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  1. Vaya Con Dios, Manny! The plight of the 2018 Orioles

    Very strong chance.
  2. Random Thought Thread

    Me too. I always figured there was some type of wire.
  3. Vaya Con Dios, Manny! The plight of the 2018 Orioles

    Well, I'd like to have the #1 overall pick assuming there's a consensus #1 next year. But I retract my previous statement, tonight was one of the ****tiest games all year, and that's saying something.
  4. ***2017-18 NBA Playoffs Thread***

    Didn't care about this series but now all in for Houston. Looked like CP3 was about to tear up there for a second.
  5. Random Thought Thread

    How Michael Jackson did that lean in Smooth Criminal explained:
  6. The last movie you saw......GO! (After you read the OP!!!!)

    Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. Cause it's on Amazon Prime streaming.
  7. Random Thought Thread

    Mina Kimes, adorable.
  8. Random Thought Thread

    I just wanna have a video of you yelling "BEST PRACTICES, MOTHER****ER!"
  9. Random Thought Thread

    I have it, hardly check it.
  10. Random Thought Thread

    Nothing, really. It's just after their whole data breach they roll out this commercial with this silicon valley sounding hipster narrating and it's like, c'mon. You only care all of a sudden cause someone blew a whistle.
  11. Random Thought Thread

    **** off, facebook.
  12. Vaya Con Dios, Manny! The plight of the 2018 Orioles

    When we've got the #3 overall pick, we'll be looking at this series as one of the reasons we're not picking higher.
  13. 2017 - 18 Washington Capitals Thread

    Well Hersh, had you not told me all about the Gilmore Girls, I wouldn't be watching it.
  14. 2017 - 18 Washington Capitals Thread

    Happy to see you guys happy. I know what I'll be watching Wednesday night.
  15. That guy seemed to be such a douche but turned out to be pretty cool in the end. I binge watched that a couple weeks ago, it was really good.