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  1. Yeah as the government is scared of these bullies!
  2. Halloween is Coming!

  3. Well the rest of us can do that. But when you are working in the nation's capital. It sadly seems the rules apply to everybody except them. So yes they use cursing.
  4. Ready for October Skies!

  5. Yeah but what happens if she is a no show?! Or they do it behind closed doors.
  6. Ready for the Autumn!

  7. Jones and his network on Twitter just got banned for life. And meaning he can't do things under a new name or what have you.
  8. Ready for September!

  9. Passepartout

    Update: RIP John McCain

    He is a hero. Fought for his country. Was a POW. Then a Senator and in the Presidential candidate. Having a father and uncle in the military. He is the true American hero. RIP!
  10. Labor Day 2018!

  11. Passepartout

    Scandrick Cut

    Good luck to Scandrick but it is a business. Where that anybody can take your job. At any day and time. Expect the unexpected.
  12. Happy Back to School!

  13. Ready for August!

  14. I am a Generation X person but have the heart and mind of a baby boomer.
  15. Passepartout

    General Mass Shooting Thread (originally Las Vegas Strip)

    Makes you want to knock someone like this out with smiling like this!