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  1. Sticksboi05

    Random Thought Thread

    You can rewatch The Wire 5x and it never gets stale or boring. It's just such an incredible work of TV drama. Gold standard.
  2. True - honestly, Kuznetsov's run to 100 points and Ovechkin to 50 goals will keep me occupied this season.
  3. People - we just won a championship. Stop fighting.
  4. Remember how from 2005-2010 prime Ovechkin was at the point where you could not turn from the screen when he had the puck? I think Kuznetsov has arrived at that level (though he's not as good as Ovechkin was in that era).
  5. Sticksboi05

    The Non-Winter Weather Thread

    Landfall at 155 MPH - for all intents and purposes a Category 5 (2 MPH short). Fourth strongest hurricane to ever make landfall in the U.S. based on wind speed. As intense as Hurricane Andrew by pressure as well. The people down south will need our help via donations over the coming days and weeks.
  6. Sticksboi05

    The Non-Winter Weather Thread

    Unreal how the Gulf of Mexico is basically a sitting zone for massive hurricanes. Water is so warm it's inevitable. Two days ago we were talking about Category 2 and now it's approaching 5 as it nears land. Incredible and scary. We've gone from just another hurricane to what will be one of the most destructive in U.S. history.
  7. Sticksboi05

    Random Thought Thread

    Riggo-Toni has us back on track.
  8. Sticksboi05

    Random Thought Thread

    I am calm. If you took that as being angry ... It really doesn't upset me anymore, but people aren't overreacting to one game, that's all I'm saying. And the sample size matters when it's been under the same owner and the issues are systemic. The journey to 57,000 attendees is not because of one game. Anyway, that's the last I'll say on that.
  9. Sticksboi05

    Random Thought Thread

    Okay sorry they were 30th giving up almost 10 YPA...point stands. This organization has not been good or relevant since 1992 and you're acting like it's an overreaction to one game? They haven't won 11 games since 1991. This is not about last night, it's about being 5-21 on MNF since 2000, with an average margin of defeat of 10.4 points, 7 games losing by at least 20. It's about a massive decades-long sample size of embarrassment and irrelevance as a whole . The Kool-Aid drinkers in The Stadium who continue blowing $$$ are part of the problem. Those that have stopped wasting time and money going to games are making the right move. Anyway, I won't lose sleep either because I stopped expecting anything more years ago. Plus, the Capitals are 2018 Stanley Cup Champions. I'll take a new name and championships over Redskins and losing. Team name was originally the Braves anyway.
  10. Sticksboi05

    Random Thought Thread

    There is nothing to be truly optimistic about because this team is an 8-8 to 9-7 ceiling and shows no signs of being able to become a consistent winner. It's systemic and starts at the top and nothing will change until a real general manager replaces Bruce Allen. We may get a nice W here or there, we may sneak into the playoffs if the entire division blows and then get handled by a real opponent, but the chance of being a consistently good product on the field is as low as it has always been. I guess we're not at the rock bottom we were in the late 2000s after Gibbs left the second time, but that's not saying much. The Saints pass defense was ranked 32nd in the NFL and looked like the 2002 Buccaneers last night...
  11. Sticksboi05

    Random Thought Thread

    The Washington Redskins are the exact opposite of The Washington Capitals.
  12. Sticksboi05

    The Non-Winter Weather Thread

    This could be a Category 4 storm by the time it hits Florida. People need to leave.
  13. They were up by a goal after 1 period but not sure about "should have been enough"? The Penguins have some of the best offensive talent in the NHL. It was a shooutout that we lost to a team that hadn't just played the day before.
  14. The schedule to start the season is an embarrassment - they are supposed to be professionals. This was a designed loss essentially. Love the chemistry we're seeing so far from the lines - that's what a deep playoff run will do. Getting a point out of that was a win as far as I'm concerned and this team continues to be resilient. At 6-4 with 8 minutes left I had no doubt they could come back to tie it up and they did. Aside from the days where you wake up and it just isn't your day, this team will never be out of a game this season and that's all you can ask for. They just had a shutout two nights ago. Three recent games at PPG Paints Arena have been 7-4, 8-7 and now 7-6. It's just a trend now.
  15. I love it.