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  1. Um lol... Arrowhead anxiety: Turnover off the field causes concern Secrecy, intimidation, fear and a watchful eye have become hallmarks of working for the Chiefs, say some current and former employees. interviews with more than two dozen current and former employees suggest that intimidation and secrecy are among the Chiefs’ principal management styles — and that Haley wasn’t the only one with paranoid thoughts. “When you’re mentally abused, you eventually lose it, too,” one former longtime Chiefs executive said. Since Scott Pioli was hired as general manager in January 2009, life for many inside the Chiefs’ front office has been marked by massive staff turnover, fear and insecurity about how closely they are watched. During his first year, Pioli noticed a candy wrapper in a back stairwell and waited to see how long it took to be picked up. About a week passed, and it remained in the stairwell. He placed the wrapper in an envelope, and during a meeting of department heads, Donovan, then the team’s chief operating officer, brandished the wrapper as evidence of the attention to detail that Chiefs employees had grown to ignore. “A great coaching moment,” Donovan said. Some thought the example was overblown. Pioli frequently came down hard on minutiae. Some emphases made sense, some staffers said; others, though, seemed over the top. One executive, who’s no longer with the team, was sent to human resources for casually referring to Pioli by his last name; the executive said, however, that first names were acceptable. Pioli also sent a memo with detailed instructions, including which stairway to use and which doorway to enter, when using the facility’s gym. [...]A common notion is that employees are constantly being watched. When they arrive and leave, where they’re going within the building and who they’re talking to. Indeed, the technology exists at the Chiefs’ offices, as it does in many corporate settings, to monitor phone calls and emails. But here, some staffers even hesitated before using their cell phones or speaking inside the building, because, like Haley, they suspected that conversations were monitored. “The capability was definitely there for Big Brother to be watching,” said Schneider, whose job was to oversee maintenance at team facilities. Added Pete Penland, who worked in operations before retiring: “I just know that some of our bosses had always told us: Be careful what we did, what we said and where we were at in certain parts of the building.” But in the last three years, another former staffer said, printouts of emails, some of them months old, were occasionally requested. The former employee said the belief was that the Chiefs were trying to discover who could be trusted and who couldn’t, who was loyal to the cause and who was a liability. Pioli pored over former president Denny Thum’s call log, a former high-ranking employee said, before Thum was asked to resign in September 2010 after 36 years with the team. ****************************** Pioli has become such a laughingstock in Kansas City that the biggest story in town is whether Chiefs owner Clark Hunt actually has extended his general manager's contract. There have been reports of such a deal. There have been denials by the franchise. The bottom line is that it's an issue because the Chiefs no longer can sell Pioli to their fan base. The very possibility that he might still run the organization after this year might empty a lot of seats at Arrowhead Stadium. [...]If not for Atlanta general manager Thomas Dimitroff -- the Patriots' former director of college scouting and a man who has astutely assembled the league's best team so far this season -- there wouldn't be any major success stories coming out of those New England glory years. This is also why Pioli's troubles have become so glaring. He was supposed to be the prize of that organization. If a team couldn't have a head coach like Belichick or a quarterback like future Hall-of-Famer Tom Brady, it could at least have Pioli. Now we all can see how silly that notion was.... [...] About the only thing Pioli did bring from New England was the same controlling nature that people familiar with the Patriots know very well. Multiple team sources say he's turned off longtime employees with a bullying management style. Published reports accuse him of lecturing staffers for not picking up candy bar wrappers in the hallways and chafing at the way assistant coaches park in the team's lot. During his first season with the team, Pioli sent emails warning employees to keep their window blinds drawn when the team was practicing, according to another team source. Those who didn't comply could expect somebody -- presumably a security guard -- to help them follow the rules. It's hard to believe all those measures haven't helped the Chiefs become a competitive football team. Sure, they got that title back in 2010, but this much we all know: A last-place schedule can do wonders for a dysfunctional franchise. It says more that the Chiefs followed that success with the soap opera that was the Haley-Pioli feud and that this team is 8-14 since that supposed breakout year. Pioli's supporters can cling to that title all they like. It doesn't diminish everything else that has happened during his time in Kansas City. ***************************** Scott Pioli fired: 3 reasons why things didn't work in Kansas City 1. Unwillingness to admit faults with action It is one thing to admit a mistake. It is another to actually take action in correcting that mistake.,,, 2. Instability The first sign of trouble was when a coaching staff wasn't in place by the 2009 Senior Bowl...When a scouting department doesn't know what their organization wants, they guess and guessing leads to bust. The second sign of trouble was when both coordinators were ousted within less than a year. One coordinator had spent all offseason working with the head coach and quarterback to come up with a philosophy and was gone before the regular season even started. That was a decision that needed to be made immediately so no time was wasted. You essentially put yourself five months behind the rest of the NFL. 3. A disconnect from the fans and media Chiefs players used to be very involved in the community. They connected with fans through TV shows, public appearances and showing off their personality through their foundations. The previous regime understood that Kansas City is like a college town. The fans want to feel apart of something bigger. They felt like the Chiefs were apart of their family. That is what made the Arrowhead magic so successful. 70,000-plus all unified towards a common goal. [...]When you take that away from them, you create disconnect. The only way that tactic works is if you win, which the Chiefs did not do. ************************** Several thoughts on the Kansas City Star finally catching up to the fact that employment with the Kansas City Chiefs these days is working in a toxic environment. The newspaper did so in a front page story in Sunday’s edition, headlined Arrowhead Anxiety. In case you missed it, here’s the link where you can read what they had to say. First, it’s a good story that shined light on a dark corner of the operations that those that control the Chiefs would rather have been kept quiet. Second, although it’s a lengthy story it only scratched the surface of how dysfunctional the organization is these days. Third, the person most responsible for the atmosphere of fear and anxiety around the organization took the fewest number of verbal arrows – team chairman Clark Hunt. This story has been under construction for several weeks; maybe a month and the Chiefs were well aware of the details. But in the typical fashion of the way the organization is run these days, they attempted to strong arm the Star, demanding the names of the anonymous sources in the story and threatening a law suit. Not once, but twice the Chiefs took this tact with the local fish wrap in the last few weeks. *************************** But I could be wrong...maybe a skillful talent evaluator with a troubled past is exactly the type of guy the Redskins need to hire after the whole McCloughan drama.
  2. Don't forget: If the 2017 draft turns out good, it was due to Scot. If the 2017 draft turns out mediocre or bad, then Allen must have ignored Scot's pre-draft work. I love how neat and tidy it will end up being lol...
  3. Anyone besides me remember why Pioli didn't last in Kansas City, and why he became an assistant in the Falcon's FO instead of GM again?... I'd leave Pioli's ass right where he is. Oh, lort lol..."two damning mistakes"...those two things you listed don't even fall on the top 10 list of things he did to get fired.
  4. Seen quite a few in both NFL fans and the media who like both rule changes. Lot of fans despise the color rush uniforms, and the kickoff change would "bring skill back" to the kickoffs and bring at least some excitement back since kick returns are literally being phased out. But if these rule change suggestions are sending you over the edge as some sort of last straw...well, like you said there are the Wizards, Nats and Caps.
  5. ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reported that Cousins asked Redskins owner Daniel Snyder for a trade but “was basically told not to get his hopes up.” This comes as news to Cousins, who admitted to reaching out to Snyder, but not to ask for a trade. “I did inquire if there was any interest in trading me to get an understanding of their perspective,” Cousins told ESPN’s Adam Schefter on his “Know Them From Adam” podcast. “The answer I got back was Mr. Snyder communicated his belief in me and desire for me to remain a Redskin.” Cousins first heard about the trade rumors at a shoe store. “I laughed and thought, ‘I don’t know where that comes from because that wasn’t the case,’” Cousins explained. “Somehow it got twisted to where an employee of the store is using the word ‘demanded.’ That’s not the approach I took.” [...]This meshes with that CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason La Canfora tweeted last week before Cousins signed his tender. “Would Cousins be open to a trade and welcome it? Yes. Is he demanding a trade? No. Would he play there $24 million in 2017 if need be? Absolutely. Will Cousins sign that franchise tag and lock in that salary? Without a doubt, and soon at that..."
  6. Depends on what your point was. If it was that hiring Scot was done in good part to pacify the angry fan base, remember that after beating the Cowboys on MNF, a LOT of fans were trying to see what needed to be done to make the playoffs. There were hardly pitchforks at the gates of Redskins Park. There were still a significant segment of the fan base who felt if Griffin could return healthy we had a shot...another significant segment who felt McCoy could get us to 5-5 by playing against the Vikings and Bucs...and another significant segment of the fan base who were positive keeping Cousins as starter would result in more games like the Jags and Eagles. In other words, it wasn't exactly a pissed-off fan base demanding change or anything. Which, again, I assumed what basically your point--that Snyder's sensitivity to how the fans are reacting is one of the things driving his decision-making. I brought up the Snider thing to show that this perspective gets trotted out a little too often and a little too quickly, even by media members generally respected and not being "click-bait" types. I definitely agree with I said, I may have misunderstood what you were trying to say. I never said you did lol...BUT, it would indeed be relevant if the point is that fan perception does play too large a role in his decision-making even sometimes. If, for example, the hiring of Scot is said to be based in good part to Snyder's aversion to fan and media backlash, we can't just say that because some earlier decisions are perceived to have been made in that manner it justifies thinking ANY decision is also made in that manner. We should need more facts to back up that stance imo...I think the timing of when they contacted Scot is damn important in either helping to support, or argue against, that type of claim. Not in the slightest. I just don't have a desire to jump to conclusions about the guy--good or bad--when the reasoning given doesn't contain the right amount of logic. That's what too many fail to see...they only see this in an "either you're for Allen and Snyder or you're against them" manner...if you're not arguing against them, you must be arguing for them. Nope. I'll argue against the stupidity of blindly believing something like "jealousy" is why Allen fired Scot...I mean, you notice how jealousy is not being brought up anymore even after media members said "sources" told them jealousy was behind it all? But because I argue against stuff like that doesn't mean I am confident in Allen's stewardship of the franchise moving forward and that we'll see happy days once again with him at the helm. And I tend to dismiss outright claims of his "last name" being the only reason he has a job, or that he's nothing more than Snyder's lackey and mouthpiece, or that his "ego" wouldn't allow him to let Scot get the credit he deserves. I'm thankful that a number of media members who gleefully parroted those types of viewpoints early on have backed away from those proclamations and just as easily admit that we may never actually know if there was a good guy or bad guy in all this. I said this before, but back when Allen gave his "winning off the field" presser I found it ludicrous that a sloppy presser should trump ANYTHING the guy actually does. In his presser he mentioned that changes would be occurring...the press ridiculed that statement by saying Allen didn't go into any details as to what those changes would be, so it's all empty rhetoric by a guy who won't fire himself. Like 10 days later Scot was hired lol...not a single writer who ridiculed him for saying changes would be made backtracked and said "Maybe this is what he was talking about". Not really sure too many fans did, either. I said "See? Wait and see what he does...who gives a **** what he says or how well/poorly he says it?"...(not saying you disagree with me, just pointing out my actual stance on these matters). Definitely agree there. My point is that with my age has come the wisdom to realize I don't need to know everything about everything lol...and I don't need to be pacified by the team at every turn. But I can argue for/against things that make/don't make sense. And I can do that without necessarily having to agree with the person's overall point. I can spot flawed logic. I can point out inconsistencies in people's theories. I am experienced enough to know that real, genuine disagreements and even shouting arguments can take place even in the best working environments so I'm not automatically freaked out if I hear about things like that with the Redskins (I actually got into a yelling argument with the guy I work for this afternoon happens). I can look back at all the behind-the-scenes stuff that occurred during the Skins' 80's hey day and know beyond doubt that if even half that stuff was being leaked to the internet like it is today, our fan perceptions of the team each offseason would have been chaotic...until of course the season started and we made the playoffs yet again lol... I save my emotions for when the games are being played. All of the rest is, at best, a good exercise in debate and logic, which I adore.
  7. Raiders to Vegas... Sorry, I'll take this elsewhere lol...
  8. You know what I realized while reading your post?...I probably should have asked what people mean by "building through the draft". I mean, i agree with everything you said...I may have agreed with everything the other guy said, too, if I had asked him that question lol...
  9. 1. You indicated that fan irritation--and Snyder's sensitivity to it--played a direct role in one way or another in Scot's hiring ("I doubt what led up to it was a feeling at Redskins Park that was guided by who cares what bothers our ticket holders and fans. Yeah we stunk last year again but let the fans complain all they want -- we don't owe them squat.")...If that's not what you meant, then my apologies. I'm saying that if Snyder felt they would get back on the winning track right away without making any changes then, yes, he wouldn't have given two ****s about what fans were thinking outside of directing Allen to pacify the fan base in some form or fashion with high profile signings and stuff like that there. And Scot was hardly a pacification effort since he was being wooed to the Redskins before the season was even over. Rick Snider tried making the claim that "fan backlash" over promoting A. J. Smith after the season ended that lead to Scot's hiring, which was complete garbage. As for Fassel? If fan perception and irritation was a driving force behind Snyder's decisions, how the hell would he have put Vinny in charge after Gibbs left?...AND hiring Zorn, of all people?...I can't think of a worse move he could have done if worrying about what fans will think was a big part of his motivations. From Gibbs to Zorn and Vinny? lol...By the way, anyone remember how the Vinny and Zorn show was received when the Skins were 6-2 his first year?...The wins really softened a LOT of discontent, which returned violently when they went 2-6 down the road lol. If an owner and team president are convinced they can get the team winning, they'll not care much at all at the changing winds of the fan base during the offseason. If they DO care, we're all ****ed anyway...worst way to operate a franchise is to put "fan approval over moves" high on your priorities list. 2) Dan keeping Vinny around for 9 years kinda shows that he doesn't let fan reaction dictate his actions, though...and to be fair Vinny was never completely in charge except for 2008-2009. During Spurrier's short era Snyder was more involved...Vinny helped him run the front office and make the GM decisions. From what I remember, 2008-2009 was Vinny running things on his own with Snyder stepping in wherever he deemed it needed (which was most likely far too often). The rest of the time he deferred to his coaches (Marty wanted him gone...he was gone; Gibbs said he could stay...he stayed). My main point, though, was the idea that Vinny felt "fan perception" was the reason he was let go incredibly self-serving--and delusional--take for Cerrato to have. And since Snyder was all for having both Beathard and Allen come in and be GM before ultimately re-hiring Vinny, I'm not convinced Dan was all-in on having Vinny by his side until fans forced his hand.
  10. O-kaaaaay lol... I stick by what i said.
  11. I think it speaks to a few things: how fans (and even media members) have selective hearing--and now selective memory--when it comes to what it is they want to believe is true. I'm sure there were a number of fans who just chalked up Scot's comments about it being a group decision process even though he will have final say as "lip service", much like they chalked up his comments about Griffin being "lip service" and "towing the company line"...the idea that he meant what he said did't jive with what they wanted to believe at the time, so it got brushed off as irrelevant. And the second part is, as slaga said above, that Scot went into this entire gig knowing ahead of time that everyone was NOT going to just step back and let him do whatever he wanted with the roster. He understood and signed on knowing this as fact. Because I somehow doubt Scot was told "We won't even slightly voice our opinion on free agency and the draft, you just do whatever you want to, no questions asked", and he said "No, NO! I insist that everyone speak their mind and have a say on personnel matters...this will not all be me!"
  12. I'm quoting this because it's infuriating how many people run with the idea that the "group decision" approach is something that just came to light thanks to diligent journalists and "sources". It's been known since the beginning.
  13. 1) The ONLY thing that matters to Skins fans is wins. That's it. Nobody will give a **** about any of this if the Redskins are 6-2 at the halfway point, and they most definitely won't give a rat's ass if the Skins win the division again. I mean, hell, they signed Pryor and like 40% of the animosity towards the Redskins dissipated almost instantly lol...Sure, STH numbers may drop initially, but wins will change that in a nanosecond. 2) that it was "public perception" was behind (snort)...him being his absolutelly ****ty job performance, his hiring of Zorn as head coach and Snyder's public statement of how the Zorn era turns out will reflect on Cerrato or that Shanahan said he would never agree to come here with Vinny still with the thinks it's "public perception" (giggle)...Suuuure, Vinny lol
  14. When I know the truth and what others are saying about me and my motives are 100% false, I most definitely laugh...just look at those times some here absolutely insist my "lol" is meant to be condescending lol...the whole "explain yourself" approach doesn't do any good, so why bother? People believe what they want to believe, no matter how many times you have 'splained otherwise. And when you have constructive discussions with player agents and you sign pretty much all the targets on your FA list, yeah, you can laugh off the perceptions that outsiders have of what's "really" happening. If things are going 95% as planned, who cares what's being speculated in the press...And when you know beyond doubt the reality is that wins are the ONLY thing that will ultimately matter, you forge ahead with your plan confident that it will indeed result in wins during the upcoming season...knowing full well that "winning" the offseason PR game doesn't translate into more actual wins for the team. So, yep, I'm pretty sure Allen. Gruden, Williams, Schaeffer and Campbell have had their share of head-shaking laughs over some of this stuff in the media.
  15. Guess depends on in what ways are the new guys different than the old guys, and if those differences are more conducive to how Manusky and Tomsula plan on using them. I have zero clue about any of that **** lol...