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  1. Beverly Hills Cop! I have seen that movie so many times and even though 80s humor isn't so funny anymore, Murphy still kills me. His facial expressions, body language, the supercops thing...everything kills me here. This one, the whole tirade and then when the hotel manager quotes the rate...his facial expression at 1:27: Even when Serge is the focus of the scene, Murphy does a great job of letting him have his moment: Followed by Terminator, Indy, Karate Kid, The Natural, Red Dawn...1984 was awesome.
  2. d'Abo
  3. Getting out of hand, here.
  4. I wonder how much it's Buck, i wonder how much it's DD. Dude is in the last year of his contract, right? Just cut him, eat the rest. Glad to see Bundy rebounding after the last start.
  5. There were a couple that were meh when they came out, I honestly can't remember which ones were which, they all bleed together. The one with Teri Hatcher was respectable, I think. Was the one with the ice palace the one with Halle Berry? That one just sucks.
  6. Different thread topic, but one you should consider for sure. There are no wrong answers, really.
  7. Still confused as to why Asher isn't given more of a chance. At least Bundy goes tonight. There's a chance.
  8. I meant to vote for Goldeneye, actually. I think it's the one Brosnan one that still holds up. The rest are awful in comparison. Cool for the late 90s, early 2000s but now? Meh. I liked Brosnan a lot, but I agree with the earlier post...his movies sucked. Oh, and...I'll also say that I think the Timothy Dalton ones are pretty good. I'm not sure why he gets such a bad rap but I've always enjoyed them. No disrespect to Moore who passed on today, but he was my least favorite Bond.
  9. I don't have a dog in this Finals fight. It'd be cool to see LeBron add to his legacy with another ring, but I'd also like to see Mike Brown extract revenge on him, too. Just hope it goes 6 or 7. The majority of the playoffs have been boring.
  10. Field of Dreams. "Dad...? Can we have a catch?" Gets me every time. ****ing Rudy. I don't care. I'll admit it. I said it in another thread but for sheer fear factor, nothing scares the crap out of me like The Shining.
  11. Didn't get high on his own supply, for starters. Frank was a goof but he ran a tight ship. Also liked that he was so passionate about his Little League team. The Little Lopezers? They won the division!
  12. Risky Business is a close 2nd for me,
  13. A rare role by an actor where you forget you're actually watching someone play a part.