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  1. Gotcha! That makes sense. It is interesting how much a drop off there is in probability of a QB being taken in the third round vs later rounds becoming a starter. The Patriots literally hit the player lottery jackpot.
  2. I'm not speaking for the poster you quoted, but I, personally, don't consider the fourth round a late round pick. By definition, the fourth round is smack middle in the draft, so to me, it is a mid-round pick. Sixth and Seventh rounders are late round picks. Fifth rounders are mid-late round to me. I am not arguing that one is correct or anything, just pointing out my thoughts on it.
  3. I don't think it applies. He did not say that he wants him or that they are going after him. He was asked a question about KC and just said that he is a good player and named a few of his strengths. It's no difference than an in-season press conference when coaches and players are asked about up coming opponents and they talk about how good they are.
  4. Thanks. I'll check out O'Halloran's articles.
  5. Again, where are you getting this information as fact; not speculation?
  6. IDK. Prior to those three SB's, the Cowboys only had two, so he more than doubled the Lombardis in their trophy case. He also did that in the early stages of his ownership which set the horrible precedence (only if your a Cowboys fan is it horrible) that led JJ to believe he was a master GM. Snyder did not have the early fall-into-luck success. So, for me, if he finally wins a SB after created a true GM-led FO structure and realizes that is the formula for being a winner and learns from it, I would be very happy. If we luck into one with Bruce Allen and that convinces Snyder that this is the winning formula, I will throw up.
  7. Where are you reading/hearing that the Browns and Jags have no interest?
  8. It is right there in what you typed. The "post was ignorant", and that is what was attacked: the post. That is allowed as @thesubmittedonesaid in his post, and is done all the time on this site. Attacking the poster by calling names like a two year old is not allowed. Rule 5 is very clear. When the other poster came back attacking the post, it was fine and expected, as @thesubmittedonealso said in his post, but then the other poster threw in the name calling which is where he was in violation of the rule.
  9. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    Obviously you don't understand proper message board etiquette, which we practice quite a bit on this site, so let me fill you in. When YOU make a claim, the onus is on YOU to back it up and prove it. No one else has homework except you to do. You made the claim about all of these players; any poster on this site has the right to question you on it. You can either back it up, or admit you were wrong. Expecting others to do YOUR work for you or simply ignoring posters requests for facts because you can't provide them is a reflection on YOU, not the posters questioning your claim and not on this site.
  10. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    Good point! IT is funny how many people ignore, though, how easy it is to take less than you could when your wife literally makes more a year than any player in any sport.
  11. So, you're one of those newbies that thinks insulting people on a message board makes you a big shot. There are rules on this site, and you better take note to learn them quick. The reasons for where they were drafted mean absolutely NOTHING after the fact. There was a reason that Ryan Leaf was picked second overall in his draft and a reason Tom Brady was picked in the 6th round in his. But, just as with every other player in the NFL, what they did in college means jack **** in the NFL. What they do in the NFL as a rookie and the potential they show AFTER they get in the league is what future contracts are based on. Again, the draft position mean NOTHING. Seriously, in your football world view , Ryan Leaf is more deserving than Brady to have a bigger veteran contract because of their draft positions? Again, that is ****ing insane.
  12. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    Schooled, huh? Aren't you the same guy that thinks that where a guy was drafted over a half of a decade again has merit on his post-rookie contracts. Yeah, ok. If you paid attention, you would see that the two players you mentioned above (not sure why you threw in a coach in a discussion about players) are dealing with NHL contracts, not NFL contracts, which have completely different cap rules to play with. Nevertheless, neither one of those players took an overall pay cut or lost money, they just negotiated contracts to have their salaries moved around to work the cap system. Sure, they may have gotten paid a little less one year to circumvent the cap, but they still got the money in the end. Kariya made over $82 million when it was all said and done. They didn't give up a dime. On that note, Cousins had said in at least two interviews previously, that he was more than willing to work his future contract with restructuring to help the team. THAT is what most players do. No one, outside of Brady, takes a pay cut. It appears you need the schooling. I suggest the class called Capology 101.
  13. This is one of the most ignorant posts I have seen on this site in a while. Where someone is picked in the draft has absolutely no ****ing bearing on their career or future contracts. Cousins' play since he took over as a starter has been better than MANY QB's that were selected in the first rounds of drafts, even lights out compared to some. He has proven to be a much better QB than the guy picked with the second overall pick in the same ****ing draft class. That guy isn't even in the league, but I guess, according to your measuring standards, Griffin should still be playing and looking for a huge payday because he was a high pick in the draft six years ago? ****ing insane!
  14. Remembering Beathard's last contact with the Redskins

    We just did the same thing last week.
  15. Nope, he'll replace Gruden after the Skins flop this year. :facepalm: