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  1. Spaceman Spiff

    90s music

  2. Spaceman Spiff

    90s music

    No, not at all. I used to really love Sublime, some of their songs I still do...others, I'm like, wow, I can't believe I used to like this. There's no Freddie in this time period but I don't know if there was a band that warranted having a Freddie. Freddie was the man for his time and place, he had that glitzy (not cheesy) 70s vibe and with all the different things Queen did, they needed a guy with that range. There's not a Robert Plant in this time period, either, IMO.
  3. Spaceman Spiff

    90s music

    Not a strong singer with big range like Freddie Mercury, but just a really nice voice. Something about the tone and I think it's soulful.
  4. Spaceman Spiff

    90s music

    I know what I'm listening to on my drive this evening.
  5. Spaceman Spiff

    90s music

    Bradley Nowell's voice is fantastic. Sublime and Gwen!
  6. Spaceman Spiff

    Xbox One Vs Ps4

    Yes, it's a blast. Earlier I was playing a poker game, won a big hand and just started going all in almost every time so they kept folding and I cleaned out two guys. Then the last guy left and I followed him outside and punched him. I encourage you to pick it up. One of my favorite things to do is to see how far I can hit people with an arrow while riding a horse.
  7. Spaceman Spiff

    Xbox One Vs Ps4

    I'm surgical with the bow and arrow. I didn't know the varmint rifle was good for anything, I never purchased it because it looked like crap.
  8. Spaceman Spiff

    90s music

    I was blasting Frogstomp for about two months straight at the end of this summer. I still love this song even though I can't understand a ****ing word Billy Corgan is signing after all these years. Except who wants that Honey, something about money....whatever, it still sounds good. And this one too. And I don't give a ****. JUDGE ME. I don't care. If we are still talking about secretly getting down to Limp Bizkit, you can't judge me. I am baring my soul, I still like this song: Put your politics aside, ease up and admit that this song still kicks ass.
  9. Spaceman Spiff

    Xbox One Vs Ps4

    Good stuff, thanks. Honestly, I hadn't noticed the stars next to the animal, not sure I ever would have. So I just bound and gagged a guy for no good reason and tossed him in the river to watch him drown. Next up, railroad tracks.
  10. Spaceman Spiff

    What's the most fun you've had lately?

    I don't know how long you've been posting here, but there was a time. It was a great time. It was a time where the Tailgate wasn't dominated by politics and social justice issues. It was a rollicking, hilarious, fun time. It was a group of people coming together from different backgrounds uniting over booze, boobs, music, movies, jokes, and finding common ground instead of the divisive echo chamber that it's become. We've lost a lot of good people along the way. But fear not. We can get it back. We can get it back.
  11. Spaceman Spiff

    Random Thought Thread

    A baby shower at Mission BBQ? Sounds like a tolerable baby shower.
  12. Spaceman Spiff

    90s music

  13. Spaceman Spiff

    90s music

    @Chew I know you know!!!!1111
  14. Spaceman Spiff

    90s music

    Yo, it's 'Spoon! I think when I was like, 13 or whenever this song came out, that's how me and my friends answered the phone all summer. You don't love just love my doggystyle...
  15. Spaceman Spiff

    90s music

    Dude, I still get down to that song. I don't care. It's like a double quarterpounder from McDonalds. It's gross. It's not very good. But it just tastes damn good anyway. It's bad for you, you just don't care.