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  1. I have what is possibly a strange addition to the thread but "the jack bull" has always been a very powerful movie for me. Between the fact that i saw so much of myself in john cusack and the ending, its always been a pretty emotional movie for me.
  2. I was on the third page and wondering the same thing, how on earth has old yeller not come up, then it was.
  3. If a boss asks his secretary for sexual favors is it not sexual harassment because she's a grown woman and could go public or resign? Suggesting that a boss asking his subordinate to end an investigation and then later firing him is not obstruction of justice is ridiculous to say the least.
  4. I know it was definitely not his best work but the scene from money pit when the bathtub went through the floor was a scene i connected with so much that i had to put other. I just love that movie and can relate to it so much when he's dealing with disaster after disaster.
  5. Uh oh, this is the exceptionally rare instance we're i don't want the same thing the majority of the board wants. I feel torn. Lol.
  6. Why is one of the exemptions for hard knocks a playoff appearance within the last two years? Is the nfl essentially admitting that is a disadvantage being on hard knocks and stipulating that the good teams with the most likely chance of success not have to handicap themselves so to speak? If so why on earth do even bad teams with at least some hope not put up a fight?
  7. Im still a little skeptical of how last season ended. Just seemed like a team that quit and that worries me. And of course this whole cousins fiasco is troubling but i do think we could have a decent team going forward. If im being totally honest though in my opinion as of right now i think we have a brutally tough division and i just don't see this team taking the next step to full out respectability this year. I really hope im wrong though.
  8. Crane operator. Used to work in a factory but that got dull and i needed something to make me feel alive again. My wife is an e.r. nurse in a level one trauma center. People think we're adrenaline junkies. Lol.
  9. Pat eflein would be my pick, but unfortunately second round might be a tad early and he'll never make it to the third
  10. I got to imagine it would drastically increase the likelihood of making him a one term president, but then again all the crap that's come out on him shoulda made him a zero term president so who knows.
  11. How would a car made from stainless steel, an historical example of overconstruction and also notoriously heavy be ripped to shreds by an old ford while landing on it?
  12. How do they get away with all the things that they do in shawshank redemption without the guards knowledge but for some reason haven't taken a piss in 40 years without permission?
  13. How does a goatee and 13 years keep everybody from recognizing edmond dontez?
  14. I hate my brain. I'll bet ive had a million examples while watching movies but right now i cant think of one off the top of my head.
  15. R.i.p. jay geils. Always loved his music.