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  1. The "Remember That Time..." Thread

    I remember hanging out in the parking lot before the game and meeting Joe Jacoby. He was just massive in person. Riding home on the metro after the game, and everyone had pieces of sod from the field.
  2. The "Remember That Time..." Thread

    I can't find a video (only ones that seem to show up are Frerotte head butt videos) but I remember being at the first game at JKC stadium against the Cardinals in 1997. Frerotte to Westbrook for 40 yards in overtime to win the game. I thought for sure that was going to be something special when I left that day. Story

    I saw the UDFA list in the other thread. That's why I was asking. I guess the UDFA thread was still just hearsay, not actual announcement of contracts. He most likely wasn't going to make the team, but I was hoping he got a shot at least.

    What Happened to TY McCulley from CSU-Pueblo? He was on the UDFA list but doesn't seem to be listed anywhere as being signed.
  5. 2018 UDFA Thread

    I graduated from CSU Pueblo, so I’ll be interested to see how Ty McCulley does. Can’t find any video of him, but he seems like fodder. CSU Pueblo has been one of the top teams in Division II for the past seven or eight years, and won a championship in 2014. So they have some talent. I guess we’ll see.
  6. Link I'll be glad to see him go. Dude has been a stud.
  7. Press Release: #REDSKINS ANNOUNCE 2018 SCHEDULE

    They're talking Super Bowl
  8. 3 of the best statistical seasons the team has had at qb. Three more years and he's probably the franchise's all time passing leader. I'm sad to see him go. I'll be optimistic about Alex Smith moving forward, but will probably always wonder what if on Cousins.
  9. Hey all. Several years ago I posted in here asking if anyone knew where I could see the Case for Art Monk video that was sent to the voters prior to Monk (finally) being elected into the HOF. I finally tracked down the guy who produced it, Thomas Kercheval. Turns out he had one of the DVDs left and he posted it to youtube. I don't know if Thomas is a member here, but if he is I'd like to publicly thank him for making the video in the first place, and for putting it back up so that we can see it again.
  10. A Dallas Fan's Loss Wife left with the dog At least Dak will bring a win My sorrow remains
  11. Six In A Row...Or We Blow??

    Boy, it sure would be nice to go for 6 in a row to start a season...
  12. Skins Giants Assessments

    The game recap on ESPN claimed that the reason they didn't get the 4th and 1 play off after the timeout was that one of the players had taken off his shoe. Go figure. It is agonizing to sit and watch game after game where these guys shoot themselves in the foot over and over again. My daughter was watching the game with me, and when I was upset with the way they were playing, she asked me why I was upset when the redskins were leading 10-3. Then almost immediately after the pick 6 happens, and I told her "This is why I can't be happy about any lead less than three touchdowns". They seemingly weekly find ways to keep the other team in the game. I'm willing to chalk this one up to a short week with injuries to recover from and a division rival as the reason why the team struggled so much. But I will tell you I was relieved when the last field goal was kicked to go up by 10. I had visions of a blocked fg for a touchdown or a miss followed by Eli making one perfect pass to tie it up followed by a complete collapse from the team. I hate not ever being able to sit back and enjoy a comfortable win. Just one time to finish out this season, I would like to not have a game get "interesting" with a lead.
  13. Saints vs. Redskins Post Game Assessments

    That, and the interception by Fuller that wasn't because of the illegal use of hands penalty. Game over if that int stands.
  14. Giants haven't been scoring much recently, and the Redskins are "due" for an easy win. It would be a nice ending to Thanksgiving to not have to be sweating out the final 5 minutes. Giants make quick drives at the end of each half, but only come away with field goals. Redskins finally take a lead and keep it. 21-13 Redskins.
  15. Saints vs. Redskins Post Game Assessments

    This was one thing I didn't get. The play before the intentional grounding, the receiver ran out of bounds, stopping the clock. If the intentional grounding stops the clock, with a 10 second runoff, why did the clock start up again too? I thought the clock didn't start until the snap...