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  1. The Official Maryland Terrapins Thread

    Maryland accepts responsibility for his death, all left to the lawyers now. Wait on NCAA statement. Maybe some of the expects on this board can weigh in on their thoughts beforehand.
  2. No matter all the details, Mayo is going to look bad given the fact she was deemed to have capacity within days of ‘escape’. if they don’t have second opinions documented or recurrent re-evaluations on chart to determine the patients cognition and ability to make decisions, than that’s gonna be real bad for Mayo IMO
  3. The Official Maryland Terrapins Thread

    I would never suggest I know how the NCAA makes decisions nor do I give a ship. I offered an opinion, ‘uninformed’ yes, on a random message board. Criticism noted. But if it does get bantered about as charges start to and will come in, look me up aight.
  4. The Official Maryland Terrapins Thread

    PSU absolutely should have gotten it. Make no mistake, this was an avoidable death by every account released. I wouldn't mock it yet. And FWIW, nobody's gonna miss Maryland football (in the big ten especially. Such a joke they're in that conference)
  5. The Official Maryland Terrapins Thread

    The way this is spinning I wouldn't be surprised if the 'death penalty' (NCAA wise) gets brought into play. And they really need to change that name it seems
  6. I just can't seem to fathom what Mayo's vested interest was to go to such lengths to obtain guardianship. We obviously don't know all the details, but the sniff test didn't seem like the mom or the step dad were the world's worst. And this was at rehab it seems, not even the hospital. Just weird, meh- Minnesota
  7. Golf

    People were wrong, people were very wrong
  8. Some franchises just can't have nice things. I don't want to say we've become one, but wow. Snake fangs are dug in deep. Listen, Philly won with Nick Foles at QB. KEEP THE FAITH!!
  9. Official 2018 Redskins Training Camp/Preseason Thread

    McGee out for season? Is Moreau buried on depth chart? That’s disappointing if true
  10. NFL Top Jersey Sales: No Redskin In The Top 50

    Winning cures everything
  11. It's been said here well by many. His social media presence is eerily similar to one RG3 and has setup for future fallout. His 'fan friendly' posts and early love can very well be tested by the first half of the first game. I can imagine what his twinder account or snapface will look like if he has 12 carries for 8 yards with 2 fumbles lost in the first half of game 1. I would take odds he responds in the looker room to some haters. Just seems like thats where this is going. I love the pick, but I can see where teams sensed maybe he wasn't ready from an emotional quotient standpoint. I hope I'm wrong. I love his talents and think he's genuine in his character. It's just, the world can be a cruel place sometimes, especially when the team is losing.
  12. If it is, than don't get used to it. We'll have it for about 3-4 years because of the ridiculous NFL salary cap. If all these guys hit- Allen, Payne, Settle, Ioniddis- we will only be able to keep 1 or maybe 2. I've said for years the NFL needs to give forgiveness in cap to teams that drafted talent. For example, if you drafted a player and he resigns after rookie deal there's a 10% discount on salary cap implication. Player keeps full contract. If they resign third contract, 20% salary cap reduction. This will allow for players to stay with teams. This year was a prime example of average to above average players having to leave because of cap issues (Breeland, Grant, Long, Murphy). Ionidis will be fetching a nice payday when his time comes up. With Allen, Payne and maybe even Settle coming down the road the Skins would be crazy to allocate resources to a position that will take significant cap % in near future. I just don't like the current NFL salary cap structure and it simply doesn't promote good drafts. But yea, its the best front we've had in years that hasn't played a single down yet
  13. Thai soccer team trapped in cave

    They trekked 2.5 miles into a cave?? With no expert lead and only their 25 year old coach. Huh??? I guess 'it's Thailand' might be response, but that graphic is frightening just to look at. Man, I think the entire world should be focused on this. Humanity can save this kids and should, by all means necessary
  14. The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

    At least 3 ACL's gone in that one