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  1. To continue with the older thread about Allen "muzzling" Scot here, since A) the last thread was created by an Eagles fan, and 2) the story has spread much much farther than Scot not talking to the media. Some tweets I on the subject, just to get the ball rolling again: SmootPoint‏ @srenalds 2 years ago, I was ready for the @Redskins to purge everyone & let Scot McCloughan rebuild from scratch. Today, I feel the same. FireScotMcCloughan‏ @TheTLaz Scot McCloughan has a ton of personal issues. Snyder, Allen, Gruden nor Williams have ANYTHING to do with that. But keep deflecting blame KCM Sports‏ @KCMSports Rumor: Scot McCloughan, #Redskins ‘headed to a divorce’ after #NFL Draft -
  2. Also good video on 10 third-day picks who can make an immediate impact 2. Samaje Perine, running back, Washington Redskins (Oklahoma) With Matt Jones on the trading block, Perine can come in and be the second of two formidable big boys in Washington's backfield. While he is shorter than 2016 leading-rusher Robert Kelley, scouting reports, like the one acquired by the great Bob McGinn at the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, suggest Perine seems to carry himself heavy on the field. After nearly scoring 50 touchdowns during his time with the Sooners (with Joe Mixon on the roster) it might just be time for Perine to shine on his own again. The scouting report referred to above: 6. SAMAJE PERINE, Oklahoma (5-10 ½, 232, 4.61, 2-3): Third-year junior broke Billy Sims’ career rushing record. “He’s built like a brick (expletive),” said one scout. “He is an awesome kid. Awesome. Built low to the ground. He’ll be able to absorb punishment and be durable compared to some of these high-cut backs that run fast. They get a couple shots to their legs and they’re done. There’s questions about him as a third-down back, but if you want a big back he can be a workhorse for you.” Easily paced all RBs on the bench press with 30 reps. “He’s a big guy with really nice feet that has enough size to run tough inside but has enough quickness and lateral agility to bounce it outside,” another scout said. “Everybody loves this kid.” Finished with 685 carries for 4,122 (6.0) and 49 TDs to go with 40 receptions for 321. “He’s just kind of this plodder,” said a third scout. “He’s Eddie Lacy but not as explosive. He doesn’t run through you. Eddie had great feet for a big man. He doesn’t quite have that. Good in pass pro but isn’t a threat out of the backfield.” From Pflugerville, Texas.
  3. Saw this on CowboysZone: "let me say this about the Redskins drafting Samaje Perine from Oklahoma. That boy is a beast and a baller. I've seen him break a run and outrun the defenders, even though he was limping on a bad ankle. And trying to bring him down one on one is almost impossible. Trust me, I'm not excited about Dallas having to play against him twice a year. As much as I love and respect Sean Lee, he'd best get his big boy pants on if he meets Perine head on. That's going to be a major collision."
  4. Brewer's on the side of "Both" lol... "McCloughan was still going to have a major influence on Washington’s decisions this offseason because he spent months leading the development of this plan. And for all the horror stories about owner Daniel Snyder and team president Bruce Allen, there are still plenty of quality, under-the-radar folks contributing in the football operations department, and they relished the opportunity to show just how much of a group effort Washington’s strategic transformation has been the past few years. This offseason is evidence that Washington has a solid core of lieutenants: Scott Campbell, the director of college scouting; Alex Santos, the director of pro personnel; Doug Williams, the senior personnel executive; and Eric Schaffer, the vice president of football administration and general counsel. And then there’s the team of the scouts. They executed and enhanced the vision of Coach Jay Gruden. In addition, Allen ran the whole show well. He is easy to criticize for his many mistakes, and his power struggle with McCloughan contributed to ruining a good thing, but after the fiasco, Allen stepped up, trusted his people, and Washington’s methodical, incremental team-building approach remains intact and effective."
  5. Throw in Ryan Grant... Jets WR Devin Smith out for season with torn ACL
  6. Get Sheldon, sign Kirk long term. Drop the mic.
  7. The start of Brewer's WP article is pretty good lol... "For a team without a general manager — a team that fired its well-respected personnel guru at the worst time and in the worst way — the Washington Redskins sure have had a stable offseason. The heavy lifting is over now, at least in terms of acquiring new talent, and the supposed Most Dysfunctional Franchise Ever just followed a solid and logical free agency period with a solid and logical NFL draft. Someone should probably turn off the alarm that has been blaring for the past two months. Consider me crazy, naive or allergic to extreme pessimism, but I’m not so certain anymore that the March firing of Scot McCloughan is an automatic trigger for Washington to revert immediately to misery. " (link is in the Bubba's Breaking News forum)
  8. Do we have a UDFA thread yet?... Um...I would care.
  9. It is in a triangle lol...
  10. There needs to be a "Both" option.
  11. You kidding me?...Most of us would have been drafting our favorite players from our alma mater lol...undrafted FAs who shine in preseason against 12th round fodder would have made the team because "if we are stupid enough to put (fill in the blank) on the practice squad they will be snatched up immediately"...Our scouting department would consist of a room full of computer monitors and youtube highlight videos on each one...when discussing draft possibilities all anyone would have to say is "meh" and he'd be off our board...
  12. I'm trying to figure out, was this kid THAT high on their board?...Were they really feeling he wouldn't last into the 5th round or something? I can understand drafting him--if you can coach him up sufficiently enough he could become a surprise. But I can't understand drafting him there.
  13. Found this blurb about him: "Big and beautiful with no impact on the game whatsoever. He just doesn't have the aggressiveness you need to play this game on this level." -- AFC national scout
  14. First underwhelming "Why?" pick the Redskins have had, and unfortunately it's in the 4th round...seems like could have done MUCH better at that spot.
  15. I was under the assumption that the OLine was also creating holes that our RBs weren't exploiting?
  16. I'd be all on board with either Mack or Perine...not sure what to make of Brantley.
  17. Or a character from a romance novel....
  18. Are Jessica McCloughan's tweets meant to be the voice of Scot? lol...