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  1. This Sager Strong foundation shootout is so cool. Was that staged with Reggie Miller getting up and wanting in?
  2. Props to the OP. That's a lot of writing. i don't think Kirk is infallible, but I'd like to pay him and keep him here. Had we paid him last year, the deal wouldn't look so bad now, he's only gotten more expensive. With the cap increase, it'd look better. Granted, the cap increases every year but I think the increase this year was pretty significant. Having him locked up to a cheaper deal against the cap increase would have been nice. A few things: 1. People act like Kirk is done progressing as a QB, that he is who he is and this is all he'll ever be. That is shortsighted, ignorant thinking. Maybe that line of thought is correct, but the lack of ability to acknowledge that he could get better is baffling to me. 2. If not Kirk, then who? What underwhelming FA would you want to come in and take the reigns here? What draft pick would you want to roll the dice on and bank everything on? If you're not going to be patient with Kirk, who the hell will you be patient with? I can't wait for us to trot a rookie out there who'll throw a pick in a "clutch" scenario so everyone can be up his ass and chomping at the bit to sit him. 3. The lack of acknowledgement that this is a team game. Having a QB is great but I do believe the "4th quarter drive, comeback" scenario that people love to talk about is....exactly that. It's romanced a little bit too much. Sure, it's important but people act like it's all that matters. 4. I'm a firm believer that this fan base loves a QB controversy because that's all we've known since Rypien. It's just natural for fans of this franchise to whine and complain about the QB situation because it's been like this for over 20 years. Don't know a good thing when it's right in front of you.
  3. I'll echo the sentiment that Stallone is the better actor but I enjoy Arnold's movies more. It's a tie, for me. I think people overlook the acting in the first Rambo movie, Stallone was good in that, of course the Rocky franchise. Love both of them though. Usually watch their movies no matter which ones when they're on TV.
  4. Would love to see OKC win here tonight. As breathtaking as the Warriors can be when playing together, I still think that Durant leaving was such a weak move. I understand if he wanted to go somewhere else...but if you can't beat em, join em, which is so lame. I'd love to see them come up short again this year.
  5. The Orioles provide a power packed lineup that will strike out a lot but also hit a lot of home runs. The infield defense is strong, especially on the left side at 3b and SS even though Hardy is aging. The outfield defense is pretty weak, especially at the corners. The bullpen has been and still should be a strength, anchored by a closer that didn't blow a save all last season (Zach Britton) who has one of the nastiest pitches in the game (sinker). The rotation is spotty but has a solid starter (Tillman) with two guys that have electric stuff and have a high ceiling (Bundy, Gausman) who can really help this team get somewhere this season.
  6. Seasons would be cool, especially if you printed some of your favorite photos and included them.
  7. I was thinking about getting them framed somehow but realized the frame would be so damn large, it'd cost an arm and a leg
  8. The photo passes I've collected from over the past 4 years being able to cover the games for ES. Someday, I'll figure out how to display them somewhere. And of course, the photos too. I've been very fortunate. I had a football with Darrell Greens autograph on it but it faded. That was my favorite for a long time.
  9. Fox Sports 1 had some nascar show on
  10. What the **** is espn doing? 6pm sportscenter is now like this talkshow format with Michael Smith and Jemele Hill. The Raiders punter, Marquette King, is a guest on right, really? Seems like a cool dude but the best interview they can get is a punter? Show some highlights, give some analysis, just do what you do best. Why Michael Smith and Jemele Hill? They're not that great. No wonder they're floundering.
  11. Kyle's like an old high school girlfriend who was pretty cool but got hotter after you two broke up. And then you resent her so you look for things to pick on her oh, she didn't get into her #1 choice college or something... you know she's too good for you and she's gone on to better guys but you use any fault of hers as a defense mechanism to make yourself feel better.
  12. It's not? Then what else is it? If scoring 21 points in the 4th quarter against the Falcons in 1991 to bring the score to 56-17, what's not running up the score? I'd love to know. @Gibbs Hog Heaven feel free to chime in on this one, too.
  13. Where do you differentiate a score of 52-7 and scores of 45-0 and 56-17 as purposefully setting out to humiliate the other team? Far as I can tell you just don't like the fact that our team and coach (Gibbs, who I'm a fan of, too) was on the ass end of one of the beatdowns. Doesn't seem to matter when he did it to the Lions or Falcons in '91. Or was that not humiliating the other teams?
  14. Well, I just gave an example of Gibbs doing it to someone else. Gibbs also did it to the Lions on opening night in 1991, 45-0. Same year, did it to the Browns, 42-17. What about the drubbing of the Falcons, 56-17? Gibbs never ran up the score, are you kidding me? You just don't like Belichick, he might be a prick but I'd love to have that guy leading my team. You say give me a guy with the standards of a Gibbs or LANDRY and then say that Dallas fans have no standards or who they'd employ? So you're embracing LANDRY yet talking about Dallas standards? What are you on right now?
  15. What's the context? You took it to regular season games so I gave you an example of the Skins running up the score against an opponent. You don't like it? Fine. But we've done it too, but somehow in your myopic view it doesn't matter because GIBBS. Gibbs did it to the Cardinals in '83, 45-7. However I'm assuming that doesn't count because you can't name that Cardinals coach (I can't either, don't worry) and, well, Belichick is the devil or something.