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  1. Solar Eclipse is Here!

  2. Yeah as really Sheriff Joe thinks he is above the law. Sad but true. Used to be an DEA agent!
  3. Yeah I got an apartment and that of a car. So I am happy! Do not need drugs.
  4. Never have nor never will so there!
  5. Hot One in the City!

  6. August is Here!

  7. Eleven days on the job. And that is the shortest for a Presidential head honcho!
  8. Good luck in training camp Skins!

  9. Seems to be a hero. As really think that he opened the doors for his kind. May he RIP. Such a great newsman and a great class act all around.
  10. Summertime Blues!

  11. It is not just causing controversy that over in the USA but of Australia. Where the latter country has strict and tightened gun laws there.
  12. Despicable Me 8/10 Good and cute movie not as good as the original though The House 5/10 very few laughs despite Will and Amy.
  13. How about that of in the Netflix shows? Those are the best!
  14. Not the first person nor will be the last person to do that at Fox!
  15. Happy July 4th!