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  1. The Blackcoat's Daughter Atmospheric as hell. There's a palpable sense of unease from the first frame to the final one. Acting is solid pretty much across the board, with Shipka the most impressive. If you're someone who craves jump scares and a brisk pace in your horror movies, you may not get too into this movie. It's a bit more deliberate and has some mysteries and twists that need to be figured out. It's also a movie that you'll be thinking about the rest of the weekend. I give it a B+.
  2. If you're feeling generous, sure lol...
  3. Of which there are, what...nine? lol
  4. To continue with the older thread about Allen "muzzling" Scot here, since A) the last thread was created by an Eagles fan, and 2) the story has spread much much farther than Scot not talking to the media. Some tweets I on the subject, just to get the ball rolling again: SmootPoint‏ @srenalds 2 years ago, I was ready for the @Redskins to purge everyone & let Scot McCloughan rebuild from scratch. Today, I feel the same. FireScotMcCloughan‏ @TheTLaz Scot McCloughan has a ton of personal issues. Snyder, Allen, Gruden nor Williams have ANYTHING to do with that. But keep deflecting blame KCM Sports‏ @KCMSports Rumor: Scot McCloughan, #Redskins ‘headed to a divorce’ after #NFL Draft -
  5. Gordon would have to be reinstated first, right?...And the Browns would have to release him as well? Or trade him, I guess?...Seems like too many qualifiers to be a real possibility. Maybe the Browns trade him for a conditional 6th round pick in 2018 or something...
  6. We should replace "Allen" with "The cap", because the cap always--and has always--****ed with every GM's personnel and roster decisions. The cap will never let a GM construct their roster however they want.
  7. Silly me...I thought the "Dan hates to trade down" part would make people here feel a little better. From that part it's clear that Allen was saying Snyder is NOT part of the drafting decision making process: "Interesting that when talking about having 10 picks he said "Dan hates to trade down". He said he gets geared up to see who we get and then has to wait again." Um...if Snyder is helping call the shots, why would he have to see who we pick when we're on the clock? He would already know. Allen's comments make it sound like Snyder watches the draft just like the rest of us fans...not like he's making decisions.
  8. Do we have a second 4th rounder this year?...Was that one of the additional picks we gained from last year's draft trades? I'm too lazy to look it up lol...
  9. It was never 'well reported" lol...come on, now. What WAS "well reported" was that Snyder wanted to hire both Bobby Beathard and Bruce Allen at the time to be the GM, that he was also negotiating with Marty to stay on as head coach but to concede control to the new GM, and that Beathard under no circumstances would agree to work with Marty as head coach.
  10. Ah, the ol' "Snyder wanted to play with his toy again" explanation lol...haven't heard that one in about 10 years. I don't know what it takes to hang on to this type of reasoning for so long, but kudos, sir.
  11. Two Teams Interested In Trading For Sheldon Richardson, Unlikely To Offer More Than 4th-Rd Pick Jason Cole of B/R spoke to two teams who indicated that they’re interested in trading for Jets DL Sheldon Richardson, but neither would offer very much for him at this point in time. According to Cole, the executives both said they would be willing to part with a fourth-round pick for Richardson. Although, the executives did say they would consider a conditional 2018 pick instead that could end up being higher based on his play and whether they’re able to sign him to a long-term contract. Unfortunately, Cole doesn’t offer any specifics regarding which teams are interested in a trade for Richardson. ************* anyone think we might be one of the two teams? (If there really are two teams, that is...I still don't trust Cole for anything)
  12. After everything Cousins said in his radio interview almost no one is saying or believing that he won't sign a LTD if Bruce is still in charge. I mean, think about it: If he didn't ask for a trade AND will not sign a LTD if Allen is in charge, why even go talk to them? lol... Kirk basically said he wanted clarification on what the Skins' plans were for him--and after all the drama-filled speculation masquerading as "source"-based fact in the media, I don't blame him.
  13. Yep, can't disagree with any of that. Defense still needs serious upgrading...can't imagine it will all come from the draft and don't see anyone taking any kind of huge step up this season among the players we do have right now.
  14. Harris is supposed to have the best hands on the team per twitting..tweeter...uh, tweetering...per that one guy on twitter. JP Finlay‏Verified account @JPFinlayCSN JP Finlay Retweeted Brandon Russell Good point. Heard from more than 1 player that Mo has best hands on the team
  15. yeah, can't have Crowder as the veteran, no matter how much of a stud I think he is. This is actually a very young WR corp so far, with Quick being the oldest of the group. Do the Cowboys have any CBs left on their roster? lol...
  16. What gets me is when people say "He had the team going in the right direction!"...Um, hello...he had the team as the 2nd worst offense in the last 47 years of the NFL lol...there is almost literally nowhere else to go but up. And if everything Art said is true, Marty had less to do with the wins than we thought. Plus, Marty was almost fired in San Diego as well 2003 they were 2-10 after 12 games. Actually, the whole A. J. Smith/Schotty in San Diego story has some parallels with Gruden, Allen and Scot, I think...
  17. I never get the position that it's ok to let a strength of the team get weaker when you have the opportunity to keep it a strength (and even make it stronger). As of right now Quick could be argued to be a better WR than all on the Skins' roster except Crowder and Pryor. If Doctson comes thru, then yes, give me Pryor, Doctson, Crowder, Quick and Harris as my top 5 every single day of the week. Besides, I doubt anyone at Redskins Park was saying "Ok, guys...we can either sign a WR or sign a DL. Which should we sign?"
  18. It is, but he makes for an easy target right now. Lazy writers will churn out negative articles on the man with a thimble's-worth of analysis.
  19. You aren't the only one around here lol...there have been a number of us who feel Marty's time here has grown to urban myth levels in terms of competence and direction of the team. Marty's issues from the first days of OTAs until his firing were well known at the time but have been overlooked/ignored in the 15 years since. Just a reminder: since 1970 there have been a total of 1381 teams that have played in the NFL (47 seasons worth of teams, I think). In terms of least amount of points scored in the first 5 weeks of a season, do you know where Marty's 2001 Redskins offense ranks? 2nd. Out of 1381 possible teams, it was the 2nd worst offensive production over the first 5 weeks of any season. Only the expansion Tampa Bay offense of 1976 was worse. And you're right in that Marty didn't/doesn't hate Snyder in the least. Spoke very highly of him even after the firing. Who he hated was Vinny, and with a passion. But Snyder jettisoned Vinny in favor of Marty, and he's on record as saying Snyder will go out of his way to give you what you feel is needed as a coach to win and that he's a good owner to work for. But as many have said over the years, I think that mostly holds true for coaches he already has respect for (even Shanahan doesn't bash Snyder outside of not liking his relationship with Griffin). For guys like Norv, Spurrier and Zorn, they have to do a ****load to earn it. One reason I think Gruden is still here is because Allen runs things FAR more than Snyder does, even through proxy. Snyder's respect is more limited to wins than anything direct--I'm guessing that Gruden has never had any meetings with Snyder to explain the week's game plan like Zorn used to do...Allen would have stepped in if that started to happen.
  20. How does this make any sense whatsoever in your mind? Or in anyone else's mind if you agree with that statement? As long as Cousins is out-performing Griffin by a sizeable amount--and he obviously is--he proves "Shanny right about the QB". It doesn't matter if Cousins plays well while on the Redskins roster, while off the Redskins roster, while playing for another team, while under the franchise tag, or while under a long term deal. In fact, the "Shanny was right" bandwagon left the station at the end of the 2015 season. It is literally impossible for Snyder to do anything to keep Shanahan from appearing right about Cousins. So why would he--or anyone--think not extending Cousins has anything to do with Snyder wanting to save face?
  21. Annnnd here's where I step in lol... - "It's not about whether Kirk would've accepted (an extension) or not." Actually, yes it is. Because all "this" is about a multitude of things, one of which is the fallacy that "We would have had Cousins locked in right now for $12 mil if we had listened to Scot!!". That statement (and dozens of versions of it) has been bleated out on this thread and in general when discussing Cousins' current LTD situation. So whether or not Cousins signing back then was even possible on a minuscule level is definitely in play and should not be dismissed as irrelevant. - "Dan and Allen had just hired this guy about 8 months before to do THIS SPECIFIC JOB. That's his title." True, but "this guy" was apparently not a believer in Cousins through training camp according to both Keim and Russell. So if "this guy" goes from "I don't believe in him" to "let's extend him" in a matter of a week or so, it should bring at least 2 questions to mind in both Bruce and Dan: 1) Why extend someone you were just doubting, and 2) why should we just rubber stamp this turnaround in your thinking without having you convince us first? Afterall, Cousins was already on the team, it wasn't like he was a free agent that they were saying "no" to. So he was already part of the roster Scot M was in charge of creating. Saying "He's on the roster, let's wait" is NOT the same as "Sorry, you can't have this player on the roster at all". Plus, I'm pretty sure Allen and Schaeffer were not beholden to get the exact roster Scot wanted, no matter what. What if Scot wanted to sign a bunch of high-priced free agents that would have put the team over the cap? Who makes the decisions then? And before you or anyone else says it, I know that would be severely unlikely. But that's not my point. My point is that there was a system of checks and balances at was never write-a-blank-check-for-whatever-Scot-wants. And I'm sure Scot understood this to a good degree. It's why he had to "stand on the table" about drafting Crowder...if Scot is the roster dictator, he wouldn't have given two ****s about anyone else's views. "We're drafting Crowder, period". But it doesn't do any good to draft players that the coach rarely lets on the field...and Gruden was in charge of that. It doesn't help to want veteran players the team can't afford...and Allen was in charge of that. My view--which I still hold--is if anyone, anywhere, reads anything concerning what has transpired over the last 2 years and convinces themselves that they know all they need to know to reach any conclusions in all of this about Scot, Allen or Snyder, they're being naive. I guarantee you something else will surface in a few weeks, then in a few months, then sometime next year...and if we aren't anchored in on our positions we won't have too much of a need to reach any conclusions right now about any of the men. And we'll be OK with that. Sure, we can use our intellect to figure if one things seems more likely than some other thing, but never lose sight of the fact that we still don't know enough. There's some saying that goes something like "Intelligence is the ability to see things from a multitude of perspectives". There are always perspectives that makes things appear different than they first appear. We lose nothing by trying to find them.
  22. lol...Technically you're right. But I think he meant that if McC had prevailed at being allowed to TRY and sign Cousins to an extension...not that if he had prevailed at actually signing him. He could have written that part better.
  23. Finally someone applies logic lol...From Tandler: 3. I get that everyone is mad because Scot McCloughan wanted to sign Kirk Cousins to a contract extension in 2015 after Cousins was named the starter and Bruce Allen didn’t want to do it. But how realistic is it to think that they could have come to an agreement on a long-term contract at that time? Would they base the value on his 2014 starts, when he was turnover prone and eventually benched and demoted to third string? Or after, say, Week 6 when he was sitting there with six TD’s and eight interceptions and a passer rating of 77.4? There were talks during the bye week after the “you like that!” comeback over the Bucs but nothing materialized. And according to the Breer article by the time December came around the Cousins camp wanted to wait until 2016 to talk. So they essentially had a window between the bye week and December to get a deal done. The Redskins went 2-2 in that stretch with blowout losses against the Patriots and Panthers. While you couldn’t necessarily blame either loss on Cousins, they weren’t the kinds of performances that made you want to throw a bunch of money at him, either. If someone can tell me when there was an opportunity there to come up with a contract that offer that would have been either so high as to look like a vast overpay for the team or a big-time lowball from Cousins’ perspective, I’m all ears. The timing just wasn’t right. This doesn’t mean that disagreement over how it should be handled was a good thing and it shows that McCloughan's instincts were right. According to Breer it was the nexus of things falling apart in Ashburn. But thinking that Cousins would be signed for a few more years now if McCloughan had prevailed in 2015 doesn’t really add up.