers and mountain bikes." (This was describing Generation X, at the time 11-25)
  4. Said the parents of Baby Boomers throughout the 1970s (The Me Decade) and the parents of the so-called Slacker Generation. Nothing you're saying is different from any other group of people in their 20s and 30s.
  5. The anger people get over generations is hilarious. They mean close to nothing and are subjective, everyone's individual journey is different. People whine about being called a Millennial (Gen Y) because they put a bunch of stock into lazy articles written by people who need to fill space in this never-ending news cycle. If the worst about the Millennial generation is they look at social media a lot then I guess our grandparents suck too because grandmas spend all day on Facebook and studies show Gen X is on social media more often than Gen Y. And the narcissism argument ... shocker people in American society are self-absorbed in their 20s...this is definitely brand new and not something that has been the case for...oh EVERY GENERATION. People take these labels too seriously, yes some people in your "generation" used CDs and other started with 8-track. So what? What is the significance really? People born in the early 60s aren't actually part of the post-WWII boom, as birth rates began declining in 1958. This all said, since we went through the tradition of being bashed, Gen Y should absolutely be out here railing the Gen Zers (1995-) as the Tide Pod Generation
  6. Post-Curse D.C. Sports Thread

  7. Post-Curse D.C. Sports Thread

    The Curse is over, it's dead, it's irrelevant. Time to move on and have only good vibes. We have one of the best pitchers ever on his way to a 3rd straight Cy Young, we have a dynamic duo in the back court who are trying their best despite Ernie Grunfeld's incompetence, the Redskins are still a mediocre franchise but we no longer go into seasons praying to get to 6 wins, and the city FINALLY HAS A CHAMPION! June 7, 1978 June 7, 2018
  8. The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    Those videos mean nothing if we're being honest.
  9. From NWA, who’s more successful: Ice Cube or Dr Dre?

    Dr Dre is worth $700-$800 million. Case and point.
  10. Thai soccer team trapped in cave

    This effort is an example of when humans get it right. People from a dozen countries have contributed in some way - equipment, medical staff, divers. Great.
  11. The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    In a world where Alex Ovechkin has lifted the Stanley Cup - F it, let's aim high.
  12. The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    You're predicting 2016 Otto aren't you. Because old man hip Otto = not even closer to contending for #1 seed. Either way you are semi-crazy if you think as is we are close to Boston healthy. Healthy Boston is winning 60+. Maybe 65 given how bad the east is now.
  13. 2018 Washington Nationals - Weak Cheese

    Yeah this group is not a winner. Oh well. We had a parade three weeks ago so....*runs to watch videos on YouTube* At this point get the AS break just to put them out of their misery.
  14. The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    I've found that NBA fans have generally low standards for what they find interesting as far as competition goes. The NBA is really more popular because of personalities and free agency, which it does better than any league and it's not even remotely close. The fact that it can be this successful despite the fact that 95% of the league is irrelevant is impressive. All these clowns on Twitter being like "I want the Warriors to be good cause I get to see greatness!!!!!" ... whatever helps you sleep at night. I saw it and it was great...that was like three years ago. It's the same names, the same type of play and the same result now so not interested. Warriors aren't even fun villains like the Miami Heat were from 2010-2014, they are just annoying.
  15. ***2018-19 NBA Offseason Thread***

    Come watch the Caps this season man. There's beer on the bandwagon and parity to go around. The only interesting part of next season is LeBron now. How does he deal with LaVar Ball? I would love if he just told him to STFU at one point.
  16. ***2018-19 NBA Offseason Thread***

    Get off that narcotic. At least get clean for a while then you can backslide later.
  17. ***2018-19 NBA Offseason Thread***

    If you had said Kobe instead of Lakers I'd like this x,1000.
  18. ***2018-19 NBA Offseason Thread***

    Can't just say it man, you gotta act on it.
  19. The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    Given Wall's comments and where the league is trending, they should not be okay with it I don't think. Like you pointed out, the guy is an injury waiting to happen as well. LeBron is gone - aim high Willis.
  20. The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    Kawhi hell yes. I just meant for someone who is healthy - quad injury doesn't scare me like Achilles.
  21. The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    I'm fine moving Beal but not for a guy who just ripped his Achilles. To move Beal and a pick you need a guy like James Harden coming back.
  22. Post-Curse D.C. Sports Thread

    As LeBron leaves Cleveland and John Tavares leaves the Islanders for Toronto (both completely valid by the way), I am reminded of how nice it is that Ovechkin signed a 14-year deal because he wanted to play his entire career for D.C. Unlike Harper, has never held it over the franchise's head that he might leave and there are certainly plenty of teams that would pay millions more than what he makes right now for a 50-goal scorer.
  23. I feel kinda bad for the Wizards-only fans I gotta be honest.
  24. I doubt Tom Wilson makes $4.5M.
  25. DIY Home Improvement Thread..

    I have a wall-mounted PTAC unit for AC and heat like you would see at hotels. It is SO damn loud and it's definitely the compressor. I can't reach it so I'm trying to minimize the vibration from inside. Most anti-vibration stuff is designed to be put under something on the ground which wouldn't work so is there anything I can attach to the PTAC to quiet it down?