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  1. PF Chang

    Is a college degree really necessary?

    Agreed. Looking back I think my post was harsh, it's just I have a lot of friends who are struggling with debt. That being said it's hard to deny what No Excuses said about being left behind. I'm a CPA, a career that basically defines Boring But Comfortable and repayment still sucked for me. I could have chosen a much cheaper school but wanted to go with my friends and had the "it will all work out, whatever" mentality. You're probably ahead of the curve just by thinking about it, looking back I know my approach wasn't serious or smart.
  2. PF Chang

    Is a college degree really necessary?

    Just my experience/what I've observed of friends here: 1. Focus on the financial aspects. Student loans are destroying the financial futures of a ton of people before they're even old enough to rent a car. People do not understand compound interest and underestimate how much they spend on non-necessities. Basically I see too much reasoning like "oh this degree costs $200K and I'll make $50K gross, so I'll have this paid off in 4 years!" Not even close. 2. Colleges are businesses trying to sell you something. Treat them that way. I think people act like there's fiduciary responsibility here when there isn't - do independent research to verify how much you can expect to make with a given major. Basically, choose your major wisely. State U is happy to take your $100K in return for a communications degree that isn't worth $100K. I know too many people who have a ton of student debt but have ended up at jobs like Amazon anyway, where you don't need a degree. They don't make enough to afford $500/mo in student loans but would be fine if they didn't have that debt hanging over them. I think if you avoid that trap it will work out fine - as in, either be sure you're getting a marketable degree so you can afford the cost, or just don't go and be debt free.
  3. PF Chang

    Update: RIP John McCain

    Just want to point out that from what I've seen from internet leftists (actual leftists, not liberals), Benning's response is comparatively tame. Take a look at the responses to Ocasio-Cortez's tweet from the Chapo Trap House crowd. Disgusting, and probably not doing their movement any favors. Ocasio-Cortez isn't even in Congress yet and she's already not pure enough for the Leftier Than Thou crowd (because she acted like a decent human being with her condolences). There's nothing wrong with pointing out the flaws of a public figure, particularly one who has affected history like McCain. There are respectful ways and disrespectful ways of doing that. There's good and bad in everyone and even that distinction is often based on perspective. I think Benning's response is fine. McCain's final statement acknowledges his own imperfections. He wasn't just a knight in shining armor as one side likes or just an 'imperialist warmonger' for another crowd. For me the sum of the parts seems like someone worthy of the admiration, though sincerity in politics is almost impossible to determine. For more on that I highly recommend this piece on McCain's 2000 campaign:
  4. PF Chang

    The Michael Cohen/Trump SDNY Investigation Thread

    This is my favorite defense of Trump, whether it's Cohen, the Comey firing, etc: "It's OK because he's an idiot who doesn't know anything about anything."
  5. The Mueller investigation will probably cost about $20M by the time it's wrapped up, which has been a big problem for our fiscally conservative Trump cultists. I wonder if they'll have a problem with $90M for Dear Leader's parade?
  6. "I can’t wait until Smith goes like 15-for-32 with 130 yards passing for zero touchdowns and zero interceptions, yet the Skins still win 16-14. Then, and only then, will Bruce Allen and the fanbase scream: “Kurt wasn’t a winner! Now we’ve got one!” This is absolutely going to happen
  7. There have always been conspiracy theorists but I think we have more now. These ones are aligned with a political movement. A few days ago the leader of that movement said: "What you're seeing and what you're reading is not what's happening." A guy who believed stuff like this shot a gun in Comet Pizza. There are tangible effects now thanks to the internet. I don't know how anyone solves the problem but the last thing we need is the guy in the Oval Office amplifying it. WaPo covered the QAnon stuff today:
  8. I'm open to the idea that I'm wrong about things. My opinions have changed throughout the years. I've never believed anything as ridiculous as QAnon though and it's disturbing to me that a segment of the population is genuinely cultish and that it's being encouraged by the President. Again: does the QAnon stuff bother you?
  9. We should probably also thank Mr. President for the cult he has formed. Great showing last night in Tampa for QAnon. Really though, this doesn't bother people who like Trump or are indifferent to him? This isn't a collection of people who think the JFK assassination is strange, it's a cult of people brainwashed enough to believe total nonsense.
  10. Trump's despicable, and the lesser of two evils, but in the next paragraph you're repeating his dumb phrases. Drain the swamp, witch hunt, Democrat dossier. The Ax doth protest too bigly, methinks
  11. lol. Why do so many conservatives believe this? You all need the Billy Madison treatment, prove you can pass grades 1-12.
  12. Not sure but I think it's Rick Gates, the Manafort associate who seems to have flipped.
  13. Mueller seems interested in coordination of the timing of the Wikileaks email dump the day before the Dem convention. I guess it depends how much Devine knew about the source of the emails. Guessing he is one of the 5 witnesses that Mueller is seeking immunity for in the Manafort trial.
  14. I worry about the young Trump clones. Someone like Charlie Kirk isn't as charismatic as Trump but he's also young and doesn't look like dog****. And the message is the same. Twitter has made people like him famous. The barriers to entry for political power are falling apart - Twitter was huge for Ocasio-Cortez on the other side. It seems inevitable that there will be a young Trump clone who will basically be their version of Obama.
  15. Yep. And if a comment like that makes you sick or you're upset about the humiliation of the US in Helsinki, it's probably just your "Trump Derangement Syndrome" according to the GOP.