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  1. Odd that we're having this debate on a Redskins message board, a team where one of our best and most beloved players was killed by home intruders. If there's one thing I thought we'd all be able to unite on, it might have been this. Good, **** 'em. Got what they deserved indeed.
  2. It doesn't look like that Warrios vs. Cavs is a foregone conclusion anymore. I don't watch the NBA like I used to, but from what I can tell this thing can be wide open.
  3. Yeah. It's not like he'd ever win me over with his sarcastic comments.
  4. If you insist. Maybe I just don't like people who whine all the ****ing time about things they don't like.
  5. I just don't think baseball needs a world tournament. there's no good time of year to do it that doesn't do potential damage to the MLB season. Again, the Yankees have lost Didi for quite some time. While I'm not too upset about it because he's a Yankee, he might still be healthy and able to help his team. I would be apoplectic if any Oriole lost time because of an injury sustained in the WBC.
  6. Kinda bums me out that the thing that AJ will probably be most remembered for didn't happen in an Orioles uniform in a playoff game or World Series. While I'm happy the USA and AJ won the WBC, the whole tournament is still a joke. Not sad that the Yankees lost Didi for some time because it's the Yankees but if that happened to Jones, Machado or any other Oriole in the tournament I'd be ****ing livid.
  7. The examples aren't really the same. Sure, they have to do with the Broncos in the sense that colors and logos are a common theme here. BenningRoadSkin trying to stoke another race debate? Shocking.
  8. Beal already has 9.
  9. Outside of last year, I felt that Villanova is always a disappointment so I didn't have them going very far.
  10. Remember seeing it in the theatres, I had to be 8 or 9 years old and laughing my ass off.
  11. Everyone will probably hate on it, but I went with What About Bob
  12. One of the greats.
  13. ASF, how often are you having a cigar? Can't wait for it to get warm out.
  14. Is 20 assists the high for an NBA game this year?
  15. I've read time off a clock before. It's a vastly overrated experience.