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  1. Some fantasy writer on said Perine was a poor man's Rob Kelly...
  2. Yeah, that's what I said after his disastrous press conference lol...don't really give a **** what Allen says, pretty much only care what he does.
  3. Bruce said recently that the report that he sent in something to whatever league organization it was that the Skins were restructuring to not have a GM was false, that he didn't send anything in to anyone. I didn't buy that, at all...these tweets kinda sorta make me wonder a little, I'll admit, but I still don't buy it lol.
  4. If they had said it this way: "Jay Gruden just had a conversation with Richard Sherman in the lobby of the Quirk Hotel in Richmond" ...I'd be "meh" too lol...
  5. Just thought it would be considered tampering since he's still under contract with the Seahawks. Thought private convos with players of other teams still under contract was against the rules.
  6. That's because we never had the 3-13 or 4-12 Redskins on our schedule lol...
  7. Oh, he's definitely had more than his share of slips/falls/trips/whatever...sometimes he'd have them after the catch with some open field, and a hashmark trips him up lol...
  8. Eh, not that important, I just have an accuracy fetish lol...everything else you said was spot on
  9. Top 20 players, not top 100...
  10. Speaking for myself, I don't hate Grant but I loathe the way he falls down way too much, and at some damn important moments. I prefer Mo Harris over him at this point, Harris seems to have better hands and so far has made a few clutch catches t hat I just don't see Grant making. At this point I don't give a **** about which round they were drafted in...I care about how much I see them on the field and how reliable and productive they are when called on.
  11. Can't they do that next year, though? And absent an actual free agent market to dictate how the rest of the league sees him, wouldn't this list back up the Skins' stance and weaken Kirk's? My answer is that this list plays no role whatsoever in things, outside if Cousins was voted in the top 10 players. But if this list DID play a role in the thinking of either side, it would seem to help the Redskins' side and might even make Cousins' side blink a bit.
  12. It would also help if we all stopped believing that Scot had a 5-hour, stand-on-the-table meeting with Snyder and needed every single second of it to change his mind lol...