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  1. K. I don't pay attention to notifications or PMs here so cool if you think there's something there I need to see. I'll look at it. I obviously don't agree with your viewpoint, but it's your board, you pay for this, I don't lol. It is what it is. Back to the topic, I've stated my issue over and over and over again about why I don't think Kirk should be paid. But going back a few pages, I'm confused by people saying there is no such thing as the non-exclusive franchise tag. What is Finlay talking about if it's not a thing? He specifically stated in a much discussed article that aside from an LTD he thinks that the Redskins best option is the non-exclusive franchise.
  2. This is pretty much where I am. I don't remember who posts what on this board but it seems to go between "this team needs A LOT of help" and some who think "if the team were just healthy." I'm a combination of both. I don't think this team is terrible but even when this team was healthy I didn't think it was just a few pieces away. I think we got very excited by the efforts against the Chiefs and the Raiders, and it was great but we've come to find out that those teams also just aren't very good. They were playing well at that time but they have proven to be rather average. I also think we need way better depth in some positions than we have which is going to cost us and I don't think we can depend on the draft for it. We also need to upgrade several positions and I prefer REALLY building the defense and getting another WR and true RB. If it's not a QB who can literally carry the team on his back like Rodgers or Brady, I'm not going to be in favor of breaking the bank. Period. Not when I think it means it will hinder us from keeping guys, continuing to build pieces or extend players that I think will be important for years to come. But the front office will do what it does. I'm vehemently against Trent Wiliams and Morgan Moses playing this season and Jonathan Allen playing again this season too because I think it's not worth it and they're entirely too important for the future of the team but the coach and front office seem to disagree so...
  3. Are you arguing about the defense? I never said the defense is good, they need a TON of work. I was arguing ONLY the notion that Kirk has nothing to work with OFFENSIVELY which was the point made here originally. And also, I don't see your point where the Ravens are concerned. They are ranked 30th in the league offensively and have a rushing attack that isn't even top 10. Yes, they have a defense that is very good. The Redskins need a very good defense (another reason why they shouldn't break the bank for Kirk IMO but I digress) but we were talking about OFFENSIVELY what teams have to work with.
  4. If that's how you feel you're more than welcome to mute or block me. That's a thing here right? Have at it.
  5. I wasn't referring to you. You perfectly stated why you disagreed with his points and I understood that. It's been sort of constant here. Anyone who criticizes Kirk - like the situation last week with Steve Smith and Marshall Faulk - is dumb, a bum, a loser, has no business being on tv etc. Again, I was not talking about you. I think you articulated why you had issues with what Irvin said and how he should take injuries into account.
  6. LOL if that's what you call yourself doing have at it, it isn't changing. But it seems to make some on this board feel better. It's going to be a fun offseason lol!!!! The hilarious thing here is I've never personally attacked anyway here even though I vehemently disagree with your opinions. I'll argue about Kirk and the reasons I believe what I do but yall seem to take it extremely personal when I disagree on Kirk which is funny. But this speaks more to posters and you than anything else. Look at the attacks on Irvin. If you disagree with his points then fine, but what does attacking him personally have to do with his opinion? If you want to argue the points he made and why he disagrees with it, then do that, but this board constantly resorts to the childish. Anyway and again, I don't think the team should pay Kirk what his asking price would be but I am coming around to the idea that Finlay keeps pushing which is the franchise tag and hope he agrees with another team and we can talk compensation/trades (even though I still find that risky as hell - at least we could potentially get compensation).
  7. All I did was post a clip lol. I have posted articles in favor of paying Cousins too (just a few pages back in fact). And in terms of opinions on whether or not they should sign him, I dont put too much stock in anyone from Irvin to Cooley. My mind is already made up anyway lol, they're not changing it either way. Boy is this board sensitive though lol
  8. Yes the defense has been problematic but this team has 5 wins and in more than one of them you can credit the defensive effort primarily for the win. They have had bad games FOR SURE, but we're not going to skew this as it's all on the defense. Those stats are fine but in the Cowboys game the defense forced five 3 and outs in a row and the offense did nothing with them on top of the offense and special teams turning the ball over 4 times. But anyway, the constant narrative here is Kirk has nothing to work with...but let's go to your original question. Who is the #1 receiver on the Panthers? Do they have a stud that I missed? Or their big time #1 running back? Also non-existent. They don't have either. Nothing that would even be close to sniffing the top 10 anything. Ok. Let's keep going. The Ravens? Who Is their clear #1 receiver? What about tight end? What about running back? While it would be ideal if the Redskins had what the Steelers had which is arguably the best running back and best wide receiver in football, if you look around the league that is rare. If you think the defense is what is ultimately holding this team back that's fine and obviously there is somewhat of an argument there but the "OMG the Redskins have soooooo much less offensive talent than everyone else" doesn't work FOR ME. Up until he got hurt the Redskins had one of the best offensive weapons in football for more than half the season. There are several teams in the playoff hunt who don't have anything close to that. It sucks that the team has had injuries. I'm sure it sucked for the Vikings when they loss their starting QB and RB and the Packers when they lost their starting QB and RB and the list goes on for injuries in the NFL.
  9. The most consistent threat on the Saint is their third down back (Kamara) so what are you saying here? Russell Wilson has the worst offensive line in football. He leads his team in passing and rushing. He plays for the most penalized team in the NFL (so penalized that they are about to go in the history books) and their defense is basically depleted. They're 8-4. Chris Thompson was a beast offensively before he got hurt - the clear MVP of the team on that side of the ball. Jamison Crowder has had two 100+ yard games in the last 4 weeks, as has Samaje Perine. Is it as loaded as it was last year? No but last year was more of an exception than what most teams generally have. I feel like for some reason people expect every year the team to have two 1000 yard receivers and 1000 starting running back and 1000 third down back or something. I find it really annoying how other players on the Redskins offense are trashed or their contributions are downplayed to try to push this "Kirk has nothing to work with" narrative which I again believe is quite false. He has about what most teams have. Sure in any given year some teams are more loaded than others but acting like there is no talent on the offense is absurd IMO. Again, it's not what it was last year, everyone acknowledges that, but it's not totally void of talent either.
  10. At this point, what kind of number do you all think Kirk would accept or would be acceptable to him for an LTD?
  11. I'm very confused. I've read several times in this very thread that the front office has disrespected Kirk, that he deserves better, that Dan and Bruce have never told him or made him feel like he is the guy. Ok. Kirk's dad said that no matter the price he wasn't going to sign a LTD here last offseason and Kirk himself talked about how Jesus told him the tag was best and there were SEVERAL articles written about how he wanted to evaluate the now it's crazy to question if he wants to be here or even will want to sign a LTD after this season? The irony of all of this is before the 49ers traded for Jimmy G all local Redskins media talked about was how going to join Kyle and the 49ers was Kirk's first choice and where he really wanted to be. And this is all on top of everyone here claiming that Kirk has NO help and has basically had to be the entire offense (a claim that I vehemently disagree with and is downright absurd considering Chris Thompson's productivity before he got hurt but whatever). Again, speculation seems to really bother people. It's my opinion that he probably doesn't want to sign a LTD here (but he would if the team broke the bank for him), it's fine if you disagree.
  12. I mean, if we're taking everything that is said at face value then we also have to take his dad's comments the same way which is there is no way he was signing a LTD no matter the offer. But again, we'll see what happens..... When I said "wants this over with" I meant a LTD or the opportunity to hit the market. Nobody wants to keep playing on the tag and it's been noted in several articles that most players HATE IT to the point where they are talking about the CBA doing away with it BECAUSE they hate it so much. I wasn't necessarily talking about his tenure with the Redskins necessarily. Basically, I think if the Redskins break the bank I think he'd be fine staying (though yes somewhat begrudgingly). If they don't intend to, he's more than willing and ready to leave. I don't think he's going to negotiate a single thing with the team though when it comes to a LTD, not in a way he would possibly negotiate with say the 49ers or Broncos or potential other teams if it were available because he does and has felt somewhat disrespected by the front office. Edit: But again, why are people acting surprised by this? A part of the reason why Kirk claimed he didn't counteroffer and was comfortable with the tag was because Jesus told him to and he wanted to evaluate the organization more supposedly.
  13. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    I go back and forth on this, because this team has a lot of needs so spending multiple picks on the QB position seems iffy. But then I look at the Seahawks now - their leading passer and rusher is Russell Wilson. Their defense is decimated, they have zero run game and they have a terrible offensive line yet they are 7-4 and currently beating the best team in football right now so finding that diamond-in-the-rough game changing QB that you can really really lean on can change a franchise.
  14. So there's where we disagree. We'll see what happens though...