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  1. I think it's the opposite, he's 70 and yet his name is known by literally everyone who's out of college at this point. Now sure a lot of people don't know he's one of the best RBs ever but everyone knows the most infamous acquittal in U.S. history.
  2. Season 2 is fantastic - the story is great, the pacing is great and by the end the characters matter. Only blemish is Ziggy. I didn't appreciate how well it was executed until I watched S2 the second time around. This is tough - for adult TV: The Wire Seinfeld The Sopranos Band of Brothers Freaks and Geeks For cartoons, DuckTales, Hey Arnold and really most of the Disney Afternoon/Nicktoons stand out.
  3. Well summer weather blows in general, way too hot and humid - wish it was spring all year. 70s and sunny.
  4. **** this. City is cursed.
  5. He's getting a max deal guy. From someone.
  6. Chris Paul to the Rockets – this will be....interesting. So Harden to SG again.
  7. Identity easily.
  8. Also Andrew Bogut, their best rim protector went down with injury.
  9. If Ovechkin comes in anywhere near 230 this year, he doesn't care about winning. At this stage of his career he needs to be down at 215 to maintain any sort of speed.
  10. Sure it does – Pittsburgh's stars were the best players of the playoffs and their goaltending was top notch and yet again, they won the Stanley Cup. Our goaltender was inconsistent and one of our stars was unacceptably subpar to go along with nobody stepping up in the clutch – and we exited early ... again. In the end Crosby/Malkin >>>>>>>>> Ovechkin/Backstrom Can't go into next season with Ovechkin and Backstrom together, they cannot be on the same line anymore, and it needs to stay that way for good.
  11. Ovechkin has fallen so far behind Crosby it's sad. In 30 years people will laugh that it was ever a thing. Granted it helps when your 2C is a Hall of Famer as well.
  12. That's the big difference for me between he and Russell – I am 100% confident if you drop Wilt in today's NBA he sleepwalks to 25 and 12 a night.
  13. Russell deserves to be considered one of the best ever, but there's no way he's close to #1. There were guys at Rucker Park who could've been in the NBA back then.
  14. Russell the best ever at dominating in a league of 6-8 teams with guys who he could rest his hands on.
  15. I just don't get why people thought this was going to be a competitive series in the first place. Takes about 1 minute of looking up and down the rosters to realize GS has too much for Cleveland.