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  1. We don't need another Reggie Lewis situation. It was unacceptable then, and would me even more unacceptable now.
  2. Craig Custance, poor guy.
  3. To be honest, these posts are just tired and old as the who's the GOAT discussion. And ESPN is just desperate for clicks - wasn't surprised at all by what was on their front page. ****ing miserable. And eight thumbs up to LKB on his comments on Kobe - for as great as he is, he's also insanely overrated.
  4. Not to be picky but there is no way you can have a best movie of 1981 poll without Mad Max 2 Road Warrior it.
  5. Aliens is the best but I LOVE FBDO.
  6. Of course not, but it does mean the law recognizes that there are certain words that will cause a "reasonable person" to have a violent reaction.
  7. There is no slur for a white person that comes close to having the effect or history behind it as the N-word so while it's nice to say words = words = just as bad, it's a load of nonsense. That doesn't mean we should condone legitimate racism against anyone just because they are the majority, but let's be honest with ourselves. And sorry, women don't get to hide behind that card when throwing our slurs like this video depicted. Like it's really one of the only times they can't - 99.9% of the time it is unacceptable to hit a woman unless it's a actual self defense. Two wrongs here by both people, but the Fighting Words doctrine exists for a reason.
  8. She pushed him and spat in his face. You spit in someone's face and get decked, you got what you deserve. That's as disrespectful as it gets and to top it off the man was operating a large vehicle, responsible for the dozens on the bus.
  9. Karate Kid is epic in its 80s cheesiness but Arnold is such a badass in T1. When he just walks in and shoots that woman in the back - that was cold as ice.
  10. Just like the bus driver in Cleveland a few years ago. Not the right move at all, but don't feel bad for the victim whatsoever.
  11. What a shock, you hire a coach that has been to the Final and you make the Final, who would have thought!!!! Meanwhile, we hire a guy who has never seen a Conference Final, to lead a team that has never seen a Conference Final, past the Conference Final ... yeah ...
  12. College basketball is a single elimination tournament - it forces parity. If those teams played series we'd have the same dominance by the same top programs. Oh, and college basketball sucks. A lot.
  13. Yes, I was prone to making hot takes on LeBron but after the 2011 Finals, I wasn't the only one. But there's nothing you can say now that doesn't sound dumb trying to knock what he's done. Even during my LeBron-hater days I always acknowledged that he was a top 10 player in the history of the game (now top 3-5). And to be fair, I think the MJ truthers have got you to the point where anytime you see his name on this forum, it sets you off.
  14. In all seriousness, you basically have to stay off social media (really just Twitter) during the playoffs when LeBron is playing. It's just miserable hot takes on him being the best player ever because he had a great game, or him never comparing to Jordan because he didn't have a great game. It's awful. Can't just let things play out anymore in today's sports world.