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  1. He'd have to run as an independent or extremeskins might implode.
  2. Im more curious than anything else. What would happen in that event? I understand the line of succession but if in the event the campaign were compromised wouldn't that then compromise the line of succession? Not saying it's gonna happen just a curious what if. How far down the line would they have to go before they got to someone who wasn't involved in the campaign?
  3. Yeah i can see that. Makes me wanna quit my job and clean houses under the table though. Lol.
  4. Why is it that the typical job that requires no skill or training pays around 8 to 12 dollars an hour but if you try to hire someone off of Craigslist to do a similar job that requires no training their hourly fee is going to be much higher. Example, my wife just had a friends daughter who is 21 years old come over to clean the house and her rate is 20 bucks an hour. My wife said that was one of the lowest ones and that most were higher. I mean even babysitters make more than minimum wage and unless it's an infant all you gotta do is watch tv and clean out the cupboards. How is it that under the table work has come to demand such a high rate compared to over the table work where your take home is gonna be significantly less even at the same hourly pay? Or is my wife just looking in the wrong places?
  5. I have another possibly dumb question. If it is found that trumps campaign was colluding with Russia would the American people then be entitled to a special election or would they just go down the line until they found someone who had no ties to the trump campaign? Seems to me that at the minimum if there is no precedent for this we would have to have a special election to put this behind us.
  6. I have a dumb question, lets say it's proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that trumps campaign had contact with the russians and coordinated with them on what to leak and when to leak it. Is that illegal? Is that an offense that can get him impeached? Or is it just unethical?
  7. Yeah if the most dirt the Democrats can come up with is about a questionable ruling regarding a trucker who was fired for being cold then i gotta say he probably deserves to be confirmed.
  8. You know its funny, i certainly don't consider myself a trekie but I've seen every episode of tng, and most of them multiple times, and despite the fact I've heard the term deflector dish a dozen times including first contact when it was a primary part of the story i never put 2 and 2 together to figure out that's what it's purpose was. Talk about not seeing something spelled out for me. Lol.
  9. In nemesis a head on collision with another ship shredded the tritanium and opened up the enterprise like a can opener. How is that not going to just vaporize if it hit anything at all at warp speed, especially something of any substantial size?
  10. That's why i said almost all, lol. Yeah i know they'd look pretty stupid flying through space in a winnebago (unless you're name is lonestar) but it is pretty unnecessary.
  11. Why were almost all of the ships in star trek designed aerodynamically?
  12. Donald J. Trump‏ @realDonaldTrump I'd bet a good lawyer could make a great case out of the fact that President Obama was tapping my phones in October, just prior to Election! 6:52 AM · Mar 4, 2017 Anyone else pick up on the wording in this tweet. He used the words good lawyer and not just lawyer. Am i the only one who see's the irony in this? Any lawyer can make a case with concrete evidence and facts, but only a "good" lawyer can make a case out of speculation and bull****.
  13. I think everybody in the country would support this if they thought it was actually possible. The problem is i dont think it is. If the petition is formed and gets a lot of support do they have to act on it? I personally think it'd just get ignored. The ones that have the power aren't going to make rules against themselves unfortunately. Probably the same reason the owner of the company isn't subject to drug tests like employees are.
  14. One step closer to not needing a filibuster. Too soon? State senator nevermind.