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  1. Wall and Gortat need a game or two off and tonight would be perfect.
  2. Gortat is as complete liability in every way. No offense, defense and throws balls away like it's his job.
  3. This is exactly why the NBA is ridiculous for not re-seeding after each round. And the NHL went away from it now as well. Keep removing all reason to make the regular season relevant. Better off getting the 6th seed than the 4th seed ... that's asinine.
  4. 1. The biggest issue here is not the guards, or the hot water or his death ... it's that he was in PRISON for POSSESSING COCAINE as a schizophrenic. That's ridiculous for anyone, but for someone with a condition that essentially is like being on LSD all day, an embarrassment for our allegedly great justice system. The only people I want in prison are killers, rapists, sociopaths and other violent people who are a threat walking around everyday. He should've been sentenced to community service and rehab if he needed it.
  5. Time to sack up because that 4th seed is looking more realistic every day, which would feel like a wasted season. I want Boston in round 2.
  6. I think reality needs to set in that the starting five aren't going to play like pre-All Star break any more so simply putting them all in and assuming we'll cut into a lead isn't the case. Gotta start mixing and matching with Bogs etc. when we're down.
  7. Gortat is an absolute bum. Not sure he can start much longer. It may not be his fault because he's probably gassed from the heavy minutes but it is what it is. Not sure he can start come playoff time if it's a matter of fatigue. Not going to get fresher as the games get more intense.
  8. Yup to both. Since the All-Star break, Wiz are allowing league-worst like 51% FG. And on Wall, that's what makes him better than a guy like IT. Phil Jackson said this is really what separated MJ and Kobe (well other things too but...) - on nights were Mike wasn't shooting well, he would realize it and focus on playmaking, whereas Kobe would just shoot shoot shoot no matter how off he was.
  9. Unacceptable defense since the break Embarrassing.
  10. No, the situation you're describing would be if the current Winnipeg Jets (former Atlanta Thrashers) tried to take credit for what the old Winnipeg Jets did. If the team had moved cities, your ridiculous argument might have a point. For example, Indy fans pumping themselves up for what the Colts did in Baltimore, but that's a completely different situation. So hypothetically, if the Bullets had won the 1996 NBA title, there would have been no point in having a ceremony on opening night the next season because they changed names. Do I have that correct? The players and coaches couldn't accept the rings because they changed the name on the front of the jersey? Yeah, sounds dumb to me too.
  11. The Washington Wizards franchise won in 1978. Wow, see how easy that was.
  12. It's the same franchise so ... yes the Wizards have been NBA champions before. This isn't like the Nationals taking Senators records. Now the more important thing is it was near 40 years ago so what have you done for us lately. The larger national media doesn't know but the reporters who follow this team daily and have dozens of in-house connections have a pretty firm grip on the Scot fiasco. Mike Jones didn't write that in-depth piece bored on a bender - he did his proper research and to discredit that isn't really right. The Twitter media that just retweets what the people doing actual reporting are saying however, are the worst and are the reason we have so much nonsense in today's landscape. I do know that Scot was absent, Bruce blamed it on a Grandma to cover up the damage, then fired him and then suddenly SM was said to be fired because of alcohol abuse. And that is fishy. It is what it is at this point, but I think people call things they don't like to hear speculation too often.
  13. Bizarro world, Jerry!!! CBS Sports: NBA Power Rankings: Red-hot Wizards sit at No. 1; Warriors fall out of top five The Wizards, owners of the best record in the NBA since Jan. 1, keep finding ways to win 1. NO REGRETS. The Wizards have the best record in the NBA since Jan. 1. They just rattled off four wins in five nights including back-to-back wins in overtime on a west coast road trip, even if they were against sub-.500 teams. John Wall is a cyborg ninja, Bradley Beal is a pure weapon, and this team just finds ways to wins. Everyone else fell, the Wizards keep rolling. No regrets! 5
  14. I hear you, it gets tiring seeing the team you love criticized as commonly as they are but I would just say that when you've been as bad and chaotic as our Redskins have for over 20 years - chances are when reports come out that things are chaotic, it's probably true. The beat reporters know dozens of people in the organizations and have direct access to players, coaches, execs etc. They know more than anyone in this forum. Mike Jones for example, isn't going to risk his professional career making stuff up. There's plenty of junk to sift through in this era of Twitter and social media, but the reporters (not columnists, big distinction) who are with the team every day with enough connections to have a Thanksgiving dinner, are doing their job, and it may hurt to read what they say, but it's going to be mostly accurate unless a source lies to them on purpose. Anyway, everyone in the area benefits when they do well and that includes publications, so let's hope we keep our momentum going in spite of the front office changes.