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  1. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    True, and I guess you could actually add Cousins since he wanted the Skins to try and sign him earlier in the 2015 season but Bruce balked (I think it was Bruce anyway). I think our scouts keep getting the short shrift (that's the term, right? lol)...they have been hanging on with the Redskins through several different coaching and FO regimes.
  2. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I had to switch browsers just to respond to your post lol...But to sum up: "So it makes sense to be more concerned than anything else and not just praise him for that past good as if it all equals out with the current bad." I don't think anyone is doing or even advocating that, not here, not Snyder, anyone. I do, though, think there are some who dismiss the "good" as irrelevant, which it may be to them. My point was that you can't just think Snyder is under some Rasputin-like spell by Allen or else he'd see things just the way fans do. I believe Allen has given Snyder some definite positives that he notices and appreciates, regardless of how we fans may or may not feel. Doesn't mean Dan doesn't notice the bad as well or that we shouldn't talk about it. God knows we do lol ...but the need to make sure the bad of Bruce Allen is being put front and center causes a lot of fans to view him unrealistically. As for the way the FO is currently operating and set doesn't exactly inspire confidence, no lol...then again, being from California I remember all the hate spit out by fans and the media towards Georgia Frontiere as owner of the Rams. Weee, doggie!'s a small taste of what the general point of view was around her in L.A.: With Dickerson Trade and Irvin Suspension, Mediocrity Is Attained The Rams were once a tremendous football organization, dedicated to winning a Super Bowl championship. That was before Georgia Frontiere took over. In the eight seasons that Carroll Rosenbloom ran the team, the Rams placed first seven times, were in the NFC championship games five times, the Super Bowl once, and could have made it several more times with some breaks. Since Georgia took over, however, except to mention her dedication to a championship in the Ram media guide, her only dedication has been to making a lot of money. Any disgruntled star athlete looking for a higher salary would suffer the wrath of Georgia--forget the impact on the team. Jack Reynolds, Bob Brudzinski, Vince Ferragamo and now Eric Dickerson are let go.... [...]It's obvious Georgia is more interested in the bottom line than the offensive line. She should sell the team to someone who really cares about winning. Then..THEN...she had the audacity to move the Rams to St. Louis! would have been hard at the time to find anyone more hated or seen as more inept an owner than this woman, at least in southern California anyway. Then she got Vermeil and Warner and Martz and went to Super Bowls (plural). I don't ****ing know how that happened lol...I just saw the face of mediocrity and incompetence holding up the Lombardi trophy and smiling like a jackass. So, yeah, I dunno much of it is having the right structure and how much of it is lucking into the right coach/QB combo. Shmups like her can do it and have a really good 5-year run, the Browns can keep switching owners and keep trying the right structure and win 1 game in two years. Jerruh can be the most inane GM west of Vinny Cerrato, hire Parcells for a few years and somehow luck into finding Romo among the undrafted free agents. A senile old fart like Al Davis can hire a "Name-only" bum like Allen and they go to the Super Bowl together. So I look at the moves being made moreso than the men making them. I'm done having confidence in March, and I won't lose confidence in March, either. There is no "In Scot I Trust" or "In Shanahan I Trust"...If they brought in Polian and Ron Wolf there would be no "In Polian/Wolf I trust", either. There would only be "What moves did they make? Do I like those moves? Let's see what happens." I do know this: Allen gets a lot of respect around the league among owners, GMs and executives. It's a little surreal to read lol...I don't remember Vinny getting anything close. And while I'm hardly celebrating it, I'll take the last three seasons over the 4-12, 6-10 and 5-11 Zorn-Shanahan-Campbell-Grossman-Beck **** show every single day of the year. it feels, to me anyway, that we have solidly, decisively, moved on past that. So thanks, Kirk, Bruce Scot, Jay, Snyder, whoever. Hopefully your moves will work out. But again...what personnel moves did Scot not get to make?
  3. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    In a way, that part in bold kinda sums up the whole McCloughan era lol...we went big, we have now gone home.
  4. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Well, I drummed up the drama for showmanship purposes lol....I remember some reporter (or reporters), may have been beat guys, not sure, can't remember...but they said right after the season that Gruden was safe because Bruce and Dan fully understood the massive role injuries played in the season record, so they weren't blaming the head coach nearly as much as people were thinking they might. It left me feeling that they won't look at things in such black and white terms--I think a lot of the "Will Gruden remain coach" talk at the time was due to many in the media assuming Snyder would indeed look at the season in black and white terms, see 7-9 and another missed playoff berth, and start calling for heads. There are a lot of moving parts to this...imagine if the Smith does play well but the Skins end up 7-9 again. Now imagine if the Vikings also end up 7-9 lol...that might play a role in Snyder's mind in how he perceives the moves Allen made.
  5. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Truer words have never been, typed lol (part in bold). Allen would be great for the Skins if someone would just tell him: He is in no way qualified enough to be taking on as much as he's taking on. Snyder will have to step out of his comfort zone with Allen and make changes, but I don't see that happening.
  6. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    More or less, yeah...that's why I said "if" Alex Smith works out and the Skins do well, Allen is staying put for the foreseeable future. I conveniently left out what would happen if Smith bombs and things do NOT go well with the Skins lol...the worst optics in the world would be blowing the opportunity to keep Cousins and immediately seeing him knocking on the door of the SB while Smith stumbles all over the field while leading the Skins to yet another double-digit loss season.
  7. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Ok, and who hired that GM? lol...Again, guys, whatever good you can point out about the Redskins over the last several years, Allen's gonna get credit for it just like he gets the blame for all the bad over that same timespan. You realize he's not the GM now, right? lol...I mean, if you're only going by official titles, that is. If you count 2017, then you should count any season in which Allen was a top executive in the front office and had some level of say-so over personnel. Because Allen was as much a "GM" during Shanahan's time here as he was during his time with the Raiders--whose records are missing from your list. But this is all'll come back and say the Raiders' success and SB appearance and Allen winning NFL Executive of the Year was really just due to Al Davis, i'll say Davis was senile at that point and wasn't able to accomplish these same things without Allen and it's disingenuous to disregard his time there as irrelevant, you'll point out that Allen was behind the McNabb and RG3 trades and how Shanahan never had that stretch of crappy seasons before working with Allen, I'll point out that the team has improved noticeably after Shanahan left and Bruce has been completely in charge, you'll chalk it up to Scot again, I'll point out that Allen hired Scot again and point out Scot's list of blunders while here, you'll say it's cloudy outside and I'll say it's sunny, dogs and cats will be living'll be a mess.
  8. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    We weren't talking about fans being happy with "accomplishments", though. I responded to the idea that Bruce has Snyder "fooled". I said the problem with that is, as far as records go anyway, the last three seasons are the best three seasons Snyder has experienced as an owner. It would be hard for Snyder to tell himself the team sucks under Bruce Allen when pretty much nobody has done better before him also makes Allen's firing of Shanahan and hiring of Gruden look like the right move. And if the initial reports were indeed true and Allen was on board for starting Cousins in 2015, that's just another thing Snyder can look to Allen that helped the franchise improve (the Skins had double-digit losses 5 out of 6 seasons before that). So, yeah...if the Redskins do well with Alex Smith while saving $$ by not signing Cousins, then that's yet another decision Allen will get credit for. If that happens, like i said, that dude is staying put. Yeah, but who hired Jay? lol...(a move that quite a few Skins fans here derided as nothing more than the "Tampa Connection" at the time).
  9. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Absolutely. Plus, I just don't trust Jason Cole one iota lol...he's been so, soooo wrong soooooooo may times. At best I'd say Allen "saves" the team from too much meddling from Snyder (some say Snyder's meddling is actually helpful in certain situations, though).
  10. Kirk Cousins tops biggest contracts

    you said "The team never responded to Kirk's offer the season before." I responded that tagging someone is a response. Your second part said no dialog occurred. I pointed out that tagging someone is usually so that the dialog can continue. I'm pretty sure that, since Cousins' side was asking for a per-year contract that was slightly less than the franchise amount, the only way a dialogue would have occurred is if the Skins countered with an offer that was more than what Cousins originally asked for lol...because Kirk's agent wouldn't have bothered negotiating for less than the tag or their offer at that point, and the Skins wouldn't have bothered using the tag as an opportunity to pay Cousins more than what he originally asked for.
  11. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    The original story said all of the decision makers at Redskins Park were on board with starting Cousins except one: Snyder. It was written at the time as if Snyder was standing in the way of his executives and coaches. That a 2-hr meeting between Scot and Snyder was needed before Snyder gave his "ok" to start Cousins. A few days after that it was stated in another story that the meeting between Scot and Snyder spent the majority of the time discussing how and why Griffin was one day cleared to play in concussion protocol, then later that same day that clearance was rescinded, and that almost none of the meeting involved anyone "standing on the table" to convince Snyder to let them start Cousins. Then, 2 years after that, a new version of the story came out by Jason Cole. This version had the meeting taking 4-5 hours, not 2...and this time, Scot had the 4-hour "stand on the table" meeting to convince Snyder AND Bruce, not just Snyder.
  12. Kirk Cousins tops biggest contracts

    Okaaaay lol... That's why I said "Or it should' lol...
  13. Yep, that's true, too. I can easily see Allen taking a stance of "Look, you either want to be with the Redskins or not." As well as, the leaks that the Skins' offer was "low and laughable" can probably be linked directly to Galette, especially when that one guy on twitter posted a screenshot of texts where Galette is relaying info to him. Allen abhors leaks on the team unless he's controlling them lol...
  14. yep, I'd have zero problem with them keeping Murphy, Galette, Anderson, getting Hankins, and adding to the whole shibang early in the draft. The withdrawing the offer thing is...interesting. You suddenly don't want a guy on the team you just made an offer to? That's done for a specific reason imo.
  15. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    The problem with that is, the last three years under Allen have been the 2nd best 3-year stretch for the Redskins (in terms of records) since the Skins won the Super Bowl. The best 3-year stretch occurred during Snyder's first three years as owner. During that stretch, though, there were three different "GMs" handling each offseason: Casserly, Vinny and Schottenheimer. Also, regardless of what more recent accounts have said, back in 2015 when Gruden wanted Cousins to start, it was said that Bruce Allen didn't need convincing, he was already on board and supported the idea. The only person alleged to have needed convincing at the time was Snyder. So if we want to chalk up the last three years to Cousins being the starter, he was one of the reasons it happened. If the Skins do well with Alex Smith this year, Allen ain't going nowhere lol...
  16. Only thing wrong with that theory is that fans were just as cold on Murphy after his first year as they are on Anderson lol...and even moreso on Galette considering he spent his first year rehabbing.
  17. 2018 NFL Rules Change Proposal

    Yeah, bettors against the spread are gonna love that lol..
  18. 2018 NFL Rules Change Proposal

    "By Competition Committee; Eliminates the requirement that a team who scores a winning touchdown at the end of regulation of a game to kick the extra point or go for two-point conversion." I can see this one causing some problems. Well, unless they are saying teams can not choose at all to kick the extra point or go for two points. I read it as they don't have to anymore. "By Competition Committee; If there is a turnover, a team may win an overtime game, even though it scores on its second possession." I'm not sure I understand this one. Couldn't a team win an OT game by scoring on its second possession before? "By Competition Committee; Permits a club to negotiate and sign a head coach candidate during the postseason prior to the conclusion of the employer club’s season." This will be interesting lol...
  19. Kirk Cousins tops biggest contracts

    Tagging is a response and keeps the dialog going. Or it should.
  20. Kirk Cousins tops biggest contracts

    That's a good point....will be interesting to see. It also may say something about how each QB prepares himself for the upcoming season but I doubt their preparation is significantly different enough to 'splain any difference.
  21. Kirk Cousins tops biggest contracts

    If they get Cook, um, cookin' lol...that will help a ton, I believe. Cousins will always have his mid-season stretch of games where he's looking All-Pro in a lot of them. If he can lean on their running game and defense until then, they're golden.
  22. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Guess I'm tired of the passive-aggressive shots each side feels is needed. And how many times does "well-led" need to be said lol... Dad: "Kirk was looking for a team that was well-led. We both feel that a well-led team would be a perfect fit. The Vikings are well-led, so while looking for a well-led franchise we narrowed down all the well-led teams and decided that the Vikings were indeed well-led." Reporter: "Thank you, sir, for answering the..." Dad: "Well-led!!" And, yeah, this is quickly turning into a convo that belongs in the ATN forum lol...
  23. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    He said "well-led" three times in that comment. He didn't say "fully-guaranteed contract" once. Something tells me Cousins was looking for one in free agency a bit more than the other.