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  1. Taylor 36

    Is this a win now season ?

    That there lies the problem (and I am not disagreeing with you on this). Who the hell are we going to get to replace Jay after the ****-show we have proven to be? Who the hell is going to want to come in and work with Allen? Should we move on from Jay after another sub-par year? I believe so. But, who can we get to replace him? Should we move on from Bruce Allen? That should have happened two seasons ago. But, like you said, we won't, and that will cement us in mediocrity.
  2. Taylor 36

    RIP Dwight Clark

    Sixty-one? Wow. That is so young by today's standards. Very sad!!!
  3. Taylor 36

    RIP to a lifelong Redskins fan

    My condolences to you and your family!
  4. I hate having such an early bye.
  5. Taylor 36

    Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Most of the variables can be boiled down to luck when it comes to football. We can look at their career attempts with their career fumbles and see that Smith's fumble rate per pass attempt is 1.51. Cousins is 1.76. Not a huge margin of difference there. Smith has also been on a roller coaster ride throughout his career, as is the case for most QB's, with as many as 11 in a season, and his fewest, which was last year, was 2. Cousins had his career high last year with 13, but also played with a makeshift o-line for more than half the games that allowed more pressure, leading to more defenders having the ability to swipe at the ball. It is certainly relative, but also the result of bad luck with injuries and calls by the officials, like in the season opener when Cousins' hand was clearly going forward but they called it a fumble anyway.
  6. Taylor 36

    Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    You are correct. Cousins leads Smith in almost every statistical category (looking at percentages, of course, since Smith has played in 94 more NFL games than Cousins), including interceptions. Though, the interception percentage is inflated by his earlier starts (people can say what they want, but the truth is he was much better taking care of the ball over the last few seasons than he had been previously), back when he was thought of as a TO machine. He also doesn't check down as much as Smith, which can be both good and bad, depending on the situation. I understand fans wanting to spin positives with this situation, but at the end of the day, we did not get better at QB. It isn't even a wash. Unless we do some major overhauling to our running game this offseason, we will have a new coaching staff this time next year, and the QB carousel will be underway, but stunted by the money tied up in Alex for the next couple of years. Here is a link to there career stats side by side. I couldn't get the table to paste correctly, so it is less confusing to just use the link. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/play-index/pcm_finder.cgi?request=1&sum=1&player_id1_hint=Alex+Smith&player_id1_select=Alex+Smith&player_id1=SmitAl03&fromyear_1=2005&toyear_1=2017&player_id2_hint=Kirk+Cousins&player_id2_select=Kirk+Cousins&fromyear_2=2012&toyear_2=2017&player_id2=CousKi00&idx=players Smith has fumbled the ball 69 times in his career and lost 28 of them, which is a 41% loss rate. Cousins has fumbled 37 times with 15 losses, which is a 41% loss rate. So, I'm not sure that your extra "possessions" theory for Smith is very sound. Smith Fumbles: http://www.nfl.com/player/alexsmith/2506340/profile Cousins Fumbles: http://www.nfl.com/player/kirkcousins/2532820/profile
  7. Taylor 36

    NFL.com: Kirk Cousins tops biggest contracts

    The fact still remains, that if the team was serious about a LTD getting done, they would have done what every other team has done with FT and used it to keep the player from becoming a FA, but then offered a LTD in place of the tag and started dialog there. They had several months to try to get a LTD done, but they did NOTHING. They could have offered a LTD that was cheaper than the tag the first year or even two, as long as the the guarantees worked out. They made no attempt to do this. They offered him one LTD deal and that was in May of 2017, which was not even within a serious negotiating range. Three years as a starter, beginning in September 2015, and one LTD offer in May of 2017. That is major bull**** right there.
  8. Taylor 36

    NFL.com: Kirk Cousins tops biggest contracts

    I get that, but my point in the post you quoted was that the team didn't come close to doing their part in negotiating. Those trying to say Cousins is to blame are way off base.
  9. Taylor 36

    NFL.com: Kirk Cousins tops biggest contracts

    But that's not what happened. The team never made an offer after tagging Cousins in 2016. The only offer they made was in late May of 2017, three months after the SECOND tag.
  10. Taylor 36

    NFL.com: Kirk Cousins tops biggest contracts

    FACT: The team never responded to Kirk's offer the season before. They simply tagged him and didn't open any dialog at all after the fact. If the team wanted him to stay, there would have been dialog, right? Why would Kirk's agent feel that he needs to respond to a half-assed offer from them the following year that took the team five months to even put on the table once they were allowed to do so? No one is going to have a dialog with someone who isn't being serious. If you are selling a house and put it on the market for $450,000, which is the current market value for your home, and a supposed serious buyer says they really want it, but then puts in an offer for $200,000, you aren't even going to respond. That is not negotiating; that is insulting. If they offered in the ballpark of $400,000, then you have a grounds for negotiations. What the Redskins offered was insulting because it didn't come close to what Kirk's team offered, especially in years and guarantees, and it barely went over what he was already guaranteed when they tagged him the second time. The only thing serious about it was that it showed how serious Bruce was about low-balling. It surely didn't show that the team was serious about a LTD.
  11. Taylor 36

    NFL.com: Kirk Cousins tops biggest contracts

    Except that it was reported, and Kirk's agent even said at the time, that they had already told the FO what they were looking for. The FO's offer didn't come close to what they had told them. It was so far off that Kirk's agent said there was no need to respond because the FO, to them, wasn't serious about working on a LTD at that point. I believe it was @Skinsinparadisethat posted the links to the articles and interview last Spring/Summer.
  12. Taylor 36

    Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    As I pointed out a few pages back when you tried to make this argument, some of those awesome-sauce receiving weapons were often injured, so on paper the roster read that Cousins had them, but he didn't. Reed has missed over half of the Redskins' games the past three seasons combined. Jackson was often injured, and even when he did play, he had games where he wasn't burning anyone due to injuries. Pierre was the only consistent, reliable skilled weapon that Cousins had to work with as a starter here, and Bruce didn't even call him to see if they could get him to stay last year. Sure, every team has to deal with injuries, but acting like he had a full cast of healthy characters around him on every snap is being disingenuous. If Reed could have stayed healthy, I would give you the argument, because with Reed on the field healthy, this team has a great shot at winning. But, that just wasn't the case. Davis has been good, even great at times in Reed's absence, but he doesn't draw DC's attention like Reed, nor has he been a consistent baller. He's definitely had some off games. Crowder has had shown some flashes, just as Doctson has had some moments, but they've also had some horrible drops/plays as well. The consistency has not been there. So, I'm not sure why you keep saying that Kirk had just as good if not better weapons than Alex the past three years.
  13. Taylor 36

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Possibly, but the kicker for me is that if the FO had handle the QB situation like a professional FO the past two years plus, trading Fuller wouldn't have been necessary, and we could possibly be set in the secondary with two very talented, young DB's. It has taken this team a long time to get a halfway decent defensive backfield again, and pissing away a great young DB because of the FO's failure to take care of business, one way or the other, over the past two years is simply inexcusable.
  14. Taylor 36

    Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    I'm not sure how expecting the FO, who make millions of dollars collectively to make football decisions on a professional level, to put together a competent football team that are not stagnate in mediocrity for a decade, more than two if we want to look at the past several FO's, is unrealistic. Maybe it's time that you raise your expectations of what your team should be doing and accomplishing.
  15. Taylor 36

    Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    I get what you are saying. For me, though, I can't get up for this, and therefore am saving my energy. I have to prepare myself for the worst, because, unfortunately, I have allowed this owner and this FO to dupe me too many times. We definitely will have to wait and see how this plays out, but with our history, I can't help but be skeptical. The icing on the cake is what I've been trying to point out this whole time, the deep game comments by Jay don't add up with Alex. Hopefully, Jay can get everything he wants out of Alex. Hopefully, Alex can get everything he needs out of the offensive personnel. But hope is running dry with this FO.