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  1. New England is notorious for taking guys towards the end of their careers and giving them a shot. And they do it on the cheap. And Green Bay has had their own struggles. I think they should have more then one SB win with Rodgers. But it takes a good team and I don't agree given our FO woes that this is a good strategy for us.
  2. The first point you are correct. They blow. I don't know about Suh. He has shown better behavior this past year. BUT if I am reading correctly, and I hope this this is bull **** are they looking to stock up on compensatory picks in the draft? Really?
  3. And that team that just won the SB was destroyed by Chip Kelly who thought he was a brilliant strategist. It has only taken them a couple of years to undo the mess he created because they hired football guys in their FO that knew what the **** they were doing. The Redskins are now, today in worst shape then they were last year. They have to make some moves today on what is left. First of all unless Galettte is asking for the moon you resign him. It takes two years post achilles and he is has had two tears to get back to form. This would be his second year. And I would sign Suh if he is available. Poe is going to cost too much at this point. Now DRC is a good vet possibly a bit more in the tank. Sign him if you can. But right now this a very poor showing from the FO in free agency with the exception of Smith.
  4. The issue too is he did not get enough targets. But every time he touched the ball things happened. He is a great signing for the Skins. Guy know how to track a ball, separate and now he will get more looks. AND we did not break the bank.
  5. I always though the sucked under pressure until this year. He had a great showing against K.C., Minnesota and New Orleans. We will see. I was probably his biggest critic on here and he won me over. you know our FO has knuckleheads running the show, and they botched this, If it is just about the money your right he will sign with the Jets. And boy will he live to regret that but he will even be richer then he already is. We made it so he does not need money.
  6. I am looking forward to seeing this documentary on this part of his NFL journey. But I will tell you one thing it would be foolish as hell for him to sign with the freaking Jets. If he wants to win and avoid massive migraines and endless frustration, no matter what the hell they offer, just say NO to that mess which is probably on par with the Redskins. I have to admit I thought he was going Bronco's all the way until the Vikings showed up. If Keenum is going to the Bronco's I just think Cousin's has to go the Vikings. Someone said he had hashtag Jets, Vikings under his blog letter to the Skin's fans and then removed it. Either he knew that Keenum was the Bronco's pick or he had already narrowed his search.
  7. It is a good point. He is not worth $8M because he does suck in coverage but **** we have not had many decent tacklers who could actually pursue a RB like that in years. To me it is a tradeoff with players. I wish we could have signed him because now we are going to have to use a 1st or 2nd round pick to replace him IMO. Would have much rather gone DL first pick.
  8. What is really bothersome to me is that we did not re-sign Brown, Breeland will sign elsewhere, And Pryor was a bust. So our first pick in the draft is going to have to be a LB. And then the 2nd will be needed to acquire a receiver IF we do not pick up a decent FA . And clearly we are going to need another CB because some team will overpay Breeland. I know Brown is not worth what he is asking because he is simply not a multidimensional player but it would have been great IMO to focus on the DLine for that first pick. This is going to be a rough year for the Skins if they do not make some decent acquisitions in FA IMO. And every team in the NFC East is going to have a work horse at RB this except us. You know Barkley is going to the Giants. We always seem to try to pick up the RB in the 4th, 5th round because we have bigger needs and that is the case this year.
  9. So here is the thing with me on this. Yeah I saw the same stats, some of the same ****ty untimely interceptions from Kirk when he had Garcon, Jackson and a somewhat healthy Reed 2016. And I was disgusted. You could even say he regressed in the RZ if you were being honest. But one thing about him that I cannot deny is he gets better every single year. Seems to be a slow starter in my opinion - meaning the first quarter or slow seem sluggish - but hopefully that will shift around with a better team. But back to your post - you cannot deny that Cousin's made lemonade out of lemons last year. He was awesome and almost single handedly beat K.C. and New Orleans. It was a quantum leap in development. He ran more, he stretched himself. He was not as rigid as I have seen him in the two prior years. It is not his fault that his D allowed an extraordinary amount of points in a number of contests that we should have won. You could easily say IF he had Jackson and Garcon we would have done much better IF they did not get hurt as well. But who the hell knows we may had games with 50 points and still lost. The other thing about Cousin's that I cannot prove but I believe is that he is sour grapes due to a continuing theme in his life that the FO of the Skin's has managed to magnify and perpetuate. His father talked about it an interview (Sport's Illustrated??). But essentially his belief that he has never had a choice. His belief that he has never been the #1 QB choice or the # 1 guy. There is a bit of hurt ego/pride with this no matter what Kirk says. And it is not just about Bruce. And if you take those beliefs of Cousin's and you look at the totality of his games over the years - amazing, not so amazing and ugly it is not astounding to me that a deal could never be made. But if Kirk really wanted to be here - believed he was truly wanted the way he needed it to be - they would have worked it out. I think he was a bit bitter about even being drafted here in the first place. Maybe Shanny calmed him down but it factors in and it was there from the beginning. The ****tiest part of course and who really magnified what he believed was Bruce Allen. But it is combination of factors with him IMO when you essentially put together everything that he has ever said in interviews over the years and everything that has transpired. And you cannot ignore his history even before he came to the Skin's. I think he does want a choice to be THE GUY. And he thinks that the sun should rise and set on him. So what? Good for him. And hopefully he makes it into something. But it takes two for an impasse to be moved through. I just do not think it was ever there with Cousin's but how do you pass up two franchise tags with that enormous amount of money? You don't. But from jump street the guy was not truly engaged here. But he is a professional and has pride - and so he did his best. Now do I think his trajectory upward is bound to continue? He seems to always improve his craft and has studied the successful QB' so yeah. The thing with Alex Smith is that you know what you have and it is never going to be anything but that. I think Gruden is going to be somewhat frustrated with him.
  10. I thought late last year that Denver would be perfect for Cousins. I think he is looking at the whole picture. A contender, a decent place to live and settle down ( great community in Minnesota but so cold as we know), and I think Minny is in a better position overall with their D. If not, Denver would be a good choice. They can dump a few players without massive ramifications and probably restructure a couple but that is the business. I do not see Cousin's going to N.Y. It does not seem like the place for him unless it is all about the money. DHall is looking for a job post football plain and simple IMO after his very long, financially prosperous career. Why not start with the Skins? And just tout the party line. Forget being honest. LOL!
  11. I think it is best for everyone - fans and FO to move past Cousin's and focus on the upcoming year. I do not believe for one minute they will tag him. I just don't. As big a dumb ass and immature a twit that BA is I just do not see it at all. The Smith trade was the moving on. I am more curious where Kirk winds up. If he goes to Denver then it is all about winning and family, etc. I would say the same about Minnesota. If he goes to the Jets or Brown's who have a propensity for losing just like the Skins he will be a wealthy guy (and he is not now???) but it will not be about winning. But it would be a challenge. I mean if you go to the Brown's you want $$$ and a challenge. I truly think he wants to win. Now. He is set for life financially and he is not super young. He is in the prime of his career now. Where is a good place to live, and work with a HOF QB? Denver. it is the only logical spot if it is really about a chance to win a SB. But Minnesota is not a shabby place to go. Way too cold for me but it is a good team, and a good place to live.
  12. I simply do not know what the fall off in talent is after Barkley who will probably be picked up by the Giants because they are going to role with Eli one more year and they need one too. Cleveland is going QB IMO. But I think Bryce Love will be there. if we want any chance of being successful in our division we need a decent RB. Because the Pokes have Elliott and I think the Giant pickup Barkley. I get that Gruden is pass happy and **** BUT look at the teams that were successful for the most part - they had RB's that made a difference. Are the rumors that Bell is in play - that he wants out of Pittsburg true? I agree if Payne is there as BPA you have to roll with him. It is just that until we address the RB situation we are going to be passing too much and that if for Smith will lead to forces and an INT increase IMO.
  13. I say RB here. When I look at Bree's for example the Saint's were a totally different team with Kamara back there. Not so much pressure put on him in 2017. But I must note they had a decent D. These big backs that Gruden seems to favor have not worked out. They get hurt. They fumble, fall after first contact, and are not fast enough IMO. I think we need a very quick player with good anticipation who can also catch. A guy who will pair well with Thompson. No way in hell we get Barkley. But we might be able to get Bryce Love although he had two injuries this year - nothing major. Need to set up the play action for Smith. If not then we need a DT or a S. Those are my thoughts for the 1st round. We will have to address the receiver position either in FA or the draft, but the draft is not he answer IMO. We know our TE Reed staying healthy is a coin toss; Crowder was a mixed bag this past year. Not 100% to be relied upon, Doctson IS actually 50/50 about now BUT I think he will have a better year then what we saw as his "rookie" season. We will have a couple of other TE's like Vernon who will pair well with Smith IMO. But if we could make a splash at the receiver position in FA I am all for it. Smith needs a good RB and a good receiver if he is going to succeed. He is Kirk's older brother for me and I don't hate the signing. Don't love it but don't hate it. But like GMSM labeled Cousin's as "good" and that they were signing players around him to elevate him that is what needs to be done for Smith. Can it be done by this FO. We will see.
  14. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    Well you know I really turned around on Cousin's this past year and part of it was how the D let him down when he played really well only to lose in the end because of his teammates not him. So I saw improvement when I was one of the detractors. But he has improved and I think he will be an upgrade big time for any team he goes to. With that said towards the end of the year I was watching Smith a lot and his teammates dropped balls, and his D fluttered in the end and just got beat in the secondary and they were pretty flat at the end of year. I think Cousin's did lose big games during his time here, and showed propensity for struggle in the RZ, and I do not always like his deep ball BUT he really gave them opportunities to win big games as I said this past year and the TEAM blew it and I am going to say the same thing about Smith. I saw massive parallels this year. I felt their teams let them down. Let's see what the FO's do to give each of these GOOD QB a chance to win. Hell they did it in Philadelphia for Foles. But you need a good CONSISTENT D. You need a decent back. You need good receivers. I think both Cousin's and Smith could use a change of scenery but their respective FO's need to do their part and bring in the pieces. No one is going to take a franchise and put it on their back and win. Just ask Tom Brady in his new series on FB. He recently said the same thing. They are here he said because the D turned their **** around and started balling after the first 4-5 games.