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  1. I think you can look for Gruden and company to mix it up given the talent in our division at RB - Elliott and Barkley to start. But on 3rd or 4th in 1 definitely they should both be on the field. But I agree with some of the other posters that there is added value if Payne becomes better at getting to the QB.
  2. Welcome to the Washington Redskins Trey Quinn WR SMU

    Reminds me of Cole Beasley. He seems to run good routes. Good separation. Of course you never know anything until camp. There is going to be a lot of competition though. I am truly shocked by what seems to be really good talent late in the draft. There is potential here.
  3. 2018 Draft Day Thread

    Raiders will take James. Best pick on the board right now.
  4. 2018 Draft Day Thread

    The dumb ass browns....again. Maybe they will take a QB with the 4th pick too.
  5. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    So who do you recommend and why. I don't mind Payne being drafted at all. He has more upside then not. And we need someone. I don't give a **** that he is from Alabama. And I have no idea if that is really the mentality of Allen and Gruden.
  6. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    I do not agree with this line of thinking. First of all the Skins have sucked at stopping the run for years and years. To me, yeah you can go with BPA unless every team in your division is going to smoke you on the run AGAIN because you have never addressed a perennial need. I guarantee you if the Giants take Barkley at 2 they will run the ball down our D's throats without a decent NT. And then you got Elliott on the Pukes and yeah it is possible the Eagles take Guice but what are you options? You take pun intended. Because it is the BPA given the caliber of running backs coming into the division. It sucks they did not get Hankins or we are not even having this conversation.
  7. Nope not this year. The Skins just dumped a **** load of money in Alex Smith's direction, with the moniker "we are winning now." I am fine with his age this year but next year, not so much. So go fill your spots. Right now high priority is DL, LG, RB and probably CB. Let's be super solid on the line. And I am not too excited about our WR's by the way. Richardson after further investigation has been known to drop easy passes. This year the Skins picks need to strategically match their other moves, and fill positions of need to strengthen and bolster their off season moves.
  8. Conditioning -- Will we have it?

    First let's keep Cousin's out of this - best conditioned guy on the team last year IMO. I mean his name does not even belong in this thread. I don't know what is going on. We can speculate all day long but our team had an extraordinary amount of injuries last year and they better look at everything. But I have to say they DID look gassed to me by the end of the 2nd quarter. My friend and I used to joke about it. But then I thought tough schedule. Back to back little rest, with a couple of the games, and sort of blow it off. But if your not in good cardio shape your going to have an injury at some point. Something is wrong. Hey if they think a new conditioning program, new trainers are going to help. What the hell.
  9. But do we even know that offer on the table is? Allen is notorious for low balling as we know and Hankins agent is notorious for over inflating perceived value of the players he represents. I think you have to pay this guy upwards of 8 to 8.5 per to get him.
  10. Well what is your thoughts on the draft and RB's? Do you think we should be drafting a RB in the second round? Our RB's have been pretty big guys to pair with CT and have unfortunately demonstrated a propensity to fumble and not get tough yards, not to mention falling down often, but not always, after first contact. This seems to be a common thing for Skin's RB's in general over the years. Could good coaching fix this or is it where we are drafting them and an ability to really assess their talent level? I mean I really liked SM but his over the top endorsement of Matt Jones, as one example of the battering ram type was unwarranted IMO. He is still massively supportive of Jones who has not really shown much since he was drafted in 2015.
  11. Trent Murphy who probably had his decent year maybe because of PED's? Come on now. He may still be a bust with no sauce. I am glad Buffalo took him and overpaid to boot. Your right that is great thing. The rest of the players you mentioned, with the exception of Ryan Anderson, have shown excellent development, particularly Allen as a rookie. I think Anderson will come along nicely this year like Ionnadis did last year in his second season. I am not looking for the Skins to fill every hole through FA but we have seeking a viable NT for how long? You don't let a proven player out of the building. You sign them.
  12. What they should do with Galette is give him a contract laden with incentives if he is so high on himself. Then we can all move on. It takes two years coming off an achilles injury so this could be a big year for him. But I agree with some of the posters - the whining is getting to be too much. McPhee quiet as it is kept has been a very good player for a very mediocre Bears team. I would love the signing.
  13. New England is notorious for taking guys towards the end of their careers and giving them a shot. And they do it on the cheap. And Green Bay has had their own struggles. I think they should have more then one SB win with Rodgers. But it takes a good team and I don't agree given our FO woes that this is a good strategy for us.
  14. The first point you are correct. They blow. I don't know about Suh. He has shown better behavior this past year. BUT if I am reading correctly, and I hope this this is bull **** are they looking to stock up on compensatory picks in the draft? Really?
  15. And that team that just won the SB was destroyed by Chip Kelly who thought he was a brilliant strategist. It has only taken them a couple of years to undo the mess he created because they hired football guys in their FO that knew what the **** they were doing. The Redskins are now, today in worst shape then they were last year. They have to make some moves today on what is left. First of all unless Galettte is asking for the moon you resign him. It takes two years post achilles and he is has had two tears to get back to form. This would be his second year. And I would sign Suh if he is available. Poe is going to cost too much at this point. Now DRC is a good vet possibly a bit more in the tank. Sign him if you can. But right now this a very poor showing from the FO in free agency with the exception of Smith.