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  1. KillBill26

    Tailgate and/or Get Together in Tampa?

    I'm going to play it by ear but I hope to pop in to Elmer's for the Redskins rally for a bit.
  2. KillBill26

    Tailgate and/or Get Together in Tampa?

    I'm heading to the game with a Bucs fan, and we are going to the what the buc tailgate before the game. Do you guys meet up to tailgate again after the game?
  3. KillBill26

    Redskins vs Buccaneers Prediction Thread: Is This The Countdown To Meltdown?

    I'm going to the game and will be at the what the buc tailgate, but I'd like to stop by the extremeskins to meet some of you guys. Do you know the location of the ES tailgate?
  4. KillBill26

    Redskins vs Buccaneers Prediction Thread: Is This The Countdown To Meltdown?

    Bucs 30 Skins 20 New offensive line makes life even more difficult for smith. Fitz burns skins defense for some big plays.
  5. KillBill26

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Falcons

    I couldn't believe how poorly the defense played. Seemed like a completely different team. I know Ryan is a good QB and he made some good throws, but we made that offense look way better than they should have. Missing their two guards, just like we will be, and our stud defensive line didn't make them pay. But I have a feeling Tampa's inferior defensive line will make us pay for injuries to starters. Penalties and refs kind of go hand and hand. You can call holding on every play in the NFL if you wanted to. The first half had so many ticky tack calls go against the Redskins it makes you wonder. I didn't think Alex smith played as terrible as some are saying. Early drops stalled some drives. He is definitely not playing well enough to overcome that type of adversity. He needs everyone else to do their job to be successful. And I feel the longer it takes the offense to get going, the bigger the gray cloud hanging over them will become, and with a lot of negativity surrounding the Redskins in general, the pressure only mounts and makes it harder to be successful. Now down to our jv line, it's gonna get even uglier. Also, the runs on first down over and over again kill me. I don't think it's just Alex, just jay, just the injuries, just the refs, just the lack of weapons in the passing game, but when you put it all together, we seem so far away from being successful on the offensive side of the ball that I don't see any chance we see a decent offense this year.
  6. KillBill26

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Falcons

    John McKay, coach of the early Bucs teams, said it best. When asked about his team's execution, McKay replied "I'm in favor of it."
  7. Atlanta has a rookie cornerback starting due to injury. Let's go Alex take advantage and get The Passing game going today.
  8. Even with Crowder, CT, and TW out, I'm hoping for our passing game to have a good day vs Atlantas weak pass defense. Hoping JR, PR, and JD step it up. Today is the day! I expect AP to eat as well. And looking forward to our nasty defense getting in Ryan's face all day. Make a play HHCD! I think it will be a battle but a very winnable game. Skins need to close the deal. Let's go skins!!!!
  9. I doubt he clears waivers, someone will take him. He could be used as a situational pass rusher, at a cost of about 4 million. I think quite a few teams would like to add him. Since we are picking towards the back end with a 5-2 record, the skins probably don't have a shot. But he would definitely have a role on this team.
  10. Bruce Irvin cut by the Raiders. His role has been reduced recently, but Gruden is quoted as saying it's due to not being a scheme fit in the 4-3 because he is an edge rusher, which is exactly what we could use right now. Carries about a 4 million dollar price tag the rest of this year and then a 9 million dollar hit for next year. But of course we could cut him at any point with no penalty. Might be worth the waiver claim, but who would get cut? the fact that the Raiders didn't want him doesn't mean anything to me, because I think Gruden is just absolutely ruining that team and chasing good players out of town. Considering his Super Bowl came due to Monte kiffin's defense, Jon Gruden may be the most overrated coach in history.
  11. KillBill26

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    A few of my thoughts regarding the 2019 draft as we stand today: - while I usually agree with the gmsm approach of adding draft picks, bc it increases your opportunities to add good players, I feel while that approach made sense when he was brought aboard, I hope we shift to a newer philosophy: packaging late round picks to move up in the midrounds. It seems there are always teams looking to trade back into the later rounds to add picks, like we were doing a few years back. But now that our depth has been filled with a lot of young talent, we will increasingly see young talent being squeezed out when cuts down to 53 occur. Think about all of our young depth added in recent years. I'd like to see us turn our 9 picks into 6 or 7 picks that are earlier in the draft to be able to select superior prospects as the number of holes we need to fill dwindles. - I hope we do not draft a QB this year unless a Finley or a Lock drop inexplicably by a round or two and it becomes a no brainier. With our commitment to AS over the next few years, I don't want a similar situation where a young QB isn't able to prove himself until the end of his rookie contract, then we are faced with the same tough situation: having a QBs rookie deal expire before they have had an opportunity to prove they can consistently succeed. Then you either overpay an unproven qb through a multi year deal or franchise tags, or let him walk. Lets not do that again. I think a QB of the future should be drafted in 2020 at the earliest, so the qb can take the reins for 2 or 3 years while still on his rookie deal. - while I do generally agree with drafting the best player available, I hope we do not draft one of the DL studs in the first this year. We have three excellent defensive lineman and I hope we are able to extend them all to a second contract, so I would hate to see our first-round pick this year be used for a rotational player during his time with the Redskins. Especially with so many other critical needs. - i hope we do not draft a wide receiver in the first. I feel aside from the no-brainer studs at the top of the draft in years past, the rest of the wide receivers are too much of a crapshoot. Especially when you see all the mid round picks that have been used on solid wide receivers in the past. I'd rather see the Redskins use a couple mid-round picks on wide receivers that they like, instead of spending their first on the flavor of the month type players. And we also have Cam Sims, simmie Cobbs, and Trey Quinn where we don't really know what they can bring to the table yet. - since we have four picks in the top 97, in a perfect world, we would pick where BPA meets need, and by the end of the third we have a pass-rusher, cornerback, left guard, and tight end. Rest of the picks could be used on a couple wide receivers that we like, line depth, and best player available.
  12. KillBill26

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I love the idea of Josh Allen on our defense as well. Seems like he could be everything we hoped Ryan Anderson would be, a versatile lb who can play multiple roles. Seems a little more athletic than RA which is essential to go in first round. Allen reminds me of Hassan riddick and Tremaine Edmunds, versatile lbs who get a lot of love during the draft process. And if he is seen in a similar vein, and the skins are picking at 20+, I don't see him being on the board when we pick. But as you mentioned, a lot of things can happen between then and now. Speaking of Reddick, he seems to be a misfit in the Cardinals new 4-3. Maybe we can get that type of lb with a later round draft pick and use our first to fill other needs. Or he may just be a bust. It's hard to tell with some guys labeled as versatile, sometimes it means they can't do any one thing very well and they don't make it in the league. I'm just hoping RA finishes the year strong so we know he is not one of those guys.
  13. KillBill26

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I was just looking at a mock draft from sporting news and they had Ben powers, og from Oklahoma, going 10th overall. First time I have seen him in the first round. I've seen other mocks have Oklahoma's Cody Ford going in the late first as a projected guard in the NFL. I'm happy to see another potential solid guard to choose from, as I have seen many names out there going in first couple rounds: Jonah Williams - Alabama ( I know he will be drafted as a left tackle, but I would love to get him at guard for a year or two then have him slide over as Trent's heir apparent. Dalton risner - kansas st - versatile OL Cody ford - Oklahoma Michael deiter - Wisconsin Chris Lindstrom - Boston college Michael Jordan - Ohio St. Can also play center Eric McCoy - Texas a&m can also play center Derwin gray - Maryland Lukayas McNeil - Louisville Daryl Williams - miss st can also play center Max sharping - northern Illinois can also play tackle Ross pierschbacher - Alabama can also play center Beau benzschawel - wisconsin That's thirteen guards that could be drafted in top 3 rounds. Which means we could probably have a choice of a few very capable guards with one our third rounders, even if there was an early run on interior oline like there was in 2018. We could olb, wr or cb needs with higher picks. For those of you who are more knowledgeable about this stuff than i, any of these names stand out to you? What about the guard draft class in general?
  14. KillBill26

    2018 Season Injury News

    That TW injury hurts. Nsekhe has done well replacing him before, so I hope he is ready. And let's pray for his and Moses health, bc Christian in the game scares me. It's a bummer about CT and JC missing the ATL game, but if they are not close to 100%, I agree with the decision to sit them. As someone mentioned, having these guys healthy for the stretch run vs division opponents while essentially shortening their season is a good thing. We need to take 2 out of next 3, or else we run the risk of being 6-4 at best going into Dallas on Turkey day where we've rarely had success. And at that point, any advantage we had in the division is flushed down the toilet.
  15. KillBill26

    Redskins to sign Adrian Peterson per

    I would absolutely bring AP back if the price isn't too steep. And I wouldn't really change his role for next year. If it ain't broke don't fix it, but also given guice is coming off an acl and would still have two more years under contract after next. We would still have plenty of time to see what we have in guice before he earns that second contract, and if we can save him some wear and tear while he looks up to a legend to learn how to prepare, seems like a no brainier. It's all about price tag and signability. And if the skins finish strong and Peterson feels we can make a title run next year, maybe we won't have to blow him out of the water with a multi year big money deal to get him back