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  1. McCullers doesn't have it today.
  2. No, I think he does. That sweep of the Rangers, while really fun, might have proper ****ed us.
  3. Ugh, wtf. Yeah, Dan, maybe we can make a run at this thing but not if you land us a ****ty #5 starter that'll fit in with Ubaldo and Miley. And if you trade Hays, Mountcastle, Akin or...well, any prospect that shows a glimmer of hope, we'll have the pitchforks ready.
  4. I saw an espn alert on my phone that said the Orioles don't plan on being sellers, or something along those lines.
  5. Watched the first two episodes earlier this afternoon. Hooked. Season 1 was fantastic, too. One thing I didn't expect was them presenting the coach's reaction to how he came across as well as some of the reactions of the townspeople. Was wondering how long it'd take before he'd go back to dropping f-bombs, figured it wouldn't be too long and I was right. It's pretty good. Not blown away so far but I can see where it could get good.
  6. Don't let things like that get in the way of an agenda.
  7. Sad, sad day. Great guy, great anchor. Had overcome his personal demons in the 70s and 80s to become such a well respected part of the community. I loved when him and George Michael would banter back and forth at the end of the 6pm news, that was required tv watching for me. I am 99% positive I saw that his portrait was included in the alleyway at Ben's Chili Bowl when I was there a few weeks ago. And if not, he absolutely should be. RIP, Jim Vance. The measuring stick of all DC broadcasters past, present and future.
  8. I'd be rooting for them, too. It'd be awesome to have a team from a not-so-sexy part of the country take down the Warriors.
  10. I've said it before, I'll say it again...the NBA offseason is WAY more interesting than the regular season or the offseason. Kyrie is a good player, I think he thinks he's better than he is though. Only dude that doesn't want to play with LeBron, gotta question his intelligence.
  11. While we're here:
  12. Napster Era is a perfect way to describe it. I give credit to Linkin Park for trying new things and trying to evolve. Hard to break away from what brought you to the dance as terms of style goes but that whole nu-metal stuff was done by 2008. I'm surprised you left Korn off the list, Limp Bizkit, too. A few months ago I took a trip down memory lane and was driving around blasting Limp Bizkit. Wasn't good music then, certainly isn't now but I liken it to the fast food of music. Sometimes you just want a greasy, nasty burger from Wendy's or some nasty fried chicken from Popeye's. And while you feel bad for eating it and aren't proud of it, it tasted good going down. Same with that music.
  13. Everyone says he doesn't play at SS so I'm curious to see where he ends up, too. I don't see how 2nd base would be an option if he can't play SS but if you had Schoop at SS, Manny at 3rd and Mountcastle at 2nd that's a really nice, young infield. Then again, it looks like the outfield picture could get really crowded in Baltimore here soon. Great quote, sums up how I feel exactly. They played great these last 4 games, offense is on fire and the pitching for the most part has been respectable.
  14. The old NFC East, when we randomly had the Cardinals....I hated Larry Centers. I think he absolutely killed us. Catching passes out of the backfield, especially.