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  1. This is weird. Hersh usually would be saying how someone's headed to Cooperstown after a start like that. He pitches well against Toronto for some reason.
  2. Shooter ended up being pretty good. Nothing original or crazy, it was predictable but still had some good suspense moments. Again, no critical thinking required but solid entertainment.
  3. I mean, her muscles are bigger than mine. Not that I'm a specimen of physical strength but I am pretty strong. I'm not trying to be mean when I'm saying this but she's built like a linebacker. She's strong as ****. Bang brings up a pretty good point, ball placement matters and so does her mental strength. I'm not a tennis expert but I think she could rank and hold her own. That said, I don't hate McEnroe's comments. First, it's McEnroe. Second, it gets people talking about tennis which is a great sport.
  4. Yup, totally agree. If they don't do anything major they won't do much more than what they did last year. Relying on Otto and Oubre to get better isn't a plan for success.
  5. I like his comments, too. It's kind of adorable that he thinks we have a chance to get him. Kind of like in a little kid way, you know? No chance, but still it's nice that he's trying.
  6. Hats off to Malcom Brogdon, rookie of the year. Bucks are gonna be awesome in a year or two.
  7. This GLOW show is awesome. First show is over and I'm hooked.
  8. I think this is one of those times that the FBI doesn't poke around unless they're damn sure they have a strong case.
  9. How many of you took the OP seriously?
  10. Our boys finally have a day off today. Hopefully the arms get some rest.
  11. C'mon. If I see a pretty woman on the street I'm not gonna ask her what she got on her SATs.
  12. I don't think seeking attention in life is relegated to attractive women. There are a lot of people out there today that quantify their worth by the amount of instagram/twitter followers that they have and that's for men and women, young and old, ugly and beautiful. As much as I don't like Kim K, she'd be famous without the sex tape. As far as intellect goes, she's gotten a lot of money basically doing've gotta have some kind of smarts to do that. I'm not saying she's a mogul like Oprah but I'm sure she's got some insight on how to market things, run a business, etc.
  13. I laughed, too.
  14. I'm not even sure what that author of that deadspin article was really trying to say. She even says "I don't have a new argument here..." I freely admit my response to her isn't original either...her writing and her issues at hand reek of jealousy. There. I don't like the Swimsuit Issue anymore, as a photographer I don't really find the photography appealing as I did when I was...15. Yet, I buy it each year for...nostalgia? Maybe hoping that the photography will get better...but I usually flip through it once or twice and toss it aside. In recent years the photography has served as a reminder of what NOT to do. Anyway... As far as objectification goes, the elephant in the room here is money. Those models are getting paid, the photographers are getting paid, the people at SI are getting paid. People fork over their dollars and get something they're happy with. It's a win for everyone involved. Again, I find someone sitting on the outside and taking issue with everyone who's having a good time as being jealous. And the older I get, the more annoying I find people who feel the need to put in their two cents at the expense of others who are having harmless fun. @LadySkinsFan brought up porn and that's where it crosses the line in some cases, IMO. There's some degrading stuff in there for sure, but then again people are getting paid. But the dollars can't wipe away the scarring that some of that stuff will leave. It can't help the future that they'll face (You were a porn actress? Sorry, we have to reject your application for this job). It can't take care of the destruction of their relationships, their families, etc. There's nothing wrong with looking at women and appreciating how they look. And I know LSF is gonna kill me for saying this, but when a girl is wearing tight white shorts that barely cover her ass, she knows what she's doing. When a girl wears a short skirt out to a bar or when a girl is showing cleavage at the club...well, what's she doing it for? Chappelle nails it: It's not an invite to objectify them or treat them in an objectifying manner, it's just an invite to appreciate the way they look. @BornaSkinsFan83 that inner dialogue you have is nothing but your natural instinct as an animal, and that's what we are. Just a group of highly evolved animals with natural instincts that need to be curbed due to the constructs of our society (that's not a complaint, btw). I don't think there's anything wrong with those thoughts as long as you're not acting on it and being ****ing weird about it, and since I know you're a good dude, you're not. I don't think you should beat yourself up over thoughts you have because of society and other issues that people have. They're the ones with the issues, not you. One last point, and getting back to the SI can make an argument about whether or not SI should be publishing stuff like that and that's fine. I can see it both ways, but I, like you, wouldn't miss the Swimsuit Issue...I wouldn't care if they were tweeting out those photos or not...just in the same way that I wouldn't care if the Redskins didn't have cheerleaders anymore. Let's be real here, there's kids at those games, little boys and little girls...and in the same way I wouldn't let a little kid look at the Swimsuit Issue, I also wouldn't let them look at the cheerleaders twerking all over the place like they do at the two minute warning. But if part of this issue is an argument about the need to have a swimsuit issue to supplement a sports magazine, we could have the same argument that there's no need for cheerleaders to supplement a football game.
  15. You guys are hilarious.