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  1. Yeah as it may had been due to the Vietnam War and in the Woodstock and partly the Civil Rights era that caused this. So I can see why. Yes Baby Boomers may regret it. And sadly they passed it to Generation X,Y, Z, and the Millennials!
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    Thank you as always. So so inspirational and Christ like!
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  5. Random Thought Thread

    As really Australian vs American outdoors men as they are different, not the same.
  6. Press Release: #REDSKINS ANNOUNCE 2018 SCHEDULE

    Yeah as really think that hopefully the new schedule and having a new QB under center will help the Skins in surprising people.
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    Very lovely pictures there. As you are thinking about Hap Haszards there. He will be there in heart and spirit no matter where you go.
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    That made me LOL over on it!
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    Yeah but it seems that Ezra could show up in the movies. As you never know!
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    Villanova is the team to beat there!
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