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  1. Wow, Avery Bradley. That thing rattled around for about 5 seconds. LeBron ghosted in the 2nd half.
  2. Time for LeBron to step up and make people forget about a forgettable 2nd half. 3 points?
  3. At least we took 2/3 from them this weekend. Had to do that coming back from that terrible road trip. Wow, no off-day tomorrow. Twins in for 3. They're not terrible this year, I think this series could be tricky.
  4. Wait, what? This sounds terrible. Is he an Iraqi war veteran or something? What the **** does James Bond have to do with John Rambo in any possible way?
  5. I don't know why I continue to watch Sunday games.
  6. This is tough. I feel like ET should be the obvious choice but I do love First Blood, Rocky 3 (Hey woman!) and 48 Hours. Good year for Stallone with First Blood and Rocky 3. Whatever, First Blood is my choice, I think it somewhat gets overshadowed because the sequels are more over the top and not as good. I think when people think of Rambo they don't always think about the first one and what a classic movie it is. Another movie that would be just as good if it came out today.
  7. True, I don't watch the NBA like I used to. Used to be a rabid fan, not so much anymore. Still watch about half the Wizards games, most of the playoffs and usually whatever random games are on ESPN. In comparison to how I follow MLB and NFL, it's definitely 3rd. A forearm or a clothesline isn't good defense, but the point was you could play a more physical brand of defense back in the day and it was a harder game. Can't even hand check now. Because you made it sound like the NBA back then was a slow, plodding game. It wasn't. The 80s and into the mid 90s was a freewheeling offensive game with some of the highest scoring in league history. Hey, he said it was watered down himself, I'll take LeBron's word for it. Less teams = less players = deeper rosters. Sure the talent pools are bigger but by my count only 13 out of 105 players named to any of the 3 yearly All NBA Teams have been foreign born going back to the '10-'11 season and only one foreign born player has made the 1st team across that time frame. Only two foreign born players made the All Star game this year, one starter. If you want to bring role players and reserves into the conversation, fine. But a scrub from Yugoslavia has about as much impact as a scrub from NY. I remember how much of an impact Jan Vesely made. At the end of the day, no one is changing anyone's mind here. And a lot of cocaine.
  8. What are you talking about? The NBA PPG averages were over 100 every year from 1980-1995. Even the '88-'89 Pistons, one of the pre-eminent defensive teams of the era scored 106 PPG which was 16th in the league. Even LeBron said the NBA is watered down:
  9. Agreed. Jones not being able to control himself and swinging at sliders in the dirt will be what keeps him out of the HoF. **** you, Joey Bats.
  10. Maybe he should go back to the glasses or something.
  11. Jordan didn't play in a watered down NBA, for starters. 2016 Golden State doesn't look nearly that good with the rules that Jordan dealt with back in the day. IMO, the heart of the issue here isn't necessarily the matchup of talents and abilities, but the rules that each team had to play with. And if you're including the rules that Jordan's teams had to abide by, it's not even a contest. Even if you were to let Jordan's Bulls teams play with 2016 NBA rules, it'd still be close. But back then, Bulls vs. Knicks in the Eastern Conference Finals was practically a streetfight. Same with Pistons vs. Bulls before Jordan could get to the Finals. John Starks might not have been a truly great basketball player but he'd put Steph Curry in the front row if given the chance and it wouldn't be a technical. This pre-dates Jordan, but still: NOT A TECHNICAL FOUL. No fines or suspensions. That doesn't happen in the NBA today. If someone did that to softer-than-puppy-**** Steph that player would have been immediately ejected, fined and suspended. You'd have Stephen A Smith not shutting the **** up about it for three days straight on ESPN. Back then, this was business as usual. More proof, here's Complex's top NBA Playoff Brawls: There's only one in there from the 2000s. Look at #14 with the Bulls and Knicks, the Warriors never had to deal with anything that physical, with Starks using his head as a battering ram on Scottie Pippen's chest or a giant brute like Patrick Ewing throwing elbows. It was a wildly different era. Here's John Stockton tackling David Robinson: If you're going to make a lazy argument about Jordan never having to play a team like 2016 Golden State, you should at least take the time to examine the difference in the rules and how the game was played between eras. You say Jordan never had to play a team like 2016 Golden State....I say 2016 Golden State didn't have to survive in much more physical league.
  12. Yeah, but once Jordan got there he never gave it up. Never relinquished it. First full season after coming back from playing baseball he unleashed on the league and they went 72-10 and won 3 more rings. I respect LeBron, I think he's a hell of a basketball player and it's between him and Kobe for the best player in the post Jordan era. But he had to go to Miami with his superfriends for the first few rings and then had to come back to Cleveland. That's a nice story but there are some losses in there and, IMO, the switching teams tarnishes his GOAT status just a bit. If Jordan is recognized as the standard, losing Finals and switching teams doesn't help LeBron's case.
  13. ****ing Gausman. Came home all excited to catch the start of the game and then saw he was on the hill. None out, two on in the 1st already.
  14. Jordan never lost a Finals. Sure, LeBron is in the conversation but even LeBron admitted he's chasing Jordan's ghost. If that's LeBron's perception, that's all I need to know.
  15. I'm at a point with LeBron and the Cavs where they've kinda transcended into a team where even though I'm supposed to hate them, it's just hard not to appreciate them. As much as I love Wall and the Wiz, they're not on this level. The Cavs just need to get through the regular season to the playoffs each year. Tonight was a dismantling. I truly hate the Celtics, I loved seeing them get destroyed like that. I guess the enemy of my enemy is my friend in this case. Would love to see it happen again on Sunday.