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  1. Here is the first few of many questions. If you opted to use the 2017 ticket system (not digital tickets), how do you get concession discounts? Is it correct to assume that those with digital tickets will have to have some sort of scan of their phone ever time they go to the concessions? -ct
  2. Season Ticket Renewals

    Now according to the February 2018 Season Ticket Member E-Newsletter, digital ticketing is optional. If true, that would have been nice to include in the FAQ.
  3. Season Ticket Renewals

    Why would future and potential PSLs (which we have only speculation about) affect your 2018 decision? If that happens in ~8 years, that obviously affects that future decision.
  4. All tickets are sold. I updated the original post.
  5. I've edited the price to reflect what is posted elsewhere. Also, the parking pass is sold. -ct
  6. I will consider all offers for the tickets. Please send me a PM if interested. -ct
  7. I have RedZone parking passes available for the 10/15 and 11/12 games. PM me if interested. -ct UPDATE: The passes for the 10/15 game are sold. The passes for the 11/12 game are still available.
  8. Fed Ex Field changes this year- good and bad

    What about the xray things entering the stadium? I've been to three games this year and have had three different experiences. The first game, they followed the direction on the signs and I only removed my phone. The second game, they made us empty all of our pockets which included wallets and keys. This game it was just keys and phone. Are the signs correct? Did they change things? If so, why are the signs still up? It really slows things down when someone gets ready based on the signs and the person running the xray makes them do something opposite of the signs.
  9. I hear you guys know how to tailgate.

    What kind of parking pass do you have?
  10. Going to Training Camp vs. Practice in Ashburn

    Having never been to Ashburn, I cannot compare the two. I had VIP passes two years ago, and I didn't like it. One reason was that the VIP section is adjacent to the second field. All of the starters (i.e., anyone you would want to see) were on the other field. I did not go last year due to some scheduling conflicts. So I am not sure if that changed, although I doubt it could given the layout. -ct
  11. Seat Upgrades

    I just talked to the ticket office. They said that the email is not sent until the day before. But if you have the countdown clock, you can do the math or call the ticket office to confirm.
  12. Seat Upgrades

    Did anyone get an email with their upgrade time? I didn't but have the countdown clock on my account page.
  13. Seat Upgrades

    I can add a little color to why this process is moving s l o w. While we are patiently waiting for this process to start, the ticket office is calling people on the waiting list and offering them lower level tickets. The guy who buys tickets from me was called by the ticket office and offered lower level endzone tickets. The tickets that he gets from me are better, so there was no thought to take that offer. We've all assumed that the renewal rate was bad. But by offering unobstructed, lower level seats to someone on the waiting list, it may be worse than we all realized. -ct
  14. Season Ticket Renewals

    Did you receive an email beforehand?