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  1. redskinss

    Some Hard Truths

    I always wondered why we as a fanbase love to anoint our positional coaches the status of "one of the best in the league" before they've done a damn thing for us. We did it with Callahan we did it with tomsula and we pretty much did it with gray. You know how I know we got ourselves a pretty damn good coach? Some other team snatches them up. Mcvay for example, the rams grabbed him the minute he finished puberty.
  2. redskinss

    Redskins vs Packers Prediction Thread: Slippin' Away

    Why is it that the overwhelming majority of pundits are predicting a ten point win for the packers most even more than that but the spread is only 3? Why do the people making the spreads have far more confidence in the Redskins than everybody else including most of our fans.
  3. redskinss

    Press Release: #Redskins Quotes- Alex Smith

    Do you have the full video by any chance?
  4. redskinss

    Some Hard Truths

    The thing is I don't think anybody is saying go out and purchase your superbowl tickets now because we have the number one defense, their saying don't slit your wrists because there are things to feel positive about. Some of that may be a mirage due to who we've played but definitely not all of it.
  5. redskinss

    Some Hard Truths

    We may need to add a sticky thread to the stadium with a suicide hotline. Damn, I've never seen it this bad around here even at the tail end of our four win seasons.
  6. redskinss

    Some Hard Truths

    Doesn't this belong in the good juju thread.
  7. redskinss

    Pathetic crowds at home opener

    Yeah I get that you can analyze statistics six ways from Sunday I was just referring to the standard total yards allowed that was used forever to rank defenses. I know it's a dinosaur model just saying if we're number one in anything there's at least a reason for hope.
  8. redskinss

    Pathetic crowds at home opener

    I never thought of it but its certainly possible. Another thing to consider is what's already but talked about, the hurricane. What wasn't mentioned though is that for many years we have had slightly declining attendance overall but extremely declining attendance by Redskins fans that has been mostly picked up by visiting fans. The combination of it being the colts and a hurricane in the forecast may have made it less likely for people to make travel plans or cancel them last minute.
  9. redskinss

    Pathetic crowds at home opener

    I'm definitely not writing this season off. We're tied for first and have the number one ranked defense in the NFL, there's plenty you can look at and cultivate hope from. I just think fans are tired of getting all excited only to be gutted by disappointment every year. I really think most of what we are seeing is just coping mechanisms. Some guys just get so down on the team that they couldn't possibly let them down anymore while others just decide to use their time to pursue things that make them happier. And of course there's the fans who will be ever optimistic no matter what the skins put on the field. Everybody is different and handles it in their own way but I honestly believe this fanbase will always be a smoldering fire and we won't see it reignited until the skins are so far above 500 that they can coast into the playoffs. When that glorious day comes (if ever) you'll see much less pessimism from the fanbase.
  10. redskinss

    2018 Packers Look-a-Like Thread

    Holy crap!!!! You mean to tell me that's two different people? That's the best one yet unquestionably.
  11. redskinss

    Pathetic crowds at home opener

    I used to be the same way having to watch every game no matter what but I'm closer to where you're at now. Last Sunday I didn't get home from a motorcycle rally until 230 and flipped the DVR on then and this Sunday I have an all day music festival and I'll probably scan the game on my cell phone. Odds are the same thing will happen that happens all the time, we'll be down by two touchdowns fast and I'll say to myself "see now I'm glad I didn't waste my whole day for this" then I'll shut my phone off. It really has gotten to the point where I'd rather find something that brings me joy instead. Lifes too short to spend every Sunday angry at an inanimate object mounted to my living room wall.
  12. It's not that 90 percent of people think its racist and feel it should be changed it's that 90 percent of people don't give a **** and the changers know this and use it to their advantage. They know that if they just scream long and loud the people who don't care will eventually subdue and say it should be changed just because their sick of hearing about it. Think about it, if a group of bird lovers was constantly chirping in your ear about how the name of the Falcons was offensive your first reaction would be to roll your eyes and ignore them but eventually since you don't care what the hell the football team in Atlanta is called you'd say just change it and get it over with. That is what's going on here. A very small percentage of the population cares about the team name one way or the other and the changers are using that to their advantage. It's up to us not to allow that to happen.
  13. Hopefully we gettin medieval on the packers.
  14. Yeah I don't think its because we lost, its definitely the manner in which it happened but we are still tied for first place in the division, we have remained for the most part healthy especially in the first string of our team and it's not uncommon at all even for good teams to have complete stinkfest games and come back strong either the following week or later in the season. If we deploy a good gameplan against the packers and come out with a win we'll all be feeling much better.
  15. Booooooooooo. Just kidding. I agree I don't think I've ever seen it this bad around here.