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  1. I never associate her with a show, to be honest...or with a movie. She was just "there" when I was growing up lol...
  2. More like reruns of Saturday Night Live lol...
  3. Hey, here's a conspiracy theory to chew on lol: What if Russini's source for all this recent stuff she's been tweeting--Cousins resentment running deep and there not being a "real" number that would make him happy to stay with the Redskins, "lots of water under the bridge" between the two sides (still think she doesn't understand what that phrase means lol), etc--what if her source is McCloughan? lol...Like he's trying to stir **** up for Allen in the media as the deadline draws near because he still harbors resentment towards him. He could be like Jon Lovitz' character of the Liar lol: Russini: "Hello?" Scot: "Yeah...this is Scot....Yeah...guess what, Diana? I just had, lunch...yeah...lunch with Kirk Cousins!" Russini: "Seriously?" Scot: "Yeah...thought you might wanna know what he told me...about Allen--er, about the Redskins. Yeah. We talk every week--er, every da--hour...yeah, we talk every hour. All the time, him and me." Russini: "I knew it. What did he say?" Scot: "He said that he would...he would NOT sign with the Redskins! Ever! Yeah, that's the ticket. Said he's still mad I was fired....and that the Skins didn't make him a legit offer last year. Uh, I mean THIS year. Last year OR this year! Yeah..." Russini: "Wow...let me write all this down" Scot: "Oh, and he hates Colt McCoy, too. Hates him. Well, I better go. My wife Morgan Fairchild is waiting for me..." Russini: "You're not married to--" Scot: (click)
  4. Russini's tweet pretty much said that "there isn't a real price that will make Kirk Cousins happy...this is deeper". I guess I didn't think a starting offer of $20M a year and two franchise tags worth $44M for two years caused ANY level of resentment, nonetheless a deep one lol...maybe if he broke numerous NFL records and was the MVP of the Super Bowl, sure. I know, that's why I said you and I felt the same way lol...*thumbsup* For me, what wasn't speculation was whether or not Allen and Kirk's agent had any face-to-face meetings this offseason. The only face-to-face meeting between Allen and Cousins' side was the meeting Cousins instigated, and he seemed sincere when he said he came away convinced that Allen and Snyder truly did want him to be their long-term starter at QB. If meeting with Allen and Snyder lead to that type of feeling in Kirk, I imagine having that type of meeting with Kirk's agent may have lead to those types of feelings in him as well. I mean, I haven't heard any reports of negative tones being set between the two I have to assume there was no tone set by Allen and Snyder--which I guess could, by default, be considered a negative tone if looked at that way lol... I'm not gonna hold Williams accountable for whatever the media grabs hold of and runs with. The whole idea that Williams might actually feel that way about Sudfeld seemed to be flushed down the toilet way too quickly and easily. And could Williams' comment about Sudfeld going in the 1st or 2nd round of this draft have been a commentary on: a) the quality of QBs in the draft, or b ) how teams seemed to lose their collective **** trying to trade up and grab a QB? (it's been said that played a big role as to why J. Allen dropped to us)... Of course neither of those possibilities were actually discussed, not really...because it was far juicier in the media's eyes to claim that Williams was trying to hype up Sudfeld being on the roster to the fans because he knew things weren't going well on the contract front for Cousins. Because as I said, that conversation has already taken place. They already know the answers to any questions about McCoy. They don't need to start discussing it again, nothing has changed with Colt since they last discussed it. He hasn't played anymore games, he hasn't thrown anymore TDs, he hasn't looked better, he hasn't looked worse. Pretty much every single front office of every single NFL team thinks well ahead. The Skins' FO is no different. It was reported that Allen and Snyder were thinking of possible replacements for McCloughan like 10 months before he was terminated. At first it was perceived as evidence of Allen's power grab, but after Scot was fired "with cause" and that leaked story about problems with McCloughan started as far back as 2015, it doesn't ge brought up anymore. Trust me, they've had the discussion about McCoy numerous times with Gruden and their conclusions about him have been reached well before now. They've already imagined several realistic scenarios and what paths they can take in each one. They've had their scouts keeping an eye on college QBs, and their pro scouts keeping tabs on which free agent QBs will be available. They are not just now starting to wonder about McCoy again. A week ago (I think), Russini brought up McCoy on whatever segment she hosts on Sportscenter or NFL Network or wherever she works lol...remember? She asked Polian (again, I think) about what if Cousins' agent said Kirk will sign but you have to get rid of McCoy...Polian shot that **** down instantly by saying he'd tell the agent to STFU and get the hell out of his office lol...I remember thinking "Of COURSE Russini would being up Colt as if he's a vialble issue in all of this" because of the (then) recent report about Cousins supposedly not liking McCoy. Most media members pretty much blew it off as either bull**** or irrelevant after a day or two of discussion. I wasn't surprised, though, that Russini would inject it into the discussion. Which is what I also said when I read that part in your post about Russini doubling down on McCoy still playing a role in all of this.
  5. So to summarize: Cousins will feel he's wanted here if he's offered a good enough LTD. Which, to me anyway, kinda renders everything else-this specific FO, the backstory, whether or not Dan-Bruce were in his corner to the contract in 2016, etc--as irrelevant. Which basically is what you feel, too lol...("Kirk's bottom line is still market value. When/if the Redskins offer it, Kirk's main desires are met.") Which, because of that, I tend to chalk up the "Kirk doesn't feel loved/supported/whatthehellever" talk as filler...stuff to pad out the discussion about the ongoing contract negotiations during radio segments. They're not actually saying that stuff is why the Skins and Cousins haven't agreed to anything yet. At most Jones is saying why Cousins won't give the Skins a hometown discount. But that stopped being a thing about 3 months ago. Russini tried to take it further in saying there is no number that would soothe Kirk's damaged ego...I don't buy that for a nanosecond, no matter who she talked to (both that there is no number and that Kirk's ego is bruised on a deep level). This part, though: "The whole idea that we've heard from multiple reporters that the tone is better now and improved. Doesn't that imply the tone wasn't that great initially? Otherwise why make a thing about how the tone is much better?" The tone improved when Allen and Cousins' agent met face to face for the first time in 2 years. So I'm chalking it up to that more than anything. Kirk has probably sat down with Allen and Snyder once this offseason, back when he wanted to know if they had plans on trading him since sports media was running crazy with all sorts of trade speculations, especially the Rappaport tidbit about a 3-way trade involving Dallas and the 49ers. Kirk said he came away from that talk feeling Allen and Snyder definitely wanted him as their long-term solution at QB. Now that his agent has had multiple sit-downs with Allen (and I'm assuming Snyder), I can imagine Cousins' agent coming away from those meetings feeling that Kirk's bottom line may actually be possible, and conveying that to Kirk. So for me anyway, the improved "tone" is improved compared to hearing next to nothing moreso than it being a negative tone before. Allen feels you can conduct bidniz from a distance, doesn't have to be face to this case, that thinking was probably a mistake unless you were gonna capitulate and meet Cousins' demands. A question about the Colt McCoy part of your post: Do you really think anyone at Redskins Park is talking about how McCoy may be a good alternative right now?...January and February,'d be derelict to NOT discuss that possibility back then. But with three weeks before a LTD needs to be signed, knowing that if you don't get it done it sets in motion a whole new set of decisions and higher costs to consider, do you really think they're still trying to decide if McCoy is the way to go? In my mind they made that decision long ago. At best, they are wondering if Kirk just flats out decides he wants to move on and a LTD never gets done, do they THEN ride with Colt or not. But just logically speaking, the wondering whether or not they would be served just as well riding with Colt aspect in all of this has been asked and answered long ago. I think Doug Williams coming out and saying publicly that the Skins' FO wants to sign Cousins "in the worst way" should put the McCoy speculation to rest.
  6. You realize both have been saying basically the same thing, right?
  7. If this is what Schefter is saying today, this hasn't changed from what he was saying three weeks ago: "An improved tone between the two sides, but a long-term deal still is considered a long shot" Compare that to what he says about Johnson: "Nothing close and no long-term deal will get done, per source"
  8. Hey, when Sheehan quadruples his percentage to 40%, I don't care if he still sticks to ranting about how the Redskins screwed this up lol...after Kirk came out back in May (I think) and told all that positive, glowing stuff about him and the Redskins, Sheehan didn't budge his percentage even one percent...said none of that mattered, kinda ridiculed those who felt it should have. So him jumping up to 40% while also hearing all sorts of stuff behind the scenes gets more weight in my mind. If what he's hearing doesn't quite jive with whatever Schefter said today, he'll mention that and tends to stick with what he's heard (my assumption is that, in that scenario, he tries to verify what Schefter says on his own with his own contacts and sources first).
  9. Since I can't think of one thing that would cause Kirk to feel some deep level resentment towards the Redskins I'm having a hard time buying into Russini's tweets (along with them not making much sense lol)...I think it was last week that some reporter said Cousins wanted more say so in on-field personnel decisions or something along those he doesn't want to be here at all and there's no price he could be paid that would make him happy to stay? I don't think for a moment that Russini makes **** up, but I also don't trust her sports reporter instincts very much...and her getting basic factual stuff wrong constantly doesn't help foster that trust, either. If I were a reporter, I keep thinking I wouldn't be trusting too many of my "sources" and running with what they tell me. Sheehan last week (I think) said something like all the reporters are hearing gobs of stuff as the deadline keeps getting closer and closer. He had taken his percentage that a deal gets done from 10% to 40%, so I'm guessing that he's hearing just enough to make himself more optimistic.
  10. Also worth noting, I reached out to other coaches and GMs in the NFL this week. Almost ALL of them agree with the Redskins tag on Cousins — Dianna Russini (@diannaESPN) June 27, 2017 Umm...what? pt 3 What does that even mean?...That they feel the Redskins should have franchise tagged Cousins? Since the tag was supposedly used to allow them to negotiate with Cousins for a LTD without any other teams being in the mix, is that what almost ALL GMs/coaches agree with? Because the alternative was basically letting Cousins go to free agency. Or does she mean almost ALL GMs/coaches think the Skins should not sign Cousins to a LTD yet and let him play on the franchise tag this year?
  11. I have spoken to many in regards to Redskins and Cousins...told there isn't a real price that will make Kirk Cousins happy...this is deeper — Dianna Russini (@diannaESPN) June 27, 2017 Umm...what? lol 1) There's ALWAYS a price that will make everyone happy 2) What, exactly, has the Redskins done to Cousins for him to harbor some deep resentment?
  12. Dianna Russini‏Verified account @diannaESPN 2h2 hours ago There’s a lot of water under the bridge between Kirk Cousins & Washington. Told a long term deal "doesn’t look promising" by 7/17 #Redskins Umm....what? If there's "a lot of water under the bridge" between Cousins and the Skins, that would indicate it's MORE promising a LTD gets done, not less.
  13. By the way, didn't mean to dismiss the rest of your post lol...but I read that first sentence and thought "Wait, what?" As for this: "As for the tag being the starting place for negotiations - that was going to happen regardless of if they gave him the tag or not."--Absolutely true, beyond question.