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  1. Season Ticket Renewals

    Has your cc been charged yet? I'm sure you could go through your bank to try to cancel.
  2. Season Ticket Renewals

    Last year I decided not to renew for financial reasons but took at shot at trying to sell the whole season just to keep them going. Finally found a fan here at extremeskins in May. I was glad to be able to hold onto them another year. This year, same thing. I've accepted that it's not how I want to spend my money this year as I try to pay some things off, but will attempt to find a full season buyer just in case next year I change my mind. I'm guessing it will be even harder to sell this year. For years, it has been way too much of a chore to find buyers.
  3. Season Ticket Renewals

    Got an #HTTR t shirt via FedEx today from the team. My account rep said Monday the 16th is the deadline and then they'll be released. He's holding mine longer, though, since I asked him to as I try to find a buyer.
  4. Season Ticket Renewals

    I didn't renew my tickets but I got a voice mail from someone introducing himself as my account rep. He didn't say anything about me needing to pay. Just introduced himself and said I can call if I have any questions. Weird.
  5. Season Ticket Renewals

    Looks like I'm going to be out. No interested buyers yet, which helps confirm my main reason for not renewing.
  6. Season Ticket Renewals

    I'm debating giving up my seats this season. Just can't afford them right now. The main reason I'd want to keep them is because I saved my rewards points up for this season and use them on sideline passes for my kids. I told them last season that I'd save them up for this season so they could all get a chance. I assume if I don't renew then I lose my rewards points. I'd like to find someone to buy my season from me to keep my account alive and I get to keep the rewards, then maybe just buy one game this season for my family to attend and use the rewards then reconsider my status next season. But, as many of you know, selling tickets isn't easy and has really become the main reason I'm considering dropping out.
  7. Season Ticket Renewals

    I've had my LL seats on Craigslist for about 4 hours and only one person has emailed about them.
  8. Official Cash Lot Parking Thread (merged)

    I also use Barlowe Road. As I walked to and from stadium, pretty sure I saw cars in the other lot and people walking that direction. I don't know the price.
  9. Season Ticket Renewals

    Hmm, are they sold out for the Rams game? It says "Quantity not available" and I can't click on the Redeem button.
  10. Season Ticket Renewals

    I have 14000 yards and it costs 8000...and I have 3 kids. So I will either do this for one kid this season and the other two next season or wait to do all 3 next season. What about the one where you get to be in the tunnel? Anyone done that? I always like to make fun of Dallas for having that so not sure about that one. But it's cheaper.
  11. Season Ticket Renewals

    Anyone do the on field passes yet? I might do that for one of my kids this season.
  12. Season Ticket Renewals

    I was considering some seats with bars in front of them in 207/208, but opted not to with the concern that it would block my view. I used to be in 131. 231 will be the area right in front of the scoreboard/big screen at that end of the field. I don't recall ever noticing if the bar would be a problem there or not. Should be a really in and out for food, restrooms, and leaving the stadium. And you may already know this, but no overhang in that section.
  13. Season Ticket Renewals

    I moved from the top of 108 to the very last row in 208. I'm going to enjoy the shade, overhang protection from rain, and that my kids will be able to see without me holding them up or them having to stand on their seat. My daughter is bummed that we're moving farther back, but she always attends a late season game when it's not 85 degrees beaming straight down on you for 3 hours. Last night, there were still quite a few around 106-108 and 207-208. It's the corner near the Redskins tunnel. As you moves towards the visitor tunnel and sideline, there's even more available.
  14. Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About FedExField

    I've never paid more than $25 at Barlowe Road. Even the Dallas game and playoff games in 2012 were $25.
  15. Season Ticket Renewals

    Pretty sure I got an email last year about NFL Rewind, so I'm assuming that will happen again. The NFL Mobile app has an option for Season Ticket Holders to sign in and get RedZone. Until today I wasn't able to log in, but now I can at least do that. Not sure how to use it, though. The "Try It Now" button doesn't do anything and I don't see another way to access it right now within the app.