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  1. Better Call Saul - Season 4

    There are like four people at least that should win Emmys for this show.
  2. Random Thought Thread

    I mean I like them, they're good people, but it seems like the onus to make a big decision always falls on me. I don't mind to be honest, I'm kind of a control freak in that way, but I'm also a "my way or the highway" type guy. Like Denzel says in Remember the Titans: "This ain't a democracy. Its a dictatorship. I am the law."
  3. Any of ya'll ever get a hair transplant?

    I've embraced my baldness. Real men don't need no stinkin hair.
  4. Random Thought Thread

    I can't stand people who can't sack up and make a decision. They're the same ones who then lambast you when you make a decision they don't like.
  5. 2018 Washington Nationals - Weak Cheese

    Unless Baker had some voodoo magic that could prevent the injuries we've had, I don't see how much better he'd be doing, and people are forgetting how awful his playoff track record is/was.
  6. Is this the best Defensive Front we've had in years?

    I'd love for Payne/Allen/Ion/Settle to all grow and develop together and kind of become the new defensive version of the Hogs that our franchise can build off of for the next 5+ years. I'm tired of being pushed around up front. Lets stop the run and start beating people up at the line of scrimmage.
  7. If Nicholson can stay healthy I think the D will make a big leap this year. He's really the key because we don't have an NFL caliber FS on the roster besides him.
  8. Official 2018 Redskins Training Camp/Preseason Thread

    I'm fine with it. I like my guys having attitude and toughness. And Pryor is a B anyway.
  9. Official 2018 Redskins Training Camp/Preseason Thread

    So Allen is already a better PR man than Crowder?
  10. Is this the best Defensive Front we've had in years?

    We got consistent pressure but we lack guys with close out finishing speed. How many times were we thiiiiiis close to a sack only to let the QB slip away and then hit a pass 25+ yards downfield because our secondary can't cover? The entire tone of our season was set Week 1 when Kerrigan whiffed on Wentz who then hit that long TD pass on I believe the first drive of the game.
  11. Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    Today's NFL is more about retooling/reloading than rebuilding.
  12. All things Sports Talk Radio - DMV (met)

    I like Smoot but three hours seems like a lot for his first gig...
  13. 2018 Washington Nationals - Weak Cheese

    Soto has to win NL ROTY right?
  14. I'm just gunna name my 10 favorite, in no particular order because its hard enough to get 10... Alex Ovechkin Nick Backstrom Braden Holtby Tom Wilson Mike Green Jeff Halpern Peter Bondra Adam Oates Olie Kolzig Steve Konawalchuk
  15. Post-Curse D.C. Sports Thread

    That is a preseason/training camp injury. Every team suffers those every year. That isn't a "curse."
  16. Post-Curse D.C. Sports Thread

    Every team in the NFL loses players to injuries in preseason/training camp. That isn't a "curse." That's professional freaking football. The curse ended back in June. You may or may not be a Caps or Hockey fan, but its a fact. There can't be a DC SPORTS CURSE when we just won a major sports championship two months ago.
  17. Random Thought Thread

    I remember going to see George Lopez at MGM back in May. Normally parking is plentiful in the garage but on that day it was an absolute nightmare, took literally like 20 minutes to find a spot. I didn't have to pay, but still.
  18. Looks like it rained on the neo nazis parade. I feel so bad for them. Sooo bad. /sarcasm
  19. Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    Because none of the OL starters played. I'm not putting Smith out there behind a backup OL.
  20. Is it time to fire the training staff?

    I don't blame the staff for these ACL tears, that stuff happens all over the league, but I do believe other teams do a better job at being proactive and innovative in regards to injuries and overall player treatment.
  21. Yeah for real. He's like, what, our 6th WR? He had talent sure, but every team in the league has a Robert Davis on their roster at one position or another.
  22. Random Thought Thread

    Ate a lot last night. Was expensive, but well worth it. Sometimes you gotta live a little.
  23. Post-Curse D.C. Sports Thread

    He's like our 6th WR. Relax.
  24. Random Thought Thread

    Am I the only one that gets super paranoid about parking and is always doing research before going out to new places to see what parking is like?