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  1. Hypothetical question. Let's say evidence came out that was beyond damning, like video evidence that caused everybody including all republicans to say that's it he needs to be replaced immediately. Is there a process in which he can be replaced immediately or would it take months of impeachment hearings?
  2. I know this is a million to one longshot but you know what they say can't hurt to try. Because were playing on new years eve my wife and i have decided to make a weekend out of it by going to the game and then times square for the ball drop. Now i just need tickets so if anybody happens to have tickets to this game that they dont need im interested.
  3. Correct me if im wrong but hasn't that ship sailed? If franchise tag players can't sign contract extensions until the next league year now why would the 49ers give up anything to put themselves into the position we're currently in.
  4. A million analogies are running through my head right now but i can't seem to articulate one so ill just say this. What's the point of trying to find his market value if he ends up signing with another team?
  5. O.m.g. that video makes my blood boil. I couldn't even finish it.
  6. Who for one second believes Donald trump had no knowledge of what was going on during his campaign in regards to the Russian collusion, and even if you do what does that say about his leadership capabilities? How can you call yourself a leader and be ignorant to what everybody else on your team are apparently all aware of? Either way this is inexcusable for the president of the united states.
  7. How may times in how many different ways can the exact same thing be said over and over again. Im fairly certain this thread is going to determine the answer.
  8. Sounds about right to me.
  9. Why does this not even seem mildy surprising. Not only is this idiot using his chair as an umbrella but he's standing 3 ft away from the pavilion. Typical cowboys fan.
  10. Depends my wife is a nurse and if they could in any way connect a story she told back to the patients she could get in trouble. She tells me good stories all the time and its a shame we can't share them.
  11. They had to use that big suction cup thing for my first. I was like what the hell are you doing to my kid. His head was all out of shape from the suction and their like don't worry it'll go back to normal. I was thinking, it better.
  12. Reading this post may now be the grossest thing that's ever happened to me.
  13. Your own is a little different than someone elses though.
  14. Mee too, i see this guy.