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  1. Nah, not reaching that same conclusion right now...mainly because of Kyle Smith. If he does ascend to the GM position, there's gonna be very little for Bruce Allen to call his own. Right now I can see the possible roles and responsibilities in the upcoming few years for pretty much everyone in the front office and among the scouting department...except for Allen. I'm not sure exactly what would be waiting for him with the Redskins a year or two down the road. Plus I highly doubt Snyder went out and snatched the NFL's senior VP of club business development just to give Bruce more time to watch game film lol...
  2. The new stadium deal was perceived to be Allen's ultimate worth to Snyder and the Redskins... Cooley speculates/"speculates" (wink wink) that the new stadium details will be known by next year... Kyle Smith is being lauded as someone they must keep in the FO and could be a good candidate for Skins' GM, but it needs to happen soon... Snyder goes out and hires this guy, with his type of experience, who will report directly to him... A billion rumors about Allen rejoining the Raiders in Las Vegas... There's a lot "there".
  3. I'm not gonna say that....yet...but it seems some of the fog is clearing a bit.
  4. To quote you lol..."seems the FO is evolving right now"...
  5. Um.... I think a LOT of people here on ES are gonna be extremely happy a year from now lol...
  6. Welcome to the Washington Redskins Trey Quinn WR SMU

    1) He's white 2) We're all racists
  7. Per PFT: Scott Campbell Out as Senior Personnel Executive

    yeah, it was during one of our migraine-inducing debates lol...and my point was about how we as fans here on ES react, not about who's to blame for us deciding to act the way we did/do. Would be just as easy to blame Shanahan for his rep and our perception of him like we blame Allen for his, and would be just as easy to blame local media for our seriously negative perception of Allen--they went full force into the "egotistical, jealous wannabe who will use Scot's past drinking issues to kick a great man out of Redskins Park because he coudn't handle not getting the credit" narrative. But none of that excuses any of our actions.
  8. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    In terms of the draft and trading players, relationships definitely play a significant role in how successful any front office ends up being. As you said, Williams undoubtedly has some good, strong relationships with many around the league, even if they aren't all in positions of power (I imagine most SB-winning QBs have relationships like that they can draw on when needed). And it's been said in the past that Allen also has a lot of good, strong relationships around the league but that may be more with owners than with other FO executives. Agents may not trust him (now, anyway), but he's had a good rep and good relationships with other NFL execs for most of his time in the league. I wonder if Scot had/has good, strong relationships with any other FO execs around the league, or if his talent evaluation is the extent of what he brings to the table. He's been on several successful teams so you'd imagine he does. Vinny, on the other hand, had abso-stinkin-lutely NO worthwhile relationships around the league to draw on lol...we got taken to the cleaners a lot under his leadership.
  9. 2018 UDFA Thread

    At least he retired one week into the offseason instead of one week before the season started.
  10. Per PFT: Scott Campbell Out as Senior Personnel Executive

    Re: @HardcoreZorn's overall point (which I tend to agree with), I mentioned awhile ago that, if you have people regularly giving the disclaimer "I don't want to sound like I'm supporting Bruce Allen, I think he's a terrible GM and needs to go, but.." before acknowledging that a move the team made looks like a good one, that's not a good sign. It most likely means that there are some here who would rather keep quiet out of fear of being someone who comes across--or is labeled--as an Allen supporter. "It's scary how obsessive compulsive about it some still are. And God help anyone who says anything even remotely complimentary about the man without qualifying it a hundred times by referencing his overall evil nature. They will be dealt with! I get it, he plays an important role in your world view when it comes to the Redskins and if he's not who you think he is, so much of it comes crumbling down. But it's okay if others don't share this narrative. Let it go, just a little bit. It's unhealthy. You can't guide everyone to the truth of his overwhelming villainy. Some are not meant to be saved." TSO said that above several years back, only it was about Shanahan...I think his basic message can be applied to some here as well. And for the record, I don't think SIP or TSO fit the above description at all...but yeah, there are some others who definitely do lol...and the echo chamber effect on Allen starts to change the environment of the threads sometimes.
  11. Per PFT: Scott Campbell Out as Senior Personnel Executive

    ...Touche' lol
  12. Per PFT: Scott Campbell Out as Senior Personnel Executive

    Not sure if anyone else has mentioned it, but Morocco Brown says "Hi".
  13. Exactly lol...some writers commented on how the Skins' cheerleaders became more sexualized after Snyder bought the team, though. It could that he saw how the Cowboys cheerleaders became a brand unto themselves and most likely brought in noticeable extra income for the team so he tried mimicking what they were doing, or it could be he didn't give any directives but gave implied approval of the moves by not saying "Nope, don't do that." And I remember when an article came out that the Skins' cheerleaders were considered a major distraction to opposing players and were ranked the best in the league...almost everyone here at the time was proud and saying "America! **** yeah!" (or something like that lol)...there were mentions around here (and even in some articles) of the cheerleaders from The Replacements and it was said as a good thing. I'm not sure if too many from back then are posting on this thread, though...or even still on the site.
  14. Yep, the league definitely already knew how cheerleaders were seen and treated by pretty much every franchise...maybe not having women from each team feeling "pimped out" per se, but the conditions and environment cheerleaders work in leading to that feeling exists league-wide. I mean, women all over the league talk about being touched inappropriately and groped by fans, yet the Costa Rica trip apparently involved no touching of any type as far as I remember. So to me anyway, the issue is less about what happened, and more about working environments and what could possibly happen. And that is definitely not exclusive to the Redskins.
  15. There have been a few who have said the cheerleaders became more sexualized under Snyder, and if it came out that it was under Snyder's directive to knowingly send the sponsors to a photoshoot where there would be toplessness and that he encourages making the cheerleaders available to big spenders on the team, it has the possibility of getting ugly for him even though it's not likely, as you were saying.
  16. Agree except for one aspect: if this somehow turns out really bad, it has the possibility of leading to a change of ownership and/or team president. The name issue wasn't going to have that effect. But topics like this and the name issue due end up being rather political in one form or another, which fits in Tailgate.
  17. delete me

  18. You just described all of sports there. Waiting for the next shoe to drop or for the whole thing to fizzle out while the Skins put together a response from their investigation that will be automatically laughed off and dismissed no matter what it says, and in all honestly will probably deserve it lol...
  19. Oh, don't get me wrong, I agree with you here and above lol...I was just answering the other guy's question. Plus, Perine and kelly's ypa average included their best runs and are still lower than Thompsons lol...
  20. If the story had been written more as individual perception instead of as representative experience it could have still driven home the same important points, and we would have all stopped typing in this thread long ago lol...
  21. Without his 61-yd TD off a draw, Thompson averaged 3.7 ypa.
  22. 1) Which story are you asking about? 2) I keep siting "this one article from years ago" because it was posted in the thread--plus, the nail salon story is more recent than the Costa Rica trip: Nail salon story-2015. Costa Rica trip-2013. Besides, I didn't realize there was a 2-year statute of limitations on examples of how the NYT may have published less than accurate pieces. But it's a very good example of how a respected publication can put out an article full of inaccuracies yet still have it be taken at face value as undeniable truth, to the point that it changes actual law. That in and of itself should scare the ever-loving **** out of everyone on this site. And it shouldn't require any explanation as to why. The NYT did attempt a rebuttal of those criticisms of the article, but were nowhere near as convincing as the guy who criticized it, and even misstated (or ignored completely) the meat of some of the criticisms. In fact, one of the NYT responses actually helped prove one part of the criticism was indeed true lol... 3) I wish more people on this thread could comprehend that, for many of us, it has nothing whatsoever to do with wanting this story to be true or not true. We want the story to be accurate. We want the instances and experiences to include far more facts. We want much better context (that whole passport thing had ZERO context). I'm guessing, though, that it could also be said that there are some on this thread who actually want the story to be true. Why else would anyone have such a strong reaction to hearing all sides in this?