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  1. I rarely, if ever, find these funny...not just the Redskins one, but any of them. They go on waaaaayyyyyyyy too long, and lack any intelligent humor. Insults laced with profanity only works when it's used sparingly and is surrounded by humor based on keen insight. These articles are almost nothing but profanity-laced insults and display all the insight of a 9 year old parroting stuff they heard their dad say on Sundays.
  2. "Then". It's "then". Sorry lol...just a pet peeve.
  3. The ****? lol... So it WAS just a dream...whew.
  4. What have you chuckleheads done to my thread?! lol....
  5. Extremeskins dead?...Someone point him to a Cousins thread asap lol... And I'm not sure how anyone could say or know if there is less posting going on now than before...maybe it's that there are less new threads being started. We are in a phase of mega-threads, where everyone puts their thoughts on a single topic into one thread instead of having 10 smaller threads all on the same topic. Same amount of postings either way, but it may look like there's less activity when the same threads are on the first page from last month. Before, a new thread might have gotten pushed to the 2nd page within a day and a half.
  6. Wait, what?....What do I have 87 of? lol...
  7. LOL!...Yeah, I was thinking the same thing lol...
  8. Zeke seems to be paying for the NFL's mistakes with Ray Rice and Josh Brown... Either that, or **** Mara, seriously lol...
  9. Wasn't nobody read for this **** lol...
  10. So if a WR gets his hands on the ball, pulls in into his body, turns, takes 3 steps, hurdles over a diving defensive player, does a spin move, switches the ball into his other hand, stiff arms a linebacker, takes 3 more steps, gets tripped up, uses his free hand to try and support himself, falls anyway, has his hip, elbow, forearm and ass all hit the ground at the same time, gets up, walks 3 feet towards a ref, and tosses the ball to that's not a catch, right?
  11. If that's all it takes I'm thinking the rumors were true lol...
  12. Our bag boys are better than their insurance salesmen...
  13. Marley...**** me lol....
  14. Frish Swishman sighting!!