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  1. Standing during the Pledge or National Anthem

    If Bezos boyght the team, he would purchase it and move it to Delaware to save on the taxes.. Then we'd be even more screwed than we are now. LOL.
  2. The Non-Winter Weather Thread

    Yeah. I have a hammock and mosquito net. Don't really need a place, just looking to help. But that is crazy that carnival is sending in ships. Good on them.
  3. The Non-Winter Weather Thread

    Thanks Buddy. I saw the pics of White Bay on JVD and about cried. Some of those places are legendary (Foxy's, Ivan's, SDB, One Love). I cant wait for them to get back on their feet. As for STJ, I did get a text from one of my buddy's that confirmed what i thought (Cruz Bay pretty messed up. but no casualties so far). Said that the curfew should be lifted around 6, so they will be able to work their way around the island. Still no word from Coral Bay though. How are things in your neck? I read somewhere that the STT airport may reopen on Monday (pending what Jose decides to do). I was thinking about hopping a flight and helping out, but I leave for NYC (work) next week. 2 days wouldn't be enough. Maybe when I get back I'll reach out to the Red Cross and see what I can do to assist.
  4. The Non-Winter Weather Thread

    Hey KB, Glad that you are okay. Any word on "St Blackout?" I haven't heard anything from any of my friends over there. And obviously any communication is going to be spotty. I'm just curious how my little slice of heaven (Cruz Bay) survived. I heard a rumor that the eye passed just off of Coral Bay. If true, I am sure that St John is pretty messed up. Stay safe bro.
  5. The Non-Winter Weather Thread

    Hey KB. Are you staying down South for this storm? If so be careful.. Im worried for you guys down there and my favorite islands.
  6. NCAA Tournament Bracket

    I'm in. Thanks for setting this up.
  7. Apparently in Southern Maryland (Calvert, St Marys and Charles) a group of kids think that its funny to make threats to schools and walk around the area wearing scary clown masks. So much so that Calvert County Public Schools sent out a message (and followed up with a phone call) letting the parents know that there is no known credible threat. I have kids in 3 different schools in Southern Calvert County and all 3 of them were talking last night about what they had heard at school. If nothing else, this group of copy cats is causing fear in some areas. Side note, all of the seniors from my daughters XC team went to Chick-Fil-A after their meet last night and some idiot was walking around outside of the Chick-Fil-A wearing the mask. Apparently he was just walking circles around the building and looking in the windows.
  8. The "bathroom law" thread

    It just seems like they are walking a dangerous line. Its one thing when you are talking about doing this for colleges / universities etc.. but this is with kids (some of them young). To me that sounds like it is inviting trouble. I mean when you are 5-6 yrs old, you hardly even know what your own penis is.. let alone why sally doesn't have one. In middle school, you have a bunch of horny adolescent kids that are just learning about sex, and now you want them to be able to go into the other gender's bathroom / locker room because they "identify" with them? Again, it sounds like it is just asking for trouble. I don't care one way or the other... when they are adults.. What I do care about is now you are potentially putting our children into situations that could go very wrong.. All at the direction of the federal gov't. So what would happen when (hypothetically) kid A (14 y/o Male that identifies with the female gender) walks into a female locker room to change / shower and kid B (14 y/o female) is also in there changing / showering. If Kid B then presses charges against kid A who took his pants off exposing his (male) genitals? Will Kid A now have to be a registered as a sex offender for the rest of his life? There are just too many bad things that could come out of this. I'm just curious, does anyone know what the population of Transgender Americans is? Are we talking 1%? 3%? 5%?
  9. The "bathroom law" thread

    So what is the point of POTUS sending out the letters to the public schools? Can he really tell the schools systems that they will face losing their federal funding if they don't comply? Something just doesn't sound right.
  10. Season Ticket Renewals

    HAHA. I sit in row 8 seat 1, My brother and his best friend sit in row 7 seats 1 and 2. We also have family that sit in row 9 but on the other end of the section ( I don't remember the seat numbers). And of course we have met friends that live very close to us that sit in row 4. That to me is the hard part of deciding whether or not to give up my seat. I really enjoy the game day because it is a chance for me to see family and friends and party with a bunch of people. We all tailgate together and then go into the stadium.
  11. Season Ticket Renewals

    This is my dilemma. I sit in 142 row 8 and they are absolutely in one of the best places to sit. I renew only because I know that If I don't, I will never get seats that great again (that are mine).
  12. The DC Sports Curse Thread.

    Cant wait to see this board tomorrow when the Nats win tonight and the Skins beat the Seahawks.
  13. Yahoo: Assad predicts disaster if West meddles in Syria

    Boehner has announced his support for strikes. I am not against sending a message, but how can we afford to do this when the gov't is still under sequestration? I also cant help but feel that we are being suckered into something.
  14. All Things Boxing

    I hope you are right. Boxing needs a lift. This fight would provide that lift. I still have my doubts though. I will believe it when they hold the presser.
  15. The Figure Four - ALL Things ECW-WWF-TNA-ROH

    So its 1/2/12. Whos going to be the big return tonight? I gotta go with Jericho. I dont think that it would be Taker, but that would be cool.