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  1. Mueller seems interested in coordination of the timing of the Wikileaks email dump the day before the Dem convention. I guess it depends how much Devine knew about the source of the emails. Guessing he is one of the 5 witnesses that Mueller is seeking immunity for in the Manafort trial.
  2. I worry about the young Trump clones. Someone like Charlie Kirk isn't as charismatic as Trump but he's also young and doesn't look like dog****. And the message is the same. Twitter has made people like him famous. The barriers to entry for political power are falling apart - Twitter was huge for Ocasio-Cortez on the other side. It seems inevitable that there will be a young Trump clone who will basically be their version of Obama.
  3. Yep. And if a comment like that makes you sick or you're upset about the humiliation of the US in Helsinki, it's probably just your "Trump Derangement Syndrome" according to the GOP.
  4. Is Donald Trump a racist?

    Well let's see. His real estate company tried to avoid renting to blacks in the 70s. He took out an ad calling for the death penalty for the Central Park 5. Even after DNA evidence exonerated them he continued to say they were guilty. He's the most prominent Obama birther. He's called Mexican immigrants criminals and rapists. He thinks a case against his scam "university" is biased because the judge has Mexican heritage. Haitians have AIDS. Nigerians won't want to go back to their huts if they come to the US. A total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States. His treatment of Puerto Rico as compared to Houston. His embrace of white nationalism. Very fine people on both sides. Initial refusal to disavow David Duke. The retweeting of content from "Britain First." The pardon of fellow racist Joe Arpaio. Elizabeth "Pocahontas" Warren. And my personal favorite, "look at my African-American over here!" Obviously he is a racist.
  5. I would love for anyone who thinks Trump/Russia is bull**** to explain this. Give me one reason why it makes sense that Trump has been a dick to basically every other world leader except Putin.
  6. Game of Thrones Season 8

    Sansa accuses LF of betraying Ned, which is something she could not have known without Bran's help. Bran's actor confirmed that in the scene they chose not to include, Bran fills Sansa in on everything LF has done (other than the Lysa thing which Sansa saw herself).
  7. Game of Thrones Season 8

    The Winterfell plot was a mess. They chose not to include a scene explaining how Sansa knew about LF's betrayal of her father. Bran's actor: So choosing between nonsense option A, Sansa inexplicably figures out LF, and lame option B, a guy who can see everything that has ever happened tells her, they went with option A. At least option B could have been more interesting. In a world of magic you can't plan for everything. Littlefinger tries to manipulate Bran the same way he manipulated Robin Arryn. Flatter the child lord, give him a gift, get him on your side. The problem is Bran can essentially Google search all of history. LF gives Bran the dagger that he held up to Ned's throat in the throne room in S1. This causes Bran to look into LF's past (and he then repeats LF's line "chaos is a ladder" back to him, something it's seemingly impossible for Bran to know). If Bran's looking into the history of LF and the dagger he'd see LF betraying Ned in the throne room. So he was doomed by his own attempt to manipulate Bran and the hubris of continuing to carry that recognizable dagger (it's the same one that Sam sees in the book in the Citadel when he learns about dragonglass).
  8. It's a tough issue, made more difficult by Trump telling his cultists that the election would be rigged against him. I said Obama should have done more earlier, but what exactly? Nobody ever seems to say what exactly he should have done.
  9. Obama didn't do enough. We should probably blame the actual crooks for the crime though. Donald Trump and his campaign are under investigation for conspiracy to defraud the US. Maybe he's innocent. He sure as hell isn't acting like it.
  10. Donald Trump basically executed a hostile takeover of the GOP and these same cowards are doing everything they can to cover up his crimes. If Trump ****ed their wives they'd thank him.
  11. It seems like a lot of CC debt but a lot of people are financially illiterate. Not a fan of this article being written unless you're connecting his debt to some sort of tangible issue. This isn't Manafort's debt to Deripaska for example.
  12. Yeah I don't get that post either. Spend some time on Tumblr or lefty Twitter and you'll find plenty of obnoxious leftists who fit zoony's caricature. Fox News loves the segment where they send a dip**** like Jesse Watters to the NYU campus to find like, a pink haired transgender communist who identifies as a dinosaur. So yeah we can find these people and present them as proof that liberals are nuts but filming a 'mentally ill' racist as evidence we have a lot of racists is wrong?
  13. I saw Alex Jones was unhappy on Twitter. I guess Kavanaugh was part of the Vince Foster "coverup."
  14. lol. Trump picks someone less extreme on abortion so he can cover his own ass instead. About what you'd expect.
  15. No Democrat will be palatable to Republican voters. Kerry had three Purple Hearts and was smeared as a coward who lied about his military service. It doesn't matter that it was a lie because it never matters to Republicans. I think we tend to vote against the other party more than we vote for our own. And it's about the candidate's supporters, not the candidate himself (until the objectively despicable Trump changed the game). I had nothing against Mitt Romney personally but voted against the wealthy. People do have particular hatred for Hillary as well, but I think Trump supporters are happy to tell you that they really just ****ing hate leftists. Anti-PC was huge for Trump.