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  1. Redskins vs. Jets Game Thread - Preseason Game II/2018

    It was a score and we gave it back. We sure as hell do not have many of those. I still say it is an undisciplined team at the worst times.
  2. Redskins vs. Jets Game Thread - Preseason Game II/2018

    i hate our team with this bull ****. So undisciplined
  3. Redskins vs. Jets Game Thread - Preseason Game II/2018

    i have a wait and see philosophy with anything having to do with Skins. This Rookie is moving the ball down the field. Great!!!
  4. Redskins vs. Jets Game Thread - Preseason Game II/2018

    Now Perine has a possible ankle sprain....STOP the madness.
  5. Annual "Where Do I Watch Games Thread"

    Here is another same as last week:
  6. Is it time to fire the training staff?

    You know to me the whole "the chain is as strong as the weakest link" comes to mind when I think of Guice and other football players who get hyperextended knee injuries. I just found it very difficult to believe that his past injury issues in college with his left knee did not contribute to the ACL tear now. Particularly since he missed significant playing time in college with it. And if you read this article there is a direct correlation with contact sports, particularly football and hyperextended knees, which can lead to tears of the ACL or MCL. Athletes have a way of putting pressure on different parts of their body. This article makes sense to me. You can't blame it on the conditioning staff IMO when it comes to Guice. But the state of the facility prior to this offseason, prior to some of the adjustments made, was behind the times. Very poor conditions at Redskins park in comparison to others. So they went out this past offseason, looked at other facilities, and made adjustments. I would like to see how it pans out this year. But Danny Snyder the owner, has pretty much, it seems to me, has had to be pushed to open the wallet and come up to speed. Someone posted a pic of the Girls training facility and practice field and compared it to ours and I laughed my ass off. It is pitiful. So Dan is to blame a bit and it is a bad look.
  7. I see where you are going with this but there is not enough of a sample size of Kelley to say they are comparable but you sure are trying. Morris has proven himself. And the statistics game, as we know, from numerous discussions on this board can be fairly misleading. But when it comes to situational football, Kelley did not impress me. He did not come through with tough yards, those third downs when we needed him to. That has been constant for the Skins. And if he was that great we would all be raving about him, wouldn't we? Well he certainly will get his chance - "Fit Rob" - yup let's see it. Morris got tough yards for us and the Girls last year when Zeke was out but they stupidly went away from him in some of those games which was a ridiculous. He was really running well.
  8. Well not really if we compare 2017. Morris averaged 4.8 per carry and Kelley 3.1. And while there is not a big enough sample size for Kelley he has never impressed me. But I will concede that the Cowboys have a better run block O line then we do.
  9. And something else there. I watched those games and they were doing very well with Morris and then went away from him after he scored and gained substantial yardage so that was head scratcher for me. We will not compete in this division with what we have back there now. We need an every down back that does not fumble or stumble their way around like Perine and Kelley do. Is there any back out there that we could bring in. Seems the Skins are not even going to try and take a look.
  10. Those are all valid points. I hate the mentality of this FO. Yes, bring someone in. I wish they would bring Morris in. We have nothing to lose by giving him a shot. He is certainly better then Kelley.
  11. The idea of pinning our hopes for a decent running game on Kelley and Perine is depressing as hell. However I would like to see more of Marshall and Bibbs. I am really not sure about them. Who is on the street right now that we can bring in? I like Morris. Actually in a few games I saw him with the Girls, he ran very well, but then they went away from him a few times when he was pounding it, and that was a head scratcher. I think it is worth a shot. Forget Peterson and Murray.
  12. 2018 Season Injury News

    Or the Patriot's field conditions in this case. And none of their RB's went down. Routine tackle. It is pretty unbelievable.
  13. 2018 Season Injury News

    It would seem to me there is a "standard" of conditioning that Jay Gruden could take the time to learn from teams with very few injuries. What do they do? When do they do it, etc. I find it difficult to believe there is no way this can be researched and improved. Last year, with a fairly talented roster, every damn game, after a reasonable start it turned into body bag games. And seeing that same **** yesterday, in the first pre-season game, with two starters mind you, really concerned me. After awhile with this continually happening you realize your not rooting for your team, you are rooting for a bunch of 2nd and 3rd stringers. And on top of that, even though I get it, yeah I know, we had our 3rd QB in there last night, it was that lackluster effort, those missed tackles and collapse. Somethin we see year in and year out. There is something about this team that is a real head scratcher me, and it is a constant since Danny took over, even when the entire roster changes over.
  14. Gameday Thread: Redskins @ Patriots

    Can't have a Skins game without missed tackles, and losing momentum as time goes on.
  15. Gameday Thread: Redskins @ Patriots