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  1. I got to imagine it would drastically increase the likelihood of making him a one term president, but then again all the crap that's come out on him shoulda made him a zero term president so who knows.
  2. How would a car made from stainless steel, an historical example of overconstruction and also notoriously heavy be ripped to shreds by an old ford while landing on it?
  3. How do they get away with all the things that they do in shawshank redemption without the guards knowledge but for some reason haven't taken a piss in 40 years without permission?
  4. How does a goatee and 13 years keep everybody from recognizing edmond dontez?
  5. I hate my brain. I'll bet ive had a million examples while watching movies but right now i cant think of one off the top of my head.
  6. R.i.p. jay geils. Always loved his music.
  7. Well when are the last white people we bombed? The germans thats it and thats cause they were trying to dominate the world. Bull**** thats our ****in job. God i loved George carlin.
  8. With pay but only if you can prove you voted. Kinda like jury duty.
  9. He'd have to run as an independent or extremeskins might implode.
  10. Im more curious than anything else. What would happen in that event? I understand the line of succession but if in the event the campaign were compromised wouldn't that then compromise the line of succession? Not saying it's gonna happen just a curious what if. How far down the line would they have to go before they got to someone who wasn't involved in the campaign?
  11. Yeah i can see that. Makes me wanna quit my job and clean houses under the table though. Lol.
  12. Why is it that the typical job that requires no skill or training pays around 8 to 12 dollars an hour but if you try to hire someone off of Craigslist to do a similar job that requires no training their hourly fee is going to be much higher. Example, my wife just had a friends daughter who is 21 years old come over to clean the house and her rate is 20 bucks an hour. My wife said that was one of the lowest ones and that most were higher. I mean even babysitters make more than minimum wage and unless it's an infant all you gotta do is watch tv and clean out the cupboards. How is it that under the table work has come to demand such a high rate compared to over the table work where your take home is gonna be significantly less even at the same hourly pay? Or is my wife just looking in the wrong places?
  13. I have another possibly dumb question. If it is found that trumps campaign was colluding with Russia would the American people then be entitled to a special election or would they just go down the line until they found someone who had no ties to the trump campaign? Seems to me that at the minimum if there is no precedent for this we would have to have a special election to put this behind us.