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  1. I'll highlight to 'highlights' that really don't speak to him as a football player but more of the athlete. His reception in the NCG demonstrates Saban's trust at a skill position. This was not a fluke, Saban must have recognized this kids natural agility. His toe tap was nothing tho be overlooked. Couple that play with his fumble recovery highlight. Has a quick inside step and looks like Todd Gurley in the open field. Why does this matter to me. Kid is athletic. Probably played skill positions in elementary level and still has inert agility. I am very excited to watch him demonstrate serious athleticism from the inside this year. Some posters keep going on about strength and conditioning concerns. Not me... the reports already about how strong he is encouraging and I have no doubts about his motor/athleticism.
  2. The "Non" Mt Rushmore Symbols of the Dan Snyder Era

    Haynesworth leading out the monument... The GW of the piece, what all Redskins failures can be measured against RG3 without doubt... Abe Lincoln of the piece. Great divisions personified his tenure Spurrier... Teddy Roosevelt, didn't fit in with the 'epic level' failures on this piece but an epic failure for sure. Gets on by being in wrong place at wrong time Dan Snyder himself... Thinker, business man, executive... MORON in all the above. Takes the antithesis role to Thomas Jefferson
  3. Vet min? If he outperforms McPhee and we dump McPhee would that be cap beneficial on a 2 year contract? I had enough of Jovias, but I guess there's some potential there.
  4. Congrats all... I've always liked Ovechkin, happy for him. Hard nosed athlete. I hope it breaks the 'curse'
  5. What to do with LG

    I feel the argument, definitely during draft period, that we were weaker at the OT position is valid. For starters, our 2 starting Ohs have bum wheels and still undergoing rehab. Our backup is well into his 30's and injured last year as well. Obviously a need is demonstrated. As far as the G position went, we had a full on anchor at RG with an all-pro. Half the equation is solved there. While injured briefly last year, not nearly to the extent of the 2 OT's and fully recovered. The LG spot at time of the draft had a below average vet, a potential peaking player that looked to possibly betaking the next step in development and a 3rd stringer who knows the system and has filled for us. So, yes we're weak at G but the Line was addressed. Given draft needs and positions, I couldn't see a clear role in top 3 rounds for G over the positions we drafted. Fact is, was Lavuo is the weakest link, he knows the system and hopefully is healthy for start of season
  6. ***2018-19 NBA Offseason Thread***

    You've bashed Horford a lot but don't recognize his overall role and influence for the team. I'll agree the max contact is a bit bloated, but he's every bit the all star and I for one expect a great game from him. I'll be shocked if he doesn't contribute huge in a win tonight
  7. led the nation in receptions... insane value and talent
  8. Just read Cantalina went down yesterday... Jeesh I think we have to fly him in ASAP. If i'm in charge I offer good contract with zero tolerance policy around any insensitivities to race, gender, religion, etc. First hint of an offense that is corroborated as true, terminable offense. I make the rules very clear, I incentivize him with above average financial contract since we have the space (easily for his range) and he is a position of dire need ---EDIT--- Nevermind,he thinks he's Batman. Maybe this Isaiah Williams fellow isn't so bad
  9. As the draft drew I was saying my eyes don't deceive me, Settle is a football player. I was most glued to the draft in that round. When the Skins took him that's when I felt we had a solid draft no matter what. They'll be some misses, but with him, Payne and Guice I felt very good about this years stock. He was the difference between a B and an A IMO
  10. When is the last time you can think of a team drafting a 5th rounder and being sure that they're definitely gonna make the team and likely contribute from week 1.
  11. What to do with LG

    The answer was there all along,Isaiah Williams. Go figure
  12. What to do with LG

    Kinda the guy you hate on other teams but would like on yours. I do think he is a head case, but given the general collection of talent and the real possibility of a nice playoff run a 1-2 year stop gap seems like just what we need. More than enough cap space and can extend Scherf.
  13. ***2018-19 NBA Offseason Thread***

    You shoulda jumped on the bandwagon 6 months ago, to late for you
  14. ***2018-19 NBA Offseason Thread***

    Kyrie for Ayton???
  15. ***2018-19 NBA Offseason Thread***

    Durant and Harden are unguardable. Crazy to think how good that OKC team woulda been