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  1. You realize both have been saying basically the same thing, right?
  2. If this is what Schefter is saying today, this hasn't changed from what he was saying three weeks ago: "An improved tone between the two sides, but a long-term deal still is considered a long shot" Compare that to what he says about Johnson: "Nothing close and no long-term deal will get done, per source"
  3. Hey, when Sheehan quadruples his percentage to 40%, I don't care if he still sticks to ranting about how the Redskins screwed this up lol...after Kirk came out back in May (I think) and told all that positive, glowing stuff about him and the Redskins, Sheehan didn't budge his percentage even one percent...said none of that mattered, kinda ridiculed those who felt it should have. So him jumping up to 40% while also hearing all sorts of stuff behind the scenes gets more weight in my mind. If what he's hearing doesn't quite jive with whatever Schefter said today, he'll mention that and tends to stick with what he's heard (my assumption is that, in that scenario, he tries to verify what Schefter says on his own with his own contacts and sources first).
  4. Since I can't think of one thing that would cause Kirk to feel some deep level resentment towards the Redskins I'm having a hard time buying into Russini's tweets (along with them not making much sense lol)...I think it was last week that some reporter said Cousins wanted more say so in on-field personnel decisions or something along those he doesn't want to be here at all and there's no price he could be paid that would make him happy to stay? I don't think for a moment that Russini makes **** up, but I also don't trust her sports reporter instincts very much...and her getting basic factual stuff wrong constantly doesn't help foster that trust, either. If I were a reporter, I keep thinking I wouldn't be trusting too many of my "sources" and running with what they tell me. Sheehan last week (I think) said something like all the reporters are hearing gobs of stuff as the deadline keeps getting closer and closer. He had taken his percentage that a deal gets done from 10% to 40%, so I'm guessing that he's hearing just enough to make himself more optimistic.
  5. Also worth noting, I reached out to other coaches and GMs in the NFL this week. Almost ALL of them agree with the Redskins tag on Cousins — Dianna Russini (@diannaESPN) June 27, 2017 Umm...what? pt 3 What does that even mean?...That they feel the Redskins should have franchise tagged Cousins? Since the tag was supposedly used to allow them to negotiate with Cousins for a LTD without any other teams being in the mix, is that what almost ALL GMs/coaches agree with? Because the alternative was basically letting Cousins go to free agency. Or does she mean almost ALL GMs/coaches think the Skins should not sign Cousins to a LTD yet and let him play on the franchise tag this year?
  6. I have spoken to many in regards to Redskins and Cousins...told there isn't a real price that will make Kirk Cousins happy...this is deeper — Dianna Russini (@diannaESPN) June 27, 2017 Umm...what? lol 1) There's ALWAYS a price that will make everyone happy 2) What, exactly, has the Redskins done to Cousins for him to harbor some deep resentment?
  7. Dianna Russini‏Verified account @diannaESPN 2h2 hours ago There’s a lot of water under the bridge between Kirk Cousins & Washington. Told a long term deal "doesn’t look promising" by 7/17 #Redskins Umm....what? If there's "a lot of water under the bridge" between Cousins and the Skins, that would indicate it's MORE promising a LTD gets done, not less.
  8. By the way, didn't mean to dismiss the rest of your post lol...but I read that first sentence and thought "Wait, what?" As for this: "As for the tag being the starting place for negotiations - that was going to happen regardless of if they gave him the tag or not."--Absolutely true, beyond question.
  9. If they buy a 6-pack of Cokes, though, they damn well better be going down from $2.00 per bottle lol...
  10. I sure as hell hope not. I'd do something closer to what Casserly was proposing, in that it's like 5 yrs/$116-$120 M, but $80M guaranteed in the first three years. $43M at signing. And then throw in incentives that, if met, would drive the total contract to $130M over the 5 years.
  11. No, @UK Skins's logic is sound. For starters, the price of franchise tagging a QB is not up to the team. They don't get to set that salary. The price they pay is NOT what they feel the individual QB is's what the CBA dictates must be paid in order to guarantee the QB doesn't go to another team without compensation. And that price includes an amount paid to the player for the inconvenience of not being allowed to test free agency. It's almost a penalty of sorts, if anything. Think of a rental car agreement. You rent a car for a week, it's $200. If you keep the car an extra day, it's not $200 divided by becomes $40 for the extra day. I've also used the example of buying a Coke at 7-11 for $2.00 doesn't mean you'll buy a 12 pack of Cokes for $ pay extra for the convenience. It has nothing at all to do with what the team feels the individual player is worth on a yearly basis long term.
  12. Can you imagine a WR like Beckham or Dez going up against Jack Tatum across the middle, when launching at a player helmet-to-helmet and destroying "defenseless" players with blind hits were both 1,000% legal?...I mean, DeAngelo Hall got into Dez' head and frustrated him with his physicality, and he can't hold a candle to what safeties were doing to WRs every game in the 80s.
  13. Odell Beckham, Jr would get get frustrated right out of his game if he had to go up against the top DBs in 1980 playing with 1980s rules. Art Monk would be a 1st down machine if he were playing against DBs today with today's rules. And if any of you think Barry Sanders did NOT have "freakish athleticism", I don't know what to tell you.
  14. Are they bringing a young Joe Bugel with them as their coach?...if so, then hell yes, they would dominate. and as mentioned above, give me Jim Brown in his prime (or Barry Sanders), and I bet they would embarrass all but a few of the current RBs in the league now.
  15. Because: 1) There's no guarantee he signs the transition tag 2) If we transition tag him there's the chance (however small) that it will cost even more to sign him 3) 3 yrs/ $72M is preferable to 2 yr/ $52M 4) A yearly renting of your franchise QB 3 years in a row can never be a good thing 5) If the team achieves some real success during the next three seasons it gives Cousins more incentive to stay 5) Better than decent chance that teams crushing for Cousins now with a ton of cap space will have moved on by 2020, and their cap space would be smaller 6) Eliminates uncertainty for the team better than FT after FT after FT would... 7) Gives the team 3 uninterrupted years to work on an extension, without the FT deadlines and lets them keep negotiating during the season instead of having to wait until mid-February
  16. Only figures I ever really heard that were supposedly from the Skins was $48 M/3yrs/$24 M guaranteed (in 2016) and $20M/yr/$44M guaranteed (in 2017)...
  17. Ok, well Sheehan (and I guess Graziano as well) are of the belief that: 1) The Skins are one million percent guaranteed to at least transition tag Cousins next year and pay him $28M for the year 2) That at least 2 or 3 teams will one million percent be more than happy to start the bidding at that price for Cousins and keep topping each other based on next year's cap space alone There's a ****load wrong with that logic.
  18. Yep...I'm sticking to my 85% gut feeling til the end lol...
  19. He's thinking guaranteed money trumps Carr's guaranteed amount by quite a bit.
  20. What Casserly would offer Cousins: Annnnd, cound Dan Graziano among those who believe Cousins would easily get $30+ mil a year if he his free agency next year: "Knowing Washington would have to pay about $35 million to franchise him for a third year in a row in 2018 (or about $28.8 million to use the transition tag on him), Cousins probably needs to see at least $50 million more in guaranteed money over and above what he's already got coming to him before he'd consider signing. If he gets to the market in March, and quarterback-starved, cap-rich teams such as San Francisco and Cleveland get to take their shots at him, his new contract is going to sail past the $30 million-a-year mark." ****shaking my damn head****