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  1. 2017 NCAA Football Thread

    I used to think having a strong OOC schedule mattered a great deal to the committee, but after last year I'm not so sure. Washington got in after playing Rutgers, Idaho and Portland State. They were ranked one spot ahead of Penn State, who played # 23 Pitt, Kent State and #24 Temple.
  2. The Figure Four - ALL Things ECW-WWF-TNA-ROH

    Big Show came out clean shaven on Raw. He now looks like King Kong Bundy.
  3. 2017 Eclipse Thread

    For those of you who around the world who won't see it, here's a totaled eclipse.
  4. Wikileaks has already offered him a job.
  5. 2017 NCAA Football Thread

    Coaches Poll is out: 1 Alabama 2 Ohio St 3 Florida St 4 USC 5 Clemson 6 Penn St 7 Washington 8 Oklahoma 9 Michigan 10 Wisconsin 11 Oklahoma St 12 LSU 13 Auburn 14 Stanford 15 Georgia 16 Florida 17 Louisville 18 Miami 19 Kansas St 20 West Virginia 21 USF 22 Virginia Tech 23 Texas 24 Tennessee 25 Utah
  6. The Official "Marvel" Thread (Movies,Comics etc)

    Incredible soundtrack. Great acting. A real, dynamic villain. Lots of Tony Stark. New York City, all five boroughs. Two hours that moved.
  7. NYT Opinion Piece: The Making of a Non-Patriot

    His July 4th cookout probably wasn't much fun.
  8. The Figure Four - ALL Things ECW-WWF-TNA-ROH

    It's crazy that this was 19 years ago:
  9. "Dear Leader" Kim Jong-il Dead (and other North Korea related news)

    I have sympathy for the family of the young man murdered in North Korea. No person should suffer the way he did, but NO American should EVER go to North Korea except on the strictest government business. We've known what North Korea is like for almost 70 years. People can't just take a wrong turn and stumble on North Korea. To get there, people have to want to go there, for reasons I cannot fathom. Even for people who actually want to go there, it's an arduous journey. Having said that, I've actually been to North Korea, on government business in uniform, for about 45 seconds. While on active duty stationed in South Korea, I visited Panmunjom where peace talks have been going on since 1951. It sits on the border between the two countries. The border goes right through a conference room. In the middle of the conference room, the border runs right through a conference table where both sides in negotiations can sit on their respective sides of the border and argue. While no conferences were being held at the time, we were allowed to walk to the North Korean side of the conference room and back. After just a few seconds, I couldn't wait to get back to my side of the room.
  10. 17 year old Muslim girl killed over the weekend by an illegal immigrant from El Salvador: http://www.fox5dc.com/news/262274158-story
  11. All Things Star Wars Thread

    Holy toxicology report Carrie Fisher.
  12. Official Trump Does East Asia Thread

    Is North Korea's tourism industry luring Americans into a trap? http://www.cnn.com/2017/06/16/asia/north-korea-tourism-otto-warmbier/index.html
  13. Who has had a better film career? Seagal or JCVD?

    Anybody know why Richie did Bobby Lupo?
  14. The shooter looks like Bob Beckel.
  15. Rebecca Berg‏Verified account @rebeccagberg 4m4 minutes ago Replying to @rebeccagberg The man was wearing running clothes, asked Duncan: "Are those Republicans or Democrats out there practicing?" Per source familiar.