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  1. What's the Skins' current cap space? I haven't been keeping track at all lol....
  2. Kirk Cousins tops biggest contracts

    I'm not talking only about records, though. We ALL know as Skins fans that Cousins tend to start off the season slow, misses open receivers, leaves points on the field, throws head-scratching INTs. He has a TD percentage of 2.3% during the first two games of the season during his time as starter and has thrown 5 TDs in 6 games. That is abysmal. Doesn't matter if the Skins won or lost the game...that's pathetic. He only averaged 7 ypa in those combined games as well...mediocre. Those are not the types of performances that will get anyone the highest contract in NFL history. And I wasn't talking about how our fan base would react, I was talking about how the Vikings' fan base would react. This is a team and fan base that sees itself as SB bound, and paid a QB a ton of guaranteed money to hopefully make sure it happens. How Skins fans may or may not react to Alex Smith is irrelevant to that, hell, how Skins fans react to Cousins is irrelevant as well.
  3. At this rate he'll be 29 by the time the season starts lol...pass!
  4. Kirk Cousins tops biggest contracts

    Vikings better hope they don't get the annual Kirk Cousins mediocrity to start the season like we saw with the Skins. During the first 2 weeks of the last three seasons Cousins had an abysmal TD %, a mediocre yards per attempt average, and a 2-4 record. He always bounced back, but with a LTD like he signed and a team coming off an NFC Championship appearance with Case stinkin' Keenum behind center, a slow start will cause a backlash ****storm. Then again, Keenum was horrendous in his first game with the Vikes and then fantastic in his 2nd game, so maybe the fan base will be more patient. Yeah, I doubt it, too lol...
  5. BHRBN just hit over 100.000 articles posted

    Major kudos to everyone who has ever helped keep that forum up to date. Bubba and Haps' names in the forum title are great reminders of the work they've done and their importance to this site.
  6. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    If Jay was asked "When was the first time you talked to anyone about Alex Smith?" and he answered “I think it was the day the President addressed the nation, that's when Allen called and said there’s a possibility of getting Smith, and asked me ‘How do you like him?’ ", THEN it would be worrisome. But I don't think anyone should read Gruden's words as a factual timeline of his involvement, as if he's giving a deposition...though many have done just that. It actually only refers to when he found out the trade might about to be going down.
  7. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Seriously? "Bruce Allen made the trade and then told Williams not to check his phone" No, he told him not to answer his phone. Sounds like he knew leak were inevitable and didn't want Williams (or anyone) saying anything or responding to anyone until they met up the next morning. "Bruce Allen is the GM, not Doug Williams." Neither man ever said Williams was the GM. Here's the title of a WP article right after Williams was promoted: "Redskins won’t name new GM, as former QB Doug Williams ascends to Senior VP of Player Personnel." And here's a quote from that article; Allen further explained, “[Williams’s] job is daily communication and leadership of the personnel department. It’s daily communication and leadership of our coaches and players." And a quote from an SI article right after Williams was promoted: "Which means the real winner might be club president Bruce Allen, because it’s likely he’ll continue to have final say on personnel matters—only with stronger input from Williams....Williams, as good a soldier as the franchise has ever employed, will lord over a reshuffled personnel staff, with Allen likely to retain the power in the organization." “When I interviewed for the job,” Williams said from Virginia, after being named Washington’s senior vice president of player personnel, “I didn’t put ‘GM’ on my proposal. When we did the draft board this year, we met for two-and-a-half weeks, and we had a good discussion and put it together as a team. We did it without a GM. So I thought, ‘Do we really need a GM?’ A GM oversees everything. But I looked at our team—I don’t want to be in charge of the coaches. That’s [coach] Jay Gruden’s job.” Just reminding everyone that nobody at the time or since claimed Williams was the GM, other than fans on this site. "OUR "GM" HAD NO IDEA what had happened and if we had traded for someone!" Whether or not Williams knew the trade was about to happen or did happen is irrelevant. What's more important is whether or not Williams knew the Skins would try and go after Smith to begin with. Nothing in the article makes any claim that he didn't know. Quite the opposite, in fact. There's a lot in the article that points to there being many convos about Smith between different men and groups within the Park, with Smith always being the #1 option at QB. The only thing from that article that seems to have been kept from anyone was the convo between Allen an Reid as it was happening. And from numerous articles and reports from different beat writers, Allen is notorious for wanting to keep all info in-house at all times...I think he even has it written into contracts that leaking info is a fireable offense. As for thinking Gruden wasn't asked his opinion about Smith until Allen was minutes away from trading for him lol...come on, now, guys. Just think for a second: if Bruce Allen didn't give a rat's ass about what Gruden thought about Smith during the weeks before that night he started to trade for him, why the hell would he bother asking Gruden what his thoughts were literally minutes before the trade was happening? To cover his ass? He would have asked long before that moment if covering his ass was the reason. It comes across far more as if he was double checking. If there's anything bothersome about the article, it's that apparently neither Williams nor Gruden was asked about Fuller being part of the trade. Allen probably would have rationalized it as a judgement call made in the moment because other teams were (as reported) also contacting Reid about getting Smith. And that would make someone as paranoid as Allen even MORE secretive...imagine if it somehow got out that the Skins were throwing in Fuller, and let's say the Browns decided to top it. Allen would be livid. I know the Browns got pissed off when the Skins traded for the #2 pick in 2012 because they felt they weren't given an opportunity to top it...maybe, since Smith is said to have chosen the Redskins as his top choice among the teams interested in him that Reid took the approach towards Allen of 'Give me a better deal than what's been offered and I won't use your offer to get more from your competition" (which was alleged happened between Fisher, Allen an Shanahan at the time). I mean, if Cleveland said they'd offer a #1 and #2 for Smith, Reid wouldn't be blamed for saying "I'm sorry, man, but you're going to the Browns' lol.... EDIT: Almost forgot - don't hesitate to claim it's my "faith in Allen" or that I'm a "Bruce lover' that's behind my stance. Always enjoyed that part of ES *thumbsup*
  8. Yeah, you got that part in bold right lol...i think Cousins' contract was the only deal that I took immediately at face value Wondering how much is guaranteed, although it's' not likely to matter.
  9. Well, it said a "max' of $24M for 3 years so i'm gonna assume that the actual contract is less than $8M py and the rest is incentives of some sort.
  10. JP Finlay‏Verified account @JPFinlayNBCS #Redskins have agreed to terms with Zach Brown, per source.
  11. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Welcome to Washington, Mr. Smith... Please try not to throw a Hail Mary pass out of the back of the end zone, thanks.