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  1. The Beer Thread

    The Great'er Pumpkin is actually aged in bourbon barrels. It is scheduled to be bottled this coming Friday - look for it in stores about 2 weeks later. Rick, nice to see you again as always. Nice to see Steve getting some props - he's a great guy and ridiculously knowledgable.
  2. The Beer Thread

    Just got back from Ommegang's Belgian festival up in Cooperstown. Awesome festival, though the lack of hops was tough. Luckily, someone stopped by our tent with a growler of Port Brewing's Double-IPA, Mongo. That is some damn fine beer.
  3. The Beer Thread

    Honestly, many of us at the brewery were iffy on this one. It is VERY complex and most definitely not a session beer. I agree that it will need some aging. But, overall, I like the beer as an opener when having a few. Good stuff. It was our brewer Kevin's first beer that we produced and he did a great job. It has gotten some great reviews and looks like it will stay in the rotation. By the way, this beer is now out in stores and bars. Just wondering, where did you get a 'preview'? ps. I'll just ignore the comment about Hop Devil... and the fact that I haven't seen you on a tour in quite a few months. :mad:
  4. Random Thought Thread

    You burn more calories eating celery than celery contains.
  5. The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

    Damn. It had been laugh out loud funny, now it just seems mean.
  6. The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

    I love the GMU playing Rage thing. Just think its funny that they mesh two songs - clever way of getting out of singing the last verse of Killing in the Name Of...
  7. The Beer Thread

    Has anyone tried the DFH 75 Minute IPA? It's a combo of the 60 and 90 put into firkins. Also - anyone try the Heavy Seas AARSH Imperial Red Ale yet? Had one last night, and I still love this brew despite its absence of hops.
  8. The Beer Thread

    Bottled this past Wednesday. Delicious beer - think we did well with this one. Should hit stores in about a week and a half. Enjoy!
  9. The Beer Thread

    Honestly - it's good, not great. They changed a bit of the hops (and added a lot more) and the malt from the original Loose Cannon recipe. The result is a slightly hoppier IPA without much more alcohol than the current Cannon - Thank You is 8% abv, while Cannon is 7.25%. If you can find an event that has a firkin of the Thank You I STRONGLY suggest attending. The unfiltered version of this beer was absolutely amazing - unfortunately, it lost a bit in the filtering process. By the way - this was a one-off brew. So its worth checking out simply for the fact that you will never be able to get it again. Edit - glad you liked it dOuble. I only had the DIPA after it was oxidized so I'm not a good judge - but Thank You does seem like a better put together beer.
  10. The Beer Thread

    Drinking some unfiltered Cannon. But, since I had to buy beer yesterday, I picked up myself a 4-pack of: May have to pop one open before the end of the night.
  11. The Beer Thread

    We will be holding a celebration of our firkin guy's 1500th firkin next Thursday at Max's. There will be Thank You firkins there - I strongly suggest you all make it if you love hops.
  12. The Beer Thread

    It's my company as in I work there - not as in 'my' company. The beer is an over-hopped IPA coming in at 8% abv. If you like Loose Cannon - you'll love this. Though, I wish we would have kept it unfiltered. Especially since this is a one-off and I don't think anybody saved any from before the filtering process. And, Skinsfan1311 is right - I am a cool dude.
  13. The Beer Thread

    Clipper City is celebrating our 15th Anniversary today (though the actual date is the 8th). We are introducing a limited edition beer for the occasion. Look for it stores in about a week - it will only be available in Maryland.
  14. The Beer Thread

    Today is all about the Bourbon Pumpkin... can't wait for dessert.
  15. The Beer Thread

    Oktoberfest at the Timonium Fairgrounds yesterday - had about 10oz of Duclaw's 21% abv Colossus. Probably about 6oz too many. Whew...