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  1. The Destiny Thread (PS4 and Xbox One)

    guys there are websites that are dedicated to finding groups for destiny. I have like 100 friends now and finding a group for nightfall or raids instantly is never a problem. reddit has Huge destiny community. is foe general game discussion. go here when you are looking for a group. Be sure to list post by "new" and you will find people looking for groups or you can make a post and watch the friend request come flooding in. My enjoyment in destiny increased 10 fold once I found r/fireteams. Add me on ps4 stonehill21
  2. The Destiny Thread (PS4 and Xbox One)

    Guys if your having trouble finding a group for nightfalls or VoG....check out A lot of groups and a lot of level 30's willing to run rookies through the vault. A great community for Destiny end game... Was almost done with the raid last night with 1 level 30 and 5 26's but had to leave the group to watch the game..
  3. The Destiny Thread (PS4 and Xbox One)

    I played crucible earlier for the first time since like day 2 or 3 of owning the game and was the top point scorer for both teams...i was shocked lol.. Fusion rifle ftw lol...
  4. The Destiny Thread (PS4 and Xbox One)

    Also anybody have a link to a good spinmetal farming route?
  5. The Destiny Thread (PS4 and Xbox One)

    StruggeLing to get past level running lvl 24 strikes anyone have any advice on what to do? Just hut level 1 vangaurd so still got a little bit to go to buy gear...i have a purple fusion rifle but that's it....haven't played crucible in awhile...
  6. The Destiny Thread (PS4 and Xbox One)

    Finally made it to level 24....what would you guys suggest I do now? I've been spamming strike list for the past week. Add me guys I have no friends on destiny at all so I'm kinda of stuck with strikes or crucible and I suck at pvp... Stonehill21 ps4
  7. The Destiny Thread (PS4 and Xbox One)

    Goonies thank you just set my fire team to public heading to the tower to invite some peiple to my group....will have to go through the trad later and add everyone....
  8. The Destiny Thread (PS4 and Xbox One)

    Just started playing. Haven't played pvp yet just lower levels how do you play coop? I login and I'm always just playing by myself. Also is there any point in playing pvp at lower level since my stats and gear all suck? Is there like a looking for group or anything like that for coop? I'm stonehill21 on ps4 if anyone wants to add me.
  9. The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    I will happily eat my crow! Great win! Friday night is gonna be insane.
  10. The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    I will happily eat my crow! Great win! Friday night is gonna be insane.
  11. The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    There is no way the wizards can win this game. The nba decided Sunday night that we are going back to dc 1-1.
  12. I've seen every episode of arrested development at least twice lol. But yeah I've heard good things about firefly and im pretty sure I saw it on sc fi browsing but didn't stop to watch it. ---------- Post added March-26th-2013 at 03:40 AM ---------- And I wasn't sure what you were going for there jumbo but I had to stop reading it after the first few sentences and thought, I'll just have to skip that one lol.
  13. Yes I've watched wilford although I'm not sure how many seasons there are bc I've only seen 1 on Netflix or Hulu. But you are right that show is right up my alley. Real funny show. What are the plans for wilford? Is there more then one series? When do they typically begin airing? ---------- Post added March-26th-2013 at 01:59 AM ---------- Has anyone caught House of Cards yet with Kevin spacey? It's Netflix first series produced only for Netflix subscribers. I've read great reviews on it. ---------- Post added March-26th-2013 at 02:00 AM ---------- I'm guessing its just another take on Sherlock Holmes?
  14. Ok started the walking dead. Def gonna check out game of thrones, southland and Sherlock. Lets see if any of these can beat out The Wire(1a) or Breaking Bad(1b) on my list. Thanks for the suggestions fellas.
  15. Yeah man I kept hearing about the wire so last year I went ahead and got the torrent for every season. I watched that show everyday after work and gym. Thats all i did for a couple weeks was work, gym, the wire lol. That show just sucked me in and wouldnt let me out. I rewatched the whole thing around Christmas.