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  1. Random Thought Thread

    Just hope that the Christmas party was really a fun one there.
  2. Random Thought Thread

    A orge who is greedy and green I guess!
  3. Random Thought Thread

    That is very pretty over up on that picture there. Love that pic!
  4. Ready for December!

  5. Random Thought Thread

    Hey at least he came off nice. Just hope he is not a pedophile. Or that the kids get that feeling over on it.
  6. Ready for December!

  7. Random Thought Thread

    SP Junkies BTW love your James Cagney avatars a the bottom!
  8. Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. Can't wait for Thanksgiving!

  10. Random Thought Thread

    Don't think we need to know all the juicy details for those to see LOL!
  11. Ready for November to Remember!

  12. U.S. Congress Part 115 (GOP still rules the roost - barely)

    GOP is making themselves look pretty badly these days no thanks to Trump!
  13. Ready for Turkey!

  14. People think All Lives Do Not Matter. As sad but true!