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  1. Can't keep getting eviscerated in the front court. If Morris struggles early in Game 5 **** him and let him earn time over Jason Smith.
  2. I'm sorry but Beal's defensive effort is unacceptable. Fight through a screen just once I dare you. Morris needs to shut his mouth until he actually shows up in this series because he has been a joke. Absolutely useless on both ends talking about the refs.
  3. Newsflash ESPN, STFU about Cespedes when the potential 2x NL MVP (knock on 1,000 pieces of wood) is at bat and ready to take more souls. Those moron Met fans thought getting a bunch of RBIs justified him beating Harper for MVP in the midst of one of the greatest seasons of baseball in the past 40 years.
  4. Co-sign on the earlier post! For them to piss on Call of Duty 4's legacy was a shame. When that came out in 2007, FPS' were changed, game was amazing and is still for it's time the gold standard for the series. Of course every COD since COD4 is just COD 4 version X. It's crazy to me when people say they started COD after 4, I'm like you missed everything then basically.
  5. Wizards take it tonight behind a big game from Beal. He's going to go off from three.
  6. Wall is a top 10 and is a top 5 MVP candidate this year. LeBron, Russ, Harden, Kawhi, Wall ... Durant would be in there but he was hurt too long.
  7. I'll happily take the extra day AND another D.C. team in the playoffs, which everyone should be cheering for every spring.
  8. Can I just say this whole Ryan Zimmerman hitting like it's 2009 thing is making me all warm inside.
  9. A. This is why you don't call a series over when you simply go down 2-1... B. Now comes the big test, Pittsburgh. If Alzner can play, I'd dress 7 defensemen honestly. We're going to need to use all options available.
  10. Pull the starters. Get ready for Game 4. I need to see more from Porter and Morris. Disappearing yet again.
  11. Wall vs. the Hawks. ****ing pathetic effort. My goodness Wall took over the end of the quarter. Let's get it to single digits by halftime. They will cool off shooting-wise and we won't shoot 25% forever.
  12. Go to the bench and get a spark. Starting 5 doesn't have it.
  13. That's why you signed Justin Williams. Team still needs to up its level of play. I don't want a Game 7.
  14. Off the bat Carlson continues garbage play. My god he looks slow as ****. He cannot be healthy.
  15. Ride the top line the rest of this series and if Alzner can play Orpik shouldn't see the ice until a potential ECF because he cannot skate with Pittsburgh either.