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  1. I agree but why doesn't anybody call them out and say exactly what I did. The bull**** you speak of is totally true but when you're indisputably correct you can usually call them out to crickets. The example I love is when my backwoods friends get pissed off at the NFL players for kneeling and say the NFL should make them stand I tell them its very un-american to kneel for the national anthem but do you know what's more un-american? Forcing them to stand. Its crickets every single time. Sometimes I watch the news and it blows my mind the comments from trump that don't get called out.
  2. Somebody help me out here. Trump keeps calling this a witch hunt saying they haven't found any evidence. The news is reporting that mueller better find something soon or he'll lose the confidence of the American people. Correct me if I'm wrong but even if mueller had reams of evidence wouldn't we not know about any of it until the investigation is complete?
  3. What do you Believe??? (Religion)

    I said atheist but I guess I'm actually agnostic. Plus I like that word better. Atheism has become a word associated with the religion of believing there is no god when for me its not about religion its just about a total lack of proof or common sense. I always tell people that I'm not an atheist I'm nothing at all, does not believing in dragons make me you anything? No? Then neither does not believing in god.
  4. Why is it absolute crickets on the hankins front? I get that guys sometimes like to take their time but why no visits or rumors or grumblings or anything, did he fall off the face of the earth?
  5. For some strange reason I read the title and thought we had resigned Dr phil. My first thought was I didnt know he was on the team last year.
  6. Everybody knows gronk wants to retire. Why give up valualike draft picks just to let him walk? Sounds lime exactly what the patriots do and why they're always one of the best teams.
  7. Isn't that the contract he signed with the bears 3 years ago? I think someone got their signals crossed on this one. Yeah now that I've gone to the link I know that's what it was. It even says at that link that 5 years 40 mil is what he signed with the bears for.
  8. Scuba Diving

    I got certified 20 years ago. Probably had somewhere around 250 dives or so but haven't dove in close to 10 years. Don't have anybody to go with anymore but it was one of the things I used to love more than just about anything. All cold water dives for scallops and lobsters in new England. Man we used to come back with so much seafood on Saturdays. 4 divers 3 dives apiece and on a good day we'd get 40 pounds of shucked scallops or a good 30 or forty lobsters or some combination of the two. If you can dive up here you can dive anywhere in the world. Ice cold water, 10 feet of visibility on average and massive rip tides and currents. You gotta be on your game to be a diver in new England.
  9. If the non disclosure agreement uses pseudonyms then how is it legally binding. This whole thing is so strange.
  10. Movie characters you can't stand

    I thought of another. God I couldn't stand this kid in gran Torino. And it's not exactly like he had a bit part.
  11. The scene with Morgan ripping the guys guts out is so over the top ridiculous its impossible to take this show seriously anymore. And that's really just one of many examples.
  12. Movie characters you can't stand

    I agree with the Mrs carmody example. I despised her character but the acting was fantastic and she played a pivotal role in the movie. I think this one falls into the villain category.
  13. Movie characters you can't stand

    My runner up The combination of his voice and stupid surf bum play on words are so cringe worthy its hair raising to me.
  14. Movie characters you can't stand

    Easily the worst actor ever to get a huge role.
  15. Random Jokes thread

    Yeah I thought of that after. Sorry.