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  1. IMO SM knew exactly who the restricted and unrestricted free agents were going into 2017 soon after the 2016 season started. Definitely Scot's draft board is in play as well as good potential FA's. And that is probably why Jessica McCloughan is twittering away and Scot is sporting Skins gear. So I have great difficult being "impressed" with the front office because I think it is Scot's choices they are pursuing for the most part. Hey isn't he still touted as the magician personnel guy? So why wouldn't pursue his choices?
  2. What you wrote is a much better point. It is completely true.
  3. You know what I notice. Our stands filled with opposing team fans constantly over the least few years and it is an embarrassment. And how many people are selling their season tickets? I know a few. I can't say many though. I get what your saying and perhaps they are still gliding off their 90s reputation and a loyal fan base? I will definitely take your word on it and stand corrected. I am die hard myself BUT I have stop buying gear the last couple of years. But it makes me wonder how long Danny will have the luxury of being the "rich team". If it becomes less profitable because he can no longer sell pipe dreams I wonder what he will do?
  4. Michael Robinson, a "former" Seattle Seahawks player, a friend of SM's is talking. Would this supposed friend really go on a broadcast and share all this inflammatory information about Allen without McCloughan's okay? I don't think so. That is not much of a friend. And I have to say this - If I were an active player, even if I liked Scot I would not say a word. Anonymous or not. Anonymity has a way of becoming public knowledge in this day and age. You just can't take the risk. On the other hand If what Robinson is sharing is untrue, that he is in fact lying, it could easily be said that Bruce Allen or the Skin's organization owes itself to sue him and Scot McCloughan for defamation of character. I mean those are inflammatory accusations that could damage the Skins ability to attract a decent GM from coming to the Skins organization. I think the truth is coming out some day. And I get what your saying but I think the article is true because of how this dumb ass organization has been run for the past 20 odd years. We have been run so poorly. If any of us had a business we ran like this we would have been bankrupt by now. We would not be bailed out by the NFL and royalties. There has been so much gossip, utter bull****, piss poor decisions in terms of personnel year in and year out with this team and I was finally thinking the last two years we seemed respectable for the first time in a long time. And that was in part because of Scot. I thought wow Danny finally grew up. And you know what I think we all want the story to be untrue but it fits our history of an organization run by a fan boy who can't get out of his own way. And fan boy #2 Bruce Allen who either does his bidding or is as big of jackass at times who simply makes the situation even worse. I love the Redskins and I will never stop being a fan but it has been a gut wrenching experience with this team for way too long.
  5. Honestly this article about the "hate" Bruce Allen has/had for Scot McCloughan is somewhat what I had been thinking since Scot's dismissal. I just do not think Bruce's "ego" can tolerate someone like Scot - a guy that does his own thing. And I do think Scot was a decent evaluator of talent. I just think the GM they say they are going to hire will have to be a "yes" man. There has just been so much dissension and **** in this organization for so long until, well the past two years. I think Scot was bringing respectability back to a dumpster fire. And while I did not agree with every decision he made he was infusing the franchise with some respectability.
  6. Reed has shown a history of getting concussions and missing games, pretty much every year, so i actually like the Round 4 pick but I do not think he will be there in Rd. 4. I agree we are a bit slow. But the D issues start up front. Some of the DB's in the league look good because their D Line's are very good. We desperately need a couple of big guy's upfront that have demonstrated an ability to stop the run and get after the QB.
  7. We were like human turnstiles last year on the DL. With the present talent in our division at RB and likely acquisitions coming we sure as hell better pick up some guys that can come off blocks and tackle the RB's or it is going to be another very agitating season when the D hits the field. It's a deep D class. The ugh part is seeing what Dannie and Bruce do......
  8. Ok this is a reach. He digressed in the RZ last year. Point in fact he went to Reed LESS in 2016 then he did in 2015. And it defies logic because he proved himself to be a reliable target. Reed has shown an ability to get open in the EZ in both 2015-2016. And too often we had receivers waving their hands, looking for the ball in 2016 because they were wide open. Look even analysts who think the Skins should offer Cousins a long term deal are very clear that he has to clean up the RZ issues or it is all smoke and mirrors. All potential with no effect. So you toss a lot of yards. So what? Talk to Matt Ryan about that over the last couple of years. The bottom line is you have to get the ball into the EZ and score to win games. You have to be able to pass effectively within the 15-20 yard line. Cousins has to settle down in big games and gut them out and he has not shown that. He is a nervous dude in big games. I mean I get it, and I understand the desire to lock Cousin's into a LTD, and hope Doctson, Crowder, Pryor and Reed take him over the hump, but what I don't get and I will never get is making Cousin's out to be someone he is simply not. Lies. Damn Lies and Statistics. Yeah I bet he had more rushing TD's then Brady the 39 year old. But who wins games when they are on the line? When Cousin's is able to gut out the big ones I will eat humble pie and shut the hell up. But until then I think we have Matt Ryan's little brother at QB.
  9. NFL Network currently destroying the Skins as they all pile on and rightfully so. That it WAS a Power Struggle between Bruce Allen and GMSM. Thought they were CLOSE at the end of the year but they then let go of BOTH top receivers go not even keeping one They let go of their ONLY decent DL player in Baker who signed a reasonable deal elsewhere NO identity - like whose jersey do you wear to the game? Reed's? So NO player to identify with They have to figure out who the hell they are and they can't. Wondering how a receiver can possibly be committed to a QB you are not committed to as FO. Hey I am not a Cousin's fan BUT come on man get your finger out of your ass you piece of **** Allen and sign him or release him. This is bull ****. Anyway the summation is that the Skins have made poor decisions in FA signing low tier players while their competition is getting better.
  10. Listen wasn't Scot the same guy what went to Danny and convinced him that KC's should be the starter in 2015? It happened. He also was the one after the 2015 season when Cousin's camp was looking to cash in on one decent year, down the stretch I might add, and stated something along the lines that he would not "break the bank" for one player. Cousin's camp was looking for too much. Cousin's has still not earned a massive deal with his 2016 performance especially down the stretch. If he had a strong showing down the stretch I would be all over the Cousin's bandwagon and this discussion does not happen. He is signed to a mega deal. When I read your quote up there on Jone's I am not extrapolating anything but going with the words you typed on the page. My only assumption, if that is what it is, remains that while SM sees/saw Cousin's as a long term QB in Washington he certainly did not/does not think it amounts to a contract that says- "I can carry the team on my back Rodgers/Brady style" sort of contract BUT that is the sort of contract Cousin's camp is looking for. I already know we are going to overpay for Cousin's. He is not going anywhere. He is going to get a deal IMO that he has certainly not earned but many NFL QB's do. And then we got to hope he has reasonable targets to throw 4,000 yards at and hopefully clean up his RZ issues. I just do not see Cousin's as the guy who wins the big one's. I think he gets very nervous and jittery. I swear us Redskins fans are so battered we will overpay. Look at the Patriot's. They never do. They get the most out of every player on their roster but then they have Tom Brady. And Cousin's does not have the intestinal fortitude to be a Tom Brady or any other elite QB but he will be paid like one. Ahhh it is my opinion and I know it is not popular on here but it is how I see him.
  11. I think this line alone demonstrates that while SM supported a LTD with Cousin's he wanted it to be fair based upon his perception of that "ceiling" for Cousin's. The deal could have had so many incentives built in if Kirk was willing to PROVE his ability to rise above SM's expectations. Kirk Cousin's as just one example had countless weapons last year and yet regressed in the RZ big time in 2016. There are no excuses given the talent that existed on the roster. I can't stand the apologists. Sounds like SM was realistic and fair.
  12. At this point I am only looking for results. If Garcon and Jackson are truly gone based on the rumors which we will find out today, then let's see what the Skins do to counter that. But any really good players available looking for their final contract will eat up too much cap space. I like the receiving corps we have but seriously we need to replace the loss of Garcon IF he is gone. The big question is how healthy is Doctson? If he is good he counters the loss of Jackson immediately because he can stretch the field. If not, then we have a hole to fill. But we have good pieces in place. The real issue is the D. So many holes to plug there. It is like a two year plan minimum. Again we can't go crazy in FA's as decent talent is looking for a final payout and we can't lose all our cap space. None of us know for sure what is a rumor and what is fact regarding SM and BA and the "power struggle." The one piece that did bother me and other Skin fan's I know was Cooley's on the air comment about SM and possible alcohol consumption. Thought it was very unprofessional and a low blow. But Cooley says stupid things. If it does turn out SM is fired then you know a whole tale was spun in the front office about grandma when just telling the truth and releasing a statement would have been the normal course of action. The only speculation would have been who will the Skin's replace him with? The drama would have been small.
  13. I think that is a perfect landing spot for Hoyer. The QB whisperer will be able to design the perfect O for him. Always thought Hoyer needed better coaching/scheme to work out of. On another note of course that means the Cousin's rumors are just that. For all the Kirk fans good news. Love to see who he is going to throw to this year. Hate losing Garcon. Hopefully we pick up a vet. Hopefully it is the same for GMSM but I doubt that. But I find it hard to believe that both Danny and Bruce had no idea that our GM had a strong personality and preferred to make the personnel decisions. Didn't Danny fly to him on his personal plane to get him? This is a head scratcher for me. It is so unclear and the speculation is difficult not to make given the history of dysfunction with this organization.
  14. Because you have decided to read my post the way you chose to - that is called "perception" you can either read all my words and all my arguments or you can choose to take one line or one word and embellish the hell out of it. You chose the latter.
  15. Here we go again. Now we got: "he hasn't even started 50 games yet"...... There is 16 games in a season. When will we have a sufficient sample size to say hey he really does choke in the big games? When will we be able to discuss regression in his play from one year to the next? Hey he does throw a lot of yards but does not have the arm accuracy to hit Jackson on the run, and he really does struggle in the RZ. Oh but then we have to say it is because of the competition, it was so much tougher in 2015 over 2016. Because they replayed the INT over and over again so no I did not have to watch it. Again success leaves as many clues as failure and I just do not see Cousin's as a winner. I have read and heard many sports analysts (which I am not and neither are you) saying many of the same things I have said about Kirk Cousins. Lots of yards. Falters when it really counts. I happen to wholeheartedly agree with Charlie Casserly's analysis on Cousin's, and I think he is a helluva lot more knowledgeable then you or myself.